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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for a full explanation


following reports that a Trident missile veered off


The UK government has underlined its faith in the trident


system amid concerns about the reliability of


Newspaper reports suggest it was a malfunction when and unarmed missile


was test launched off the coast of Florida. Instead of heading into the


Atlantic Ocean, it veered back towards America. The claims prompted


the SNP to call for full disclosure of the offence. Trident is a very


serious issue. There needs to be transparency. And if people had


known what had taken place, searching questions would have been


asked. This is absolutely wrong, it is using secrecy about these matters


to overcome democratic scrutiny. The Commons voted to spend over ?40


billion, replacing Trident, but there was no mention of the misfire


from the government. Today, Theresa May refused to say whether she knew


the incident. Did you know? There were tests that take place all the


time regularly for our nuclear deterrence. In a statement, Downing


Street and the MoD said the capability and effectiveness of the


missile was unquestionable. The Scottish Government's Brexit


minister says the SNP will vote against triggering Article 50,


which will lead to Britain Brexit Minister Mike Russell says


he doesn't think there's any possibility of SNP MPs


supporting the bill. The Scottish Conservatives said this


confirmed that the SNP had no interest in working constructively


with the UK government on Brexit. Andy Murray's dreams of a first ever


Australian Open win are over. He suffered a shock defeat overnight


to Germany's Mischa Zverev. The world number one says


he now needs to go away From Melbourne, here's


Kheredine Idessane. The moment no one saw coming as the


finalist crashed out of the Australian open. Disappointed, for


sure. Tough one. One of the biggest offence and one I wanted to do


better at. I had a great end to last year but I will get a bit of time


off and try to learn from it. I will try to understand what I could have


done better, improve, and come back and try again. It had seemed like


just another day down under. Outside the arena, a chance for fans to get


up close and personal with trophies. Andy Murray would get no nearer. He


served for the first set but ended up losing 7-5. He fought back to win


the second as normal service seemed to resume. So what effect will such


a defeat have? He is still world number one in a very strong


position. One loss will not rock the boat too much or blow him off


course. If anything, it will motivate him to work harder. He


analyses these things, he likes to look into the reasons as to what he


could've done better, what went wrong, and that is how he works.


This has come as a huge shock to everyone in Melbourne, including


Andy Murray. He came here targeting the title and instead is leaving


with his worst result here since 2009 and one of the most unexpected


defeats of his entire career. There were two fourth-round ties


in the Scottish Cup today. The other match between Raith Rovers


and Hearts finished 1-1. The cup holders, Hibs,


will meet the winners Glasgow Warriors reached


the quarterfinals of the European Champions Cup


for the first time last night. They did it by beating


Leicester Tigers 43-0. The premiere of Trainspotting 2


is being held in Edinburgh tonight. The original stars were all out


in force - not on a red Pauline McLean has been


with the fans this evening. It is 21 years since the first


Trainspotting film came out. 600 people turned up at the premiere of


that in Glasgow. And anyone who questioned how popular the sequel


would be should see what is happening here in Edinburgh tonight.


There are 550 fans here. You were probably too young to remember the


first one! You are too kind! We always hoped there would be a sequel


and thankfully there was. Choose life. Choose Facebook, Twitter,


Instagram and hope that someone, somewhere, cares. Everyone can see


from the end of this week. Huge interest from around the world hit


on it. Lots of media from other countries have come to find out more


and we will bring you more on BBC Scotland later.


Let's get the weather prospects for this evening


and the start of the week, and Kawser is at the map.


Most of us had quite a lot of cloud around today with outbreaks of rain


and some of the wintry up over the hills. Very different story across


the north-east though. Bright blue skies, lots of sunshine sent in from


one of our weather Watchers, but the cloud will arrive here later on.


After that, during the course of the night, clearer, colder conditions


arriving but West. Cloud thicken the rain but during the course of the


night, clearer and cold air coming in and widespread frost as


temperatures dipped below freezing. Maybe patches for Grant an icy


stretches on untreated roads and surfaces. Tomorrow, a very similar


data yesterday. A lot of sunshine around and cold and crisp. If you do


have any plans to travel to any parts of England and Wales, there


will be widespread fog lingering, which may cause travel disruption.


Temperature is widely fight- six Celsius. Tomorrow evening, the


winds. To strengthen across Northern Ireland and western parts of


Scotland, they could cloud and outbreaks of rain arriving and some


of that rain persisted for a time, pushing in across the western Isles.


Maybe some winds reaching gale force. Boswell, largely cloudy with


clearer skies for the East Coast. Tuesday, different story. For all of


us, feeling a lot milder. Our next programme is just


after the Ten o'clock News. Until then, from everyone


on the team here in Glasgow, enjoy


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