02/06/2013 Sunday Politics West


Andrew Neil and David Garmston with the latest political news, interviews and debate, including the latest on the lobbying scandal with Francis Maude and Jim Murphy.

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disgraced MPs, since then, nothing, the West Country. Farmers lobby the


politicians at the Bath and West Show, but do they have too much


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 2448 seconds


just for us here in the West. Coming up call on how farmers are looking


to the coalition government to make their lives better. With an imminent


col of badgers and promises to start dredging rivers, are farmers getting


too much of their own way? We are joined by the conservative for


Swindon and the live then. Duncan, you are a close colleague of Nick


Clegg, what is life like at the top? It is pretty hectic. There is


always alive issue. He gets involved in things right at the top of and.


There is always something to be sorted out. How does he deal with


the pressure? He makes sure he has a team of ministers he can rely on to


take care of business in the departments. One of the main themes


in this programme is about leadership, does David Cameron and


have two chicken with Nick Clegg all of the time? -- to check in. David


Cameron was the first conservative to win an election since 1982. It is


all to play for, he has the attention to be a great leader. --


potential. Was it right for him to be photographed in the sunshine in


Spain with everything going on? is a family man. He should not look


shattered. He has two have some normal life. Now rule up he bailed


for a story about normal country folk. Farmers have been gathering at


the Bass and West show. What is the relationship between farmers and


government? Have a look at this. A rally to tell farmers they have got


it wrong and the countryside. A ban on hunting with hounds still stands.


Money that farmers get for reducing milk still continues. Bovine to back


scissors another thing for farmers to complain about when they get


together. This is one of the premier agricultural shows. It demonstrates


our strong attachment to farming. 70% of written's land is used for


agriculture. -- Britain's land is used for agriculture. A deputy


minister met lease and discussed the badger cull, that has boasted


interest in the coalition among the NFU. We argued with the previous


government about the importance of culling badgers and they refused to


do that. At least now we have the determination from the coalition


government to do that. Neither is a bit more understanding. Farmers are


typically unsure of politicians, could that have changed? It are some


promising signs coming from government. Compared to the previous


government they are an enormous help. We have got younger MPs and


countrymen who are prepared to listen and talk. It is better


because they actually listen, they just do not do anything, the last


government did not listen at all! Farmers say there would be less


flooding if local rivers were dredged. Last week we got the


greatest tent that money would be found. I was keen to impress on him


that we need to do something about maintaining the waterways. Make sure


that they are Rob Lee maintained and dredged so that the real increase in


capacity and get what week worker. -- properly maintained. Government


policy in the countryside will be severely tested in the weeks and


months ahead. Positive results might take longer to be heard. Let us pick


up on a couple of those points. Conservative MPs are sometimes seen


as being in the pockets of farmers. Is that fair? I represent probably


one of the most urban parts of the south-west. We saw last year when it


was about the price of milk and many farmers possibly going out of this


mess, consumers actually supported pricing creases. There is goodwill


out there. Given that farming contributes less than 1% of the


GDP, isn't it true that politicians listen more than that might suggest?


The takeover 70% of the land so that is appropriate. What about the cull


on badgers? This is an issue that is so important and we have to look at


all the issues available. Do you follow the Conservatives doing what


they want? I find that constituents who are not farmers want a healthy


agricultural sect as part of the stronger economy. The proudest thing


that government has done for farmers is an act of Parliament which will


mean we have someone making sure small farmers are not taken


advantage of by the very powerful supermarkets. You wanted but called


to stop bullying of farmers, has that happened? There is an


adjudicator who will be able to fine supermarkets if they are having an


adverse effect on farmers. You will have to look hoarsely to see how it


works over the next couple of years. Who else get that kind of


protection? There was clearly a balance of power in food retail


versus agriculture, it had clearly to very strongly in one direction


and we needed something done about it. They might seek to a farmer we


want you to completely grow apples and then halfway through the season


see apples are not selling any more that is tough luck to you. In the


day they could have gone through the courts. You listen to the NFU but


not other unions quite so much. is all other trades people who sell


their goods to supermarkets. It is important we have that balanced


economy. People in this country want to see the brutal economy a strong.


We will park our tractors and move on to account issue. The honeymoon


period seems to be over for the Bristol mere over residents parking


zones. The mere insists he is showing strong readership to tackle


the clock on street but others say he is acting like a dictator.


Gridlock on Driscoll was Mike Rhodes is an all too familiar sight. It is


one of the longest in the country and there is illusion. There are


plans to roll out restricted parking zones across the inner-city weather


able want them or not. Businesses and residents will have two p for a


permit while others have 2p and display. Small traders and


shopkeeper is no fear for their livelihoods. I think it will affect


all businesses. If the cost of permits remains the same it is a 5%


increase on your rates. Now the there's another Jackson Merrett on


parking. It is a taxation. It will be �48 to part one car, another 96


for the second. Traders are allowed up to five permits for their


customers at 500 pounds each. Some are now taking legal advice on


withholding the business rates. we start with folding money, it does


not mean not being money but it can go to a holding account administered


by a solicitor with all our reference numbers on. If traders


started doing that and got together it would be very interesting.


streets away via a pilot system has been brought in traders with


experience of parking outside the shops have a different view. It is


far more easy to park around here than when commuters used to park for


the duty should of the working day. On the streets the opinion is


divided. I think it is an excellent idea. I lived in Newcastle and when


residents parking Key meant it encouraged people to use buses.


