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In the South West: Devon & Cornwall's new Police Commissioner


joins us live to discuss how he'll tackle rising crime with fewer


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Hello, I'm Lucie Fisher, coming up on the Sunday Politics in the


Southwest. The plan to provide 15 legal


traveller pitches on Haldon Hill. And we're joined today by Devon and


Cornwall's brand new Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg.


Congratulations to you! Alongside him is our political analyst Adrian


Lee. On my left, the woman who came third in Thursday's police election,


Labour's Nicky Williams. And a man elected on a turnout of over


seventy percent, the Conservative MP, Neil Parish. Welcome all of you


to the programme. Before we begin, here's Ben Woolvin with a roundup


of the results. The in the run-up to the elections, many said there


was no place for politics in the police.


In Dorset, for the people rejected the party animals electing the only


independent candidate, a former police officer. The Tories accused


him of negative campaigning and refused to share a platform when


the result was declared. There was a bloody campaign, it is a


Conservative county, I was a big threat. I regret it happened. Now


we need to move on. A similar story in Avon and Somerset were once


again people chose the only candidate promising zero party


politics. I am committed to improving police performance on


anti-social behaviour, burglary and violent offences. Especially


against women and girls. And just as important I will listen to all


our residents. It was different in Devon and Cornwall. Not least


because it was the last in the country to declare. Election


anoraks were kept up until gone midnight. Good morning, everyone.


And the winner was a Conservative. I am greatly honoured to be elected


as the police and crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall


and the Isles of Scilly. Tony Hogg is a Royal Navy veteran, a former


commanding officer at cauldrons. Now he finds himself at the helm of


a police force with rising crime and falling from UN offices. He has


asked his old colleagues if they will share a helicopter with the


police. At his pledge to offset the cuts with the recruitment of 500


special constables. He is promising a police cadet branch in every town.


The new commissioner wants them to help catch criminals. Tony Hogg has


written about his love of animals and says he will look at whether


the force needs to change its policing of the hunting ban. His


victory yesterday morning was helped by the six independents who


stood against him. Including the one who came second. I was


disappointed but I am pleased to have polled 37,000 votes. It raises


public support for my views on the changes the government forced upon


us. Greenslade was one of those who didn't approve of the job he


applied for. The 37,000 people who voted for him may have been sending


a message to ministers. Those two sports their papers and stayed at


home were. The percentage of the electorate to do that was a


staggering 85%. Tony Hogg, how should we address the question of


Commissioner? Tony Hogg. Crime is rising at the moment. 700 officers


will go as part of cuts, what can you do about that now?


priorities are from the top quite straightforward, clear leadership


to work with the Chief Constable who will be appointed in the New


Year to work closely with him on the many challenges that face Devon


and Cornwall police force. To ensure we have a strong front line


of policing, and to make sure the community plays its part in a low-


level crime and we place great emphasis on prevention and it is so


important we intervene early in young people to turn around their


lives before the entire life of crime. You mention strong frontline


policing but we are losing 700 officers. As an elected politician,


are you under pressure to take officers from important but less


visible things like internet pornography and domestic violence


and put them on the streets on a Saturday night? The world,


certainly the primary role of the police crime Commission is to work


with the Chief Constable to look at the policing challenges and risks


we face. And then to work hard to offset the government savings place


on the police by it looking for waste wherever it exists for


arguing, for arguing for a better slice of the policing cake for


Devon and Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. You mentioned 500 special


Constable's. How does that work, they do an important role but that


is bringing in the voluntary sector to replace police officers? That's


a perfect solution in many respects, to call on the excellent voluntary


sector generally but in terms of... Why hasn't it been done before?


hadn't been the commissioner before. Do you think something like that


will get the backing of the Police Federation? I hope to win the


Police Federation around to my point of view. I need to meet them


to discuss the plans. I'm sure they want the best for Devon and


Cornwall as I do. Special constables are useful in the rural


communities of Devon and Cornwall and the outlying communities which


suffer with poor policing. talked about the Chief Constable


and you liaising with him, only 4% of the Devon and Cornwall


electorate voted for you as a first preference. And yet your first task


in this role is to appoint a chief constable. And you have no police


experience. Do you think you have a mandate? This is the first time


this role has happened. It is November, people were unsure of the


role and there were candidates to vote for -- a large number to vote


for, I understand this turnout was low. My job is to make a success of


it and to prove to people that this is something to take a great


interest in. As to the mandate of the Chief Constable, I have spent a


lifetime looking at appointing senior people in industry and in


charity and I have no doubt I can find the right solution for Devon


and Cornwall in appointing the next Chief Constable. We talked about


the large number who stood in Devon and Cornwall and the low turnout.


