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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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bring you a spot of indoor hockey ahead of the European Championships.


Hello. Welcome to our look ahead at what the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. With me are financial analyst Louise Cooper and the editor


of the Daily Express. All the papers are in now. We're going to start the


Telegraph, leading with a story that half of all convicted sex offenders


in England and Wales are apparently being spared a jail term and are


being given community sentences instead. The Guardian says the


government's flagship benefit reform scheme is being jeopardised by a


rift. The Express has done a story of an increased risk of heart attack


in people who take a certain brand of sleeping tablets.


The Daily Mirror had a picture of a baby pulled from the rubble of a


building. Apparently from Damascus, it claims that it was hit by


government forces on the day that President Assad gave up his chemical


weapons. The Daily Mail says that Channel 4


is facing a police investigation over a documentary showing a thief


demonstrating how to shoplift. The Times says that harsh side effects


as lead to a change in official advice being changed for men with a


risk of prostate cancer. It also has a story on the helicopter crash in


North Norfolk. The Independent says increasingly heated immigration


debates has led to a huge increase in racist bullying in schools. The


sun has the headline, hell freezes over. A town in fruit -- Michigan.


It has seen temperatures go to -40 Celsius. We're going to start with


the only paper that seems to be reporting the helicopter crash


earlier this evening in Norfolk. Four killed in a military helicopter


crash. The details you have been giving out all night, as you know, a


Pave Hawk aircraft, helicopter, it looks like it was coming from a


nearby RAF base. Lakenheath. It came down next to Cley next the Sea.


Sadly, it looks like for people on board had been killed. This leads to


some serious questions to be asked. What I think is quite interesting is


it is the only newspaper to break the story on the front page and all


of the front pages of the newspapers are completely different. There was


clearly no big lead story of the day. From today. Has a broken too


late? I think it has broken too late. When these, most of the first


editions are done by 9:30pm. Details wise it was very sketchy and was


breaking. That is probably the main reason. Do you think you will be in


a different edition? There will be in other first editions elsewhere.


Maybe they'll make the decision not to change the front page. I think


they will be on some front pages. It is a late rating story. -- breaking.


I am a financial analyst, I am interested, the decision, how much


it costs to change the front page for a newspaper. How they can maybe


the? I was intrigued. We have edition times and it is budgeted


for. If the press is stopped, that will stop you -- cost you a lot of


money. That is budgeted in. We have different edition times at 11:30pm.


Then we go to one -- 1:30am. On different days there are different


first edition times as well. It depends on how you wanted the -- two


disc tribute in. That will feature in some of the later editions. What


was interesting, with all the bad weather, it said initial reports


said it had crashed into the sea and the RNLI dispatched lifeboats. To


say they were there that quit. Sometimes the RNLI gets forgotten.


Hats off to them. Indeed. Let's go on to the Independent. Interesting


story. Immigration is on the front pages. We had the poll today


suggesting the majority of Britons believe there should be a cut on


immigration. A big debate about it from all sides, right and left. The


suggestion from the Independent is that racist bullying is the result


of this heated debate with ChildLine suggesting that children are


reporting abuse because of what is going on. 1400 children contacted


counselling in 2013. This was up in previous months. You have to go what


they're saying. If people are talking about, children talk about


about about kids are kids and if someone is different, they get


picked on. It does not matter what colour you are. If you are slightly


different. Kids repeat what their parents say to them. It reflects


what maybe they are hearing in their own environment. As we know, there


has been a big political am starting to be a big political hostility to


immigration. It is a reflection that children repeat what their parents


say. The it is part of human nature. People become people who are


different. This is not saying that it is because these people are black


or Asian or whatever. It is immigration. Part of the debate that


is going on. They are saying that Muslims are being called terrorists


or bombers by their classmates. That is not a new comment this year. This


has been going on for a furious. After 7-7. I don't understand how


this is now that the debate is raging at the moment, this is for


last year. Immigration has been high up on the public radar for a few


years. Certainly while UKIP have been doing well. At the moment the


debate is remains and Bulgarians. This is not about that. We have had


five or six years of economic pain and when people are suffering


economic pain, as we have seen all across Europe, and even in the


United States, you seek to blame somebody else. That is what happens.


It has happened through history. When people are unhappy, their wages


are not going up, they are losing jobs and they are suffering in the


pocket, you seek to blame somebody else. What happens is that the


politicians get votes by blaming others. This, to me, is reflected in


the greater society with so economic growth and people are feeling


wealthier, they will stop blaming others. It would be interesting to


know, it is not explicit from the front page, where in the country


this is. In London, where my kids go, it is a mixed, conferences and


primary school. My son and daughter, a mixed school. I have never heard


of bullying that goes on. Name-calling. Not racist bullying.


