02/12/2012 Sunday Politics North East and Cumbria


Andrew Neil and Richard Moss present the latest political news, interviews and debate, with justice secretary Chris Grayling.

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Here in the North East and Cumbria...


An emphatic win for Labour in the Middlesbrough by-election, but it


is UKIP again making the headlines. How far can the party go in the


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Hello and a warm welcome to your local part of the show just for the


North East and Cumbria. My guests this week are the Labour


MP for Houghton & Sunderland South, Bridget Phillipson.


And hot from the Palace, where he received a CBE this week,


Conservative Jeremy Middleton. In a moment, as new figures show


the South continues to get the lion's share of transport spending,


we ask if the region's ambitions to dual the A1 or build a Tees Valley


Metro will ever be met? But our top story this week is


Labour's victory in the Middlesbrough by-election. Andy


MacDonald was elected to the seat with a majority of more than 8.000,


taking 60% of the vote. He said is was a message from the voters of


Teesside to the coalition government. We sent a message to


David Cameron any government. You do not understand us. You do not


speak for us and you are a government that does not care about


The Liberal Democrats and Conservatives were not expected to


win in what is, after all, safe Labour territory, but they could


hardly have been happy being shunted into third and fourth place


by UKIP. Their candidate took second place, the party's best ever


result in the North East. I think that UK Independence Party is


pouring even better in the north and it is in the south. And it


makes it a light that we are any sudden, was the Conservative Party.


I hope we will be sending a member of the European Parliament back in


2014. This was a very poor result for you, wasn't it? Yes, I stood in


the Hartlepool by election and duly finished 4th, despite been a


marvellous candidate! But we came back and effectively won the


general election. The last by- election in this part of the world


was in Sedgefield and we were third in that one, but when it came to


the general election, we were in second place. These are mid-term


effects. By it are you going backwards? I know Middlesbrough is


a Labour seat, but you found be a late 1,000 people wanting to vote


for you. In mid-term by-election, the Conservatives did not do very


well in Middlesbrough. The Liberal Democrats did slightly better. I in


the past, when there was a mid-term by-election, used to rally round


the liberals of the wanted to make a protest vote. Now, because the


Liberal Democrats are in the coalition, the are looking for


another party to do that and in this case, it appeared to be UK


Independence Party. It was a fantastic result for us. It was a


low turnout, but we actually increased or share of the vote. It


is a great vote for Labour. By but it was a sea you were going to win.


It does not saying much of the message out? I thing it is


important that in Andy McDonald, we have a lot lumpy -- n p 8 there


will be speaking out on local issues on behalf of local people.


Up and down the country, whether it is Middlesbrough or Croydon or


Corby, we are doing very well. People are so angry about cuts,


which the election was largely fought on. Is it very disappointing


that the turnout was just over one quarter? He is, turnout is always


an issue on a cold and wet November day. By-election turnouts are


notoriously low. It was not as bad as some of those we have seen


recently. This was the good result for Labour and I am delighted that


I have a new colleague in Andy McDonald joining me in Parliament.


But this could actually lead to a threat to you're Euro seats in the


North East, Germany? When people come to the main issue, they are


going to see the difference between the Labour and Conservative Party,


come the general election, they will see that the economy is


improving. A but a one point, the Liberal Democrats over to the


Conservative Party into second place in the North East. Is there


not a worry that UK Independence Party may now take the place of


both of your party's in that respect? The problem we have at the


moment is too much debt, but they do not want to vote in the Labour


Party, who will make that debt higher. That will be the main issue


which will decide to the want to be Prime Minister - David Cameron or


Ed Miliband. Thank you both very much for now.


Now, MPs on the Transport Select Committee have this week heard


claims that the North East is falling well behind when it comes


to spending on roads and railways. According to Treasury figures, the


region will have less money spent on transport infrastructure over


the next five years than anywhere else in England. The A1 in north


Northumberland. For decades, the police from businesses and drivers


to the government, please give us the money for at dual carriageway.