10 candidates, how does it compare nationwide? It was the largest


number stand it any police crime and commission election. It had one


interesting consequence. If you look elsewhere across the south and


south-west, there was a move towards independent candidates, an


independent in Somerset, also Dorset and in Hampshire. If you


look at the proportions in the vote on the first preference vote, and


then look at Devon and Cornwall, the first preference votes were the


Independent added together came to 35%. If they had been a single


independent candidate it might have been in the lead. Speculation but


an interesting point. His is an embarrassment, the level of turnout


considering the Conservatives dreamt it up? We would have


preferred a higher turnout. It is November and it's the first time


the elections have happened. I have every confidence in Tony that he


will deliver good policing and it will raise the profile. I'm sorry


we have not grabbed the imagination of the electorate more on this


election but in the future when they seek their was a key figure


that people can approach, politicians, cancers and the public.


Let's talk about the things you might approach Tony Hogg over. If


they say they have not seen a policeman for years, what will you


do about it, vandalism in the town square, will you go to Tony Hogg


and asked what he will do? That is the role. I have discussed this


with Tony in the campaign. Not only is it about policing and area,


sometimes you might have people that have had a problem with the


police individuals. That is better to discuss with Tony before it


becomes in the public arena. OK, he needs more officers to patrol


Honiton town square, what will you do about that? I would endorse what


he says, is the primary role to be more available and visible and


accessible to everyone impartially. And I'll be sitting up a mechanism,


modern mechanisms in terms of the media but also visiting people and


talking to them. Can you put more bobbies on the beat if he asks for


it? I imagine we will look together, the chief constable and myself, the


chief constable has operational control. Could he not have gone to


the chief constable without your role? He might have dead but we


need governance -- we need OK, Nicky Williams, if Labour get


back into government is is a role they will keep or something they


should be abolished? Were you thinking Tony Hogg has a good.?


think if Labour gets into power they will seriously look at this


role and look at abolishing it. What is clear from the turn out and


from talking to people on the streets is people did not want this


role. They wanted the money to be spent on frontline policing. White


to stand for the role? I stood because I thought people should


have the alternative voice, someone who will speak up for them. We know


people are concerned about privatising the police force. I


thought it was important that I stood up against that. Were you


pleased with how you did? Yes, really pleased. We beat the Lib


Dems into fourth place, the Labour vote held up and we did well.


People agreed with us. The police should not be politicised.


mentioned about hunting ban and you said it is something you might talk


to the Chief Constable about. We privatise hunting? The hunting ban


is a sensitive issue and there are differing views between the rural


community and those who feel strongly about cruelty to animals.


It is an operational matter. I am neutral on this issue. I will talk


about the resources needed and I were looking to it as police and


crime Commission. Do you support hunting ban? It is not a position


to look either way. I must be neutral. But as a politician, you


have become neutral because you did stand as a Conservative. I did


stand as a conservative but now I am impartial. It's an operational


matter. IC the role of the Police Commissioner like an MP, you stand


for a political agenda but when you have individuals coming to see, you


do not ask what that politics is. They come to me because I am the MP.


The key role of Tony is to listen to what people want and deal with


it in a non-political way. I must stop you there. We have run out of


time. Thank you. Now to an issue which could become a police matter


in the near future. The travellers' site on Devon's Haldon Hill.


Teignbridge council's recently assessed its obligation to provide


pitches and councillors are about to consider plans for an official


site next to the existing illegal one. Some travellers there say they


don't want to move to an approved site, but there's an eviction


notice looming, as Johnny I don't care where you have an Eco


from the said, A should not be in the forest. This site cannot be


tolerated in its present form. would love for the country to be


receptive and open to all people of all walks of life. For over 10


years travellers have occupied this stretch of land but things are


about change. There is an eviction notice on the site which means for


the people living here they could be kicked out of their homes in the


next eight months. The alternative is to move next door to a site


provided by the council. Backing onto the present side is the newly


fenced off to acre area of woodland that many locals would like it


elsewhere. This is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is


the wrong location to settle a community. As you can see, it's


important we have some screening. In January, Teignbridge council won


a grant aid for �1.5 million enough to build 50 new traveller pitches.


