14/10/2012 Sunday Politics East Midlands


Andrew Neil and Marie Ashby with the latest political news, including an interview with the Conservative Party Chairman Grant Schapps and a debate on the future of Scotland.

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In the East Midlands: Calls for the entire board of a hospital trust to


resign over botched breast cancer tests and thousands could lose out


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In the East Midlands, should the entire board of a health trust


resign over mistakes over breast cancer tests? Do you know what's


happening on November 15th? No, I don't. Know. No, he doesn't know


either. My guess at this week are Mark Spencer and Chris Williamson.


It is a hot topic, particularly here, how far can you go in


defending your home and your family from burglars? The government has


said it would change the law to give homeowners more protection. It


follows this Leicester couple who protected at their home, and were


released without charge. I have to ask you, you are a farmer, would


use a gun if you had to defend your property and your family? What I


would do, I would defend myself quite vigorously. I don't want to


go through the process whether I am legally entitled to do this, or


what I am a legally able to do to defend my family, I want to make


sure they are safe. Who knows what you are going to think when you are


woken up in the morning. You're in your pyjamas, frankly, you just


want to defend your children and your wife. You don't want to think


through a legal process. vigorously, if you have a gun?


vigorously as it takes to make sure my family are safe. To be blunt, I


would rather find myself in the dock and by their graveside.


far would you go? This is a smokescreen by the government, the


true days there has only been 11 prosecutions in the last 15 years


where people have overstepped the mark. The Chief Justice has said


powers are available to homeowners. What the government were doing were


indulging in a better hyperbole. -- a bit off. They were tried to take


attention away from the fact that they have cut police officers.


you doing this to be popular? we are not. What is important is


the fact that people are concerned that in the Rhone house they are


not able to defend their property and their family. It is important


that the government sends a clear message. People are worrying about


crime. A course they are? Where is the evidence that they are worried?


-- of course they are. Borges up in that position, way you are going


through the trauma of being arrested. -- put yourself in that


position. Isn't there now a danger that burglars will now arm


themselves? I think that is completely wrong. The you can't


guarantee that. We are speculating. This is about someone having the


right to defend themselves. They can already do that! They should


not be fearful that they are going to be prosecuted. The government is


right to be listening to victims? Of course they are! They are coming


up with the wrong solutions. What they should be doing is reversing


the decision to get rid of 15,000 frontline police officers, and do


something about the causes of crime. Let's turn to the problems at


King's Mill Hospital. The watchdog revealed that 120 women were given


false results from breast cancer screenings between 2004-2010. The


trust has apologised. They have lost �3.9 million because of heavy


debts because of a Private Finance Initiative. A lot of your


constituents use this hospital, you are calling for the whole board to


resign. They have two jobs, they have to look after the finances,


and clinical care, they have failed in both. They have to consider


their positions. The us resignation, in this case -- does it


resignations in this case make anything better? It will not help


of 400,000 people who use the NHS Trust. When my constituents go to


the hospital, they need to have full confidence that they are going


to get the right level of service. We have a new chairman coming in,


and what I'm saying is, let him have a clean break. We have a


Health Minister for the East Midlands, does she think the board


should resign? Speaking as the Minister for Health, it is not my


role, it would be quite wrong for me to interfere. It is up to the


board, they will make their Rona decision, the local MP has come to


his point of view, it will be resolved at a local level, and


rightly so. I was absolutely horrified when I heard what was


going on. That is the thing that has concerned me the most. It has


gone undetected for six years. I am pleased that there are reviews at


all levels, we have to find out what went wrong, and why it went


wrong. If people are responsible, they are held to account. It should


not happen again anywhere else in the country. It is absolutely


dreadful. To think that that number of women did not receive the right


to treatment, they got the right diagnosis, lives had been lost. It


is just a dreadful, we all trust when began a long and have our


tests -- when the we go along, and have those tests, we trust the


people we have them there. We need a full proofs safe system -- we


need a full proof and safe system. Paul Baggaley, you are from Save


Newark Hospital Trust, you are concerned that the trust will have


to close, could that happen? Yes, it could. We have had comments from


the interim share then, he said he could not promise that the hospital


would not clothes. It is very worrying. -- would not close. What


would you like to say to Mark Spencer, the local MP? We would


like a review of the changes and the effects. We know that the years


ago, the Professional Executive Committee warned that the loss of


non-elected care could cost the trust �3 million a year are? -- �3


million a year? The new chairman, I have yet to meet him, but I will be


doing so, hopefully we can get the chairman to recognise how hospital


Newark hospital is. -- how important. If they can offer these


services, the GPs can be commissioned, we need to make sure


that the new board and chairman recognise that Newark has a role to


play. I would very much agree with that. You only have to look at what


has happened over the years, 75% of category A patients go to Lincoln


and Grantham. We are talking about all sorts of problems, PFI, where


public money is used to pay for private projects, they RMS? -- they


are a mess? They were originally are a conservative policy, and we


ran with them. The real issue is that for Mark and his colleagues,


they should be stopping the Health Secretary reorganise the NHS, which


is going to cost �2 billion. Reductions are paying for this


reorganisation. We are the only major party who said we would not


cut the NHS. You are spending �2 billion of reorganisation, taking


�20 billion out of the NHS. cannot deny that you are making


cuts? We are increasing the budget. I have got to say that the


downgrading of the hospital started under the Labour Party, and has


been finished by the Conservatives. They are both to blame. It is


actually about taking money off the balance sheets, and then boring


public money which was not going against the deficit, the deficit is


actually much worse than you understand because of this PFI.


you think the board should resign? I am sure that not everybody is to


blame on the board, but it is difficult to look at the situation


that we have had in the trust, they have had for chief executives in


four years -- they have had four chief executives in four years.