Residents could park outside their houses and it made for a more


relaxed atmosphere. Bristol is poaching with cars. I have groups of


students, up to eight at a time, they will not want to pay for


parking and I think I will lose income. I think the way it is being


gone around is it tweaked ordeal. have not been consulted which is why


people feel frustrated. It is those claims of steamrollering through


lands and being Dick tutorial really sting for Amir who wants to be seen


to be listening. People regard our roads as unsafe and and fit for our


health. That has got to be appeared to those who find that shop seeing


customers cannot get to them because of the Lord's being clogged with


commuter traffic. We need leadership. This city has suffered


from not having that clear direction in the past. Asking thousands of


April 2p for parking outside their homes is a contentious issue. It


could not have happened under the previous government by counsel.


Others have accused the mere of abusing the huge hours -- huge


powers in his hands. I am joined by an adviser to David Cameron. The


mere is determined district go through, is that good leadership or


arrogance? The there's nothing wrong with being decisive as a leader. In


good times poor leadership can be hidden but in bad times like we are


in now it is a recipe for disaster. One of the key attributes to being


an effective leader is the ability to listen. It seems in this instance


the man might not have listened to the people. Some say he does not


feel the pain of the people who will have two coming to town and the four


parking, put an extra hour on the day. Maybe he is listening to the


wrong people. I live right in the heart of pistol and a lot of people


are going to be affected by this. I suspect he will make a lot of people


in particular employers, unhappy by doing it. It is not the right way to


go about it. Maybe he is rushing this through. Maybe a key strategy


as a leader to be effective is to learn from mistakes. It is not a bad


trait to take stock and say perhaps we are rushing this through and


could go through more of a collaborative process to see if


there might be an alternative. see if you can give him some advice.


I would be -- they take stock of what people are telling you. He was


not elected on a manifesto, if it was in his manifesto she might have


a right to do this at it was not. I would slow down, take more advice


from a wider section of the community. In this age with social


media getting feedback is pretty easy. He is not short of feedback.


He never had a manifesto but he had the CDs of visions. Let's bring in


our other guests, any sympathy for the mere? He was elected as an


independent. I am not judging. Ultimately he will be judged in the


next election. In this case he is getting on and doing something,


maybe that is why he was elected. am not sure if this is how John


Rogers went about residents parking. He was allowed them. That's right.


This is a risk of having figures responsible for all city easier. --


he was a Liberal Democrat. You are working with a leader and if they


see this will happen because I am a strong character and the drive


something through the are criticised full top if they listen to people


they are accused of being wishy-washy. That's true. You want


to make the right decision which means if you want to do one thing in


one media you have two do it differently in another to reflect


the circumstances there, that is different. You help David Cameron


with his happiness index, remind us what was discovered. At the time


they read in the top quartile but recently the happiness in the UK


generally has improved somewhat. We still have a little way to go to


reach Australia which has imported the happiest nation on the planet


for three years running. The happiness index based on a number of


measures was six out of ten and has now gone up to 7.4. Does having a


parking space make you happy? read somewhere that in London you


can spend two hours looking for a parking space. I think one of the


challenges for the mere is to come up with some workable alternatives.


I think people would appreciate that. He doesn't have two rush into


this. Congestion charges is an emotive subject. I think if we just


slowed it down a bit. If he gets it wrong he will be dammed, take longer


and get it right. Some would say it has going on for 30 years. Let's


take a spin through the other political stories making the


headlines in 60 seconds. A new anti-terrorism lease squad is being


formed across the south-west. Five forces have signed a deal to tackle


terrorism and also domestic extremism. The police and crying


commissioners also decided to allow closer working and sheared frontline


resources. Here is the Bristol mere doing his impression of Lord sugar


looking for apprentices. I will see you here in nine months time in my


boardroom, of Newport. -- off you go. He is going to employee 19 two


21-year-olds. Some see the changes to the police forces could the


privatisation through the back four. That was the week. How it flies


past. Let's pick up on one story, the stability of these forces being


sponsored for what they do. What is your gut reaction to that? I am not


sure. My police Commissioner said zero 28, let us have someone else


the the guinea pig. They will have two see someone else try and see if


it makes a difference. You keep an eye on the numbers but is it so


tight that is forces have to go out and get a DIY store or something to


sponsor them? I fear that if we go down a route where some


organisations have sponsored the police that it rings some distance


between the lease and everyone else. They are there to serve all of us


and I do not think they would want to give the impression that they


have some kind of privileged access to a different group. I am sure


there with the safeguards but Chief constables are facing cuts under


your government of 20%. They are bringing down crying. I am sure they


can make changes to the way they operate and that will be for the


better. In Bristol they seem to resort very well without making


alterations to the police service that are negative. What about big


organisations being taxed and paying for the police service in that way?


I am keen to see that. But take the Bristol fit all teams, the Jews took


the four leasing and if they do not pay for that then the police choose


not to do the policing and the game cannot go ahead. Let's see other


Andrew Neil and David Garmston with the latest political news, interviews and debate, including the latest on the lobbying scandal with Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude and shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy. Plus Nadine Dorries MP on MPs' expenses.

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