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Andrew Neil and Marie Ashby with the latest political news.

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seatbelts for a transport special. First up, the case for HS2 and the


people now fighting to save their homes.


And get your cycling clips ready, as we look at the problems of getting


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seatbelts for a transport special. First up, the case for HS2 and the


people now fighting to save their homes. It is a shock, we know that


they are going to go ahead with it whether we like it or not.


And get your cycling clips ready, as we look at the problems of getting


more of us onto our bikes.How do we make it safer? I broke my nose, I


cut through my lip, I have 52 stitches. I knocked out 60 -- six


teeth. My guests this week, the Derbyshire


Dales MP and Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin and


Nottingham South MP and Labour's shadow rail minister, Lilian


Greenwood. We 'll come to transport issues shortly, but first of all,


cigarettes: Lilian, what do you think is going on in government


after it shelved its plan on Friday for plain packaging for cigarettes?


I think it is incredibly disappointing. Tobacco smoking is


the number one public health issue in this city. 1000 people in


Nottingham will die in the next year as a result of smoking, and we need


to stop young people from taking up smoking. It is about protecting


children. Was the government lent on by the big tobacco interests?


has been introduced in Australia, we'll see what the evidence is from


there before we take a final decision. We have announced we're


going to move forward with the fact you won't be able to display


cigarettes in shops, as you can't at the moment in supermarkets, but we


have taken measures to go forward. The position we are adopting is the


same as the last government. Anna Soubry says she wants more time for


consultation. Is that a good idea? While we are sitting around having


more time for consultation, young people are continuing to take up


smoking. They will develop ill-health or die as a result of


that. I think the last Labour government took strong action to try


to curb smoking because we know how dangerous it is. I think the rest of


the world is looking at introducing these measures and it is wasteful.


In principle, are you in favour of plain packaging? I would like to see


how it works in Australia, whether it does have an impact. I supported


the ban on smoking in public places, so it was a cross-party vote, I


would like to see the evidence. Now, probably the biggest file in


Patrick McLoughlin's intray is the one marked HS2 - judging by your


tweets and emails to us, it's certainly a story that gets a


massive reaction from you. In a moment the anti-HS2 campaign will be


putting their case directly to the minister. But first Wesley Mallin


looks at the winners, and losers, in this grand project. So, HS2,


technology of the future, vital boost the economy a giant white


elephant stampeding through the countryside gobbling up tens of


billions of pounds of cash? That is certainly the view here in Long


Eaton. HS2 would come right down this road, requiring levelling all


of these houses. For residents around here, it is not so much not


in my backyard as, not through my front room. Valerie he'd lived here


for over 20 years. She will get the value of her home plus 10%. We will


get �40,000 compensation for a �400,000 house. My stress is no more


different than what their stresses. It is not just bricks and mortar, it


might be to them but it is not when you have spent 26 years and you have


good neighbours, an old lady next door, I look after her. She sees to


me, I have family around here. I see to my mother who lives five streets


away. I'm not to be able to afford new mortgage. But for every home


being flattened up the track, there is a business waiting to cash in.


