05/02/2012 Sunday Politics North East and Cumbria


Andrew Neil and Richard Moss with the latest political news, interviews and debate. The Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, is the Sunday Interview.

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Stop throwing snowballs and concentrate. Next leg has lost


another... Poll ratings are in single figures. A third of flight


sacked Heathrow were cancelled and that was before it started snowing.


Transport secretary is here. The Government that is about to


consult on gay marriage, a member of their Church of England call


head-to-head. Our regular panel of the best and


brightest are back treating throughout the programme. In the


North East, the general secretary its is told to tackle schools. Will


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 1759 seconds


Their education secretary warned that Cumbria of's schools are in


need of investment. We meet a Maryport teacher to hear how the


problem affects children. With me, is John Stephenson and Simon panic.


Our young people being put off university by the cost? That may be


the case. People from the North East is down by 11 %. Some


universities have been affected more than others. Applications at


Sunderland have fallen by 16 %. Newcastle had a less dramatic fall.


Some have seen a rise. These students are at Whitby


Community College and both are ambitious. I wanted something in


art and design. I want to going to events management. With those


ambitions, universities should beckon. The face tuition fees of up


to �9,000 a year. Has that put them off? I do not have to put it up --


appeared off until I am learning. I wanted the university experience as


well as what comes with it. It will not put me off. A I am from a low-


income family. I have no more financial support. I need to take a


year out to make a dent in the fees. If a cannot get the money, I will


not be going. I cannot afford to do it otherwise. This is the president


of students' union at Cumbria University. What is you take? You


can read admissions figures in different ways. It is worrying that


they are down but this was predicted. It will be concerning


two students. It will put some off. The figures do not suggest it is a


huge drop. You can be accused of scaremongering. A I do not think


that is the case. Students are taking a more investment decision


where to go. The effects are not felt yet. They will be felt in the


future. In the future, there will be students who have not always


thought they would call to university. What do you think of


universities having either a drop or a rise? For it is worrying that


the North East has had a drop as a halt. Students... You want brainy


people? Yes. If those people do not study here, they need not stay. It


is worrying that students are making their way into education and


may not do in the future. These figures can be interpreted in


different ways. It looks like there is a call at some stage. We must be


careful about the statistics. Last year, when they were a lot of


applicants, if you go back to 2009, it is broadly the same. Deraa


career choices here. There must be other people -- choices. Would you


will come fewer people going to university? You have to get the


balance right. Those who want to go all, they should off. We must make


sure there are trainee courses for engineers and technicians. We are


making sure we have a skilled workforce for industry so we can be


successful economically. Labour where as bad for scaremongering.


There has not been a big drop-off. What is worrying is the numbers


applying from the North East has dropped by more than average. I


think it is part of a wider issue of skills in this region. If we


have also seen a larger than average fall for mature students.


There wasn't a big collapse. have heard and I would agree with


this that it is the first set of figures that we have jumped on. It


is right that we will have to see how this pans out over time.


Nevertheless, it is a worry that it has affected the North East more


than other regions. Cumbria got an increase but it cut its fees. Is


there a danger that people will go there and end up on a course that


it is not as good? That suggests there is a choice. Universities


might be tempted to Lord fees to get those students. Students will


tap the courses they want to go on and will make their own judgment.


It is interesting that Cumbria are had high fees but got more


applications. We are moving more to a market situation. People have


found this change difficult and that may be why. It is difficult


for universities because there is a figure at which this is economic


and there is a figure below which it is not economic. It is a


delicate balancing act which all institutions had to make. Time will


tell. Schools in Cumbria are in dire need of investment. This is


according to Jamie Reed. Those frustrations are shared by some


headteachers. The EC since the Building Schools for the Future


team, there has been no money to replace outdated schools. Councils


may still have to take out loans to pay for it.


