12/05/2013 Sunday Politics West


Andrew Neil and David Garmston with the latest political news, interviews and debate, guests include defence secretary Philip Hammond.

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In the West: How thousands of lives in Bristol are being put at risk


because of pollution from vehicles in the city centre. So should the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 1887 seconds


Mayor introduce a congestion charge 23,000 Bristolian us are having


their health put at risk because the of pollutants in the atmosphere.


That is coming up but let's make our guests today. The Conservative


MP for Kingswood and the mayor of Bristol. I want to talk about the


Queen's speech and the news that the Government will try to limit


NHS cover for a short stay immigrants. You have been part of


that, what does it mean exactly? Yes, I was calling debates on this


going to the Department of Health arguing that we need to do this. At


the moment there are tens of millions of pounds being spent on


here. We will make sure NHS trusts will make sure people have the


documentation to prove they are eligible for that here. Who will


get turned away? Obviously when it comes to emergency treatment and


someone's life is at risk they will not be turned away but obviously


they will then be presented with a bill if they are not a British


citizen. Who will this applied to? Anyone who is not ordinarily a


British citizen. Anyone who comes over here to use the NHS services


without being entitled to. It is not an international health service.


It is a British one. And what do you think? I think it is up to a


story. You or I could go almost anywhere in Europe and get


treatment. I think we have got to be really careful about it. We have


as many people going to other countries in Europe as we have


coming to us. I think mean this is not a very good policy. Our economy


is driven by a lot of these people who have come into the country.


There is a terrible sense of panic being generated at the moment. I am


certainly not one who has a knee- jerk reaction against helping


people who are in this country for good reasons. A pregnant woman


arrives at Bristol airport and needs treatment, that should be fee


and we should pay for them? general assumption would be that


they are not taking the mickey. are shaking your head. When it


comes to Europe week pay and of full lot every year. We are


spending �10 billion on the NHS and we have to rein in the costs. This


is what is driving all the debate around emigration. I recognise that


hard-working people pay their tax. Thousands of people living in


Bristol are being exposed to harmful levels of the gas nitrogen


dioxide. It is colourless and odourless and released from


vehicles on the road. It can be very damaging to people's health.


Cities like Bristol are breaking EU law and could face heavy fines. Our


reporter has more. You cannot see it or even smell it but the


atmosphere here carries a dirty secret. The particles are much


smaller but they are no less toxic, it they may even be more toxic


because they can work through the lungs and into the bloodstream.


According to the council's own figures, 23,000 people in the city


are being put at risk because they are living in areas where the


pollutants are above agreed European limits. I think it is time


for the people of Bristol to wake up to how much of a problem this is.


It is not just an issue for politicians, it is an issue for


everyone. This is one of the most congested and polluted parts of


Bristol. What does that mean for our health? According to this


document from the city council, the damaging effects and costs to


society are on apart with smoking and obesity. They have known about


the rest for years and according to D Greens in the city something has


to be done. Levels of nitrogen dioxide have been above those which


are designated as safe so people are still being exposed to what are


widely considered by health officials across the world as


dangerous levels of pollution. Europe could reduce the number of


vehicles on our roads and impose fines. Our governments came


together and set certain targets to be met at European level. The


European authorities including the European Parliament where I set


have quite rightly said you set those targets, go out and meet them.


So, the pressure is on. Will Europe actually find us for cleaning up


our hair? Of course we are in favour of less the air pollution.


We do not want their pollution at any level but this is not the right


way to go about it. We have got to rely on ourselves, not on a series


of EU directives which are liable to be enforced by us and not by


other European countries. So here it has become a European issue and


a local nightmare for the mayor. There is no simple way for the


Mayor to clean up their pollution in Bristol, if there was, it would


be done. All he can do is reduce the numbers of cars and lorries


moving hour -- using our roads and where they are used, make the


pollution from them less. The mayor does do his own little bit for


Bristol's their quality by getting on his bike. Cyclists see him as a


friend but so far he has been unable to convince enough motorists


to join him. The nitrogen dioxide levels are far above the targets.


We should be spending more on better public transport, walking


and cycling. I know there are many priorities but air pollution should


be top of the list, it will save lives in the city and create a


healthier environment for our children. So the mayor has been


warned, it is the health of tens of thousands of his residence at stake.


We are joined by the man who has to sort it out. Do you welcome the


challenge and will you fix this? absolutely welcomed the challenge.


It was top of my Agenda for Bristol. I think we need a longer period


than the 5.5 months we have had to make the difference. Bristol


monitors air quality really well. We have been praised by Europe for


monitoring it really well, that is the irony. We have had imposed on


as many diesel vehicles. It has risen from 10% to 50%. This is


mainly about car traffic, big buses and lorries. It is not mainly about


industrial pollution. One option is that ingesting charge, where do you


stand on that? Congestion charges one of a number of possible


measures. I am definitely bringing in a resident's parking zone which


will help with the reduction of commuter traffic. I am definitely


working with my partners to produce much, much better public transport.


I am working to make quite sure that we become a much more


pedestrian and cycle friendly city. Yes, but what about the congestion


charge? I have asked that the congestion charges looked at by one


of my officers. Are you instinctively in favour or against?


