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Emily Thornberry

Recorded coverage of Andrew Marr interviewing Labour's shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry, from Sunday 14 May.

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We are joined by Emily Thornberry. In a few weeks time, you could be


Foreign Secretary. Will you at that point tell Donald Trump he is not


welcome for a state visit? No, because he has been invited and I


think it was a mistake to invite him as quickly as he was invited,


frankly, President Obama had to wait for years. Some people would say so


much for your radical change. Jeremy Corbyn said he was not welcome in


Britain. I mean... It takes these things in stages. We have to welcome


the American president to Britain. We have to work with him. The


difference that I have is I will be prepared to stand up to him and say,


I'm sorry, Mr President, you're wrong about that, we are supposed to


be friends and these values are not our values. You're doing the wrong


thing. You know what he is like, he may not want to come. There we are.


I here he doesn't want to share with Prince Charles, because he doesn't


agree on climate change. It will be a bumpy ride. Under Labour he still


comes here? We can't disinvite him that, would be a mistake. Why not?


Because it would be to the detriment of the country. Now the ethical


foreign policy, you have said that Labour unlike the Conservatives


would not turn a blind eye to human rights abuses in China. What does


that actually mean? We shouldn't be, we should not be afraid to raise


these issues despite the fact we may be going for a trade deal, but we


have to be clear about the things that we disagree with. I'm very


worried that when I see Theresa May going to the gulf states and after


trade deals, she doesn't raise the issue of Yemen or that Saudi Arabia


has been bombing weddings and funerals and civilian targets. Is


your foreign policy sufficiently ethical, if you raise the issues and


get a dusty or hostile response, the Chinese hate this and the stop trade


deals, you would endanger the involvement of the China in our


nuclear industry. I'm not saying we are going to boycott China. But


there is a middle way through the sort of fawning which I think we


have seen Theresa May indulging in with trump and the way we would


approach things. Now Trident, you don't like the Trump administration


and yet we rely on that administration for close


co-operation to make our Trident submarines work. Do you withdraw


that co-operation, will it still depend on the the Americans. The


most important part of our defence is NATO, that and that a partnership


with America and our allies. We have been committed to NATO for a number


of years. That won'ts will continue. So NATO is important for you? Yes. I


ask you that, because Jeremy Corbyn disagrees with that, he is is what


he said, here is Jeremy Corbyn talking about NATO. We in the


radical end, the left of the unions and the Labour Party have got to be


realistic that NATO is a major problem and a ma swror difficulty


and to campaign against NATO and its global reach, because it is a danger


to world peace and security. Are you going to campaign against NATO's


word power. That is a quote from six years ago. Jeremy has been on a


journey to coin a phrase and there have been discussions and it has


been made you know, we have had, it is clear that the predominance of


opinion within the Labour Party is we are committed to NATO. The


reality is that we have been relying on our partnership in NATO in the


way we have committing things f we were to pull out of NATO. How would


we get our forces... Hang on, our force off Salisbury Plain without


the assistance of NATO? We don't have enough frigates to move them on


to the continent of Europe if necessary if the Russians were to


come. Have you made these points to Jeremy Corbyn? Yes. You put him back


in his box, he repeated those sentiments in his leadership


campaign. Our NATO commitment is clear. You repudiate what Jeremy


Corbyn said in 2011. I'm not fighting with anybody, I'm telling


you the Labour Party's position is clear. I'm shadow Foreign Secretary.


