16/06/2013 Sunday Politics East Midlands


Andrew Neil and Marie Ashby with the latest political news, interviews and debate, including the G8 and an interview with EDL leader Tommy Robinson.

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Here in the East Midlands. The conservative MP who is calling


for David Cameron to go. And why are we always bottom of the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 2333 seconds


league when it comes to health and The conservative MP who is calling


for David Cameron to go. And why are we always bottom of the


league when it comes to health and wealth? The Government should look


at younger ages earlier and inform them about healthier ways to live.


Hello, I'm Marie Ashby and hoping to lift the gloom a little, my guests


this week, the Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire, Andrew


Bridgen and Labour's MP for Leicester South, Jon Ashworth.


Well, Andrew, you have been rather busy causing quite a stir this week,


calling for a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister in a letter to


the 1922 Backbench Committee? wrote that many weeks ago and


informed many people, including the whip's office. That became public


knowledge at the weekend. It was leaked to a national newspaper, it


has caused a stir. It was a newsworthy item, I am disappointed


that it became public knowledge, it should have been confidential.


now he knows you don't want him to be there? Yes, he knows that. But


the thought of having Ed Miliband and Ed Balls in is distressing. But


I do think that mistakes have been made.


Well, as you might expect, Labour have made a lot of this. Looks like


you've got one thing in common now, Jon, you both want David Cameron


out! Absolutely, he has let people down, the economy is in the doldrums


and there is a huge squeeze. But I have to say, they have leaked his


name, what a terrible way to treat a member. I am up for it, I would not


treat our members this way. You have been let down? We will never find


out how it was leaked, now unwell admit it. That's not know one will


admit it. What is the difference between Ed and David? Labour have


largely accepted the austerity measures. We have a different set of


priorities, we want more investment in housing and capital


infrastructure, the other different approach to the economy. It will be


borrowing and spending and labourer. We worry about reducing the


deficit. You are not producing it though! . We are interested in


economy and jobs where I am MP. One of those tangents can create,


politically, situation we did not have to go to. Whatever way someone


votes, you will lose voters. It was unnecessary and politically not


about the issue of same sex marriage. It was very wrong.


next election will be about economy and jobs, I agree. But you are going


massive deficit at the next election. And your party voted


against the deficit reduction plan so far. You will never agree on that


one. Another East Midlands MP who has


been a bit of a problem for David Cameron is Patrick Mercer. The


Newark MP who has resigned from the Conservative Party Whip is now an


independent. He has referred himself to the Parliamentary Standards


Commissioner over allegations that he established an all-party


parliamentary group on Fiji after being contacted by undercover


reporters posing as lobbyists. It has split opinion in his


constituency. Sunday Politics reporter, Rob Pittam, has been to


Newark to find out more. It may look peaceful enough, but


Newark's a town that has had more than its fear share of strife in the


past. It was besieged several times in the English Civil War before much


of the castle was destroyed. Patrick Mercer might have been


expected to adopt a siege mentality himself. He has told us he cannot


give interviews well the Parliamentary enquiry is underway


into his conduct. But he is holding regular surgeries here in the time.


He says he has been buoyed by the support of hundreds of well-wishers.


Among those supporters, Andrew Smith from the National Farmers Union.


have done my role for 20 years, in that time he has been above and


beyond the rest of the MPs in constituency business. I hope he can


carry on doing such a great job. Not everyone agrees, Graham Gustard


is a Newark-based businessman who has been appalled by the allegations


against the MP. Someone who is independent should be free of undue


influence and control, he is not significantly independent. He should


not be standing as an independent. It is a divide that is reflected


everywhere in the town. Do you think he's doing a good job?


Yes, we do. No, he hasn't. Has the but the family? Think he has gone


against everything in democracy. has this split the family? I have no


objection to him staying on. There is agreement on wanting to prevent


this happening in the future. MPs want to prevent other MPs from


taking on second jobs, or give a pay rise to avoid them getting a second


job. I do not think that is a good idea, ex-special leave with the


economy the way it is. -- especially. You should just behave


properly, ethically, and do what you were supposed to be doing. I think


they are getting enough now. Yes, I think they've had enough.


