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Good evening. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for a veil


explanation following reports that a Trident missile veered off course


during a test. The UK Government has underlined its stake in the Trident


system amid concerns about the reliability of the Clyde -based


nuclear deterrent. Newspaper reports suggested there


was a malfunction when an unarmed missile was test launched from


nuclear submarine Vengeance of the coast of Florida. Instead of heading


into the Atlantic Ocean, it appeared back towards America. The claims


prompted for the SNP to call for a full disclosure of the events. This


is a very serious issue, and issued in which the means to be


transparency. If people had known what had taken place, at the very


least there would have been some searching questions asked. This is


utterly wrong, this is using secrecy about these matters to actually


overcome scrutiny. Just weeks later, the Commons voted to spend billions


of pounds replacing Trident but there was no mention of the misfire


from the government. Today, the Prime Minister refused to say


whether she knew of the incident at the time of the crucial vote.


Did you know? There are tests that take place all the time regularly


for our nuclear deterrent. What we were talking about...


In a statement, Downing Street and the MoD said the capability and


effectiveness of the Trident missile was unquestionable.


The Scottish Government's Brexit minister says the SNP will vote


against triggering Article 50, which will lead to Britain within the


European Union. Mike Russell says he does not think there is any


possibility of SNP MPs supporting the bill. The Scottish Conservative


figures confirmed that the SNP had no interest in working


constructively with the UK Government on Brexit.


Andy Murray's dreams of a first-ever Australian open winner over. He


suffered a shock defeat overnight to Germany's competitor. He had been


the favourite to win after Novak Djokovic was knocked out on


Thursday. A disappointing loss today for sure. A tough one. You know, one


of the biggest events and one that I wanted to do better at. But, yes, I


have other drawbridges in my life now. A disappointing end to last


year. Try to understand what I could have done a little better and


improve, come back and then try again.


There were 2/4-round ties in the Scottish cup today. Scotland meet


Albion 300 and the other match between Celtic and Albion finish


1-0. Heads will meet winners of the replayed match in the next round.


Film stars and hundreds of fans have turned out for the premiere of


Trainspotting two in Edinburgh tonight. 20 years on from the first


film, the original actors were all out in force and our arts


correspondent has been talking to them.


Something something very emotional and deep about it. I think because


these are people that we know. Cut these are people that we know. Cut


-- Spot, Diane, there are people that we sort of know. When I read


the script again, here they are and this is what they have been up to


and this is what they are thinking now. It is amazing to step back into


their shoes and hear their voices again, it was a very special.


Choose life, choose Facebook, Twitter and hope that someone from


workers. They are missed you, man. I missed you too, Spot. For all of us,


this time, these stories are fundamentally shaped our careers and


it felt like if you were going to seriously try and do it again you


have to try to do it properly. We should make it in Edinburgh and then


we felt that we should end it by having the premiere here as well. It


is a lot easier logistically to having it in London. Everything


happens they are but these stories belong here. 20 years of the good


invitation to people to see it in a certain context. You know, it is not


just like 14 years later, this is like this amount of time. It is...


In another 20 years? Watch this space!


Let's have a look at the weather. Hello, Cezanne, thank you. Good


Hello, C zanne, thank you. Good evening to you all. Most of us have


had quite a lot of cloud around today and it is good enough, with


some spectrum spots of rain. Cast your mind back if you lived in the


north-east with this beautiful sunshine earlier today. The good


news is that is more widespread tomorrow across the country, largely


crisp, finance dry conditions in store. Back to tonight, there is


still a bit of clothing east. Thick enough for some outbreaks of patchy,


light rain. Across the West, clear conditions by the end of the night,


pushing in eastwards. A widespread frost as temperatures widely dipped


below freezing. Maybe some patches of ice on untreated roads and


services and some isolated patches of frog, Iqbal lately across


Dumfries and Galloway pushing into the central belt. A crisp start to


tomorrow but a good deal of sunshine if you're heading out first thing.


The problem is further towards the south of England, summer Stalker


unfold across much of southern England. In May of this year will be


aware weather warning is in course during the morning so check ahead if


you have any travel plans with your reports, flight disruption possible.


Temperatures widely around 4-7 C, so cold under the sunshine. Tomorrow


evening, we started to see a change. The wind direction coming in from


the south. Win32 strength across the West al. Outbreaks of rain pushing


in the clouds pushing in across parts of the south-west, with


isolated for developing as well. It may be quite stubborn to clear and


by Tuesday, cloudy conditions and outbreaks of rain. The best of any


sunshine for the use and for all, notably milder.


That his Reporting Scotland. Our next update it as at 6:25am tomorrow


morning. Until then, good night.


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