13/05/2012 Sunday Politics West


Andrew Neil and David Garmston with the latest political news, interviews and debate. Andrew is joined by the communities secretary Eric Pickles to discuss growth and regulation.

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Prizes of off-duty police march on London about their cash mac. They


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 2013 seconds


are joined by the Chief Constable 1000 local officers joined the


match en London will stop be. Well helping us with our inquiries today


- two MPs - locked up in our little cell.


They are James Gray - a Conservative MP in Wiltshire.And


Tessa Munt - the Lib Dem MP from Somerset. Welcome to you both.


Before we get stuck into crime - you are both united in your


determination to make cuts, but the reform of the House of Lords looks


like being the issue that could prise you apart. When the caution


was put together instead of focusing on benefits like plague or


Tote alternative voting and House of Lords report. In my 30 years of


knocking on doors and not one person has ever said the war to see


the House of Lords reformed. Let us leave it as it as. The are doing a


good job. Genes ought to look at the caution again. We wanted lower


taxes. We wanted more money put into schools. Yes, we wanted a


change to the voting system. We want to be sure they had been


unsustainable as this. For why are you saw hang up on Lords reform?


is not just as. All three parties have said they would like House of


Lords reform. This has been on the agenda for 100 years. It is


ludicrous that the party leader should be able to choose who sits


in the chamber. I would rebel strongly against that. I will be


campaigning against that. Even efforts but the caution? The House


of Lords does a first-class job. It holds as guys back. The Lords to


enjoy good job. Let us read them on. You could not care less about the


collision? But has not quite what I said. You did not win the election.


This is something that has been on the agenda of 100 years. We will


not occur whetted for 100 years. Now 'ello 'ello 'ello - what's


going on here. A thousand off duty officers went to London this week


to protest about 20 per cent cuts to the police. They were even


joined by the chief constable of Gloucestershire - although his


office denied that he was taking part. He was just there. Paul


Barltrop has been watching the protestors on the beat and has


taken a few statements. It was the day when the thin blue


line became a long blue line, as police officers gathered in London


to protest. A thousand came from the West - the biggest contingent


from the Avon and Somerset force. am upset about this then that the


current bid on our terms and conditions. They have betrayed us


as being all repeats. It is wrong. We are looking within the next four


years as queen back to the figures we were ended in the 1980s. That


has got to affect frontline policing. All those who protested


in London were off-duty. They insist it's not their actions which


threaten public safety - it's the cuts. We are very concerned. At the


end of it did it means less police officers will stop when you pick at


the form on occasions you'll have to wait longer than you should have


an. Police numbers reached a record high towards their end of the


Labour governments. The number of losses now is the laws for one day


it. This police officer is quitting in protest at Fox the Government is


doing. The Police Federation will not relent.


I have a cash mac to deep and too fast? Numbers are not everything.


We want to get policemen eight of the back of this dash mac out of


the Back Office. When serving police officers say they will have


to wait longer they have got it wrong and you have got it right?


Last autumn the same people were marching because they were


concerned about their pensions. They are doing better than other


armed services. Why should the police to that much better than


anybody else? The police commissioner is a one-off. Can you


justify its queer they are seeing officers call time from 3,400


stitches 1,700? One of the problems and even and Somerset is that any


cut the cake up we are �20 million pay you down. Avon and Somerset as


badly off. Over the last five years they have been in partnership. They


have cut their back office. Candy cut more without affecting those of


us who love in it this year? They want to provide acute service. But


this what they do. They have cut their VAT office. It is people like


me that needs to persuade the Government to cut the cake in a


different way. The question is are at the cuts necessary? In Avon and


Somerset they half-cut already. He's says he is in favour of the


cats, are you? I would sit let as cut the cake Feely and then make


cuts. I do not think the cuts are fair. But as the conversation I


have. It was Labour to build up police numbers. Ngaio a


Conservative lead caution is cutting them. It is a question of


whether or not you get better law and order through lower numbers. We


are reducing their army numbers. I am not certain that more means


better. We want better delivery of services at the streets. At the


moment be have borne the 11 % of the police on the streets. And a


place like this will be are more people this bowl dash mac does have


a West Now I hope you're sitting down to a


nice Sunday lunch after this programme. But go easy on the roast


potatoes though eh! Obesity is still a huge problem in the west -


and some are criticising the Government for letting schools off


the hook when it comes to school dinners. Our Health Correspondent


Matthew Hill has the story. Last- minute preparations for dinner.


Things have changed a lot with school meals. They can call me Sir


Chips on a Friday. Bat has because of strict nutritional guidelines.


