12/02/2012 Sunday Politics North East and Cumbria


Andrew Neil and Richard Moss with the latest political news, interviews and debate including cabinet minister Eric Pickles on the government's NHS bill.

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A rule North East, shed thousands of new houses be built here. If not,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 1700 seconds


or where? Battle-lines are drawn up A warm welcome to the local part of


the show. Coming up. 36,000 new homes but at what price to the


countryside? We hear from the critics and the council. Joining me


it is the blithe MP Ronnie Campbell. Let's start with the bowling number


of young people looking for work. We have had a report from this week


from the Commission on youth unemployment chaired by David


Miliband. He argues the government to take emergency action. What are


you seeing amongst the young people in your constituency? There has


been a 25% increase in young people unemployed and the last year which


is unacceptable. What is the cost of that? At is enormous. The cost


to them, they have to be kept by their families most of the time,


and that is just a waste of my young life. We have to get them


started and walk as soon as possible. It must be worrying for


anyone planning to leave school this summer with no jobs there?


This government did not invent youth unemployment. It has been


increasing since 2003 and have a problem the country. Even with a


booming economy, there was still on employment and you have to wonder


at the deeper causes and what measures we can take. I must say


that one of David Miliband's ideas about the effects of directly


elected mayors as a good one. will come back to that. The stats


do not make for good reading. David Miliband highlighted hot spots


where the numbers seeking Jobseeker's Allowance a double the


national average. How tough as it out there? Our reporter has been to


County Durham to make one young man looking for work. I am 20 p and


have been unemployed for three years. -- 23. I get good support


here. They have sat down with me and reassessed my CV. I have worked


more to put what I'll do that and not what I am not good at. I went


to college and study brickwork, passed the course and while I was


there, I was doing English and IT courses and passed them as well.


When I came out of college, it was bad timing for Brick Lane. There


was no work in their construction industries. It was hard to find


anything then. I am currently applying for any type of work,


general factory work. Most of the time I am not getting any response


at all. I am sending applications of and not heaving but anything


that from employers. I am being turned them down because I have got


no experience but nobody is giving me an opportunity to gain that


experience. Nobody is letting me have buffeted the door so it is a


vicious circle of how do I get employed if nobody gives me the


chance? What is the Employment Minister


say? Chris Grayling was here this week and he denies Labour's claims


of complacency and talks of Investment be made in the regional


economy. This is a part of the country we want to see succeed. It


has some pretty long lasting challengers, things that go back


years. We really want to help turn this region around and there are


some great business success stories here are already. People doing


wonderful things and some world beaters around here, but we want


more of them. He said unemployment started rising


before this Government came into office. What would you say to James


as jobs are not there, what can be done? A word of criticism here


about local labour. People I know who run businesses here cannot get


the right people, people with engineering skills. People are


being trained for the wrong things in our view. In the building trade?


Surely that is a scale we always beat. He did not choose wrongly.


is cyclical. There is a crisis there just now so somebody whose


team specifically and that is going to struggle whether he is young or


old. We had an opportunity and Darlington to Have I University


technical college specialising in Engineering which would actually


guarantee posts for suitably qualified young people which are


not there at the moment and it was turned down. There is a general


Work Programme which is showing encouraging trends but when


Government millions after a delay because of protectionism it will


not do. I do not know the details of that so cannot commit. The


government is doing what it can with work programmes and


apprenticeships. As far as I can see, most of the jobs they


government are producing lasts only a year. Is that not what Labour did


as well? Of course we get. We would not repeat that mistake. A lot of


companies are taking apprentices on and what we need to do is get these


lads into work and give them apprenticeships, some kind of scale


in the end. After that, we need to pick the economy up and what we


have always said is that we have to have growth. We will get nowhere if


we're going to stagnate. The answer is not what Labour has been


suggesting which is that we spend more? Are you do not spend more


because you get that money back because the Golan to other jobs and


they pay taxes and insurance. UK money in the long run. Isn't the


Government responsible for failing to invest in infrastructure in the


North East? We have just come out of a period of decades of huge


public spending and look where it has got us in terms of the broader


economy. When spending quite a lot, unemployment was at the lowest it


been for quite a while? You cannot just build houses. It is an


extremely complicated business involving planning, the state of


the economy, mortgages and all the rest. You cannot magic up houses


without huge borrowing. What we can do is train young people in things


that are more likely to gain employment in skilled engineering


and manufacturing. That is a success story in this region.


36,000 new houses on Tyneside, with around backwater been built on the


green belt. That is the plan. They will either swamp existing


communities or perhaps provide badly-needed homes for those who


cannot get onto the housing mother. First, I've been to meet some of


those fighting the development. You could be forgiven if a feeling


which are deep in the countryside. Goss was part nature reserve as the


Newcastle's green belt. To the astonishment of locals, Newcastle


council believes the field for next door are suitable for hundreds of


new homes. This is not a zoo. Wildlife needs that land to forage


for food. People have been very angry and upset and very


disbelieving in what the council is proposing. If they had their way,


the consultation period would have been over in the twinkling of an


eye. It is not just about the wildlife but about democracy and


people's rights to be able to say what they think about the area.


campaign won the support of their local MP. Their main concern they


raised was to do with the number of houses there are looking to develop


because people have very serious concerns that we are perhaps over


developing the city at the time of economic recession. Those houses


may actually not be needed and the long-term. Other rural idles at


risk as well. This could become part of a large new suburb of


Newcastle. These fields could be competed over. Goodbye to raising


cattle and hello to 6500 new homes. Should those concerns halt house


building in its tracks? One of the argument begins groups like the


cells is that we just do not want something on our doorstep. This


bland as a great resource for Newcastle and once it is built on,


that is lost forever. We shouldn't be going down this road. Their


plans stretch beyond Newcastle's boundaries. This is across the


border in Northumberland but thousands of new -- Newcastle homes


will now be on its doorstep. This could put extra strain on the roads


here in week to a shortage of places in local schools and because


of this, the local Conservative MP as dead against Newcastle's plan.


