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we build our new houses? And are they all look Paul is waiting to be


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programme, a row over planning. Councils are scrambling to draw up


plans from scratch. The council is putting together a 15 year plan but


it will not finish until late 2014. And there is no up-to-date plan in


between times, leaving the district and a vulnerable position. New money


for physical education for every primary school. If it is spent in


the correct way it could create a new impetus for primary school


sport. We start with an intriguing idea from a new free school in


Norwich. The Jane Austen school will open in September next year and is


promising no home work, but a longer school day. It is an interesting


idea. It encourages independent study. And it helps working parents


and creates a strong environment for children to do that. I am joined by


the Labour MP for Corby and the Conservative MP for Braintree.


Staying at school until five p.m. . But there must be some downsides?


a parent, it is music to my ears. When children come home you have the


headache of bagging them to do their homework. -- nagging. Saw as a


parent I see the positive side. But I do like the idea of hallmark. --


will not work. -- hallmark. -- homework. And follow the children to


have quality time with their parents. From a Labour point of view


this seems to be another example of a free school come out with a new


idea. But Labour is not keen on free schools. We are keen on a loving


parents and teachers to innovate with the curriculum. -- alo ring.


But we live with that -- where I would differ is that I think the


hallmark in done at home matters. For children to see that their


parents are interested and think they'll education as important as a


good thing. Certainly at the dinner table we have great conversations.


Maybe our children are at the same age. I think that as a family you


can discuss issues around the table without what I would call the


downside of having to stay on top of them doing the work. As a parent you


can have that intellectual environment without necessarily


having to do the detailed work. change in planning rules which many


councils worry will give developers free rein to build estates in


unsuitable locations. The councils say they have not been given enough


time to draw up their own blueprints. It is an issue across


the region but we have chosen Maldon district Council in Essex as it case


eventually three-year-old Chloe will need something more permanent.


Maldon in Essex has a growing population but many families cannot


find affordable homes. I am living with my mother and Chloe. But it


would nice to have our own space. And a similar story for Lee. I would


like to stay here. But the only way we can do that is to look for a


House elsewhere and move up the ladder that way. The old East of


England plan, with the regional housing targets, was the first in


the country to be abolished in January. So now it is down to local


district councils to work out how many new homes are needed and where


they should go. To protect a green fields like these that the council


is putting together a further senior housing plan. -- 15 year. But there


is no up-to-date plan in between times, leaving the district and a


vulnerable position. While the council debate the new plan the risk


is that a developer could apply to build a large number of houses on


and on suitable site. If planning permission was refused that person


could go to appeal and have that development allowed. Why is there


not a plan in place already? We need to gather technical evidence. And


there must be detailed consultation with a public chance to comment and


participate. Councils say it takes between two and four years and


others are in the same position. The draft plan here would provide 4500


new homes in faith nine years. -- 15 years. You might think small


businesses would welcome the entries. -- increase. But this shop


owner and others nearby do not think the council has chosen the right


sites. They are planning to have in excess of 400 and a houses there. --


450. A nursery school, doctors surgery, retail units, a leisure


facility, and a foot all club. sounds like the sort of things you


need for an area like this. We need something, but that is too many.


affordable houses may be what the AA and needs. -- the area.


neighbourhood plan needs to conform to the LDP. At the moment we are in


a situation where developers, it is open season for them to come to the


town and attempts to get applications through prior to any


restraints being put in place. is no real pressure to piece


together plans. A policy framework published in 2012 gave councils won


the year. -- one year. So councils like this could be powerless to stop


developments that they do not want. Brandon Lewis as a minister for


local government. He is also the MP for great Yarmouth. I suggested to


him that the government had created this problem by not giving councils


enough time. Quite a lot of councils already have plans in place. 75% of


them are well down the line. Others have some way to go, understandably.


We need to see them move forward. Great Yarmouth, you own area, saying


they are an advanced but it will still be 2014 before the job is


finished. You have left the job open for developers. That is the


accusation. It is important that developers get local plans


delivered. Plans that are right for the community, that have consulted


with the community. Neighbourhood plans are hugely important and we


are working well with communities are delivering that. Are you saying


you have no sympathy for these local authorities? What if there is the


ecology, archaeology in the way? Some authorities have managed to get


through the process. 75% well down the road. We want to see them move


forward with that. But I do appreciate there is an issue for


authorities who have not quite got there yet. There is no top-down


control as with the last government. But the council will look at every


development opportunity coming forward. If a developer appeals, it


goes to the planning inspector. if there is no neighbourhood plan in


place, that is a supposition. People are saying that this opens the door


to unsuitable development. That is why it is important for local


authorities to get their plan in place. Is it the fault of the


government for not allowing enough time for these local, neighbourhood


plans to be put in place? Or are you laying blame at the door of local


authorities? 50% have got their plans in place. It is clear that


local authorities can do it. We are working with those who are not there


yet. Local authorities wanted us to get the regional space strategy


removed, that is gone, councils can now control their own destiny.


