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now on BBC1 it's time for the news where you are.


At least 2,000 people gathered outside the US Consulate


in Edinburgh today to highlight women's rights -


a day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump.


The demonstration in the capital was one of nearly 600


Organisers think women's rights might be affected


Campaigners donned pink knitted hats and brandished banners with slogans


as they gathered here speeches. I'm here because I think it is fully


important that women stand together and that everyone stands together


against mulch on. It is an international problem. This is not a


normal presidential election, this is not in normal time and we have to


resist. We want tolerance, a better discourse and Donald Trump does not


stand for the American people. Yesterday, using the Bible given to


him by his Hebridean mother, Donald Trump, already a controversial


figure in Scotland, was sworn in as the 45th president of the United


dates. It's worrying, it is disturbing. Especially being a


women, being a minority, it's something that affects me and people


all around the world. The demonstration is similar to the


women's march on Washington, which happens later today. Yesterday,


Donald Trump said he would fight for everyone, claiming, the old of


office I can take today is an allegiance to all Americans.


The Government's been urged to guarantee EU nationals


Prime Minister Theresa May said this week that European Union citizens


would be allowed to remain here, if Britons living in EU countries


But a conference in Glasgow heard that many migrants residents


in Scotland now fear for their future.


There's been a call for Scotland to set its own immigration rules.


The UK Government said the immigration system takes


European nationals should used as the Baron dot-mac bargaining


tool. They should receive clear guarantees from the Government that


they are well, protected and welcome to stay here so that they can carry


on with their lives. We need people to to Scotland so that our


population can be attained, and to grow our economy. Apart from the


cultural benefits and the human benefits that we have from people


coming here, Scotland very seriously needs people to come from other


countries for our economy to grow in future.


There were 14 ties in the fourth round of


Rangers kicked off early, with a 2-1 win against Motherwell.


Kenny Miller scored both Rangers' goals, late in the game.


There were no fairy tale endings for the smaller sides.


Bonnyrigg Rose lost 8-0 against Hibernian,


and Formartin United went down 4-0 at Partick.


There are more Scottish Cup ties tomorrow.


One of them, Albion Rovers against Celtic,


The match is the classic David versus Goliath football scenario,


with two flatmates going head-to-head for


household bragging rights. Jonathan Sutherland reports.


It'd be more than a game for flatmate Ryan Christie of Celtic and


Calum Ferguson of Albion Rovers on Sunday, when they will go from


sharing the carriage to showing the pitch. I am unbeaten since you've


moved in. I cant even argue with that. Weird knowing each other very


long time. We went to the same nursery and we started playing


Inverness together. All the way up through the under 17 and then we


both got professional contacts at under 20 level. Calum Ferguson was


Albion Rovers hero setting up this lucrative tie with Celtic. It was a


really important goal for the club. If you people have been saying it


saved the club in some kind of way and the in financial difficulties


and the burst of money coming in has obviously helps them. Flat bagging


rates look like being kept by Brian Christie. Not only has the ready won


a Scottish cup, he is obviously the house expert when it comes to video


games. It can be a cruel game. Don't walk away. The walk of shame.


Well, It's over to Kawser now with the weather outlook


Thank you. Many others had some beautiful spells of sunshine today.


Often unbroken, as you can see here for one of our weather Watchers who


sent us this beautiful picture from the Highlands. As when across


eastern parts, a different story. We had in areas of supper and fog. This


is the image of Stirling station this afternoon, taken from Graham


one of our weather watchers here. We're looking to disease are mist


and fog from these areas as we head into the evening. He cold on Frosty


starred for the night, especially in the north. As a cloud comes in,


there will be rain and sleet, maybe even snow flurries. As temperatures


hover around freezing or below, maybe even the risk of icy


strictures on untreated roads and services. Clear skies towards the


north and here temperatures dipping to -5 or minus six. For tomorrow


morning, close with some outbreaks of rain across many parts of


Scotland. Also for Northern England, Wales, the best of the day sunshine


across the south-east of England, where high pressure is still very


much in force. Temperatures still on the cold aside, around four to seven


Celsius. As we look ahead to Monday, after a cold start to Scotland clear


Celsius. As we look ahead to Monday, skies here, cloud building from the


west, but the issue will be by the towards the south, we have several


in fog and mist. If you're heading for any flights, do check ahead,


because it may be some travel disruption.


Until then, from everyone here, enjoy the rest


as Hearts travel to Stark's Park to take on Raith Rovers.


There's live Scottish Cup action next Sunday,


as Hearts travel to Stark's Park to take on Raith Rovers.


Can the Championship side cause a Cup upset -


or will Hearts be too strong for the Kirkcaldy men?


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