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Here in the East: The campaign gathers pace for


hundreds of candidates facing election on May 3rd.


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And we reveal who is being hit the Hello and welcome to the programme.


Coming up, how women and in particular all the women are


bearing the brunt of job cuts in this region. We can reveal that the


number of women are losing jobs has increased by one third.


First come up let's meet our guest. Baroness Angela Smith, formerly MP


for Basildon and Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat Business Minister


and MP for North Northorpe. Let's talk about the price of stamps


first, people are apparently stocking up. -- north Norfolk.


This cannot be right, cannot? one likes price increases, but the


price had been massively below the European average. In a way, the


most important thing is to protect the universal service. This is the


fact that you can pay the same amount to serve -- to send a letter


anywhere in the United Kingdom. The same price to anywhere, six days


per week. Detecting that is critically important. The last


Labour Government introduced competition so that the Royal Mail


was facing really tough competition. -- protecting that is critically


important. We are taking some really tough measures and getting


Royal Mail back in order. This is an operational decision from the


Royal Mail want the price of stamps. Ansell a Smith, despite backbench


opposition, the Royal Mail sell-off did start under Labour, is that a


mistake under Tyneside? Will be making it very clear that full


privatisation was never an option for the Royal Mail. The price is


61p for one first class stamp. The service has gone worse. I do not


agree with that. So early, Norman, I listened to shoot, so please


listen to me. I got my post on Friday after 4:30pm. This has never


been the case, it has always been before lunchtime. The future is


really bright, we have protected every postman's pension by taking


over a massive deficit from the Government and making sure the


Royal Mail will be in a fit state to compete in the future and be a


really successful company. The future is bright. I am not as


convinced as you. It you can afford the price of a


stamp, there is the time to begin for a postal vote. We have till


Wednesday to register. Here is a look at how this year's elections


are shaping up. The care silkier in Norwich's one of 19 across the


region holding elections on May 3rd. -- the council here in the Norwich.


Later there are running Stevenage and Ipswich. The Liberal Democrats


are in charge of Cambridge, and called Chester, Milton Keynes and


Norwich are in no overall control. Our councils will be electing one


third of their seats, apart from Daventry, which has a boundary


change. It will be electing all of its 36 new seats. For a reminder of


how would the region stands at the moment, the Conservatives are


defending 182 seats, Labour just 49 and the Liberal Democrats with 46.


The last time these seats were fought was 2008. Gordon Brown was


the Prime Minister, we were about to hit a recession and Labour did


badly. In theory, this you should be a good one for Labour. There


will be some interesting battles. In Milton Keynes, the Conservatives


are fighting their coalition partners, trying to gain overall


control. In Cambridge, the Liberal Democrats are under threat from


Labour in the only council they still run in the region. That is


unless they finally managed to take control of Colchester, where they


hope to increase their two-seat advantage over the Conservatives.


Great Yarmouth is a straight to be fight over the Conservatives and


Labour, with Labour needing to gain a four-seat to snatch control from


the Tories. Clipper's hopes are also high in Harlow, where the


Conservatives currently hold the council. -- Labour's corpse. Labour


are also working to make gains here in a Norwich where the Green Party


are just three seats behind. Degrees are fielding some new


candidates this time, with six of their seats are up for election,


Labour's success could depend on how well does new faces perform. We


are a joint by Stuart Agnew, a member of the European Parliament


for the UK Independence Party. Your party has not really made any


kind of breakthrough at the local level, why is that? We have made a


breakthrough at the local level, just look at Ramsey in Cambridge a


worthy have full control of the town council, we have a district


councillor and we are causing great effect in the district council.


that is a town council rather than a County Council. Build from the


bottom, that is what Peter is doing. We have two other people like him


in the region, we have a man who had jobs will know all about and we


have another Smith in Great Yarmouth. Norman Lamb, let's talk


about recent history, or where be shocked by last year's results? He


lost 12 seats in last year's council, north nor fog. How much of


able was that to you? It was not nice to lose seats like that.


have not been in Government since the Second World War and we realise


that being good -- that being in Government is tough. Our message is


that the -- at steel local level we're working to protect services.