This is the first New Age traveller site in the country. We will be


putting a hard standings in and they will be an amenity block with


toilets, showers and washing facilities. Somewhat apart the


vehicle and some work they can use for domestic purposes. This sort of


thing has been attempted before. Torridge District Council provided


legal traveller pictures, by 2011 the project was abandoned.


Teignbridge council have found they needed 70 pitches over the next 20


years. 15 of them will be at Haldon Hill. Some travellers are think


there is no point in cutting down woodland and they're happy to stay


where they are. They've only allocated 15 pitches which is


nowhere near enough for the people here. They can offer the pictures


to the people who get them, they move leaving everybody else behind.


They have effectively got asked to do their job for them. It is being


put upon us as though it's for our benefit but it's not. It is the


benefit of the local authority. can't continually evict people and


move people on, clearing up the mess and keep throwing money away.


That is what she would do. If you evict the family is from this site


and achieved nothing, you will create this somewhere else.


planning application will be launched before Christmas, if he


gets the go-ahead, the new site will be completed by 20th March 15.


Is it worth the grief and expense that's needed to get these people


off the site a move to next door? It is really important these sites


are planned. If you have a planned site, you have the resources in


place to manage them. I know from Plymouth we spent 240,000 cleaning


up unauthorised camps every year. How much does that compare with


approving an authorised site? Approve the unauthorised site is


expensive to set up but the long- term costs, it is not just the cost


of setting up the side, the residents whose lives are blighted


by unauthorised camps, the good thing about having an official site


is you can manage it, you can take action against the anti-social


behaviour against fly-tipping which is more difficult to do with an


unauthorised camp. In Plymouth, you have money from the government for


this. What are you doing with it? We have gone out to consultation on


one side, that has come back and we are now about to apply for planning


permission on the side. nothing's happened yet. No, we need


planning permission. It takes a long time. It does. It is only


right because you're talking about putting a set for gypsies and


travellers knit communities stuck you have to talk to the community


and make sure you have the right facilities. This is the


Government's measure but so far we have no sites that have been


approved even though councils have tried to have said to prove. It has


been a conundrum for lots of governments. You have to put up


money for legitimate sites and then find planning permission. People


then object if they don't want them. It's a long process. If we don't


touch the sides in place, travellers go around the country


camping where they should not be and because there are no official


sites in place, they cite this when they go to appeal. It is all to do


with planning law. Why should a gipsy site be set-up where they


shouldn't be, they have no planning permission and no one else can set


a site up there. They are abusing their position. There will not be


enough pitches next door? It is not sufficient, the alternative option.


These people have been here 10 years. Historically I remember a


site in Somerset and it was an official site but many of the


travellers would not go on to the site, they prefer to set up an


illegal site. It is a problem, it's been going on for a long time. It


is like if you want a nuclear power station up or an incinerator,


people are not keen on it next door. We have to go through the planning


process. Not in my backyard. our regular round-up of the


Unemployment figures showed Torbay still has the region's highest


proportion of job seekers. Down here it is not like a city. You


have to know the people all move away. MPs have tried to persuade


ministers to ditch the 3p fuel duty rise in January. The campaign


against plans to scrap the search and rescue helicopter was given a


boost. The chair of the transport committee said the government


should change course. We have heard evidence those new plans will not


save. The lovable children and the elderly are costing the council's


more than a budgeted for. New figures revealed a �9 million


overspend. The council warned it is heading for bankruptcy. A council


tax rise is unpopular. In it's ridiculous amount of money.


So, that is the 62nd round it. Let's look at fuel duty, MPs have


tried to persuade Mr -- Mrs to scrap the rise due in general.


I think we need to scrap it. People are being hit and we need to do


everything we can to boost the economy. And make sure people have


the money in their pockets. What about the environment? We need to


look at the realities, actually it is the wrong time to impose this


duty increase. Neil, this will hit everybody in their pocket. Would


you think the Tories will do about this? I did want see it go up but


the last few escalator would have seen 10 pence more on fuel duty


than it is all ready. We have taken action. Have the government got


something up their sleeve? It was beyond my pay great to reveal what


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