For our particular content... Lee 's firm is met a lot of money


out of the revamp and stands to make much more if it makes a successful


raid on HS2. It is major opportunity. There are others along


a pathway but clearly when it arrives, there is a competition for


it. It is not guaranteed we will win it but given the scope of the work,


it is clearly a major opportunity and something that will knock on in


terms of employment. This man has seen all the oddments and comes down


just in favour of the big-money project. -- arguments. However, we


do have to be wary of the increasing costs, some of the media are hyping


this up based on the fact that many projects have overrun in recent


years. However the railway industry is getting better at delivering on


time on budget. The rail industry might be getting better at sticking


to budget, but the money is still coming from the public purse,


appoint not lost on Valerie. My tax is paying me to have my own house


pulled down. It'll be 20 years before we even see a high-speed


train in the East Midlands and in the meantime, who knows what


obstacles could end up in the way? We are joined from -- by Joe from


the Stop HS2. The project is now estimated to cost �50 billion, those


costs are bound to rise. Isn't the arguments about the money bound to


diminish? When we had the second reading of the bill, I set out


clearly what the figures were as to what I had been told. That included


a large contingency. It may be below that contingency. That is what


happened with the Olympic Games. That hasn't happened with big


industrial projects before, though. But the Olympic Games came in below


what the contingency was. I know that this is a big project. The fact


is that 15 years ago, there were 750 million passenger journeys. Last


year there was 1.5 Ilium. We are seeing more freight railways, more


people using railways, there hasn't been a new railway line built north


of London for 120 years. There surely a host of other projects you


would like to see funded and surely the money that will be invested into


HS2 could be better spent on some of those local project is? Isn't there


a danger that this is an especially -- expensive mistake? There is a


huge capacity crunch coming on our railways and rightly, the last


Labour government looked at how we meet that demand for rail travel. We


concluded the best way was to load a new north to south railway line. It


can't happen in isolation. We still need of improvement in our transport


networks. But if we are going to be ready for the talented of the future


we had to have that capacity. you have the problem, surely, you


have a coalition in favour. How can you stop it? That is the problem, we


have a lot of politicians in favour but not paying attention to the


plans. What is the point you put the Secretary of State? The Olympic


budget, which budget we're talking about? It ended up as 10 billion. In


reality you should look at the transport experts, the people from


the rail industry who are now saying that you could deliver the capacity


a lot cheaper, a lot quicker and benefiting a lot more people by


investing... So your question is?I know you are doing other


investments, but why are you not looking seriously at options like


the rail package six, all of these things that could deliver the


capacity quicker? On the West Coast Main line north of rugby, there was


�10 billion spent on improving that line. Mostly on maintenance.It is a


Victorian railway system. It takes a lot of repair. We spent 10 million,


it does not improve capacity. We are spending �960 million on Redding


Station to improve the capacity. We are spending money. What would you


ask the shadow transport Minister? What I say to you is do you really


want to be lumbered with this project, with God knows what costs


it will end up with, at a time when we have a national debt that seems


completely impossible to repay? think the point to be made is, how


do we get the capacity we need on our railways? Of course the


government need to be controlling costs, that is one of the issues we


have been raising with Patrick and his fellow ministers. Are you


against HS2 because of the route, or because you are against high-speed


travel? I'm against this project and everyone within Stop HS2 is against


this project specifically. A solution was devised that any


attention being paid as to what was in the best interests of this


country. We keep getting hit with the tag when people can defend the


oddments be get put. You can't find an economist or an environment list


for this. There are a number of people who are in favour of the


argument. There is no big piece of infrastructure, no one would deny


that HS2 is not a massive piece of infrastructure which is not


controversial. Holding the M1 was controversial. -- building. Building


the original railways was incredibly controversial. The sort of experts


there were in those days, there were some people against them, of course.


The academics are backing it, too. would say look at the evidence to


the paving bill committee this week, absolutely convinced that it is not


going to deliver the promises in terms of regional development. The


one you really want to look at is Adam Mills, who was chair of


Eurostar, he was saying that the figures were completely made up. He


spent two years defending the indefensible and the whole case for


HS2 is away with the fairies. have had a lot of response on e-mail


and on twitter, many people both in the wide Midlands and in the


Chilterns, these are Tory areas. Isn't this the problem you have got?


Anyone who is going to be affected is going to be upset, obviously.


That quite often the attack on the political classes in general is we


don't look to the future. No one can say this is not something looking a


long way to the future. We need those connections between our big


cities. At the moment we are spending almost 20 billion on


crossrail in London. The biggest construction site anywhere in Europe


at the moment. We have got to also make sure we have the connections


between our great cities, too. We don't want everything based just in


the South. Thinking about some of the highly marginal seats in the


Midlands, Erewash, for example, the only parties is to be against it is


UKIP? We are in favour of building this high-speed rail line, it is


important for generating jobs and growth for the future which people


in those marginal seats want as much as they do in our cities. Of course


we need to be sensitive to the views of those people, though. It is


difficult and we need to get the compensation package right and the


government have two address that because that is an issue that came


through loud and clear when we took evidence on the paving committee.


Where do you take the campaign now? We keep going to stop the multiple


find out about it, the more people come out against. People say they


were conned by the spin, then they bothered reading the evidence. I


suggest more MPs actually read the evidence that shows it is just go to


drag... Thank you very much. We will come back to this in years to come.


Let's slow down the form of transport now from High Speed2 to


just two wheels. When MPs return after the summer parliamentary


break, one of the first things they'll be debating is how to get


more people cycling. But it comes at a time when cycling deaths are on


the rise. We've spoken to one Nottingham biking commuter who had


an horrific accident. Here's his story, and just to warn you, you may


find some of the pictures of his injuries disturbing. Hi, I am Chris.


I'm a cyclist and I was involved in a pretty major cycling accident. The


device which was holding my iPhone, to safely mounted on the handlebars,


failed, dropping the phone into my front wheel. That stopped me at 30


miles an hour, and I landed on my face. I broke my nose, cut through


my top lip, and my bottom lip. I understand there are some 52


stitches there, I knocked out six teeth. I broke my neck, my back, it


has taken six months to start to rebuild me and I'm looking forward


to having a bone graft to replace the bone, so they can screw implants


into my bone, it will be a long recovery. I want to see what the


government is doing to support cyclists generally. They do it more


and more on the continent, in other countries, yes, we have schemes like


cycling to work, how accessible it is that everybody in the community?