you very much indeed. 50% of councils are there, 50% not. This


smacks of an incompetent government policy. Now, it smacks of the devil


being in the detail. There are 15 villages, each have their own plan,


this takes time to filter through. But these are Conservative


councillors. Are they dragging their heels? Public consultation is very


important and if we did not have it there would be all sorts of appeals


down the road. So I think if this takes another six or nine months to


get right, rather that than rush it through. Nine months is too late.


Nothing is too late. I would rather get it right then get on up front.


It is important, when you come into government, and I hope that will be


Labour next time, having won back the trust of people, what is


important is that you do not throw up everything in the air without a


proper plan. That is a classic move from this government. Reforming too


quickly without making sure they know what they're to do. Do you


think this is a shambles? I think the policy is a good idea and I


don't think he is disagreeing with that. He is criticising the


timescale for implementation. In Braintree I have 50 villages with


parish council plans. It takes time to go through that in detail.


Meantime, I know about the concerns of the planning issues, but they can


still go through. There is a process. What is the Labour


position? They should not have taken away the old framework before a new


one is in place. That has left communities in limbo. The political


spin, all their power has been taken away from them, because of the


government presumption of growth. you do not disagree with the policy,


just the timing? I don't think what the Conservatives have done was


necessary, but will we throw it away again now that they have done it? No


we won't. We are not dogmatic like this government. We will make


changes without thinking through the impact on communities. -- we will


not. Every primary school in the country will be given money to


provide better physical education lessons to pupils. The new strategy


will cost �150 million with money coming from the Department of


health, education, and culture, media and sport. -- departments.


Ofsted will be looking at sport when they carry out inspections for the


first time. The more we have developed sport here at this school


the more the parents have been brought together. They can see the


way that their children have developed. Not just in typical


academic subject but also for the children who do not showing so much


in the classroom but can chain and physical education. -- shine. The


parents are really on board and see where we're going. Some are


concerned that there will be a rush to spend the money in the wrong way.


That was on the minds of many experts at a national conference


this week. The wrong way would be to just spend money on bringing people


from out of school into school who will then go away. If the money does


not last, is not repeated, then it is gone. A better way, and I say


this as a former head teacher, is to train teachers in the school who


will continue to drive performance forward. This money is welcome but


it is only for two years. I would love it to be longer but the


important thing is to see how it works and how the resources are


spent. After the next general election, I suspect that has


something to do with the timing, then we can reassess things. I hope


it is permanently in place but two years is enough to see at work.


Refreshing honesty to admit that this is a political bong ahead of


the next election. They have squandered the Olympic legacy. --


political bung. In the majority of schools in this country children are


under Labour there was more land and playing field sold off than ever


before. That is not true. You are not comparing like-for-like. There


is a limited amount of money available. Let's see how that is


spent and how it lasts. Two years is enough time to see if it makes sense


then reassess things. What about the Ofsted involvement. People will be


surprised to learn that they have not been involved up until now.


is incoherent in terms of the role. On the one hand the government are


seeing we will get schools freedom and we will not direct them around


the curriculum. And now they have chosen it hit area. I agree it is


important but it is for political reasons. -- a pet area.


important is sport at the centre of the curriculum? Very important. As


is music. I would support funding for both. The game resumed in


Parliament this week. Here is the 62nd round up. -- 60 seconds. Harlow


MP keeps up the campaign to show how much of the fuel bills go on tax.


10% of agents here are waiting more than four hours to be treated. --


patients. I know what the pressure is like. And it is in the evening in


particular, when the Jeep the the whistle on assaults on foot all


referees. It really should automatically mean a formal


believes believes that if nothing is done


people could be deterred from the police treat it as a sporting


matter. 500 incidents like this in the country last year. Does


something need to change? absolutely share the concern.


Whether it is throwing out time at the Pops or on the foot all perch,


if there is an assault, it needs to be dealt with by the law. Some of


the worst behaviour when youngsters play is on the sailing by parents!


-- side line. I agree. Assault as assault and the full force of the


law should be brought home. Referees are no different and that is


important we protect everybody. would have had more of a dustup A&E


morning who were at a day for future cartwheels. -- careers. We want our


sportsmen to be good role models. the United States one referee was


even killed. It goes back to my point that they should be treated no


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