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A Glasgow vet who was caught up in Presdent Trump's American flight


ban has learned a crowdfunding appeal has raised enough to pay


Hamaseh Tayari was told she could not fly from Costa Rica


via New York as she travels with an Iranian passport.


Half-day holiday in the paradise of Costa Rica, Hamaseh Tayari and her


boyfriend found themselves caught up in a nightmare because she travels


on and uranium passport. We arrived at the airport and they were doing


the checking for others to fly to New York and then from there to


Glasgow. The people at the check-in told me it was not allowed. I was


really upset, I'm still upset. And a little bit afraid. Hamaseh Tayari is


a vet and a specialist animal anaesthetist. As well as completing


postdoctoral studies at Glasgow, she has been teaching there. And makes a


lot of us feel very ashamed of behalf of America, because most of


us don't want to keep anyone out, especially well meaning people who


are just taking their way the world. The universities say they will give


her all the support they can. We will do all we can it supports


Hamaseh Tayari as she travels from her holiday and any practical


support we can offer. From my point of view, it is also about supporting


all of our staff and students if they are caught up in situations


like this, because the university is about the freedom of movement of


people, ideas and intellect. Donald Trump says his travel by will keep


terrorists out of the United States, Trump says his travel by will keep


though the order has now been suspended by a US judge. Meanwhile,


an online appeal set up last night raised all the money to pay for new


flights home for Hamaseh Tayari and her partner.


A ceremony has been held to mark the centenary


32 men died when the boilers of a submarine blew up.


The incident was one of the first submarine rescues.


Reevel Alderson reports from Faslane.


Colours lowered in Faslane's Cemetery to commemorate a submarine


disaster a century ago. This steam fired submarine sank in 50 feet of


water in the Gareloch when the engine room was flooded, killing 32


men. Among those who died was this man whose great-grandchildren were


at the ceremony. My grandmother was 15 and they were pretty much


penniless. When they were down there, my grandmother met my


grandfather who was also in the Navy and that led to the two of us here,


so there's a direct link between us being here and the submarine, in a


way. The men who died our board and the cemetery maintained by the


Commonwealth War commission. Among them were six men from the shipyard


and they were due to hand the vessel over to the Navy. The ceremony was


also a celebration of an incredible rescue of a further 48 men who were


trapped for 57 hours on the sea bed before being freed. They kept their


cool down there. They were careful to conserve air and knew it was


running out, but they knew how to minimise the amount of oxygen they


used. They took all the right precautions for the people inside as


well as outside and they thought about it hard. The summary was


recommissioned and since then, the Royal Navy has never given a vessel


recommissioned and since then, the is unlucky number 13.


Football, and Celtic have broken a 50-year-old club record today.


Their 4-0 Premiership win over Hearts surpassed the previous


that was established by the legendary Lisbon Lions.


Our senior football reporter Chris McLaughlin


It is an achievement that should not be underestimated, especially given


the side who set the record half a century ago. The famous Lisbon


Lions, led by the manner with the standard named after him and the


statue also. Brendan Rodgers not quite up there yet, but he has


brought the feel-good factor back to this club. He says he does not


expect this site to go the whole season unbeaten, be given today's


showing, it is difficult to see just who will stop them.


The organisers of the Great Scottish Run half-marathon have been out


measuring the distance of the course.


Some runners in last year's event thought the course was too short.


It also raised a question mark over the Olympian,


It's 530 in the morning and we are outside Pollok country Park and the


organisers of this Run were out early this morning measuring the


course accompanied by police riders clearing the road ahead of them.


Why? Well, many of the runners who took part last year said they


thought the cause was shorter than usual, but 200 metres shorter than


the 13.1 mile for the half marathon it is supposed to be. For many of


the thousands who took part, that distance probably won't make much


difference, but for a professional runner, it could be crucial, not


least Callum Hawkins, the Scot who won last year's event and set a new


record as well. The cause is being measured, the organisers behind the


run said they will release results tomorrow.


In Bowls, it's a fifth world title for Scotlands Paul Foster.


The man from Troon claimed the top prize at the world


indoor Championship, beating England's Greg Harlow


Let's get the weather for this evening and the start of the week -


It's been a lovely day of weather for most, with spells of sunshine


for many. Tonight though, those clear skies Meaney will be cold and


frosty. South of the border, pretty wet. But the low pressure was


pulling away. A South easily will introduce a moist air for Scotland


overnight and could lead to fog. The many, cold and frosty and the cold


start to Monday morning. The fog moving to the Lowlands and it could


be stubborn to clear. Mild on the West Coast and across the aisles.


Through Monday, the best of the sunshine across northern parts of


Thailand and Grampian. Elsewhere, cloudy. Any fog patches could be


stubborn. South of the border, and it try a weather across the eastern


counties of England and through the Midlands, Wales and the South, rain.


Same for Northern Ireland. Best of the sunshine tomorrow. Cloud imports


of Ayrshire, Dumfries Galloway. Elsewhere, largely dry. Brightening


up for most. It will be cold, especially where there is no. Quite


windy on the West Coast. Monday night, cloud builds and the rain


arrives. Tuesday morning, pretty soggy. Lunchtime, most of it will


have gone, dryer, still cloudy but milder with temperatures opening --


have gone, dryer, still cloudy but approach in double figures.


Our next update's just after the ten o'clock news.


Until then, from everyone on the team here in Glasgow, enjoy


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