How much testing is going into accessories we all use on a bike?


How much is the government seriously looking at cycling? Cycle lanes are


great but how many can we put into Nottingham and around the country?


Only last week, the girl was killed in London on one of Boris 's bikes.


Is that going to save everybody? When it comes to cycle helmets, I


think people should use them, whether they make the law or not, I


think the government should make a decision and say, these are the


reasons why. At the end of the day my decision is, if you have an


accident and hit your head, would you want to protect yours? I was


wearing mine and that is what saved my life. It is public the best 50 or


�60 I have spent in my life. -- probably. Despite my accident, I


really want to get more people cycling. It is a healthy way to get


to work. It is cost-effective and good preview and your back pocket.


-- good for you. People need to ensure there is enough safety. It is


also doing a fun bit of exercise. pretty gruesome story but he still


wants people to get on their bikes, what can politicians do to make the


roads safer? It was a terrible story but it is good he is saying people


should get on their bikes. It is healthy and we want to encourage


people. There is a lot politicians can do. We heard that a number of


people have been injured on bikes recently, particularly associated


with heavy goods vehicles. More could be done to ensure the safety


of heavy goods vehicles, the safety equipment. The government should be


doing more rather than that stating for longer heavy goods vehicles.


What is your view on cycling, is it a priority? We all want to encourage


cycling, we want to help make it safer. It is a long-term plan, there


are a lot of things you can do in engineering of roads, it is a slow


process because you have to take more account of the needs of


cyclists. You have to take account of cycling deaths rising by 10%.


acknowledge that, I made the point in the House of Commons. One of the


elements of cycling was the rising death. But you scrapped road safety


targets. It has been very much criticised by the Road safety


industry. The overall fertility 's were down last year. -- fatalities.


A lot of cyclists won't see it that way, they think they are under


threat from Article eight of lorries and all sorts of things. When we are


doing that, we are making money available to local authorities to be


able to take those measures. I also want to see the money that George


Osborne made available in the autumn statement, that we start engineering


cycling into our future plans. Should the wearing of safety helmets


be compulsory now? I encourage people to do it, I'm not sure we


need a law, I think people should have the choice. I always wear a


cycle helmet but I know that in other parts of the world where they


have introduced compulsory helmets it has led to a reduction in the


number of people cycling, and that isn't what we want. The evidence is,


don't have a law but do encourage people. Chris was telling us in the


film that he welcomes the government 's cycle to work scheme, this tax


concession. Is that going to be further encouraged by the


government? We will look at many measures, we are seeing schemes,


putting money available for them, we will look at that. I still sure what


the Labour policy is? -- not sure. With any new transport scheme, there


should be a cycling safety assessment as part of that, to make


sure it is safe. We think the proportion of the road but it should


be used to improve cycling infrastructure, like looking at


dangerous junctions. They should restore road safety targets and


scrap the plan to have longer heavy goods vehicles, they need to improve


the safety of HGVs. Are you a cyclist? I'm afraid not. I cycle


every day to work. Time for a round-up of some of the


other political stories in the East Midlands this week - in 60 seconds


Council wants meetings broadcast on the Internet after what he said was


shocking behaviour by the Labour opposition. He made the announcement


after an unruly council meeting this month. The East Midlands has a third


MP on Labour 's governing the, the National executive committee. John


Ashwood joins Dennis Skinner and Margaret Beckett. The euro


referendum has already happened in Derbyshire. On a tour of the Toyota


plant, Nick Clegg asked for a show of hands. Should we remain in the


European Union? Hands up who thinks we should go out of it? Only a


handful they did to leave, and as he pointed out, perhaps not surprising


in a company that exports 85% of its cars to mainland Europe. -- voted to


leave. We may see more of this straw


polls. In or out, in the EU? We saw that the Toyota workers understand


the importance of knowing what is happening, and they want people to


invest in the UK, they want the certainty of knowing we are part of


it. I figure we need to stay in. Renegotiation, better deal for the


United Kingdom, and in. That is my line. We are heading for the summer


recess. Plans for the months ahead? In the nobles stacked away? I have


several which I'm forward to reading. The job of Secretary of


state means you are still on duty throughout summary says months, but


I am making my West Italy through the official biography of Margaret


Andrew Neil and Marie Ashby with the latest political news, interviews and debate.

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