30/05/2017 Reporting Scotland


Extended edition of Scotland's national news programme, rounding up the latest from the election campaign trail. With studio guests and analysis.

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Here, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Good evening, on Election Reporting Scotland tonight...


The SNP launch their manifesto, with the promise of an independence


referendum at the end of the Brexit process.


But where does Scottish Labour stand on the vote, and are Kezia Dugdale


and Jeremy Corbyn at odds over the issue?


Just nine more sleeps to polling day, and the final


manifestos are being launched, drawing the battle lines


Today it was the SNP's turn to lay out their programme for government.


Our political editor Brian Taylor reports.


Welcome to the manifesto launch of the real opposition.


Angus Robertson set the tone before the main event.


An intro, perhaps a little bit too much for some.


Nicola Sturgeon has three key aims, to gain a place of the Brexit


negotiation, hold an independence referendum...


With their true colours being exposed in this


campaign, we have a real chance to keep them in check.


The SNP cannot form the UK Government but


Nicola Sturgeon says SNP MPs have a proud record


Moving ahead she told activists, the party would tackle


poverty through a ?10 an hour minimum wage and thwarting benefit


The SNP has called to stand up for Scottish interests.


They back an extra ?118 billion and they were funded


by prolonging borrowing beyond Conservative levels.


They back a 50p top tax rate as the UK as a whole.


In Scotland, tax payers might be able to avoid


it, thus cutting the Scottish budget and they back full


control of welfare to be devolved to Holyrood.


They say they are opposed to what they regard as unfair Tory


For older people, that means fighting against Conservative


plans which means conservative constraint and pension pledges.


The Tory manifesto is nothing short of


an assault on pensioners, from the dementia


the winter fuel allowance and the ending of the triple lock.


The SNP wants an extra ?11 billion spent in


England matching the Scottish budget.


Scotland will get a share of the cash and they dropped the 1% pay


cap for nurses while still insisting on an affordable deal.


Nicola Sturgeon controls devolved services


and she backs higher allowances for company investment and reduce


national insurance for firms taking on new employees.


Nicola Sturgeon wants a second referendum once the details of


Having won the election last year and got a vote in


the Scottish Parliament for the Tories to stand in the wake of


That is what they're doing, standing in the way


Straight to head out to canvass votes and with just over a


week to go, there is no time to waste.


Let's discuss that and other things with our panel of top pundits,


Jenni Davidson from Holyrood Magazine


and Stephen Daisley from the Daily Mail.


Welcome to you all. Stephen, the SNP are obsessed with independents and


it is number ten in their list of ten key pledges here. Should it have


been more prominent? I don't think so. Looking back to the local


election campaign, the opposition parties have made the obsession with


independents bad driving motivation. It is right the SNP are focusing on


other means of bringing round the changes they can see. It is very far


down the list. We did have a referendum and they voted, no. It


makes us wanting to put forward a list of things they can do within


that framework where at the end still putting forward a proposal for


an independent referendum moving forward. Back in 2015, the fight was


with Labour and now it is about the Tories. On the process of where we


are, is that the right way for the are, is that the right way for the


-- right way for the Conservatives and the SNP? The point of


independence being ten out of ten on a manifesto, that isn't the figure


we want to focus on. The Nicola Sturgeon, it is the number-1 point


and that is why the Conservatives are pushing an anti-independence


message in this election. It is not more important than the manifesto.


The manifesto is wanting to hold onto grass roots. We will walk over


hot coals to vote SNP. Holding onto seats like Perthshire, Edinburgh


South West, where there is a strong no vote in 2014. Like any manifesto,


they are trying to finesse these things. That key thing in the


manifesto was a vote for the SNP will strengthen the right of the


Scottish Parliament to decide when a Scottish referendum is held. There


was a vote on mat recently and if the SNP had gone to sway, we would


be on our way to a second referendum already. The Conservatives are the


party. Labour has been sidelined and we will see how that works out with


this apparent surge that Jeremy Corbyn has seen south of the border.


This is a yes versus no election. Jenni is with me. The SNP want to


hold the Tories to account and stop them having a free rein when it


comes to austerity. The SNP can only win 59 seats. How will that work?