It would be interesting to know if this is further around the country.


Outside my son's classroom it says in this class we speak 19 languages.


It is something to be celebrated and to be proud of. That the two as you


go in the classroom. It says in this class we speak 17 languages and


embrace the following fates. If you go to a London school or a London


state school, there will be a big mix of children. Maybe I wonder if


it is in other areas. You mentioned, Louise, kids hear things at and may


potentially repeat racist language in the playground and so forth. Is


there any plane to perhaps the lead at the door of us, the media? Ali


reporting this story fairly? Are we potentially feeding the prejudices


of the public out there who at the moment are feeling, we don't like


immigration. We don't know. Maybe people are picking up on the media.


The media are only reporting public opinion. The big talk about, the


influx of Bulgarians and Romanians, all of the flights, they are booked


until next Christmas, they will all come. It did not happen. As has been


said, all of the TV, newspapers were sea to anyone turned up. People did


turn up. Not many. This is something we will have too much for a few


years to get the true figures like we did with the Polish immigration.


Going back to what the story was about, that has been in the last


month or two, months this is not covering the period and this is


about, mainly, muscles reporting they are being called terrorists and


bombers. That is not Bulgarians or remains. We have got to be careful


we are not feeling this. It is something that we will be keeping an


eye on now. Onto the daily Telegraph. A depressing story. We


talked about this an hour ago. Half of the six attackers are spared


jail. The suggestion is this is to save money. This is figures obtained


by the shadow justice secretary and as you say, a depressing statistic.


Half of convicted sex offenders, violent criminals and burglars


basically avoided prison. They were not sent down. City 5000 criminals


in 2013 walked free despite being convicted for rape, sexual assault,


grievous bodily harm and robbery. Very depressing statistics and I


wonder if this is being reduced to political point scoring and


forgetting about the victims whose lives have been devastated. By these


crimes. This is information that was cleaned by the Labour Party. They


are pointing a finger at the Tories. The Tories hitting back, as they


would. Chris Grayling says they are overhauling guidelines. They always


say they will have guidelines. -- overhaul guidelines. He also says


they will not take lessons from a Labour Party that let criminals


leave years early. When the Labour Party. Don't throw things at us


because we will throw it back. Back to what we said, they are forgetting


the victims. Let's move on to another story on the front of the


Telegraph. Allow children to be bored, parents are told. There is no


problem to take away the Game Boy, take away whatever it is some


electronic thing. Let them contemplate the ruins of empire.


Meditate. What parents need is yet more advice on how to bring up


children! We have not had enough of that already! This is according to


Julie Robinson, the education and training director of the independent


association of prep schools. Are! She says you should allow children


to become bored because quiet reflective time is just as


important. Julie, do you have children? If you do, they are


nothing like mine. They are probably in prep school. The lack they are


probably privately educated in doing well. When my children get bored, as


my four-year-old son has done a lot during the terrible rain. Your Mac


are they just wind each other up and it all ends in tears. She says there


are too many focuses on after-school activities. This could lead to a


generation of anxiety ridden adult. I never did any of that and I am


anxiety ridden already. And she is against tiger mothers and again, she


is from a prep school and I find it hilarious. It's OK to say to your


kids, fail, succeed, whatever. You can handle it, parents, you are


doing a great job out there. And on toll Sun. Apparently Hell has frozen


over. It's Biblical - Weather that happens in the Bible! I loved this


headline you and didn't like it. I thought it was a greathead line. I


throw down the rifles and applaud the opposition, obviously it's


brilliant. The freak icy blast. But I do believe that Hell, Michigan do


regularly freeze over. He is poshing cold water on the story! No, no, I'm


just saying - it's great, a great picture of Hell freezing over,


because of the polar volunteer text, whatever one of them is! Well The


Sun has a helpful explainer - although we weren't quite sure about


it - of what is a polar volunteer text so if you are confused it is in


the Sun. And my favourite bit is apparently in Chicago's Lincoln Park


zoo polar bear Anna was moved indoors because it was too cold for


her and she had to go into a heated room. Too cold tour a polar bear!


Sometimes the polar vortex has been called a frijd twister. I won't tell


you what he said off air! We've all met one of them And we will leave it


there! It has been brilliant having you in and looking at the headlines.


Stay with us for the BBC news because at the top of the hour at


midnight we will have the latest on the US military helicopter crash in


north Norfolk which has apparently killed the four crew members on


board. So stay with us for that. Now on BBC News it's time for Sportsday.


Hello, with welcome to Sportsday. Another defeat for


MUTTERING MUTTERING, coming out on top in the


first leg of their league cup semifinal.


Back on the Pomle horse, Lewis Smith says he is back in training with an


eye on the Commonwealth games in


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