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I'll be back for the late news at 10.10pm.


BBC Scotland understands that plans for legislation to enable


the development of the UK's first commercial spaceports have


Prestwick Airport - one site which wants


to to host a space-port - says any delay is unlikely


Scotland's space industry is growing. But the satellites created


Scotland's space industry is here have to be launched from other


current trees. Scottish sides want to tap into this market and prepared


the way for space tourism. There are firm plans to it for spaceport


licenses. Under devolution max, spaces reserved Westminster that


says the Brexit announcement, the government says there is no


timetable for the introduction of the modern transport will all stop


the UK industry for transport said it has been working hard on the bill


but Parliamentary tribe has been limited by events such as Brexit. If


the delay is short, it is not a problem. As I understand it, the UK


Government are still very committed to launching the first rocket by


2020. They are very keen for us to progress. I don't think there is any


change in their intent. So those bidding for a spaceport are hoping


it will still blast off as planned. Police are treating


as attempted murder an attack The incident took place


after the victim left a friend's The SNP Member of Parliament Chris


Law has been cleared of any wrongdoing after a police


investigation into his Mr Law - who represents Dundee West


- was questioned in September in relation to his Spirit


of Independence referendum The Crown Office confirmed that no


further action would be taken. A public vote will decide


which of 34 competing projects will share a ?40,000 fund to combat


Islamophobia in Edinburgh. They include faith and arts schemes,


and work with schools, The fund is backed by


Police Scotland, Edinburgh Council It's to combat hate crimes such


as a recent fire attack on Edinburgh mosque,


and the personal abuse experienced We are well aware of the


high-profile incidents and equally there is more crime going go on. And


is an issue. One hate crime in the city is one too many. We can't


tolerate any form of racism or xenophobia. We hope that project


will let the platform. It is important that the seeds of peace


are sowed in Edinburgh so the model can be regulated. -- replicated.


A move to allow Universal Credit to be paid fortnightly is expected


to benefit around 700,000 households, according


Ministers say they're making the benefit more flexible under


But the Scottish Conservatives said the SNP government has delayed


taking on extra powers over most benefits for three years.


Now football and in today's early game, a Rangers win at Motherwell


moves them to second in the Premiership, behind Celtic.


Kenny Miller scored the first, before American international


Emerson Hyndman made it 2-0 on his first game for Rangers.


And here are all today's Premiership results.


There were wins for Kilmarnock and St Johnstone.


Scotland's Paul Foster has reached the final


of the World Indoor Bowls Championships.


The four time Champion beat Englands Les Gillett.


Then in the second semi Scotland's 2013 champion,


Stewart Anderson missed out to England's Greg Harlow.


Scotland's athletes have been out to impress now the door


for 2018 Commonwealth Games qualification is open.


And there was Scotland Native record set in the womans hurdles at todays


Heather Paton with an impressive win to take the gold.


It has been a miserable day. Cloudy, wet and cold but most of the rain on


its way out to leave a try but cold night. There is the wet weather


clearing away. There was some snow for a time. The rain pushes up to


Shetland. Generally dry, cold, temperatures close to freezing. A


cold, frosty start to Sunday. A wet and windy morning for Shetland but


improving. By mid-afternoon, what a difference compared with today. Some


crisp winter sunshine on the cards. Perhaps some thicker cloud in the


South West. Little bit of wet weather here for a time but that


will clear away and leave things to another dry, cold and frosty night.


Our next update is tomorrow evening - at 6.20pm.


Until then, from everyone here, enjoy the rest


to go to Africa but business but I had to suspend my trouble and sit


still and


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