They have 2% themselves as useful and it is interesting that manifesto


starts with points about different campaigns that SNP MPs have been


getting on with. Campaign against violence against women, Alison


voting against the rape clause, the issue of the Scottish tax havens.


Better track record so far. It is showing they are getting on with


their day job and they are working on things and can make a difference.


There are precisely back to reason may has made U-turns and they can


push form more nudes -- more U-turns. Angus Robertson, they have


a lot of tweets in the manifesto of different people including people


who are not journalists who want keeping the SNP praising the words


of Angus Robertson. It is pushing this. We are not going to Govan and


Nicola Sturgeon isn't going to be a Prime Minister but we can get the


job done and be effective. Stephen we have seen a lot of Jeremy Corbyn.


Free childcare for over a million children will be affected. He was


unable to see how much it would cost. Does that matter at this stage


in an election campaign? I don't think it does. We should be looking


at the policy and whether or not is cost. The narrative of focusing on


whether he made a gaffe here or there is coming off the back of the


Conservative Party's concept of strong and stable leadership. It is


promoting that Jeremy Corbyn is not competent. Nationalising the


railways is incredibly popular and it is wanting to make him seem


incompetent. That number does exist. You mentioned this earlier run,


Stephen. Was the advice that we would warm more to Jeremy Corbyn the


more we saw of him? One thing about Jeremy Corbyn, I am not a fan of his


mother if you caught him on The One Show early on when he was talking


about his favourite manhole covers, that is a good example of Jeremy


Corbyn seeming human. People don't take a lot of interest in politics


and Sam Maher taking it up for the first time. He seems like an OK


person. The day -- day after day, there are more revelations coming


about his past associations, the IRA, sharing a platform with his


friends from Hamas and Hezbollah and people will look at that and think,


what is wrong with this man? Thank you very much indeed for your time


this evening. More from the campaign


trail coming up. But first, Sally McNair has


the rest of the day's news. The other parties have been


focusing their attention on the SNP's plans for


a second independence referendum. But there is continuing confusion


over Labour's position. Labour's UK leader, Jeremy Corbyn,


has said that he would allow one to be held


if the Scottish Parliament His comments appeared to put him


at odds with Labour's Scottish leader, Kezia Dugdale,


who last week offered a "cast iron" guarantee that Labour would oppose


a second independence referendum. Two leaders of the same party,


both of them concentrating But do they see eye-to-eye


on the SNP's call for a second If the Scottish Parliament


and the Scottish people want a referendum, they have a right,


that was the whole point of the devolution


agreements in the 1990s. I think any referendum should take


place, if there is to be one, But the Labour manifesto opposes


a second referendum. It doesn't sound like the cast-iron


guarantee. It is in the UK wide manifesto. Unnecessary and unwanted.


It is not the made up view of the Labour Party.


If there is a perception that Labour is sending mixed messages,


that is something that opponents can only raise a glass to.


I think Jeremy Corbyn has sold the jersey and independence.


He says he wants discussions with the SNP about allowing


He said it was fine if Scotland wanted one.


The Scottish people will stand against Nicola Sturgeon and we can


send Nicola Sturgeon a message, that Scotland doesn't want


The Prime Minister insists now is not the time.


The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, campaigning today,


wants voters to get behind his team and accuse the SNP of using


They hardly mentioned independence at all,


but we know as soon as the election is over,


that is all they will bang on about for the next few years.


They did that after the last election and the one


It is because they always put independence first,


rather than sorting out issues like the education system


There is still eight days of this competition to go before voters


decide which political direction they will take.


Thousands of female workers at Scotland's largest council have


The Court of Session has ruled that women in Glasgow have been excluded


Around 6000 are understood to be affected, with many claims


It's still unclear what the scale of the pay-outs will be.


This is going to run into tens of millions of pounds.


Upper estimate, 100 million, somewhere in the middle,


?50 million will be paid out to women across Glasgow.


The women will have to wait some time to get this money


and of course, tragically, a number of women


since we started these cases because of the messing about


by Glasgow City Council, women have died before they have


But for those who are still here, they will get substantial pay-outs.


