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flagship government policy which was supposed to solve our housing


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 1884 seconds


crisis. One of Devon's new says localism as a myth.


I am joined by the newly elected Labour councillor Candy Atherton,


congratulations to you, and the Lib Dem MP Adrian Sanders. Let us start


with something which wasn't in the Queens speech.


Minimum alcohol pricing. Opponents warned that by dropping it, they


risk sending out the wrong message about public health. This goes


towards what this is doing to our communities. We note that there are


studied hundred 5000 children in this country living with a dependent


strength. Not just a hazardous or harmful drinker but someone who is


dependent on alcohol. Why was minimum pricing of alcohol dropped


from the Queen's Speech? Is it anything to do with the threat from


UKIP and needs to bring in new emigration measures? It is to do


with the evidence not being there and there are better ways to tackle


problems. The problem is irresponsible deals offered by


clubs, pubs and supermarkets. are happy to see minimum pricing


getting dropped from the agenda? think minimum pricing as a red


herring. It is not in the interests of any government to increase the


cost of something that most people use quite responsibly. David Davis


says we need to get away from a perception of the government all


being its audience. I think there are better ways of tackling the


problem of alcohol abuse and putting up the price for everyone. Has the


government done the right thing? Absolutely not. They caved in to the


lobbying from the alcohol industry. Our pubs are struggling cause the


competing with supermarkets. Do rerelease want to see all of our


pubs closed down because supermarkets cynically puts out


cheap alcohol which will take out the pubs. The tax would put the


price up for alcohol and pubs as well. You caved in! Do you think


there has been a reaction to UKIP and the need to be seen to be


pushing emigration measures? That might be but there is far more.


There was lobbying to make sure that the government didn't put this


through. Lots of money spent by the big companies.


We have to move on. Localism is one of the government's flagship


policies and we were told it would provide answers to how many houses


to build and where to build them. But one newly elected councillor


feels that localism as a myth. She thinks the disillusionment on the


doorstep goes some way to explaining her thumping majority.


Localism is meant to bring power back to communities but here in East


Devon there is a sense of disillusionment with the Prime


Minister 's flagship policy. I think localism is a myth and when the


Conservatives started talking about it, I was as excited as anybody and


thought how wonderful and how sensible. It seemed like a whole new


era but it seems like things have changed grammatically. Development


is a big issue around here. On the doorstep people were talking about


that because they were saying, whatever we object to, it will


happen anyway. One-man mould his lawn in support of an independent


candidate. There's been no development at all people do not get


listened to. Claire Wright took the Ottery St Mary seat with a massive


74% share. But then any other council in the Devon County


elections. I've knocked on hundreds of doors and I've got a good


response from most people so I hope to be elected but I was completely


staggered by the results. Claire has been fighting plans to build 130


homes on the site. Planning application was submitted over a


year ago and the council rejected it. Everyone agreed that the best


site for housing was on the West, where the links to the A30 were


better. The scheme was approved on appeal because the council couldn't


prove that it had a five-year housing supply. This is a classic


example of supply not working. People have said they want


development on the other side of Ottery St Mary. We are currently


looking at a 40% increase in the size of the village which is


completely unsustainable. Susie Bond is the newly dead work -- newly


elected independent councillor here. I admit that it looks a bit over the


top, saying things like if I can't get you planning then nobody will.


The police investigations into his actions are ongoing. More than half


the village turned out. I don't think it was as much to do but


conservatives as the fact that he ran a planning consultancy. Whether


the two are linked, we are yet to find out. The row over how many


homes should be built in this area is far from being settled.


We are joined by the Conservative leader of East Devonshire Council.


We have some strong comments there. One man said people don't get


listened to. They don't believe that local people are being allowed to


make planning permission is at a local level. What do you say to


that? Localism isn't dead as such. Both those ladies are to be


congratulated on doing so well in the elections. The planning


Inspectorate turned our decision down. It went to appeal and was


taken on. It Mac that is the point then that localism didn't work.


Where does that leave localism, the big flagship Tory policy if these


local decisions and being listened to? I think it is a Westminster


issue rather than one we have done here. We like to work with our local


communities. I have enormous sympathy with the people of then


attend. -- Feniton. This kind of road is not limited to East Devon.


Where do you believe this leaves East Devon. We have top-down housing


targets being brought in by the back door. We haven't got localism yet


and the planning applications you referred to were before the bill


came in. We have local councils putting together their plans...


plans were supposed to be in by March and this has been turned down


postmarks. That is a problem for the council. Can I just ask the


council... They would have been able to turn them down and that is the


point of localism. If you had got your plans on, the planning


Inspectorate wouldn't have been able to turn them down. Why didn't you


get them in by March? We went through a year-long consultation


process and wanted to make sure that it would reflect the wishes of


people. Are you just fighting it? You don't want to be responsible for


building an unpopular areas? There was a considerable amount of


consultation in order to get the best possible reflection of local


interests. Other areas are using it properly by getting the consultation


done in the proper time. There is double protection against the


planning inspector getting involved. What you make of this whole row?


don't want to get involved in the Devon Road because I am representing


Cornwall. You now have the opportunity to make decisions at the


local level, do you believe that? think there are people that feel


that there is a lot of housing going on in that they had not been


involved in the planning of. I would say to the government that this is


not the time to stall all housing. We are now building the same amount


that we did in the 1920s. It has been a cliff face fall of housing.