While London is getting millions of pounds of shiny new transport


projects, what can we expect in the North East? According to one


transport expert in Parliament, we can expect one of these. Lunn did


well received 84 % of transport spending, compared to six % in the


North East. It is only amounting to �5 per head for the North East. Be


even if we spent all were transport finance on the A1 this year, we


would only be able to put a dual carriageway on one mile of the road.


It would take another 36 years for the job to be finished. It has led


to a lack of investment for many decades. It takes a long time to


build a road and for that investment to come or not come.


government has made the A1 he writ of strategic importance, but the


coalition partners are frustrated by the lack of funding. He it is


very frustrating. That is why I am keeping on battling forwards. We


need a clear economic voice to speak to the government with. And


to here is another transport project for the future. These


parties's pictures are for E �220 billion Tees Valley Metro. It would


like Teesside to Darlington. Six years on, we have new artist's


impressions because the Tees Valley Metro is still not here. There will


be a new station at the James Cook hospital and other train stations.


It is not exactly great progress, but officially, at Maine 10 mmac --


Tees Valley Metro is officially up and running. The way will have the


station at the hospital up and running shortly and the art of this


are looking at fees to. It would be lovely if it was done as the Big


Bang, but it cannot be done. We will see improvements to the rich


and improvements to stations in the next few years. Improvements are


promised for the stations, but commuters say that is not what they


were promised. We are of a lovely hanging baskets and the stations,


but that is not what we are promised. B E D Tees Valley Metro.


Vital improvements are still awaited. But his transport money


better spent in the prosperous south or where it is needed most,


in the less prosperous north? Transport is one of the key issues


identified in a report into the economic future of the North,


published this week by the IPPR think-tank. But how sound is the


economic case for more transport spending? With me Ross Smith from


the North East Chamber of Commerce. We would like the money to be spent


in the north, but there are insane traffic problems in the south and


given the prosperous nature of that part of the country, is the money


not better spent there? If we do not have the infrastructure


investment in the north, we will be fighting with one arm tied behind


our back. Why does the company's not put their hands in their


pockets? If it is so advantageous to them, why did they not get


involved? Infrastructure Investment has to be delivered by the United


Kingdom government. By if private business was to put the money in,


we did not encourage the government to be the match that sort of sum or


encourage them to get involved more? The amount of money pales


into insignificance compared to what the United Kingdom needs to


pretend to pretend to the port in terms of investment. If you could


persuade the government to do one thing, what would it be? Ironically


enough, or project has not include any infrastructure spending. We


need to have flights direct from the North East to the United States


of America. Labour did not pretty dual carriageway on the A1 or build


the Tees Valley Metro. Are the guilty of failing to invest in the


infrastructure? I do not think we got everything right. We should


have done more to bring down the disparity in spending between the


south and the North East. There is a strong case for the dual


carriageway of the A1. But in my constituency, there are problems.


Be do not have the real like in my constituency in that is holding


back investment. I accept that times are tough, but we need to use


the money we have more wisely, which is why I have been


campaigning for a better bus service. We do not even have the


decent bus service denied constituency, never mind a train


link. Is the big increase in infrastructure spending require?


agree completely that there is an investment problem. The Treasury


report also points out that it only takes into account spending in the


region, but does not take into account spending between regions.


It does not take into account, for instance, improvements to the north


coast east coast line, where they ate a lot of money has been


invested. A use that is why but then with the situation? -- argues


satisfied? Non, not at all. We need to get more spent here. We have got


the Investment on the East Coast line and electrification of the


Trans Pennine writ. You have got hundreds of millions coming in.


the north the scene still have done worse than the north-west and


Yorkshire. Is it because we have less conservative voters here?


think you have to ask why some Conservative Party's parts of the


country are doing better than in Labour controlled council parts of


the country and vice versa. It is keen to see investment in


infrastructure. What you have to do is make a great business case for


it. If you look at the likes of Manchester, they are coming


together and putting forward the good case. That is the argument.


The North East has failed to put its case forward. It is one of a


number of areas that we have to look at. I think it is the question


of finding which will deliver the best benefits for the region. It is


true that the North East is suffering in comparison to other


areas. We have so far more so than other areas, whether it is cuts to


council services, we have seen disproportionate cuts in the North


East and it is hampering investment and jobs in this part of the world.