The Western Isles Council has thanked the people of Manchester


for their actions to help two girls and their families from Barra,


14-year-old Eilidh MacLeod died, her friend Laura MacIntyre,


who's 15, was badly injured in the Manchester Arena bombing.


Time now to talk about the day's events with our


Tonight in Aberdeen, we have Callum McCaig from the SNP,


in Edinburgh, we have the Scottish Conservative MEP Ian Duncan


and the Scottish Lib Dem MSP Liam McArthur, and here in Glasgow


is Martin McCluskey from Scottish Labour.


Thank you all for joining me here this evening. Callum McCaig, in the


first five pages of the manifesto, you mention the Tories five times.


You imagine independence once. Is that because you think people are


sick and tired of hearing about it? Well if they have been watching this


programme I think they might just be! But I am pleased to be standing


on the manifesto that monster and austerity and wants to invest in


public services and protect people's jobs and pensions. I do not think it


is a Westminster to decide whether or not Scotland you have an


independence referendum. I think it is the people of Scotland who should


have that choice and we had that in the last Scottish elections for the


Scottish..., the SNP were elected comfortably with that mandate in


precisely the circumstances we find ourselves in and let us not forget


that Scotland is being removed from the EU against the express will of


the people of Scotland. But this is not an election of -- about


independence, as you see it? Two years ago, the S one 36 to 59


seats, we didn't become independent. We could win the seats and we would


not become independent. We will become independent as among the


people of Scotland vote for that to happen. I think that should happen


as a result of the mandate that has been given to the Scottish... And


endorsed by the Scottish Parliament and I do question how anyone who can


claim to be a Democrat thinks it is OK for the Scottish Parliament, the


democratically elected body representing Scotland, to be


overruled by a party that has roughly 40% of the vote. So you say


a vote for the SNP will reaffirm the right of the Scottish Parliament to


demand when a referendum should happen. Last time you got 50% share


of the vote, if you get less than that, surely that gives you less of


a right to demand when a referendum should happen? As you have said,


talking about reaffirming, so the mandate comes from the Scottish


Parliament elections, it is about a principle here, I happen to think


and the SNP happen to think that it is the people of Scotland through


the Scottish Parliament that have the right to decide on our


constitutional future. Some folk have said Scotland should know its


place, but it should be told we are not planning to do that but I think


we have grown up as a country and as a democracy and I think it is


perfectly legitimate for our party to go into this saying, we will


endorse the mandate we have already had. Martin, Jeremy Corbyn has said


again today there should be a second referendum if the Scottish Farmer


wants one. Yet again he seems to be at odds with Kezia Dugdale who says


they should not be won. Is right? There is no division here at all.


Both Jeremy Corbyn and Kezia Dugdale are standing on a manifesto that


says we oppose a second independence referendum and why do we oppose it?


Just as Jeremy has said time and time and time again, it would lead


to austerity, affecting our public services, schools, hospitals, ?15


billion worth of cuts. But he said he would not stand in the way of a


second independence referendum. Both Kezia Dugdale and Jeremy Corbyn are


opposed to a second independence referendum. That is for the reasons


that it would hate working people across Scotland and it is not


something we are going into this election supporting. Ian Duncan from


the Scottish Conservatives, news just in, Ayew guff poll out suggests


your lead has struck to five points. -- a U guff poll. That would leave


you about 16 seats short of an overall majority. This election


could turn out to be a massive, massive misjudgement. There is only


one poll that matters, that is the one on the 8th of June. I suspect we


will see a significant movement in our polling again because of the


things we are saying day in, day out. So you are not worried about


that at all? I think it will sharpen people's mines, who do you want as


Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn and all the paraphernalia and nonsense