Not everyone, though, is against paying MPs more. We need people


getting a commensurate salary with those who are specialists in the


fields in industry. We want people with real life experience and not


just Oxford and Cambridge router its spending all of their life in --


graduates spending all of their life in university and then in


Westminster. And so Newark finds itself under attack again from an


increasingly hostile electorate. What has gone wrong here, is it down


to individual MPs or is there something wrong with the system that


makes the lobbyists so attractive to the MPs? He has played the price for


it so far, -- he has paid the price for it so far, it will go through


Parliament. Was it him was that the system? Let us not talk about him


specifically. Individual MPs to blame for this system? I think MPs


have to take some of the blame, we are responsible for our own actions.


But it was quite a shabby entrapment plan that caught him out. It will be


a plague on all our houses, no doubt about it. But now, he should not


have done it. Some interesting attitudes in Newark


to MPs being paid more there. Where do you stand on the issue? I do not


think that MPs should be paid more, we have real week jurors squeezed --


we have real wages squeezed already. I would not be in favour of that.


If we paid MPs more would it stop them from taking on outside work?


am not sure that many MPs are looking for work outside. Patrick


Mercer has done the right thing by putting through the committee, but


he did do the wrong thing. Is the money not enough? It is enough for


me. Is the answer to ban you all from doing it? I think we need to


look at it carefully because I know there are other MPs that have


outside jobs as barristers and other things.


You have got a thriving business, how do you find time to be an MP


too? My job has no links to what I do as an MP. You should maybe look


at people taking on interests after they have become a politician. My


job was there before I was a politician. There is a difference


between doing things anyway and then doing things when you have, chairman


or something like that. At the moment the rules are not clear on


that and I think they need to work at that. People are talking about


getting more ordinary people into politics, in fact you have, but are


using you want fewer people like yourself? Actually, yes. Yes I want


to see fewer Labour MPs. Get over it. Yes, we want more ordinary


people getting into Parliament. Absolutely. But how? We have to look


at selection procedures and political parties, we have to entice


people in. We'll flatter look at the hours. There is a debate over


whether the hours are family friendly. -- we also have to look at


the others. Some MPs are saying that nursery should be closed and turned


into a bar. -- that the nursery. What would you do to attract


ordinary people? Yes, we need to attract a cross-section of people.


There needs to be at least one MP that anyone can relate to in the


chamber. But we need to look at the salary package, the pension. As far


as this parliament is concerned, we know we signed up for, but they will


stay the same for this Parliament. Now, we East Midlanders might be


forgiven for feeling a little depressed this week - a whole pile


of reports have put us at the bottom for wealth, health and, well, just


about everything. Parts of our region are among the worst for how


long people live and one of our cities is said to be the poorest in


the country. We will find out what our politicians are doing about it


all in a moment. But first, Des Coleman has been on a not-so magical


MISERY tour. There is high and deployment during


Leicester and a high death rate. But what do you want politicians to do


about it? Think we need to attack younger ages earlier and inform them


about healthier lifestyles and ways to live. What should politicians do?


Scrap the chicken shops. It is a politician 's faults, everyone can


think for themselves. There is better news in Rutland. There are


very good figures here, it is a wealthy community. When it comes to


health, it is in the top ten. you can help to boost pride in the


area. Here we have a lot of events that a lot of local councillors are


involved in. I think that helps to make people feel better about where


they live. From a politician 's point of view, to try to pinpoint


something they could do, that is now. -- that is unmoved. Official


figures say that the lowest disposable income is here in


Nottingham. When it comes to health they are in the bottom ten. I would


not have thought it was such a deprived place having lived here for


years. I am sure there are areas with plums than we have. -- with


worse problems than we have. It is not down to the politicians. It is


not up to them to increase our life expectancy, it is up to people


themselves. Look after themselves, look after their health.


I am joined by Andrew Pritchard, who is the director for policy and


infrastructure for East Midlands Councils - an association of local


authorities in the region. Is it really as bad as all that?


data has been collected in a very localised basis. If you look at it


in generality, you could see that the whole of the East Bali -- the


whole of the East Midlands is out of step with the rest of England.


Are these figures accurate? It seems incredible that Nottingham is the


poorest city in the country and yet the Office for National Statistics


says average disposable income is less than �11,000. If you look at


the boundaries around Nottingham, around the city, it includes more


aware of the areas. There is a clear difference there. If you look at the


hall you get a different conclusion. That is not to say that there are


not challengers, clearly there are. -- if you look at the hall.


