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barricades in this region. They did have six councillors. Now they've


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got 48. What does it mean for our the East of England. Coming up:


Revenge of the fruitcakes. You can make massive gains in the East. The


Prime Minister may have dismissed the other candidates as fruitcakes


and with addicts but thousands of voters decide they want a slice of


the action. -- fruitcakes and lunatics. Nobody trusts David


Cameron anymore. That made a difference on the doorstep. Norfolk


City Council goes from true will to no overall control. We have to


scramble around for a coalition. That is not good for services or the


people of Norfolk overall. But we now have two live with that. A full


spectrum of opinions today. Health Minister and Norfolk MP, Norman


Lamb, the UKIP director, Lisa Duffy, Brandon Lewis, local government


Minister and Conservative MP, and George Nobbs, the Labour group


leader on Norfolk county council. Later on, what happened partly by


party across the region. But no doubt about the big story. The rise


of the UKIP. Nobody saw this coming. Not even the UKIP. They


hoped to pick up a handful of seats. But not as many as this. UKIP


armload cemented as the third party. -- are now. Candidates uncovered a


deep dissatisfaction. People in the three main parties are not listening


to people. And another issue at play on the doorsteps. Top of peoples


concerns was immigration. When we have 29 million Bulgarians and


Europeans allowed access to this country, coming here for the system


that they can get onto with benefits. Modern people are angry


and frustrated and frightened. -- moderate. Many candidates who never


expected to get elected are no county councils. Some of your


councillors have yet to even be inside a city chamber. It is


fabulous! They are not part of the professional political class.


will now make decisions about schools, social services, and


economic development. UKIP as the official opposition on the Norfolk


county council. No longer a party of process. -- protest. It will be


expected to scrutinise the work of a main oddity Conservative


Administration. -- minority. The job of an opposition group is to


scrutinise what the administration is doing. To look at detail at


proposals and put forward alternatives. If you are a very


small minority, late UKIP were, you can say and do things and it will


not matter a great deal. But as the main opposition group, it does


matter. The other parties are not certain what to expect. They are


putting themselves up to make a protest to David Cameron. The new


councils need to prove themselves as effective col -- politicians. If


they do not, they run the risk of voters not taking them seriously


again. I want to begin by talking about this extraordinary success.


The same question for each of you. Norman Lamb, what do you the success


of UKIP down to. Much of the Western world is facing economic turmoil.


People are anxious about the future. There is a sense of powerlessness


and remoteness from decision-making. People on low incomes with low skill


bases see a threat to their jobs. We need to understand why people are


anxious about remote power with the European Union bash which I


personally think must change. It is vital that we are part of a single


market and are trading nation but Europe must change. And some groups


in society are affected by immigration. If you are at low


skilled work and you will be anxious about the future. -- if you are a


low skilled worker. Let's hear what others have to say. Brandon Lewis?


There is a mixture of things. Immigration was an SU. Welfare


reforms are so important. -- immigration was a concern. We need


to show to people that we can make a difference. The benefits of welfare


reform are only just beginning to come through. An important comment


there was about councillors who have never been in a chamber before. I


don't think that is a bad thing. Every politician when they are


elected for the fast time is doing it for their community. The


challenge now is to make sure these people are looking at the right


thing for Norfolk. We have got Norman and Brandon who are both


ministers in the same government. Normally with the opposition parties


there is a choice of who you vote for. In this election it was only a


choice of labour and UKIP. Both did well. Although I wish we did better!


There was only one vote to dividing us in Thetford. So there is


discontent not just with the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives


being government together, but also on Norfolk county council, a lot of


local concerns had made people sick and tired of the administration.


said Duffy, what do you make of the claim that it does not matter if


people have never been in a council chamber? -- Lisa Duffy. What I think


is really fascinating is that we have got new, fresh people, with


fresh ideas. They are passionate about their community. That is


exciting, especially for a council like Norfolk were these fresh ideas


are coming. You need to have real life experience. What Bill can you


afford to pay, weird as the next job coming from? UKIP have stood up to


be counted in representing real people. There has been talk about a


lack of policy. What about education, transport, social care?


Absolutely. And that is what you will get from the UKIP. We have a


full local manifesto. We were clear about what we stand for. We have a


zero whip system. We will deliver, working with other parties, to


deliver what is right for local people. Wilma to disagreement


amongst own members? -- well that? think it is correct we do not all


fought like sheep. It is about bringing votes together. -- vote


like sheep. How do the elections leave the tally of councils across


the region? This is how it looked before the elections. The


Conservatives dominant. And he that is no. -- here it is. UKIP up from


six to 48. What does it mean for the other parties? If we cannot take


control of this council now, we never can. Not totally disappointed.