In every Liberal Democrat council we have a frozen council tax, that


is not the same in every other council. At the national level, we


are working in Government to reduce that the tax burden for people on


low and middle incomes. This year, 21 all and middle income earners


will get a tax cut on top of a �200 tax cuts last year. We are focusing


on are those hard-working people whose budgets are squeezed into the


tell to get by. Angela Smith, Labour made gains in the East last


year, but there are areas in which you are not getting through, what


can be done? It will be interesting be sure. Significantly, at there


will be the number of seats past the fighting. We are fighting a


full slate of candidates, whereas the Norman's party are not fighting


a full slate of candidates in any council. He -- the United Kingdom


Independence Party have a greater number of candidates in some


councils than the Liberal Democrats. We have found it easier to get good


candidates through this election, I am confident we will make


significant gains across the regions. Actually, this year be


have made again from Labour and gains from the Conservatives in


local councils. By-elections are a different thing, you have lost a


third of your seat. I am not denying that, if you try and to the


right thing and I am absolutely convinced that working with another


party to try and get this country head of the mess it has been in was


the right thing to do. Let's bring Stuart Agnew back in. If you as a


party cannot break in locally to a greater extent, what does that


mean? We are breaking through, we are moving forward all of the time.


We are right behind the Liberal Democrats, by one point or half a


point behind them. That is not say much at the moment. You can say


that the UK Independence Party are a little small fry, but we keep


getting bigger. We are standing 121 candidates this time. Four years


ago there was 56. Terrific growth. We will follow the progress of the


local elections as they continue. The latest unemployment figures


will be published this week. They are expected to show a rise, West


unemployment in the race -- in a day East has been rising over the


past year. Analysis by this programme shows that middle-aged


and older women are being hit harder than any other age group and


are most likely to be out of work for longer. 93,000 people over 35


are out of work in the east, an increase of 19% on last year. The


majority are men but the number of women are losing their jobs has


increased by one third. Today be able to a mock exam forger


customer-service cause. At Milton Keynes College they provide courses


for many unemployed people every year. Many in the class are young


people who have never had a proper job. Among them also are people who


until recently have been in work for most of their adult lives.


have never been made redundant and never not had a job. It is so, yes,


very hard and frustrating as well. I was only ever made redundant once,


his years ago. I got a job straight away. I was offered around six jobs


at the same time, I have never had this problem, ever. These women


represent a growing trend. Middle- aged and experienced, but finding


it hard to get another job. Jackie worked for more than 15 years at a


distribution warehouse which closed last year, so, too, did enough.


Dorothy ran at jewellery business. They are all looking for work.


is actually hearts just getting a response from the company, even to


acknowledge that they have it received your application. That is


frustrating and demoralising. You begin to doubt your own ability.


am finding that the jobs I am applying for appear to be several


jobs rolled into one, so I think it is hard for any one person to have


that multitude of skills. According to official figures, the number of


men in the east over the age of 35 who are out of work has increased


by 12% over the last year. The number of older women out of work


over the same period has increased by 33%. I fear it will get worse.


The cuts that are coming into the public sector had yet to be fully


implemented, and we know that in the public sector there are more


women currently employed there. It will get harder on them. There is a


number of things he can do. The work programme is in place, if


providing tailored support for individuals to help them overcome


the barriers they personally face in getting into employment., also,


looking at people wanting to move into self-employment. This will


help women looking to set up for themselves in business. Milton


Keynes is a growing town with plenty of employment opportunities.


At the local college, they believe the key to helping people back into


work is training. There is a skills mismatch between the skills they


have acquired a their working lives and the skills now acquired --


stills are now required by the economy. The first thing we need to


do is IT training. You will find that going forward in the market


place, every job requires a degree of IT knowledge and understanding.


We need to get the skills and place before we consider things like


healthcare or engineering. economic Secretary has taken a


close interest in getting people back to work. She be so they held a


surgery for young people in our Norwich constituency. Chloe Smith


police Government money for training schemes and the new Youth


Contract should make things easier. It is a tragedy to be out of work,


and people want to be at work. Especially people who have


experience and a good CV from elsewhere. The Government's work


programme is designed to work across age groups, across men and


women and young adults. It is designed to help people in a


personalised way, getting work that's a is them. The people I met


in Milton Keynes College attended all of the courses they can and


still apply for jobs. They told me they do not want to live on


benefits, they want to work. Middle-aged, particularly middle-


aged women, is it a neglected area. We bring a wealth of experience, we


may need some retraining and are the other companies prepared to


invest in that? The longer you're unemployed, it seems to be getting


harder and that affects our conference. Whereas I was a


confident person, last year, I just expected to get a job but now it is


2012 And I am not quite sure what the future hold. Norman Lamb, as a


party, if you have the Youth Contract. You have work experience


plans, but what is being done as a coalition Government and as a party


for all the women? The first thing to see is that unemployment is


dreadful, and the impact it has on your self-esteem is a really


significant and so we all have to take this incredibly seriously. It


is actually quite a long-term trend. In the past decade, unemployment


among them and went up by 24%, under the last Labour Government.