We do not understand why they are not building on brownfield sites.


Why they are not filling in the empty homes. They should be doing


that and not paving over green fields with executive homes that


are not needed. The government's proposed relaxation of planning


laws to make this much easier is changing the rules of the game.


is the government framework that started it all off and has started


a whole catalogue of proposals. Not just here but across the urban


fringe and that is threatening wildlife. We feel that we're


fighting battles that we one years ago. Although the focus is on the


Tyneside green belt today, similar battles will be fought all across


the North. With me now it is at Newcastle


councillor. You put together a Labour and Conservative MP with


serious considerations about your plans. Do you except you have got


this badly wrong? We need to change the plans and he will do that at


the end of the month. Some of the term is used in that bill were a


little misleading. This was always only the basis for consultation.


What we will come back with his a lot more plans to build on


brownfield sites. Why come up with these proposals to build next to a


nature reserve? Why did they come up and the first place. Their


counsel have to find more money elsewhere and borrow capital might


have used elsewhere. To build on brownfield site is more expensive


which is why it the end of the month we will announce a new fund


to push harder on to brownfield sites. The Government is making us


do that unless we can find ways to build on brownfield more. We are


arguing first for more money from government to develop brownfield


areas but we will need to use money to build on greenfield site for


more affordable homes. Offering housebuilders the carrot of open


countryside is what they want? need to find 21,000 new homes in


Newcastle before 2030. The bulk will be on brownfield sites. The


last thing I came into politics to do is build on fields. We'll try to


do it as little as we can. He had so we will make sure that where


possible we will push to build on brownfield sites. This we have


listened to the local MP and they agree with her. Ian Gow latterly,


the council has taken a lot of flak but this is down to government


proposals? They have removed some of the it sentence. We have


attention here between the need for housing and the push to build a


more affordable housing and that the same time it will cause a row


which is giving more power back to local people and communities. There


is conflict here. The people of Tyneside do not feel empowered.


you may well fed here that there is, like trade union negotiations, you


ask for more than expected get. MPs, as a trade secret, fight battles


they expect to lose. Who knows the outcome of this particular issue. I


do agree with you on brownfield sites. In the public sector, up


good building land has hoarded the and the biggest Borders are the


Royal Mail and the BBC. How dare you! They are now going to be


required to release some of that. A lot of that is not heavily


industrialised but it is brownfield that has been used very gently.


Before we accuse, we should or can our own backyards. I look forward


to moving families to the squalid conditions are my office. The first


thing you need to do is build on the brink filled six. You must do


that. Not everybody wants to live on brownfield sites. That is why


housing developers like these green field site because they can sell it


at a higher premium. I can imagine somebody wants to live in a lovely


place like Goss had parked but then again, up a lot of people want to


live where the work is which is in the town. She are you concerned by


a lot of the council's building large number of houses when there


is already quite a lot of empty homes. There is a problem with


empty homes and we cannot push that agenda. There are going to be a lot


of houses built their. Some of the communities like Blyth Ashingdon,


if the Blues and part of their population will that be a problem?


Sh I know where they are earned they are going to be built on land


that is my argument. My argument is let's go for the brownfield site


first and then decide, if Brownfield is all gone and there is


unavailable, you may have to start arguing about that. I know you look


forward to the next but of the show. It must be something to do with the


music. Here is the regular catch up on the week's political events and


At �21 million flood defence scheme is to go ahead and more to it. The


minister said it would help prevent a repeat of 2008 flooding.


The amount of subsidy given to offshore wind farms should be cut.


This was by one of 100 Tory MPs who have written to the Prime Minister


of the issue. The government had been encouraged


to carry out a national audit to find out how much asbestos is in


school buildings. There are 140 school teachers in a


died from asbestos-related illness and last 10 years. Finally,


passionate people, passionate places - he's up for sale. This was


lodged in 2005 but with -- the government wants all his assets


sold off including its famous slogan.


One thing not mentioned is the news about the RMT's Valley airport


which has announced the sale to peel Holdings. Is that good news?


The airport was staring administration in the face if this


did not happen so of course it is good news. Let's see what they


propose to do with it. It is a victory for common sense. Three or


four years ago, this company owned the airport and were accused of


running it down. How much faced the you have that the new owner is


serious? Their track record is less than great but they are the only


show and pounds a let's get behind them. MPs' pay mentioned there. You


work hard for so do you not want a pay increase? I don't think people


see it that way but you're right. Being a great trade unionist I


always demand a pay rise, I always have. Now they have to put my hand


up and actually voted against them if it does come in for us. I do not


think it well and I think we're being told we will not get it this


year. That will be two years running. We may get 1% in 2013.


That must be right at a time when other employees are having their


wages squeezed? I can hear people crying at home thinking about you!


You're saying to me, don't worry, take a wage freeze... Everybody is


getting a wage freeze. When is it going to be politically acceptable


for an MP to get a pay increase again? Abbot of purging has to go


on before the government -- the people look favourably on it. Their


government her new to the profession and are not the people


who got it into trouble. It will be a year or two yet. We will have to


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