Netherhall School in Maryport, built in the 1950s. It is still


standing but the buildings need updated. It is the kind of building


that needs attention as it gets older. We have replaced the heating


system recently, roofs. There ongoing issues that go with a


building of the siege. It missed out on funding when the collision


cancelled Labour's building schools for the future. It was not just


about the condition of the building. It is about suitability of the


learning environment. It is important for the west coast of


Cumbria. It is important our students are able to get access to


cutting-edge science facilities at set-up. The situation is getting


attention in Westminster. We are in desperate need for some --


investments. It was tragic when that was taken away by the


Government but they need for investment grows. They need is


greater now you than it has ever been. This is a sort of thing Ed


head teacher would love to see. The rich and draws central academy in


Carlisle. It is the envy of the area. In this modern age, our young


people see environments for all sorts of activities and the one


school is not in the same league. They will know they are treated as


second-class citizens. He the Government will announce who is


benefiting from the replacement for Bill Building Schools for the


Future. There is the billion pounds to spend on 300 schools in the


worst condition. They will have to sign 27 here PFI contracts to get


cash. You become cynical because we're talking 3 billion for this


programme. It is permission to borrow 3 billion. It is not a grant.


The local council says the previous scheme was not perfect but they're


hoping to get money this time. Expectations were far beyond the


ability to produce the benefits of schools on that list. The


Government came along with some money. Hopley, more of our schools


will be on that list. Government is being blamed for


coming up with a replacement. The rules will be tighter and the money


far less plentiful than in the past. This is said to be approaching


crisis point. The Building Schools for the Future was not as good as


people thought it was. There were only 42 schools finished. You must


remember we had the recession and the leader party were going to cut


spending themselves. We have 15.8 billion set aside for expenditure.


There is money available. It is tighter. It is unfair that some


pupils are being taught in state- of-the-art buildings and those in


Mary Park -- Maryport are not. must be careful when we talk about


buildings. Education quality is more important. Is that you do?


Having been around some of the new buildings in Durham, you can see


the difference. It inspires young people and inspires them to raise


the aspirations which is a biggish to in the North East. Some cannot


afford to do that. It is unfortunate that there are schools


across this region that to run a terrible condition. I would like to


see schools being funded on the basis of need. I do not see that.


What basis is that on? There are suspicions that funding is being


top sliced away from organisations like Durham County Council.


Academy's programmes started under the Labour government. We have


extended it and I think that is right. I think these comments are


bizarre. I am confused about the government's ideas. Isn't this


borrowing money against the future? A lot depends on how the PFI is


dealt with. We have learned from the last government that we must


ensure we get value for money. days are gone when architects


design spectacular buildings. not sure we have had fancy


architect-designed buildings. Not only have we lost BSF, we have lost


half of the capital for schools. In the case of some schools in poor


condition, to prioritise them, we can do a bet. What can you do in 60


seconds? We will offer you the whole political week.


Britain's biggest rail union has protested outside stations. The


applause a report which will cost their members' jobs.? Hospitals


will be taken over. They will be run by another trust. Have you been


stopped in the street light verse? Is it time to tighten up the rules?


I found aggressive techniques. Extending the bones of the


Yorkshire... And North Tyneside N P is promising to do her best in


taking up her new role as the first ambassador for or Northumberland.


Let us talk about a hospital. Your local hospital has been taken over


by a trust. I think it is good news. Northumbria has a track record of


good management. It has been a long time in coming. The Government has


come up with a bail-out fund. Will that help? Undoubtedly. I am


delighted. My colleagues have campaigned for it. It is welcome


news. We saw Newcastle wanting to stop chuggers. Would you support a


ban? The issue in Newcastle is that there are other places where those


people cannot fault because they are run privately run shopping


centres. They are all forced into the same place. I have sympathy for


the council to try to come up with a solution which is fair not just


on charities, but on the public. do support more regulation. --? In


a crowded environment, how do they get money for? If the public come


to the Council of to say something should be done, it is the job of


elected representatives to represent the public nor one likes


to have lot of new regulation, but they may be is a better way. We do


not seem to have the same problem in Carlisle. Around Westminster, it


is not something we see. I will gratefully accept donations. Thanks


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