There is little doubt there are problems here. What are you as MPs,


particularly the ones in Government, doing about it? We had to drive


growth and employment. But I would disagree because people are moving


here for the quality-of-life, we have an improving population.


everyone feels the benefit of that. Unemployment fell in my constituency


last month. We have two private sector investments coming in the


next couple of years which will generate over 8000 new jobs. Is that


what you see over? I would say it is unbalanced here. Unemployment is


still high on my constituency. It came down by single figures last


month, but it is still higher than it was that the general election.


You can see across the East Midlands in different areas, there are still


levels of deprivation and problems in unemployment. When you look at


the regional growth fund figures which we spoke of, you have to look


further... You always say that MPs need to get together more on this,


are you? Absolutely. MPs do work together. We are all singing from


the same hence G8 -- from the same hymn sheet in this. We want to get


on with that. Any optimistic signs? There are some really good things


around our competitiveness in manufacturing and construction work.


That is really positive. There is good reason to think that there is a


good offer in the East Midlands, there is a good housing offered here


as well. What about big infrastructure? We look at the


electrification upgrade. There are roads that are infrastructure


priorities that are now happening. There is more to do. The initiative


that you have both been leading in the all-party MPs, we have to work


with that in the councils. If we can join that up that would be the


thing. Why is there a reason to be cheerful? Before these projects, in


schemes we are already drawing and near the top. -- already roaring.


What we need to do more of us more strategy. Things are quite localised


at the moment. Perhaps there is a role for more strategic engagement


between council leaders and MPs. Apparently Derbyshire has the best


figures in the country for a liver disease, that is good news. At the


latest figures show that unemployment is falling. There are


reasons to be cheerful. Yes, and in the West Midlands if you compare us


with them, they are significantly higher. The public affairs officer


for British Airways said that all new aeroplanes will have Rolls-Royce


engines which is good news for the East Midlands. Yes, we have great


manufacturers and lots of food manufacturing. A city like Lester


has export of food to the Middle East and India, even. We have lots


of day Brett and communities, and we should be building on that. Would


you like to see politicians shouting up more for the East Midlands?


I think that is what we might need to do. Often we do not tell the


story in the same way that other parts of the country do. Now that


the councils are very active. is always a lot of lobbyists coming


down from Yorkshire saying how good Yorkshire is, I think we should do


more of that. We wanted about the East Midlands. So when a UNIX


meeting? We just did, and we will meet again just before the summer.


What happened at the meeting? were at the ATM meeting to talk


about the election, it was agreed OPEC priority is the East Midlands


economy. -- that our big. We will keep pupils did.


Do you and conservative MPs get together on this? Can you


realistically do anything? People we spoke to are not sure that you can


and we have to take responsibility for ourselves.


Time for our regular round-up of some of the other political stories


here in the East Midlands this week in 60 seconds.


Ignore letters saying that you have to pay for a new fibre-optic of -- a


new fibre-optic cable, it is a scam. A man has been charged with the


explosion near this building. He was remanded in custody after the


explosion of the MP's offices in time.


Local MPs have welcomed a move to suspend the moving of Linfield


hospital's children's heart surgery. Will you ensure that quality of care


including survival rates which matters most to parents is central


to any decision about the future of the services? The future of heart


surgery in England will now be reviewed again, but it is still not


certain that Linfield will stay open. -- Glenfield.


It seems to be good news, will it make any difference? All parties


said that the review into moving line fields was needed. --


Glenfield. We are awaiting further details, for now it is good news.


Some centres will still have to close some way. That's back


somewhere. I think Jeremy Hunt was very brave to admit that the review


was initially flawed, stop it and give confidence to the staff working


in all these areas that their jobs are safe for now. We will have a new


review on the timescale is yet to be set out. We do not want a quick


answer, we want the right answer, it is too important. Does this just


prolong the agony? It is nothing to do with that, we need the right


answer. Is keeping a small centre like Glenfield the answer?


proposal to close that unit was the wrong proposal, that is what we are


seeing. This was not MPs jumping on a bandwagon, we were listening to


local opinions. It is Father's Day, happy Father's Day to both of you.


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