Academies are free from these regulations. This academy sticks to


them at its head fears others do not. If it would be better if the


guidelines had stayed. It takes away that temptation that could be


the year in a couple of years' time if we are short of money. White as


Sale and healthy products. I hope we never are. That is what happens


in France. Fright feed his lizards to one day per week. The Government


has tightened up a nutritional standards. It already works. Beyond


the strict control of obesity we can also observed great progress


regarding the social aspects of the meal. Back in Britain there


Education Secretary will not be moved. Without the state did it


intervene people automatically be wickets - do we believe it? Schools


which become academies already have strong leadership. We believe it


will demonstrate that leadership. I am not leaving it to chance. The


School Fruits Trust has looked at improvements that have been made in


school food and they will be publishing a report shortly. I am


going back to desert. Nor sticky toffee pudding. Bat may be a good


thing. Joining the is a chef who is


advising the Government on school meals. Which academies are floating


the Government suggestions? I am the chairman of the Children's Food


Trust. We have anecdotal evidence that standards are being flouted.


have looked on the websites of up some academies. Some of those menus


look stunning. The are stunning. That his great work by crooks,


caterers. Great standards in place. The danger is that these new


academies will not need to conform to the laws in the future. That


will mean we will call back to it having foods higher in fat, sugar


and salt. There is a �5 billion costs to be the economy at the


moment in terms of obesity. Headteachers will nor that an army


marches on its stomach. As it also down its uses it parents? Everybody


has an responsibility. For 190 days of the year, 12 years of their


lives, the under the leadership of a head teacher. I want them to see


the value that good food springs to their school. That his behaviour,


attainments, public health issues. Public health and education


officials meets to get in a room together and sort the problem out.


Is it up to schools to make sure that people eat healthily?


whole idea behind the academy process as we are seeing to their


heads, parents, and chair of governors, that you are intelligent


and we will give you freedom to do the right thing. What if the Tudor


wrong thing? Fees and seduce their right thing. Socialists like Sissy


we know best. We would not let them buy cigarettes. People die to Ali


because the eat food that is bad for them. This is not being


socialist. This is common sense. You can also do badly if you are


top the wrong things. If you feed them better they can do better in


the school setting. She did the state interfering? Jimmy had the


good points when he intervened. Children were not being fed the


rate feeds. The more that children have school dinners, but more of


the line to be sociable, are lining table manners, and not wasting food.


En France the all-clear off for two hours. Our culture is different.


There are lots of solutions. Lots of schools have been doing that.


This policy allows that to be undone. We have examples of


extended lunch hours. Lots of children bring their all and packed


lunches. An arid year there are lots of schools that do not have


kitchens. We have worked hard to get the numbers up. Year upon year


for the last the use we have seen school meals going in the right


direction. Not only are the increasing that they are also


better than they have been before. It is still a job that needs to


continue. We have faxed 20 years of under-investment. We have only had


five years of investment. A windy you report? It will be soon.


Time now to take a look at some of the other political stories making


the headlines this week in just 60 seconds.


The Lib Dems in Bristol have picked the man they want to run the


council until the city gets an elected mayor. Simon Cook has been


a councillor in the city for over ten years and is also an actor


who's stared in programmes such as Casualty as well as many stage


productions. I am delighted to be leader.


The speed limit is being slashed in all residential areas in Bath and


North East Somerset. The council has decided to introduce the new


20mph limit across the city and surrounding villages this summer.


Labour have selected their candidate to run for the elected


Police Commissioner job in Gloucestershire. Rupi Dhanda is a


lawyer and wife of the former Labour MP for Gloucester Parmjit


Dhanda. Caravan park owners from Somerset


have been in Westminster to campaign against plans to raise the


tax on static caravans. Ministers say the 20% rate will raise �45


million pounds in the next five years, but campaigners say it'll


ruin the industry. Let us talk about the tax on a static caravans


stock is there nothing you will not tax? But as the last thing I would


tax. This will increase costs to the state. There are 36,000 people


in Somerset who are dependent on tourism related jobs. There are


fires Inns of caravans. The town is dependent. These caravans are made


in the north. Is this another version of the pass the tax? I are


rebelling on the church tax. That is affecting my constituency quite


badly. That is one tax too far. Caravans you call with? I have some


sympathy. These are ordinary people. Very often due off fee family's


gets together to buy a caravan. It cannot downgrade. You are talking


as if it says nothing to do with you. That is my part of being in


Andrew Neil and David Garmston with the latest political news, interviews and debate. Andrew is joined by the communities secretary Eric Pickles to discuss growth and regulation, plus he speaks to the Labour MP, Chris Bryant about the latest from the Leveson Inquiry and hears how two leading economists would get Britain's economy growing.

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