25/11/2012 Sunday Politics North East and Cumbria


Andrew Neil and Richard Moss with the latest political news, interviews and debate.

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Can anyone beat Labour in the Middlesbrough by-election?


Other Government enterprise zone that selecting new jobs for the


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North East or just recycling Good morning.


Coming up... A bar the Government's enterprise


zones delivering new jobs for the North East or just recycling


existing ones? We will be talking about that and


the rest of the week's political news.


The cuts made by Newcastle council to its supportive arts


organisations made the national headlines this week. Are those


grants just a luxury we cannot afford?


Absolutely not. Arts and culture are part of the branding of


Newcastle Gateshead and the North East. They have also driven growth.


The council has to explain why its proposal to do these cuts when


other councils are not. They haven't got enough money.


Newcastle are not very different to the other councils around them.


Can you justify funding for the arts when the councils might say


money for essential services is so tight?


They have made these choices. I think it is important about the


arts and the creative industries are well financed and well-funded


from central Government. A lot of local authorities are staring into


the abyss in terms of finances, and the mass of savage cuts imposed


upon local Government means that these tough choices have had to be


made. They have made these decisions against their will. They


would prefer to have the arts and the creative industries left in


place. If you haven't got the finances, you cannot do what you


want to do. The Middlesbrough by-election up


next. The Labour leader was in town yesterday campaigning on behalf of


his party's candidate. The by- election follows the death of Sir


Stuart Bell, whose cast -- some critics that it use of neglecting


his duties. Also, the UKIP leader is aiming to cause an upset when


they go to the polls this Thursday. The vote comes at at time when


Liverpool is wrestling some of the biggest cuts yet to local services.


Middlesbrough. For almost 40 years, represented by a Labour MP. For


more than half of that, by Sir Stuart Bell. Plenty of people paid


tribute to his work here but he did, a fair amount of flak here in his


final years, with some asking if he does Britain's laziest MP. His


reputation and majority in recent years took a bashing. In 1997,


seven out of 10 people voted Labour, producing a massive 25,000 majority.


By 2010, they had slipped to 45% of the vote and a majority of the


8,700. As low as it has been and 40 years. 17,000 voters drifted away.


That doesn't mean a Middlesbrough is a marginal seat, but opponents


believe this figures suggests this is a town that is falling out of


love with Labour. Most of the people I speak to on the doorstep


are crying out for something different. They're not sure what


that something different days. The time lacks a credible challenger


who will pick up the gauntlet and really challenge the Labour Party


and told them to account. I am offering that.


I am asking, what is the Labour Party doing for us? There has been


little or no investment in the area. They have turned up at election


time and then they will disappear for five years and did all over


again. I am here to say that does not have to be the case. I am a


genuine alternative for the Labour Party.


There is one tricky problems. As the Conservatives leaflet voters, a


few hundred yards away, the council was planning 111 cuts worth


millions. They're even turning off the town centre CCTV cameras.


Middlesbrough's mare, Ray Mallon, has blamed the coalition. You


contenders believe they have the chance to prosper. It is such a


strong Labour area that for historical reasons, at we could


never find us in our hearts to vote for the Conservatives.


Understandably. Lot of people are beginning to realise that UKIP


really does represent the ordinary hard-working person in the country.


More so than the current New Labour Party. There is nothing in


Parliament at the moment that will fight on behalf of these people.


They don't care. All they care about is global business. They


don't care about building factories and making stuff again in our


country. Labour are facing plenty of hostile fire. But it is still


those prepared to stick with them. Support like that is likely to make


this man Middlesbrough's next MP. Does he accept that his party needs


to up its game? I am telling people that I am absolutely committed to


opening an office in Middlesbrough. I will have the surgery is there


and I will be a very accessible. The MP and the party should work


hard to serve the people who elect their representatives. That is an


absolute given, as far as I'm concerned. I will work hard for the


people of Middlesbrough. There is another danger. Apathy. At this


time of year, there are plenty of distractions. Recently, a own


record low by-election turnout to be 18% was set in Manchester. It's


will be a shock of labour did not win next week. It might be less of


a surprise if that term at record comes under threat.


You can hear more on the by- election on BBC TV's Breakfast


programme which is running minutes manifestos from all the candidates.


You can see a list and are of who they are lower at the website.


There seems to be an increasing challenge to get people to turn out.


Is that quite depressing? It is. For generations, people


thought for the vote and people have got red and people are not


turning out. Whether it is in the police and crime Commissioner


elections last week were these recent by-elections, they have not


been turning out the way they should have. They have to take


responsibility for that. People should look at what is happening in


their area. There are plenty of critics. They should vote for who


they think should best represent their area.


Is it telling you politicians that you're not inspiring them to vote?


They may believe that, but there are plenty of good politicians of


all colours out there. People are not listening.


A low turnout is a sign of disillusionment with politics. That


is the danger. I absolutely. It is particularly a


problem with young people. Alter people have had a habit of voting


over many years. -- older people. I am very seriously worried about


this. Politicians will have to do more to engage with the population.