I am instinctively in favour of things that improve the health of


the residents of Bristol. There are some people in this city who have a


life expectancy 10 years less than others because of the places the


living. There are probably on average 500 people in this city


dying 10 years earlier because of the level of air pollution in their


area. The only other major city to have done the congestion charges


London. Ken Livingston introduced it and has this advice. I had three


years of people predicting it would be a disaster. The more significant


thing is that there could not be a bigger difference between myself


and Boris Johnson and he has kept the congestion charge because it


works. If you are going to rule it out, rule it out now. I am not


ruling anything out, that would be irresponsible of me. I am going to


make this the most liveable city in the UK and part of it is to make


sure that we have a healthy city. People using active transport which


does not pollute. I drive an electric car. Is there a danger


that this report will be used by a minority political groups and


single issue action groups to impose some pretty heavy penalties


on drivers? We have got to be serious about the issue. This is


not about being anti-car as some people will paint it. It is about


being pro-life. Making quite sure that our children are able to walk


safely to school. Making sure they do not begin these horrible


particles. Making sure they do not have to deal with climate change.


It is about the bigger picture and making sure we free up the roads


for essential driving. His ambit of the air pollution a price worth


paying for a busy commercial city? Bristol has always had a problem in


terms of its layout. The congestion is caused by cars backing up.


going round and round because they cannot find a parking space.


reason I think our local mayor is an asset is because he will make


changes that have been needed for years. On the congestion charge I


would say I would opposed that tooth and nail. The reason Ken


Livingston lost his position is because he tried to extend the


congestion charge. The air has been a lot of work but what are you


going to do? By June this year I will be producing an air-quality


strategy which will be local action. There is no silver bullet to this


but it is a matter of taking the leadership and making quite sure


that we drive through these serious measures to reduce the amounts of


pollution. I am happy to take the flak if I believe I am doing the


right thing. Labour have admitted the local election results in this


part of the world where a let down and a cause for concern. Across the


country they gained about 20 councillors. Our reporter has more.


After World War II have the male population worked in the coal


industry. It was a working-class area. Now tourism is the major


breadwinner. Back 50 years the forest of Dean had a Labour MP. The


county council was Labour lead to but times have changed. At a museum


dedicated to the Forest's mining history I met up with a former


miner turned poet. He was a Labour supporter for many years but he has


now given his support to UKIP. He explains in a poem. Politics,


Labour and Conservative, you've been in and out of power. I believe


your promises have now all turned sour. There are more on the dole


than there ever was before. This country is not just for the rich


but also for the poor. Let's give UKIP to have a chance. Their


promising the moon. Then the getting to the Government and the


show you a photograph of it, that is all you are going to get. Locals


here tell me why they have steered away from the main political


parties when they went to the polls last week. I voted UKIP, I am


usually a Labour supporter. always supported Labour but I only


changed because I like the people that are with UKIP. Over a pint in


the pub I met one of the newly elected UKIP counsellors. He says


they are here to stay. I will keep building on it. I will just listen


to people. If people will follow that lead and get away from the


rubbish that we are racist I think they will progress quite steadily.


Many agree that the Tories were the biggest losers and UKIP the biggest


winners. UKIP did not just pick up disaffected Tories. The Labour


leader in the House of Lords grew up in the Dean. She admits they


have not done well enough. I think people have been disappointed and


disillusioned by mainstream politics. They are struggling


economically to put food on the table. They are wanting jobs. They


will find mainstream politics has not been offering the answers they


need. This will Labour district councillor who lost out to UKIP for


a seat on the county council says his party should not underestimate


UKIP. I do not share the perception that UKIP is a Tory problem. I


think it is a problem for all of those who have lost votes to them.


They did not get the results they got in the Forest of Dean without


harvesting some previous Labour boats and we have got to do


something to get that back. -- Labour votes. Will it take a shift


to the left or the rights? So I am joined by a member of the policy


forum. You are failing to connect with people. I do not think that is


true. People have not talked about some of the policies that Labour


are interested in. You kept have filled that gap. The biggest losses


were for the Tories. Labour have made some reasonable progress but


probably not enough. I think it was Peter Mandelson who said about Ed


Miliband that he test drives his policies on a national scale. He


does not understand the people living in the Forest of Dean.


not think that is true. They have elected three UKIP county


councillors. I met someone I work with who used to vote Tory but


voters UKIP. He said the one issue he did that because of was


immigration. In the past there was a bigger influx than we might have


anticipated but we brought in the minimum wage and without policing


that and making sure people cannot undercut, this is a danger. If UKIP


is a threat to you it is a disaster. Not really, when you look at the


country, Bristol only polled 3%. They did not take any seats. It is


becoming fragmented. You would not want to do a deal with UKIP?


because when you look at their policies, they are a protest party.


Their spending commitments would mean massive cuts to the NHS which


I would not welcome. Now look at the political news this week in


just 60 seconds. It was an deep for pomp and ceremony. At the heart of


it Steven Williams who made one of the loyal addresses after the


Queen's speech. The Prime Minister and I were born just hours apart


but for the avoidance of tax he is the older. Negotiations following a


ruling by the National Party Executive Committee. Meanwhile, in


Gloucestershire talks are under way to form a new administration. The


Conservatives remained the largest group and are seeking co-operation


from other parties in advance of next week's meeting. The former


head of public help in the West claims the response to the measles


epidemic has been slowed down by computer changes to D NHS. It is


really unclear who is responsible for what. Let's pick up on one of


these stories, whether Labour will join the cabinet in Bristol. Birdie


in or out at the moment? We are having very civilised discussions


and I expect it will be resolved some time on Monday. You were


elected in November and you have invited Labour members into your


cabinet. They have not served. I think it is a shame they have not


been there. We have had disagreements and I am very happy


for those disagreements to be open. I encourage my cabinet members to


say exactly what they think. That is my style of Government. You are


an historian, does coalition work? Coalitions often end up being


temporary but people respect them when they are in the national


interest. What I would see here is that democracy does not always


deliver a clear result and when it does not you have got to act in the


Andrew Neil and David Garmston with the latest political news, interviews and debate, guests include defence secretary Philip Hammond.

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