he brings, or risk-mac that is the choice. You will not get Nicola


Sturgeon or Tim Farron. If independence is so unpopular, in


Scotland, as you say and Jeremy Corbyn is such a terrible leader,


why are you going down in the polls? Crewe I don't think we are at all,


in fact if you look at it, I am sure there is a narrowing. The SNP itself


has fallen, we see it having almost awards for 2% and we Conservative


Party grown to almost 30%. It is a fall in the SNP support and a growth


in the Conservative support. Liam McArthur, last week Willie Rennie --


accused the SNP are being obsessed with independence. He said they must


then we are stupid because they barely mention independence in the


manifesto. It looks like your other party obsessed with independence. We


started up the campaign Nicola Sturgeon assuring the voters this


election was not about independence while her predecessor was busy


telling people it absolutely was. We have seen a pattern of behaviour


over successive elections, whether in Europe, Westminster or Hollywood,


that in the run-up to polling day, the SNP tried to show everyone it is


not about to vote for independence, then as soon as the votes are cast,


it is absolutely about a mandate for in this case a second in divisive


independence referendum. So they have previous on this and that is a


very valid point that Willie Rennie has been pointing out. But for the


Lib Dems, this is an election about independence in Scotland? Well, as I


say, the SNP have got previous on this. Given the Parliamentary


arithmetic, the fact the SNP at 56 out of 59 seats, it is clearly a


choice between the SNP and those such as ourselves, who are opposed


to any divisive independence referendum. I think that is the


majority view from voters across Scotland, including many who voted


in the first referendum. I do not detect the appetite to go through


that once again. That is why he think you're seeing a bit of a


rearguard action being fought by the SNP. Martin, the polls seem to be


moving back in your paper tonight with this one especially, can you


still close the gap further with nine days to go? I think they can, I


think the momentum is with the Labour Party in this election. When


you look at the SNP manifesto, beware of nationalists with empty


promises that is what we saw from the SNP today. Thank you all very


much for your time. It's been a roller-coaster


24 hours for Jeremy Corbyn. Even Nigel Farage tweeted to say


the Labour leader had done well in last night's TV debate, but then


came a difficult radio interview this morning when Mr Corbyn


didn't seem to know the cost So it was everything to play


for earlier this evening when it was his turn to sit


on the famous One Show sofa. Boys and girls jobs, do you have


that in your own house? No. Some people say that you haven't


necessarily always gone out of your way to be a Prime Minister, you are


more of an activist. Is there a difference? I have been active in


politics, human rights and many things my life. Did I ever set out


in life to become Prime Minister? No. I set out in life to try and


change things and try and bring about greater justice in our


society. Moving onto our first film, it is all about a banker. But with a


difference. That was my grandad, born in Lowestoft, moved to


Sunderland and eventually to London. He was a solicitor in healing and he


was known as the poor man's lawyer. I learned quite a bit from him. I


would like to present The One Show with a jar of my jam. Very kind of


you! 90 very much for your time and your jam today! Thank you very much.


Earlier, I spoke to entertainment critic Siobhan Synott.


It has been an eventful 24 hours per Jeremy Corbyn. He went off rather


well at the Channel 4 debate, did less well on woman's hour, where he


managed to mess up the childcare policy figures, the main aim, I


think, was to get across his message of being a warm, intelligent, the


kind of person you could vote for without leaving one of those tricky


mistakes that follow you around on social media for the next three or


four days. And did he do that? How did he converted Theresa May? He was


a lot more relaxed than Theresa May. But guinea pigs on a Peruvian


barbecue are more relaxed than that. He came across as sporty, he looked


good, he seemed very relaxed, perhaps a little bit dull, I mean


quite a lot! His advisers have always said people would warm to him


the more they saw him. I think he reaches out to the community that he


really speaks to but I'm not sure if anyone else will rarely find


themselves charmed by him on The One Show. What we learned about him, few


details of his family, his grandfather used to be known as the


poor man's lawyer, but nevertheless, it is good to see that he has family


ties and that he is very fond of them, we learned more about his


allotment and me he gave away a pot of jam. One pot between an entire


studio! One standout moment for you? What did you learn you didn't know


before about him? He knows a lot about drain covers. He certainly


knows his drains. I am not sure if Trainspotting is the way we want to


go as the future Prime Minister, but that is what we're looking for, he


has that. -- train spotting. And that's Election


Reporting Scotland. Tomorrow on the campaign trail,


the Scottish Lib Dems and Ukip Scotland launch


their manifestos, plus there's So, join us again tomorrow


night at 10:30 Good evening. It has been a lovely


enter the day but tonight the clear skies mean it is dry, quite


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