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Here in the east, we're in Stevenage, on the beat with the


community, and giving them the chance to put their concerns over


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crime to their candidates for Good morning. Whereat Vincent


Motorcycle Club at the Hyde in Stevenage -- we are at. It looks


quiet now, but this week a dispersal order has been put in


place covering the same area, to prevent groups committing anti-


social behaviour. We have invited an audience who have the


opportunity to put some questions to the three police and crime


commissioner candidates for heart for Archer. Elections take place on


November 15th. -- for Hertfordshire. We have Sherma Batson, David Lloyd


and Christopher Townshend. Theresa May has talked about how the police


and crime commissioner should be a local voice for local people. How


were you planning to connect with local people? This is a huge


opportunity to engage with communities. The police and crime


commissionaire is the voice of the community so it is important for


them to get out there, listen to the views command and listen to


people's experiences. We are engaging already through the


electoral process. Yesterday I was out in my constituency talking to


people out there. On a more formal basis it will be bringing together


partners, speaking to those who have already been elected to


councils, people in health. But making sure we have regular


meetings, to meet local people. am a local borough councillor, I


knock-on people's doors, speak to local media. Communicating to


people would be my key. Back to that dispersal order over


this area, the Hyde and Stevenage. We explain what that means and some


of the problems which have caused When it was built in the 1950s, the


Hyde was part of a bright new future for Stevenage. These days


the shops and flats have seen better days and the Hyde has been


plagued by anti-social behaviour. This man lives are one of the flats


with his partner. Just everything from them kicking the ball up the


wall, I had my bike stolen a few weeks ago. Kids' comedy -- children


and constantly screaming and throwing abuse. Sometimes the


police can take up to 24 hours to deal with the situation.


Hertfordshire police are quick to point out that crime across


Stevenage is falling, but this week they placed a dispersal order on


McColm two. -- on the Hyde. If anyone with a ban returns to be


area they have the power to arrest the individual for a complete --


for failing to comply with the ban. Their head teacher at the nearby


school says he is not aware of his pupils being involved in anti-


social behaviour. We obviously taken interest in what happens


after school, but it is difficult to apply your set of rules and


standards. We have a very clear expectation of behaviour in the


school, the students are well behaved, but we often wonder how


their behaviour is after school when they have not quite so many


rules. If they are hanging around to set the boundaries for them?


What such as things are you seen here? We see a lot of drunkenness


out in the streets. Best man as part of the solution to anti-social


behaviour. He is one of 20 volunteer street pastors in


Stevenage to patrol the streets on a Saturday night. It could be


someone who has had too much to drink, a vulnerable lady who needs


to be what to a taxi rank or even walk home. Or it could be chatting


to people who just want to top. For people like Mike -- Mike


Cassidy at the Hyde, they do not necessarily care how the police are


run, they just want to know that if they ask for it help then they will


get it. Oli Khan, you run a local business


here, tell us about your experience of what life can be like? I have


had three incidents in the last five years. One of the worst ones


was six or seven months ago. There were three gentleman over the age


of 20. They wear a little bit drunk and a high street and there was a


boy of 12 years old. He went to the shop and got some crisps and drinks.


The gentleman went after him to grab his back of snacks and drinks.


-- his back. The gentlemen were slightly drunk. It is an


interesting story, but I am going to have to hurry you slightly, I am


afraid. I call the police and things get worse. They are shouting


and they have some weapons. What is your question? My question to the


candidates is, how would you ensure that the Government -- that


policing will be for the many, not just for the few? It needs to be


for the many. 70 per cent of offences are being turned out to.


This is about reducing crime, and that has to happen further up the


line. As soon as you have to call the police something has gone wrong.


That is about working with partner organisations and making sure that


the local council works with the police. You spoke about an


individual case, and I do not think we can answer every individual case.


It is unfortunate what you had to experience. Over all, crime rates


are low and that is good. We must continue to head in that direction.


As police and crime commissioner we have to take over site and make


sure you were getting the right sort of response that you need.


would agree with the others that there needs to be as quicker


response as possible for those sorts of crimes. But it is not just


the police, it is the community safety partnership that will work


together, engaging with the community, indicating what the


commission as well, to get more of a sense of what is happening, what


the responses are like, and whether people are satisfied. We need


feedback to make sure that the constabulary will improve on what


they did before are based on experiences. We do not like these


things to happen, but I would certainly be bringing partners


together, including the local council, businesses, residents'


groups, so they can contribute. Experience you may contrast with


somewhere only a few miles down the road. N Baldock, the police station


was closed last May. It is now disused. Police visit twice a week


but there is no actual building as a centre for policing in Baldock


any more. There is concern locally about


places like Baldock. Councillor Michael Moore joins us now. Let us


hear those concerns. Baldock constables now have to report at


another police station. So far, and her 1/2 is lost each day at the


beginning and the end of each shift. -- an hour and a half is lost. They


would prefer to be based N Baldock. Paying rent to be part of their


community centre is not seen as viable to the police hierarchy.