With young people in particular. How do you best defence you


communities as a politician? De protest against cuts, or is there


something else? You grow your business rates. From


April, Middlesbrough has the capacity to share in half of the


growth of business rate income. Given the amount of money going


into the regional growth fund, some �300 million across the North East


as a whole, there is great capacity to grow...


Does that compensate for all the money that has been taken out of


all these places? Broadly speaking, the amount of


money that the Government is spending through the regional


growth fund and similar funds in the North East is not that


dissimilar to what was spent by one North East.


But there are lots of other cuts. Sure. But led Middlesbrough has the


power to grow its own tax base and let's get the councils to share


services more than they do. Your area has suffered cuts. His


protest will you can do? The job of an MP is to be sickly


get into the house of Commons, speak to people, discuss things,


explain the problems in your area and hopefully, get a good deal from


whoever is in Government. It is always very difficult if you are in


opposition. My job... I met with the Secretary of State from


different departments and tried to promote my area. I tried to promote


so that the areas we needed help with. It is a constant, ongoing


process of campaigning on behalf of the people you represent.


A queue. Enterprise Zones carried Government


policy designed to attract new jobs in two areas hardest hit of the


recession. There are two in the North East. There are discounted


business rates and other tax breaks to tempt new companies in. But are


they working? There one of the Government's big


ideas for reviving the economy. But already, there are claims that


Enterprise Zones are displacing, not creating, jobs. It was


obviously far more advantageous to them to be on at this site within


the Enterprise Zone, as opposed to being on our site 50 yards away and


not being on a Enterprise Zone. This man runs the oceanic business


park on Tyneside, right next to an Enterprise Zone. He claims a client


left him for the zone next door. is 10,000 square feet of offices


which were occupied by them for about four years. From our point of


view, it is not easy to replace that. Why would a firm up sticks


and move into an Enterprise Zone? They offer a discount of up to


�55,000 via on firms on their business rates, faster planning


process and other help with big projects, but super-fast broadband.


Northumberland, Tyneside and Wearside is where our area is.


Focusing on firms associated with the manufacture of all to no carbon


vehicles, part of the stone is near the Nissan factory. Other areas are


near the North bank of the time, focusing on its renewable energy.


Is there a small area is that the Port of Blyth. There is another


right here. Around 40 nectars of the Port of Blyth is part of the


Enterprise Zone. But the port had risen he wanted more than 60 actors


included. We were open for 60 plus at one point. It was then died 30


plus, but we have to be pragmatic. We will work with what we have got.


We have still got the Enterprise Zone on the two key sites around


the estuary. We're already getting firm interest in both those sites.


The local MP thinks that because the area in his own as though -- so


small placed at Port of Blyth, it is not well placed to take the


thriving new energy development. But we have the land, the place


that it, and we must encourage that. We have the best testing centre in


the whole of Europe for these things. You would expect companies


to a building them would want to come to that Port of Blyth and set


up business. This is the old shipyard on the banks of the


enterprise zone. How about that claim we heard area, that the firm


hopped over the fence to be here? This man -- woman is a board member


of the Local Enterprise Partnership. That is the organisation who


oversees the zone. That the council were talking to that business one


year before the Enterprise Zone was actually allocated. Enterprise


zones now offer a real opportunity. Previously, we had shipbuilding.


That is gone. Now, we have the opportunity to move on. This is a


great opportunity for regenerating the area to bring life back into


our region and the really successful. We have got that


opportunities. We have been great before and we need to be great


again. Enterprise Zones were tried in the 1980s and 1990s with mix


success. Many jobs for simply displaced from elsewhere. This time


around, it is hoped an old idea will bring new vigour to the region


rather than running into the same old problems.


Thin you local enterprise partnerships over Segers and Max


Louis Phillippe. Over see those Enterprise Zones. Jobs can just pop


over into the Enterprise Zone. As that's something that concerns you?


You heard on a report that there are two sides to that particular


incident that was described. I think, however, as we have said


with the Enterprise Zones, what we have tried to do is set up a regime


where that risk of so-called sense of income be minimised. The end --


Enterprise Zones are very different to the ones in the 1980s. Business


rate relief is limited to five years rather than 10 years. The


absolute amount of money someone can benefit from his limited. We


have deliberately chosen sites that are more suitable for manufacturing


rather than offices or retail. Would you accept that there is some


risk? If you can get an advantage, the business will take it?


There is a risk. But we have taken a lot of steps to minimise those


risks. We have cut allowances and these are only available for plant


and machinery. It is not available for the buildings like it used to


be in the past. A lot of measures have been put in place to try and


mitigate some of the things from the past. Are you convinced that


these Enterprise Zones will generally create lots of new jobs?


Yes. We are already seeing some success. The North East Enterprise


Zone is the first to actually achieving a significant tenant with


the announcement earlier in the year of a van TEC, who have arrived


under making a big investment. Be is what is on offer and off? Yes.


