30/06/2013 Sunday Politics East Midlands


Andrew Neil and Marie Ashby with the latest political news, interviews and debate, including the latest on fears of power blackouts with energy minister Michael Fallon.

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parents leading the campaign for research into childhood cancers.


There is not a lot of research from the pharmaceutical companies because


it is not profitable. As the East Midlands really a hotbed of


antimonarchist 's? This sets us apart. My guests are Health Minister


Anna Soubry and labour MP Chris Leslie. How was the Spending


Review? What was there specifically for us in East Midlands? We have got


investment in a tram route. We have got the electrification of the


Midland mainline. It is about restoring our economy so it is


better for all of us. Many people are finding life difficult and


tough. We have had to reduce public expenditure. I and elated that we


have continued to protect our health budget and our schools budget will


stop -- budget. There has been 2 billion set aside more for the


region. Anna was trying to put the best gloss on it she could. The


Chancellor is not doing enough to help the economy. He is focusing on


more cuts. He is not reducing the deficit. The deficit is going up. If


you do not get growth in the economy you will not repair the public


finances. What does that mean for us here? When the Chancellor said two


years ago he had taken all the cats he needed, that was obviously false


will stop -- cuts. We have already lost children's centres. We have


lost 160 police officers. You have chopped 230 nurses from the East


Midlands. How many more nurses are going to go? There are lots of


figures thrown in there. Can you answer? If everybody stops


interrupting angle Ansa. The country was nearly bankrupt in 2010.


Bankrupt? You have lost the credit rating. We had to make big cuts in


public expenditure. In doing that we tried to protect as many things as


we could. We have seen 1 million new jobs in the private sector. There


are more doctors now. We have detected that budget, something that


Labour would not have done. It is well and good to see what Chris has


said, but Labour would spend more money. Can you and to the question


on how many nurses we will lose Western Mac -- lose? A surgeon is


leading a campaign into research on childhood cancer. Here is our


political reporter. There is no doubting the levels of


care they receive here but could we be doing more for children suffering


from cancer. Dr David Walker is leading a campaign to relax rules


designed to protect patients from and tried drugs. Not all trials are


such high risk. Many trials are testing well-known drugs in new


combinations. That is the most commentators of trial. It is a


problem that is all too common for this family. 16-year-old Sam has


been to Belgium for treatment which has not been licensed in the UK.


Because children's cancers are classed as rare there is not a lot


of research from the pharmaceutical companies because it is not


profitable. There are not enough children to make a drug. That means


that fewer children are able to access new treatments. New


treatments are what I needed. has also been to Brussels to lobby


for a change in the law. This is not just for cancer patients like


myself, but also for patients that have not been so lucky, to support


them as well. The case has been taken up by MP Glenis Willmott. She


wants to make the new legislation work more effectively. These


children need these drugs now. Campaigners here want to make sure


that any new European regulations on children's cancer drugs are safe and


fair will stop at us and tried for change across the whole of Europe.


We will not quite change the world, but we will give it a good try.


is a campaign that is aimed mostly at Europe, but can the Government to


do more to lobby on this? It is a cross-party campaign. Can we do more


here to help? This is a decision by the European Parliament on a


particular directive. You can have a clinical trial in Belgium and the


results will not be relevant and other countries. It is the European


Parliament that makes the decision will stop -- decision. We are


providing �110 million in Cancer Research. There are also many


charities that raise money. Some cancers become more attractive, if


you like, to the public. We have made huge advances in breast cancer


and prostate cancer because they have resonated with the public.


the rare cancers. This is a real problem. Being in the European Union


EU can pool assets. But it is harder to raise money than it is to fight


the cancer, one of the families has said. There is a brilliant charity


in my constituency. There are so many brain cancers it is an


incredibly difficult subject. But there are people doing the most


amazing research. The charity in my constituency is funding research.


Glenis Willmott is taking a leading role in looking at this legislation


in Europe. We asked what are the chances of getting the rules


changed. The legislation needs revision. I have been working with


Dr David Walker from Nottingham. I have got unanimous support in the


committee. I am now negotiating with member States. We want to make these


trials easier and safer to run. We want access to all of the


information from all of the trials. I am delighted that we have had such


a success. Some real hope they our campaigners. Let us take a wider


look at health. Places like Nottingham and Leicester have a bad


record for life expectancy. We have put public health back where it


should be. It is back with local authorities. In Leicester they have


made obesity one of their targets. They are also doing fantastic work


of diabetes. That is all part of the public health agenda. Some of the


worst outcomes in health are linked to deprivation stop -- deprivation.