What would you do to bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion


for the people of Baldock? I have some experience of this. There have


been pressures on budgets, there is no denying it. A lot of real estate


has gone. We are facing a possible change in model where we are moving


away from having the community police station being a centre,


towards a neighbourhood policing team. I think that is where things


are going. I am sad that this notion of a police station, which


everyone knows is a centre, is going. But I am supportive, and I


think that the teams seemed to be working quite effectively. I will


have to get the others in. I am very sorry that that is happening


in those kinds of the areas. Unfortunately, cuts in policing


generally means that there is not as much support as there used to be.


It is crucial right now for partnerships to get together, with


your parish council, with your councillors, to see what kind of


solution see can actually come up with together. According to the


needs of that the area. That is very important. We will have the


opportunity to engage with you commissioner to talk about the


opportunities you have got, to work together, to find a solution for


you. Thanks to a Labour government we do have neighbourhood teams now


that would not have been there before. 21st century policing is


about policing for the people by the poll -- by the people. It


should be in the community. We cannot afford to put a lot of money


in the community. -- into buildings. What people want is a presence. We


can have them in a local council office or a community centre, that


is exactly the place to be. Policing has moved on. We need


someone in the community and that is what I am all about. Let us move


on to business and the demands that they have of the police. I


understand you are from the Chamber of Commerce. What is your question?


I think someone once -- everyone wants a new structure which is


efficient and fair. People are concerned about the cost of that


structure. Will it cost less than the current structure? Sherma


Batson? The government wants there to be cuts in the service. We had


far more pleasing on the streets than we do now, so there is an


issue about the costing of it. I am a bit concerned about how those


savings will be found, because you will end up affecting the service


that you get if you cut too much. I would be keen to be talking to all


agencies and businesses to find out what they think their impact would


be on those cuts and how much it will cost. I think you question was


about the cost of their police and Crown commissioner?


administration cost has been about one million pounds. David Lloyd?


you put it into a business Seth -- sense, rather than running a huge


separate organisation, if I become their police and crime Commission I


will see that as the chairman's office and it should bring together


a lot of the back offices that are currently separate between police


constabulary and police authority. I will remain together because it


is one team looking at reducing crime in the county. Be question is


about police a authority. There are going to be savings because at the


moment there are 12 members and you're going to have won police


crime commissioner. But unfortunately there will be the


cost of elections. Roughly, it will stay the same in terms of cost.


we head in the sun, support for victims as part of the police and


crime commissioner role. -- as we heard, support for victims. What is


your question? Our question is given for every pound invested in


the women's sector you see a 14 pounds return on that investment,


we would like to see how the candidates are going to safeguard


and support is very vital service, given that it receives no local or


central funding at the moment. think domestic violence is one of


the evils that we have in society. It is something that we need to


stop. It is a great example of where you work with various pas ne


organisations. Working alongside health to ensure that abuse does


not happen through alcohol abuse. - - partner organisations. In terms


of direct funding, I do not know who you are funded by. I imagine


the borough council might be some money in, but if you do it all


alone... Certainly, I look be very interested in seeing how I could


help the funding. But of course, I cannot say yes to everyone, so we


need to look at the overall funding levels across the county. Same


question to you, Christopher Townshend. I cannot say yes to


everyone as well. But you spend �1, you make 14. That is a very good


angle. I will seek to protect the funding for this. I think on a more


emotional level, if you like, I will try to make sure I understand


what you're trying to do in your organisation. One of my priorities


would be supporting victims more than they are supported at the


moment. Victims of domestic violence certainly, because one of


five Kohl's 2999 i from domestic violence victims -- one in South


phone-calls to the emergency number our domestic violence victims.


There is not a lot of money, we need to pool the resources, to make


sure we cannot support a victims so that they will come forward and get


the support that the need. We can just squeeze one more question and.


How will you stop politics creeping into their job? A good question.


Christopher Townshend? I do not feel I am a politician, I have a


regular job, I am hard working, I am a family man. In my spare time I


am a counsellor. You're going to have to be priests. I will try in


the pragmatic and compassionate. you will have to be quick. We will


all have to sign an oath to say that we will not put politics of


four people and we certainly will not. We do not do it in our roles


as councillors currently. I have been a community person most of my


working life, a community person and a politician to try and help


get things done. As far as I'm concerned, the chief constable as


an operational job today and I would not interfere with that and


bring politics into it, because people are far more important.


just want a show of hands, you have heard arguments today so I would


love to see how many people here think that a police and crime


commissioner will make a difference. Hands up if you think it will make


a difference? Let us have an unscientific show of hands. I think


that great just... You could just have swung into. Still some work to


do! 90 very much for Downing us today, it has been great to have


you here. -- thank you very much for joining us today.


Now back -- a change in the law was called for this week to give


drivers and breaks down into just how much fuel duty they are paying.


We were sure how much the oil companies are ripping us off. -- we


will show. On the anniversary of the Battle of


Dale Farm, we ask the community Secretary whether his local council


Brentwood had provided any new traveller pitches. They are about


to go through a process of local planning to identify sites. That is


in no, then. Meanwhile the new Health Secretary


Jeremy Hunt have paid a visit to India dementia unit. -- and you


dementia unit. I'm David Cameron visited Kettering


Hospital. -- and David Cameron. That is all from us in Stevenage.


Our thanks to all the police and crime commissioner candidates. And


thank you to the audience for joining us today. There are more


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