Ask all the companies why they came. They are taking advantage of the


benefits of the Enterprise Zone. Thank you.


That is the view of business. Enterprise Zones are delivering


jobs and will continue to. That is why I have been calling for


an extension from the Councillor Sammy Brush to cover -- an


extension of the current Enterprise Zone to cover new regions. The


statistics you see in some areas are alarming. There is a rate of


15.9% of people aged between 18 and 24 or claiming jobseeker's


Allowance - twice the national average. Yet the current Enterprise


Zone stops but for -- before this area that is in the greatest need.


Anybody who wanted to come into the area would stop at the side of the


events were the incentives are and not come into the area is beyond me.


They're not there to go into the areas with the highest unemployment,


there are there to target areas where businesses are most likely to


wants to come. They cannot be everywhere. Correct, but I would


have thought that where you have areas of high deprivation, and


there are a lot of their areas like that, and I cannot for the life of


the C Y D Enterprise Zones stop its there, when there are massive


unemployment rates and social deprivation. We need to create up


employment and growth. I have been calling for an extension of the


already extended Enterprise Zone into my area.


The allegation is that there's just not enough of the areas in the


Enterprise Zone to make a big enough difference.


In Port of Blyth, it certainly is big enough. I have some sympathy,


but these Enterprise Zones we have are the ones that the region asked


for. In the course of time, they might be able to be expanded. But


let's just celebrate the good news of the energy bill, which has made


it financially viable for companies to invest in offshore.


What about the point that the danger is that instead of getting


valuable investment into impoverished areas, it will just go


towards whether some at the Max are already?


You will see very substantial private sector investments now as a


consequence of the energy bill in offshore. To her mind and bleared


manufacture I think are going to come to the North East. There could


be supplied change, you see. Think of Nissan in Washington, Sunderland,


and look at their supply chain. The North East as a very bright future


and that is not just about the James Murdochs.


Wood and the best way to get gross be to make the will of the North


East is the Mac and when a company comes, you say you can have your


grants Revenue want to go in that region?


The effectively, the regional growth fund is doing that by giving


de private sector companies to can grow. That is almost �300 million


from the first three rounds of the region on with funds coming into


the North East. That's bigger success of what we have got and


demonstrate a Government that we can use the money productively.


Are you satisfied with that? The idea you have just suggested,


making the whole of the North East and the James Murdoch, is fine.


But there is a limit to public finances?


Yes, but the current extension to the Enterprise Zone has not


attracted extra enhanced allowances. Geographically, it has expanded,


but the finances are exactly the same as what was announced in


November 2011. They have just expanded the size of the Enterprise


Zone. Thank you. It is not often a humble


kebab gets a mention on the programme, but a Cumbrian MP is


keen to change all that. Here is the 60 seconds news.


Newcastle council is to shed 1,300 jobs and scrap weekly been


collections as part of its efforts to save �90 million over three


years. Arts funding will also be cut.


Come rain needs to save �80 million next year to balance the books.


The region's new police commissioners are starting work in


County Durham. Anne McIntosh has criticised


planning inspectors for lying 300 houses to be built in an area prone


to flooding. How is this that a planning


decision can be overruled by an out-of-town planning inspector that


will have enormous implications for something?


Is it time to move the house of Lords up North? Peers will debate


at Northumbria University this week that the second chamber should up


sticks out of Westminster. And the quality of Cumbria's kebabs


get celebrated by Penrith MP. He has dominated the alternative


takeaway for the first ever British kebab wards.


It comes in all shades and sizes! It would be great news 3, wouldn't


it, that out of Lords came to the North?


They would certainly save me in travelling. The idea originated


with the proposed Bill, which would have turned the house of Lords into


a set and would have had its direct regional representation. It is very


complicated to do, because the nature of the Lords, which revises


have scrutinised as the Commons, which the sides, actually requires


us to be very close to the Commons. However, it is my view that you


could get many more select committees to take evidence from


right around England and the rest of the UK and I could welcome that.


You can make a case for moving civil servants, but not the Lords?


You can make a decision to move the Commons and the Lords to the region.


Why not? We have a brilliant region here with fantastic people and


facilities. It would stimulate a regional economy.


But everybody has to be together. While I do they have to be together


in London? Why not Newcastle? Simulate the local economy. Bring


them into one of the best regions in the world.


Do you think you could persuade business leaders, international


politicians, to come up to Northumberland?


I doubt it. Fair enough!


It would change the whole political balance of the country, wouldn't


it? We desperately need to do that. That is true. You would have a


problem deciding where it would be. The North of England would be


competing with Edinburgh, because that house of Lords covers the


United Kingdom. What I would prefer, because the back of the matter is


that London is the UK's capital. It is where the media is, big


business... Briefly, obviously, there is the


need to refer this. It has to go somewhere.


A for five years, we will have to leave. You either leave elsewhere


in London or you could leave to go elsewhere in England. I would


welcome a study which tells us I feasible that might be.


Thank you. That's about it from us. I will be


Middlesbrough on Thursday night for the by-election count. You can


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