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Here in the east, well though watered down planning reforms allow


the growth we so desperately need a is it still a developer's's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 1879 seconds


charter? And EU plans to help I think what worries people,


political donations are very big in Of �8 million and 11 years. You get


millions from private health care providers. The fact of the matter


is, I had been our party's spokesman on health for her years


and that no state, in no time, in no way, has anybody secured any


influence of our polity -- our policy by giving donations. Because


you are expanding their business. There is nothing in their


legislation. It is perfectly possible that NHS hospitals


actually are not to stem a -- that are not discriminated against in


the way that Labour debt, are able to get the benefits. NHS hospitals


will be in a stronger place to provide the services that patients


need. Let me ask you two questions about where we go from the best in


terms of legislation. Other be no more major organisation of the NHS?


In my point of view, the legislation is very clear. I am not


asking you about that. Can you give a pledge, I do not think that you


can or want to, that there will be no more legislation? The point of


this legislation was to deal with all of their issues that where


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 1879 seconds


Welcome to Sunday politics. After the volcanic ash cloud, more help


from the youth of passengers who were disrupted, delayed or disabled.


Let us meet our guests this week. The Lib Dem MEP for the eastern


region and the Conservative MP for North Essex. Let us begin with a


brief word about a difficult week for the Government, particularly


for the Conservatives. Last week we had the dinners, David Cameron's


funding story. Then we had the pasty saddle which is continuing.


All self-inflicted, is it not? large extent it is. You never quite


know when a storm is going to golf and government and two Cawthray


stance have engulfed it this week. It is very perplexing and you get


very angry with the way things are being handled are not handled, or


mistakes that have obviously been made. A certain amount of it is


hysteria and it remains to be seen whether it has a lasting effect.


Let us talk about the past the gate. There is a serious side to this. It


has shown that this coalition is out of touch with everyone else.


have been asked by people in Brussels to explain... What is a


pasty? That is quite hard. The truth of the tax laws is that they


are chaotic. I think it is absolutely sensible to rationalise


them. It has been a bad week though, and I have to say that I had been


watching with astonishment and to return at the weekend to find


people queuing up for petrol is really quite scandalous. Now to


another area where the coalition has suffered a backlash. After a


series of concessions, this week our revised version of the planning


rule book has been published. It seems to have satisfied to critics


who said that the original was a developer's's charter.


We fear that it will give carte blanche to developers to build in


the countryside, regardless of its impact. It has been retracted and


anything that can Shurton that -- it has been protracted and anything


that can shorten that will be good for businesses. We do need to get


development and growth but we should do that sympathetically not


cause problems to our great heritage. Aim is to make it easier


for companies to grow and for developers to build more houses.


Find -- from now on, it will Creaser big change in the east.


More land has been developed in Colchester in the last 30 years


than in the 2,000 years after the Romans settled and made it their


first capital. In Corby, the population is set to


rise by 9,000, an increase of 19 per cent in eight years. At a time


when we all know that the country death sprit late -- desperately


needs growth, it is time to wrap up the red tape and allow these


serious to start growing. If you look at the countryside around


rocking ham, it used to be a forest. It is not a forest any more, and we


have core be standing on what was that Forest.


Owners of historic properties and English Heritage say that they will


be watching what impact this new legislation has and if safeguards


are not honoured they will be calling on the governments to act.


Joining us from Oxford is the chairman of Northamptonshire's


campaign to protect rural England. What is your reaction to these


changes? I am glad to be able to get them a guarded welcome. Sense


be aimed -- since the aim of our grit is to enhance their beauty and


vitality of the countryside for the benefit of all, we actually think


that what is proposed is simplified the planning framework must be a


good thing. By reducing more than 1,000 pages of guidance to a more


manageable 60, it is now possible to see what the conditions are that


must be met in order to produce the right kind of development for the


county. As we wish to have an economy in the county which is


vibrant, we do except that there has to be development in the


country as well as in the city. Northamptonshire is not fool of


protected sites. They understand what were saying about a vibrant


economy, but is there a school of thought which says that this could


it be county under a lot of extra pressure? The county is already


under great deal of pressure because of its position in what has


been known as Greater Milton Keens. That has been true for some years.


We have a singular difficulty in that there is no land in


Northamptonshire that his death -- that is designated. We have no


green belts, no place is of outstanding natural beauty. All the


land is open to development if the conditions are wrong. What is your


view of how this change has come about by the government, because


there was a backlash, was there not? There is a view that the


government has given way to that. There certainly was a backlash, we


were part of it. I wrote to ministers identifying things that


were wrong with their draft. I am very pleased to say that they seem


to have listened to what has been said. But given the strength of


opposition from all the environmental bodies I am not


altogether surprised, but I am grateful. I think what has been


achieved is something which is very much more manageable and something


which could be a workable -- which could be workable for the future.