But we are the main opposition again. These were achievable targets


for Labour but from great Yarmouth to catering, UKIP robs them of their


prize. -- catering. A lot of those people have voted for UKIP. We have


a lot of work to do. Any great Yarmouth, Labour field in seats they


were hoping to take from the Tories. -- Labour fell short. People are fed


up with Labour and the Conservatives and are looking for an alternative.


Advances in team is shy feel to materialise for the Liberal


Democrats. -- Cambridge. This is the first time we have not held a seat.


The Greens suffered their first losses at county level. And it was


difficult for the Conservatives, even though they were braced for


losses will stop 88 less councillors than before. I am obviously


disappointed. It was devastating. And your election that we expected


to win. We were heading for first-class services in Norfolk. And


we hoped to continue with the progress we have made. There were


still many savings to be made but this has made a difference. Fresh


political partnerships will now be put to the test. Some objected


Conservatives. -- ejected. If this carries on, you could lose your seat


in the next election. It is always a shame to lose councillors. But at


the same time, Labour did not make big gains the expected to. There is


a lesson for all the parties. Lots of work to do to years ahead of a


general election. It fell short of the result you were expecting.


a little! Not by much! Extraordinary to hear a conservative sounding so


out of touch. Brandon, you contributed to some of the losses by


making the biggest cut to any authority in Britain when you made


the cut to the sport grant for a Yarmouth. Has that made a


difference? That was a legacy from the financial settlement of the last


Labour government. I've got �10 million extra for the Yarmouth. The


last government left the place with �300 million per year less than


before. They hadn't had the kind of losses that Labour left them.


Lamb, are you no longer a party of protest just an unpopular part of a


coalition government? It is a transition. We did pick up


previously protest votes and now that is happening with UKIP. We are


taking responsibility and doing the right thing working with another


party in the national interest. Our mission is a strong economy and feel


society. -- better society. Where we are able to get our message across


on the ground, we actually did rather well. In many parts of the


country where there are Liberal Democrats MPs. I want to talk about


a 14, which needs investment. Can you confirm that your councillors


will make it happen? We have to look at the priorities. What do we need


to do to begin with, we can cuts be made? Let's look at wages and


allowances. Not cutting frontline services, but those behind the


scene. Different groups within councils, are needed? Not


necessarily. In Cambridge we have a good team. Peter Reid clearly better


good job because he got 67% of the vote. There is a danger that if you


make a seductive promises, extra things, and cut taxes, people will


end up disappointed and feel let down. We have cut taxes in Ramsey


and deliver more services. It can be reflected in a county council. Are


you seeing our town council is not important? Kill off all the elderly


is critically important. -- here for the elderly. -- care. People who


never voted before starting to vote for UKIP because they have no trust


in the others. If this is engaging people in politics surely that is


good news? Whoever you vote for, please do vote. We want more people


engaged with politics. What ever reason people are getting involved,


that for democracy is a good thing. It gets a debate going. Do you


agree, Norman Lamb? I do. Particularly people who feel elated


from the system. I agree with Lisa about that. -- eliminated.


Guaranteeing that we provide efficient services with limited


resources is difficult and these are difficult decisions being made.


are the groups you think we could do with open councils? We need to look


at every element. Name one.Chief Executive wages. So you would have


him work for free? His council allowance... They do not get council


allowances. We have two leave it there. What exactly does it mean for


the councils? And for the voters? No overall control means that no


individual party has enough councils to form a majority. -- enough


councillors. The worst-case scenario is disagreements and stalemates.


Here is some advice. As officers, we tread the line conscious that the


next election can change results. We want every party and every council


to have the opportunity to be involved. Obviously it is the


cabinet making the majority of day-to-day decisions. Does it make


your life more difficult? It just means you have to work harder


engaging with all the leaders. George Nobs, and Norfolk Council


or, -- a Norfolk councillor, let's talk about this booklet aimed about


helping with this situation and giving advice. Brandon Lewis, there


is the worry that decisions will not be made. I was actually an


opposition leader for one year, and have been through this. And we were


in the same situation with the Liberal Democrats. You need to work


together to bring the best thing for your community. Either through a


minority administration working properly with a small to get into a


position with an overall majority. So, different ways of doing it.


at the be stuck in Norfolk? -- well a deal? The task will be to approach


the other group and try and do a deal. It is unlikely. Crooks can


elect who they like as their leader -- trips. -- groups. No overall


control is not a catastrophic situation. But there is the unitary


status matter. They said, when we have this absolute power, we will


share it. Any advice for the Conservatives on the council?


at who you can work with, or you can do business with, and deliver the


services. Particularly when you have issues like adult social care and


children's care to deal with. Thank you all very much indeed. Some great


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