There is now a statutory duty on the NHS. In principle we agree that we


want local decisions. We do not want to see national governments pushing


this down to local councils and then pulling the rug from underneath them


will stop -- underneath them. If they do not have money for their


better housing that is needed and the projects to help young people


with healthy eating, and the funding formula was not very helpful, then


it is very worrying that we will not be making progress. We have given a


10% increase in the night of money that local councils get. It is a


two-year deal. It is ring fenced money. It enables councils to look


at transport policies. But 10% has been chopped off the local authority


budget. Council funding has been emasculated. We have to leave that


they are. The monarchy has had a difficult


time in this region in the past. Charles I surrendered here. Edward


VIII met Lady Simpson at Harlaxton. Campaign group Republic is holding a


meeting year this weekend. Leicester, restingplace of Richard


III will stop a great place to ask people what they think of the


monarchy. What is your idea on the monarchy? I get very now static. To


think of the Queen gives you a sense of national pride. It gives me some


identity. If I had a choice I would be anti-monarchy. Simple as that.


prefer to have the monarchy. I quite like the monarchy. I do not see the


argument about cost. I am quite proud. They never say how much money


she brings into the country. All the tourist come. They want to see


Buckingham Palace and the Royal palaces. The Queen is the Queen. I


was brought up knowing about the Queen. Without the Queen there is no


history in the country. What I you a spot on the monarchy? -- what are


your thoughts? It isn't hast extra tourism in this country. We are next


main selling a bad time financially, but we really need them at the


moment. They work very hard. A lot of fans there. Joining us now is


Graham Smith, the chief executive of Republic. How can you have said that


the East Midlands is a hotbed of anti-monarchism. There are lots of


people in the whole country that support our camp Lane. Articulately


here in East Midlands? -- support our campaign. Our campaign has grown


enormously. We are moving our annual conference out of London into the


Midlands. It is a reflection on the growth of our campaign. Opinion


polls show overwhelming support for the Royal family. We should qualify


that. It shows an overwhelming view that we can keep it as it is. There


is a constituency that loves the monarchy, and there are a group of


people that want to get rid of it. Our job is to show what the problem


is. It is difficult to make a serious judgement about what sort of


head of state we should have. you a royalist? Of course I am. You


do not have to be. We have to get this into perspective. I many


members have you got the East Midlands? The Queen has never been


so pillar. -- never been so popular. The alternative, a presidency...


That is not the alternative being proposed. In the Republic of Ireland


they elect ahead of state similar to the Queen. Every member of


Parliament takes allegiance to the Queen. In two years time we have the


800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. It was the first time they


taught about restraining the powers of the monarchy. They bring a lot of


money this country. They do not. The issue does not get debated on


serious grounds very often. How much money do they bring in? An


assessment was made. That was a PR stunt at the time of the Jubilee. I


said there was no evidence that tourism would go down if we got rid


of the monarchy. What are all these tourist this doing around Buckingham


Palace? They go to CDs things. -- say these things. At the time of


Diana's death, that must've been one of the all-time lows of Royal


family. I remember when they had a documentary on the Royal family.


They have changed their public relations. They have had a lot of


help from the BBC. We have two leave it there.


Time for a round-up of the other political stories.


MPs are turning their thoughts to holidays. One MP is urging


holiday-makers to take out an insurance policy.


Alan Meale wants The Sun newspaper removed from Parliament until it


removes its page the then up. -- H three.


Leicestershire MP claims the cost of the high-speed line will eventually


double. It is only a matter of how much money we waste on the way.


he had something to smile about. like it when John moves to the


right. For the record, John adopts a


neutral position will stop Alan Meale wants The Sun newspaper to be


and from sale at Westminster until the train moves page three. I would


not have it. I wish it would grow up. It is 2013. It is pathetic. I


wish they would stop doing it. The way to stop this by people making


that choice. It is an activist at. The idea is the on its sell by


date. Even Rupert Murdoch has been tweeting that he might stop it.


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