This is a challenge the whole of Europe if faces. What is being done


for older women? Hit it is about helping everyone back into work.


Although women have a particular challenge, but it is about learning


new skills. We must make sure that Britain is in the best placed to


win a new work in the future economy. We face a massive


challenge from Asian economies and if Europe does not become more


competitive and if the United Kingdom in particular does not, we


will see this trend continue and by taking really tough action to get


the deficit under control, I am convinced that the UK is now a much


better placed than most other European countries to get


employment back up to two good levels. So nothing specific for


older women? They qualified just like everyone else does for all of


the schemes that both Goldthorpe and Simon read talked about in the


cut. Angela Smith, what would Labour do to help this particular


sector? The report highlighted a couple of things. One is the skills


issue. Another is that women of the siege never expected not to have


the work. They have worked all of their life and thoughts Clive would


get easier. Now they must work longer to get their pension. The


work programme is there, and I have spoken to women on the work


programme, they say it is not tailored to their needs. We must


ensure that when we have these programmes that look at giving


people the skills they need, they cannot always just be targeted to


young people. If we do not employ the skills of the older workforce,


women of my age, you have a chance to say something, do it. We will


not have the economy in the future and, p a able to fill the vacancies.


Let's just talk to Stuart Agnew about the bigger picture. UK


unemployment is pretty bad, but it is worse in other countries in


Europe. It is dreadful. In certain Eurozone countries, it is


frightening. They are not growing, they are contracting here on year.


Greece has been contracting. It shouldn't be in the euro, the


austerity measures are only making matters worse. The Greeks will see


its in and we will see it in Portugal and Spain, where the


victims of a horrendous social political experiment called the


euro. Do you agree with Norman Lamb that it is about creating work


opportunities by encouraging business into the United Kingdom?


One way you can encourage businesses to reduce the burden of


legislation on them, and so many small businesses, the legislation


comes from the European Union. I can give you three examples.


Companies in a Hertfordshire and at which are doing quite different


things and suffering from the new legislation. We do not have them to


speak to today unfortunately. agree be must tackle for


legislation. Coming from both the UK Government and the European


level. If Europe is to be able to compete with emerging economies in


Asia, we have got to beat welcoming for businesses. The Government must


accept a deficit and growth and jobs crisis. With these women do


not get jobs he will not address any of these issues. Jobs is the


most important issue. There is some light, I was talking to the head of


a large recruitment business and they were saying that they are


seeing a significant increases month on month on the number of new


jobs coming through, so there is hope for the few to. Thank you both.


Stuart Agnew, thank you for your time. Now a for her sixty-second


round up. This week, politicians from across


the parties paid their respects to -- parliamentarians. For much Prime


Minister John Major joined a mourners at the funeral of Lord


Newton of Braintree. How well you remember him? With


very great affection, be have a lot of fun together. And if your idea


of fun is backing a winner, Jimmy welcome plans for a new casino in


Milton Keynes. At a time when the council does not have a lot of


money, to be able to have money to put towards things that may benefit


what other areas of the community is something worthwhile. One Eric


Pickles's mind was alcohol abuse when he visited Great Yarmouth.


we must find alternatives to the people who just drift into drinking.


Welcome any Stan Ed Balls of would pensioners in Harlow before the big


game. People here need the extra help, but it seems that with this


Chancellor it is already richer getting the benefit. No doubt he is


hoping his party fare better than his team did this weekend.


Angela Smith, what about those measures against alcohol abuse? On


reflection, was Labour wrong to bring him round the club drinking?


It is not round-the-clock drinking that is the problem, many people


enjoy drinking at different times of the day, it is the abuse of a


call that is the problem. Many people enjoy alcohol and it does


not lead to abuse. What I am sceptical about his alcohol minimum


pricing. How do not think it will tackle the serious problem. Let's


see what Norman Lamb says. The minimum price, 40p Brigitte, it


will cost �2.7 billion annually, will address the budget? It was a


Liberal Democrat manifesto commitments and we are now doing it


in Government. The scale of alcohol abuse in this country is framing.


We're out of scale with Europe when it comes to liver disease and


trouble on her street. France has always had round-the-clock drinking


but has not had these issues, it is the cultural issues. We are out of


time. Thank you both. That is all from us, do not forget you can


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