Is this a way to make policy? The reaction by the government was to


denounce the opposition as a smear campaign by left-wingers. I think


they are about to become excessively heated. We're dealing


with very controversial matters. The fact is that we produced


something like 50,000 -- we have reduced 50,000 pages of planning


laws to 50 pages. It is to make it easier for people to understand


planning position, to get it if they are entitled to it... But is


it a weight to conduct its business, by enthusing the people of being


left-wingers? I am not accusing people in those terms. I think we


have the right policy now. It has been moderated and we have made the


planning was much simpler. Can I correct one thing, Col Chester has


volunteered for large amount of housing planning. If Colchester


wants to change its planning -- changed his plans and have less


grow -- less growth, they can do so. Did we not need to take up the


planning will be it down to 50? Will thus not get building going?


think that with respect to the process, that he criticised, I


think that this exercise proves that it has worked. There has a


been a consultative period which has worked. I was strongly opposed


to the first plan, where there was an imperative on growth, green


field, a green belt was clearly a risk and the pressure was listened


from brownfield sites in places like Cambridge. In Norwich. I am


pleased that the government has changed its approach. Do you feel


that the safeguards are going to work? Can you do anything if you


are unhappy about the way that things are going? I think that the


safeguards ought to be capable been made to work. Provided that two


things do not happen. First, that we do not get speculative building


without the proper infrastructures, something which we have always felt


very strongly about. We must get the infrastructure in place before


we build houses. Secondly, I am extremely alarmed and


Northamptonshire about the frequency with which the government


is over ruling local planners, to allow the construction of wind


farms in the county. We now have 25 wind farms approved are in the


pipeline and it makes the argument almost small beer.


Plans for any air passenger charter moved a step closer this week after


a vote in the European Parliament. A report was approved which said


that airlines should give more help to passengers whose flights are


delayed or cancelled and the more open about their pricing. The new


charter, which could become law next year, is particularly aimed at


the low-cost airlines. Many which operate from Luton and Stansted


Airport. The world of the air travel has


changed considerably. Low-cost airlines have paid flying within


the reach of everyone. It should have happened many years ago so


that everyone could have taken advantage of it. I would be a bit


dubious about it, with it being that cheek. Ryanair has been


offering a good fair since 1991. We are determined to take the law fair


competition to British Airways. charged extra for anything but


Spock than -- but the essential services. These carriers need to


offer a standard of service, and that is not an unreasonable request


to expectation. The EU's transport and tourism committee think it is


times that of -- think it is time that all of their lines, but


particularly a low-cost airlines need to change. Just because you


have the time Rini are EasyJet does not mean to say that you're happy


to pay 40 quite -- �40 or her �50 to take hand-luggage on a Alter


Abbey King. This is wrong, this is not in their customer's interests.


This is about customer right, not get the right of the airlines to


make more money out of their customers. Most of their passengers


are fine, they do not need help. My mum, for example, would need help


in finding her way attack -- finding her way around. A I suspect


that they will pick the prices up accordingly, but we as with all


things I expect they will pit -- you get what you pay for.


This man was once left on a plane at 1am after his wheelchair was


sent through to baggage reclaim. There are disabled people who just


go there, biting their nails, feeling second their stomach,


because of the fear that if something goes wrong, what will


they do? How will I get out of it, he will listen to me? May King


asserted changes that you want would be very expensive for the


airlines. We are still human beings. Cost will be the main argument


which airlines were used. Ryanair refused to comment, but EasyJet


says it would welcome an even playing field. As for those wet


fares, they said... We have always been fair in our pricing. We picked


our admin fee right at the top of the baking process. As soon as you,


on the website you see it. Detailed legislation is now being drawn up.


The passenger lapel of like -- passenger bill of rights could be


drawn up by next year. Is this something that needed doing,


why is it likely to put prices up both for the airlines and


consumers? A it is always a trade- off. Regulation generally increase


-- increases costs. Transparency and rights of access for disabled


people are important issues. The aviation sector is a fantastic


industry, it has grown enormously and gives people opportunities at a


price... It is fantastic if that is working well. People you are


stranded are needed extra help have rights to... I am all in favour of


regulation if that is really going to improve things. We do not throw


babies out with Bath Watters and create more problems than we are


seeking to resolve. It cannot be right, as you head there, that


people with disabilities are suffering from so much stress.


is quite wrong. I get piles of complaints from passengers,


primarily from the low-cost airlines, but not exclusively. The


present directive is weak and be agreed this week to strengthen it.


The Conservative MEPs either opposed it and -- are abstained and


I have not quite understood why, but I am certain that they have


explanations. What we must now do is to pitch the thing into law as


fast as we can. It is time for her weekly political


round-up. The death of former her sick social


security secretary Lord Newton prompted heartfelt comments this


week. I think we should give a premium


for our students studying maths to the school to enable them to afford


to recruit new maths teachers. you wingspan is larger than your


height, are you going to be a monkey?


It was numbers at the polls on the Green Party's lines now that the


election campaign is under way. Record highs at the pumps did not


dampen drivers's desires to fill up. Maths as certainly teens since my


day. Your recollections of Lord Newton


of, there have of course the many tributes paid to end this week.


was a real battering. He devoted his entire life to public life --


are real veterans. He was a very close friend of John Major and said


that he knew the secret of Edwina Currie throughout their entire term


of John Major's government. What a loyal friend that is to have had.


He was active right to the end. just wanted to touch on the fuel


crisis. Was there any sense in the advice that people have been given


this week? I think it is absolutely scandalous that ministers have said


that people should fill up their tanks. The fact is that there is so


I conciliation process that is now proceeding between the union and


the employers and the emphasis ought to have been on that.


Scaremongering is terribly dangerous and we have had an


experience of it before. They agreed and the selfishness of


people at the petrol pumps, from time to time, is absolutely


outrageous. A comment from year about what has


happened this week. This has taken people's mind of the donors, the


past days, and the government added to the heat on this. There has not


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