This is somebody who will be Prime Minister and he is saying that NATO


is a major problem and the Labour Party should campaign against it. It


is not fair if you heard what he said at Chatham House he did not say


this. He did not say this. He is clear about NATO. You can unsay


these thing of things. You can changeure mind. A loft politicians


-- you can change your mind. Now the UN. Will a Labour Government in


Britain engage in military operations without the support of


the UN? Ever? We don't think that it is right for there to be


interventions without it being done on a multilateral by a sichlts we


did not think it was right to support Donald Trump in bombing


Syria. We think that that undermines the security of the world and the


best way for the international community to proveed -- proceed is


by agreement. That means the UN Security Council. Yes. Is it right


to give countries like China and Russia a veto over any possibility


of us using military action. It is very important. I think on Kosovo,


the Russians were vetoing the use of force in relation to Kosovo, but


there was international agreement that there should be some action in


Kosovo with the exception of the Russian and there was the


development of the doctrine of responsibility to protect. So it was


legal to be an involvement. Robin Cook led the charge on that and he


voted for that. He was responsible and he was developing a


responsibility to protect doctrine. And Jeremy Corbyn spoke against


that. Who was right? I think that Robin was right. And Jeremy Corbyn


was wrong. So looking ahead to other possible areas of tension, do you


think a future Labour Government would send a task force to the


Falklands? Yes. Again Jeremy Corbyn said he wants to negotiate with the


Argentine Government about the Falklands and I wouldn't if you --


wonder if you would be part of that? If British citizens are being


attacked, we protect them, but we don't want to be like the


Conservatives who seem to be so gung ho and we will bomb this and do


that. You're to look at the alternatives first. There is no


settlement to international disputes without there being international


agreement. It is a question of how do you get there fastest. If we are


under attack, we protect ourselves. Is there a compromise over the


Falklands? I think as so long as the people wish to remain British, they


remain British. That won't be compromised. I think there needs to


be a future in terms of talking to the neighbours of the Falklands and


I think that it is to the economic advantage of both that they're able


to work more closely. But certainly not under mining the sovereignty of


the islands. This is not what the Jeremy Corbyn staid. It seems


ridiculous to get into conflict with Argentina, the islanders have a say,


but let's bring about a sensible dialogue. He is saying let's talk


about the future of the islands. I'm quoting Jeremy Corbyn. That is fine.


What Jeremy Corbyn said, why do I Addis agree rngs o' O'o' O'-- why


should I disagree. I don't agree with you. What I have said is in


line with what Jeremy said. Now the big policy announcement from the


Labour Party, the Robin hood tax, Sadiq Khan said it is madness and if


you proceed companies will leave the UK when we're leaving the EU already


and it is a dangerous policy. I don't think that is again an exact


quote. Madness is exact. The truth is that at the moment, there are, we


have a tax, which is, which applies when you buy shares and some people


called market makers who are hedge funds and if they buy shares, they


don't pay tax. That seems to be a development and the other thing is


we also think we should extend the tax to different financial


instruments, because that is a betting on the stock market and will


help the market. Many other countries do it. Clint Hillary


Clinton wanted to do it. The European Union are looking into


developing a policy. But you agree it should be done with other


countries to avoid hedge fund managers to moving to Paris or where


they want to move to? I think that actually the House of Lords


committee was interesting and looked at changes in behaviour and said


they didn't think it would be as drastic as some say. It is a


question of just tidying the tax up and it doesn't seem to be right you


can be bet on the stock market or a company's debts s and not pay tax.


But if you invest you do. What about your colleagues who are telling


voters vote for me, that doesn't mean a Labour Government. I think


that everyby wishes to have, we will get a Conservative or a Labour


Government that is the the choice the people have. There is a


different vision. Our vision for Britain is a different one to the


Tories' and people need to accept that. We want... Candidates who say


vote for me, that does not affect the future of the Government are


being defeatist. We have another three weeks to go. Everything is to


play for and we have, you can see the way we are attracting more


support and I think the things we came out with are popular and we are


talking to the public and giving them answers to problems and people


need to look at the choice. No Theresa May's hair or whether Jeremy


Corbyn should save, but about which politicians can offer you what. What


is the two different futures that Britain has and the Labour is a much


more positive one and in line with what people wants. I don't want


people to be as defeatist. As to whether Jeremy Corbyn should


shave, we can discuss that again!