We are desperate for houses that we can afford. What would you say to


that point, that we shouldn't have abandoned national housing targets?


I think the point is that people cannot afford to buy cause wages are


low. We are certainly trying to get the housing market moving again but


were candy is right and I have been on this programme many times before


and said, is that we should be building for local needs, not for


local developers in order to market outside the area. So why in the


budget at the core Lycian put forward a ban on to people who want


to buy a second home? It is nonsense. It is not for people but


wants to buy a second home. It is so that all of us who want to own our


own home get help. The minister said he would not want to see this


happen. Have you any examples of people using money that smacked


using the scheme to buy a second home? You have made a decision in


Cornwall that 45,000 homes will be built in the next few years. Well


that's all the housing crisis? Not necessarily. If we're going to have


executive -style homes rather than homes that may be smaller to reflect


the changing lifestyles were saying, then it won't be. It has got to be a


mixture. I'll go back to Paul briefly. Rather than see 130 homes


to be slapped on the edge of Exeter, got even more local, 20


homes in a very small locality where people agree where to put them.


terms of the local plan, people don't want to see any development


beyond five. There are one or two exceptions to that. We haven't quite


got time to go any further but thank you very much for joining us.


It is more than one week since the local elections but we still do not


know all which party or parties will run Cornwall. There is talk of the


rainbow alliance between all the political groups but the recent


massive row about whether to put up council tax or cut services is fresh


in many peoples minds and awkward compromises seem on the cards.


There were shocks, surprises... insured. And celebrations. Last


weeks local elections in Cornwall delivered them all. But as the dust


settles, it is time to get down to business. The biggest players in


County Hall or no the Lib Dems with 36 seats. This means that the


council is under no overall control and that means that the deal needs


to be done. Earlier this week, the leader of the Lib Dem group


announced they were seeking an alliance made up of all the parties.


I think it is a case of us having to find a way to work together and I am


pretty optimistic about it. We have had constructive conversations.


would have thought that the established parties might have ended


up courting UKIP? There have been some informal approaches. We are all


here for the same reason so it won't heart well it, a bit of Corporation.


She seems to be hedging her bets when she spoke to me. It may need to


be done but we will be looking at what is the best thing we can do for


Cornwall. Independents say that they have collectively agreed to derail


bore alliance. The main parties have yet to decide their position so we


have been speaking to the groups and finding out how they feel. But it


wasn't so long ago that there were deep divisions between the groups.


Most of the independents refused to back the budget measures. It sort


big cuts to adult and children's services. It is an insult.The horse


trading at County Hall should be over by the 1st of May. That is when


a new leader will be elected. We are now joined by former Cornwall


Council member who left the Conservatives because of what he


called the cynical party politics in the budget. He lost his seat in the


recent election. Welcome to the programme. A rainbow alliance sounds


like quite a good solution, doesn't it? It is an excellent idea. It was


first proposed in 2009 and was rejected by the Liberal Democrats.


We come back to talking about integrity in party politics.


likely is it that the coalition will be formed? I think if no coalition


is formed then we might as well have another election because the council


will be unmanageable. There would be no guaranteed policy. There is a lot


of antagonism within the different groups so could it even work?


is a lot of history, not just for this particular council but for


previous councils. But I would call on any political party to put the


candidates -- the people first. would rather the money was spent on


adult social care than on an election. Had he been approached to


take part in the alliance? We all had an e-mail which looked like


something that was written on the back of an envelope. It was


regrettable. This is about Cornwall Council is coming up with a


solution. Having been told by the electorate that they didn't want any


particular party. We did well by going from zero to eight right


across the country -- Co. Decisions have been made and the budget has


been cut so will you now see cuts to services? There have already been


cuts. Which services makes no supper? Adult care will be cut and a


number of areas. Background staff will be cut. I am a new counsellor


so I need to go through everything with a fine tooth comb. What about


scrutiny? If all members are taking part in a rainbow alliance, there


will be no opposition, will there? Who will scrutinise from within?


have no doubt that anyone who is not any position executive power will


scrutinise those who are. Local government is fixed term and if you


don't agree then things will go on for ever. The danger is handing


council control to the officers. will probably come back to that any


different programme. It is time for our round-up of the


political week. Protesters gathered at Cornwall


Council angry at the re-elections of Colin Brewer, the councillor who


said that disabled children should be put down. I think Colin Brewer's


column names -- comments were disgusting and he's now trying to


make a joke out of it. New figures show a big rise in the number of


children in care since the Baby P scandal.


And Dorset it is up by almost 500%. The National Union of Teachers spoke


out against the rising number of academies in the region. They are


still unproven. Our finding an increasing number of areas are still


having difficulties. When they go into those that are called these,


they don't have the structure that local authorities have to help them


get out of it. I want to ask you briefly about the


re-election of Colin Brewer, the councillor who made headlines by


saying that disabled children should be put down. People voted him back


in, that's the Democratic process, should the witchhunt continue?


think it would be very difficult for him to continue as a counsellor but


I do not agree with our witchhunt. Why did he get back in? It is not


the products you can take back to the shop. Whoever is elected is


there for their term of office and it is better to find out more about


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