And tomorrow evening the BBC's Inside Out programme looks at how


much congestion on the A1 is costing the region's economy and


how it impacts on our health. That is at 7.30pm on BBC One.


Now, budget restrictions in our local councils are affecting


everybody, but are young people in particular losing out?


In Newcastle, the council says it soon will not be able to offer


youth services, while in Cumbria, a �1 million cut in the budget will


mean that many unemployed teenagers will no longer get access to


careers advice. Choosing the right job, one that all awful in the you


happy and pay the bills. It is easier said than done. I am corner,


I am 16 and I want to be a teacher. Lock of options, but how do you get


to where you want to be? They ADB career advice and put me through a


number of interviews. I am now doing a Certificate in catering.


This scheme is paid for in part by Cumbria County Council. But they


have �1.1 million cut in spending next year and this will have the


serious impact. It is highly likely we will have to cut our services


and schools in the future. It is really important that we can work


with young people in the early years, because the best way to stop


youth unemployment is to stop young people becoming unemployed in the


first place. The cow so needs to save �18 million over the next here.


They say the most vulnerable people will still receive help to get into


work. But outside the classroom, the worry is that will be left to


charities to provide the guidance, charities where budgets are already


stretched. It just gives you the chance to have a future and move on


in life. Taylor and his friends are hoping that the skills they learn


here will stand them in good stead for the future jobs market. But cut


like, at 8011 to 18 year-olds are in danger of not either been in


unemployment when they leave school or not been in any sort of training


or education. We can plug some of the gaps, but only in places where


we get that funding. Young people need direction and advice, even


when the reach their twenties. We get great advice in school, but we


need it elsewhere as well. They county council is consulting on the


budget plans until January, but people are hoping hear that it will


not threaten the job foundation courses in the future. Councils


have no duty to provide this advice, which is probably why it has been


cut, but you see how much of a difference it makes when it is such


a struggle to get a job. Here is, as used on there, the most


important thing is to create the jobs. One of the top priorities of


the government is to create more youth jobs. You have got the work


experience six scheme, which hundreds of thousands of young


people are getting involved with. Young people say the biggest hurdle


to getting a job is not having experience. That is addressing that.


We have over �1 billion in subsidy going to employees to take on young


people. It is underpinned by the biggest ever apprenticeship


programme in the country. New jobs are getting created and the are


getting created here in the north. Took councils have to take some of


the blame here? Why are they putting such a fundamental service?


They're facing great difficulties. They are having to cut across the


board. The but they do have a choice. They are opting to cut


services to young people. We have seen some great success is in job


creation programmes, in comparison to the current ones being run. But


youth unemployment is at absolute crisis point it might constituency.


The government is not acting to put that right. The figures from the


work programme short that, despite what you're saying, you have not


got to grips with getting young people back to work. Due there are


a great number of prop programmes. The figures were pretty


catastrophic. Youth unemployment in this country than the European


Union average. It is lower than the average in the United States and


lower than the likes of Spain, which have huge youth unemployment.


The irony catastrophic position because they spent too much money.


It is going in the right direction here. Youth unemployment is going


down. You have to have the right economic policy for this to happen.


I do very much. It has been a week of torrential


rain and flooding, not to mention some severe frost, but it takes


more than that to deter our intrepid reporter Megan. She has


donned her wellies and thermals to wade right into the middle of this


week's political news. Mind you, she only managed it for 60 seconds.


A project to generate energy from waste on Teesside is the first to


benefit from the government's Green Investment Bank. It will receive �8


million. An open cast mine would blight the local community,


according to the local MP. Another is to close to houses. Election


should be hell for those who run a national parks, such as North


Yorkshire and Cumbria. We want thriving businesses and thriving


communities and we need to make sure that they are undertaken by


people chosen by the people. They will respond to them an answer to


them in the decisions they make. A Teesside MP faced the 600 pound


repair bill from a car hire company, even though he said the car was not


damaged. He has golden for tighter rules to protect customers. --


called for. And that is about it from us. It is


the Autumn Statement on Wednesday and BBC local radio and Look North


will be assessing what it means for this region.


And I dare say I will have something to say too, if you would


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