They appear to be in a mess. trust has said that they are


carrying out a number of reviews, one or the cat the board


governments -- one more look at how effective the board is, well that


reassure you? It reassured me that they are starting this process, but


they could have acted quicker. The warning signs were there years ago.


When the health care review was carried out, they were very


opportunistic in cutting services. Paul Baggaley, thank you very much


for joining us. There is a unique coalition, the


rear by local councils are uniting to change the way that benefits are


paid. -- to campaign against the way that benefits are being paid.


They say it will leave poor people at �200 a year worse off.


Meet Wendy Morrison. She's a single mum living in the Aspley area of


Nottingham. She struggles to make ends meet. It's about to get


tougher. My council tax is �45 a month, they are looking for 20% on


top of that. I do feel about that? -- How do you feel about that?


Disgusted. She wants her daughter to have the best in life. Wendy


works part-time in a pub but the pay isn't quite enough to get by.


She gets government help to pay her council tax bills of a year. 27,000


other people on low incomes in this city also get cash help for their


council tax. The government has shifted responsibility for paying


out council tax to your local majority, they argue that the


figures no longer add up, and thousands are some of the lowest


paid people in the country will be out of pocket. It is cutting back


Gas and Electric and food, there is nothing else I can do. Can you do


that? I am going to have to, it is going to be tough. Three of the


councils, Derby, Nottingham and Leicester have joined forces to


warn the government that the council tax system could be


unworkable. In Derby, just under 15,000 people get help with their


bills, pensioners are protected. The government's 10% cut means a


bigger cut for the lower-paid. A two parent family will have to find


an additional �10 a week. genuinely think it is going to have


a devastating impact on the poorest people in this city. We have


already seen a sharp increase in poverty levels. This is only going


to exacerbate it. You government wants the changes to give the


Council's extra incentive to get people on benefit back into full-


time work. For Wendy Morris and, finding the right sort of job is


not easy in the recession. It is not fair. They need to reconsider


read. They are supposed to be helping the order every working


person. -- the order every working person.


Judith Spence runs a food project in Loughborough. Do you think about


this change in benefits will have a big impact? We are only talking


about a few pounds a week, does it make much difference? It really


does, �10 when you are earning �140 a month makes a massive difference.


It is a vast difference. I have actually been to your place in


Loughborough, I have helped out, what amazed me was the wide range


of people. There are some people that you expect to need help, they


are down on their luck, and have problems with alcohol or drugs, but


there were more people than I knew were going to be there. The numbers


have gone up exponentially. We are feeding around 130 single people


and families each week. I have not tried to do the maths, it just


frightens me. It started out with people on benefits he were not


getting by, or were misappropriating their benefits, it


has now changed to people who have fallen between the cracks. That can


happen very easily. What would you say to our politicians? There is a


great beer out there. It is a fear of the unknown, a fear that when


Universal credit comes in, and the council tax cap, how are they going


to cope? One man said to me, every time you give me a few extra tins,


I put them are in the back of the cupboard, because I don't know what


next year is going to bring. There is a fear that although the


government says it has put that information, it is not getting out


of the people who needed. Are you taking on board what she's saying?


I am. It recognises what pressure council tax puts on people. Some of


these authorities have been at the West for putting their council tax


up. You have to ask yourself why some local authority is like


Nottinghamshire could not put council tax up for four consecutive


years, and other authorities are. What you say to Wendy, who is


already struggling, and she is working, she is striving? She and


is in the unfortunate position of being under Nottinghamshire County


Council, she is putting it up every -- they are putting it up every


year. There is no efficiency. is factually incorrect. Let me get


this straight. Derby had one of the lowest council tax rates in the


region. The real region is not the level of council tax, but the fact


that the government is pursuing a shame for proposition where they


are proposing a tax rise on the lowest paid workers in our country.


At the same time, they again to be giving tax cuts are by over �40,000


a year to the register. -- to the richest people. You why a Derby MP,


and just over 15,000 people will be affected. They will want to know


what you're doing about this? important thing is to remember that


these cuts are being imposed by Mark's government. Local


authorities do not want to make cuts to low-paid workers, what they


are trying to do is to minimise the impact on families in Nottingham,


Leicester and Derby by coming up with this theme that is protecting


them. In the end, it is going to be impossible to protect them, because


the government, Mark's government, is reducing the amount of money. It


is no good shaking your head, they are reducing the money by 10%.


Pensioners have to be protected, so low-paid workers will be affected


even worse. Do you think politicians get what you're up


against? No, it needs to be on the ground. People need protection from


their council. People on the ground, they rarely hearing about cuts,


instead of hearing about protection. They raised protection for


pensioners, and war widows. more protection that is available,


the more people that are protected, it will mean a reduction on other


people. That is the problem of the scheme. Some authorities are


putting council tax is up, and others aren't. Under Labour,


council tax doubled. We will have to leave it there.


The other stories making the news in our 62nd round up. 62nd


Nottingham's parking levy is costing businesses �8,000.


It was a survey by the Chamber of Commerce, finding one in ten


businesses considering leaving the city. Rutland County Council wants


views on the way it is allocating social housing. They are


prioritising, and ensuring it is as fair as possible. A final chapter


foray regular, David Parsons is stepping down, apologising to the


council's standards committee. John Mann claims he has unearthed


stealth taxes, the Chancellor has been a targeting its new buildings.


He says developers building a new Do you know what is happening on


November 15th? Not many people do. No. Now. -- know. I do not know


what it is for. The by told it was the Police and Crime Commissioner,


would that ring any bells? No, it wouldn't. A if I told you it was


the Police and Crime Commissioner. I think it is to control policing.


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