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Sunday. We will tell you which players are on the move today before


Ford ball's January transfer window closes tomorrow, all coming up in


Sportsday in 15 minutes after the papers. -- footballJanuary transfer


window. Welcome to our lookahead to what the


papers will be bringing us tomorrow, with as our author and journalist


Rachel Shabi and Kevin Schofield, chief political correspondent for


the Sun. Starting with the front pages, then, the Guardian main story


is the conviction of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito for the murder of


British student Meredith Kercher. The independent claims one member,


one vote in the Labour Party is drawing closer as part of Ed


Miliband's reforms. Royal Marines helping with the floods in Somerset


dominate the Telegraph's front page. The FT says the Indian central bank


governor has hit out at industrialised countries for selfish


policies. Detectives hunting the abductor of


Madeleine McCann wants to examine bank records of three suspects,


according to the Daily Express. And the Metro says a mother of three


has become the first woman in Britain ruled to have been poisoned


to death by smoking cannabis. So let's begin, we will start with


the Guardian, and it was pretty quick off the mark to get this on


the front page, the picture of Amanda Knox, waiting at home in


Seattle. She wasn't in court for tonight's verdict, and this is


Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, her former Italian boyfriend,


convicted or having their convictions upheld, having


previously been acquitted for the murder of Meredith Kercher in 2007.


Well, as you can see, it is the lead story in the Guardian. They have an


interview with Amanda Knox, and we can listen to a little of that now.


I am a marked person, and no-one, no-one who is unmarked is going to


understand that. Like, I don't even know what my places anymore, what's


my role in society? Who am I after this? After everyone has branded me,


who am I? Part of the interview the Guardian did with Amanda Knox in the


United States before this verdict tonight. And most judicial systems


take a bit of understanding, but the Italian system seems especially


baffling to us from the outside. It goes on. Long. It is seven years now


since the murder actually took place. We had the initial trial,


conviction, the conviction was quashed, and now the conviction has


been upheld, and it is not finished yet. There will be another appeal,


which will be heard by the Supreme Court in Rome, and only then finally


will it be over. And then, I guess the question will be, will Amanda


Knox be extradited from the United States. Particularly baffling to an


American audience, Rachel, they don't have this idea that you can be


tried twice for the same crime, the double jeopardy rule, so looking in


on this, they asked and by this sort of second conviction, if you like,


the conviction being upheld. Yeah, it is a very sort of convoluted


process, and it has gone back and forth, and you kind of thing, as bad


as it is, you know, you think of the family of Meredith Kercher having to


deal with seven years of this, just waiting for justice, conclusive


justice. And even now it hasn't really reached the end. I mean, we


are still going to see an appeal, and then probably an extradition


wrangle between the US and Italy. So excruciating for the family. It will


be surprisingly a lot of commentators if she is extradited,


because the United States do not understand why he would be tried


twice for something when you have been acquitted. She has been very


outspoken tonight in a statement, saying she would expected more from


the Italian justice system, but then you would expect someone in a


position to say that. You would not expected to say much else, but it


will become something of a cause celebre in the United States, and I


do not think the Americans are going to offer her all that easily, and


then it becomes quite a tense stand-off between Rome and the


American government in Washington. But yeah, this whole saga seems to


just go on and on and on. As you say, the sister and brother, Lyle


and Stephanie Kercher, Meredith's siblings, were in court yet again.


You just wonder whether they can trust this verdict this time me and


they say they want to know the truth, but the truth keeps changing.


Well, yeah, the truth keeps evading them, and you know, this report


talks about them both looking confused during this lengthy and


quite dense verdict, as you would. And probably being too stunned to


sort of absorb what is really, you know, it just keeps changing, and to


absorb what this actually means, and unfortunately it doesn't mean


anything definitive yet. And they still have not got that, they are


never going to have their sister back. Let's move on to the


Independent, Labour past and present. Ed Miliband here, we will


start with his party Revolution, one member, one vote draws closer.


Surprising to a lot of people that in 2014 it still is not one member,


one vote in elections within the Labour Party. Yeah, I mean, to be


honest, I look at this story, and I think, well, yeah, that is all very


well, this idea that now they are going to move from having the party


like it has got 180,000 members and they only have one third of the


boat, and now it is going to be one member, one vote, as you say. But


the headline, Miliband's party revolution, the Labour Party finally


be coming and opposition, with divisive opposition politics! I


don't know, austerity, the economy, migration, youth unemployment, stuff


like that. Instead, no, it is a story about... Isn't that rather


unfair? He has been doing well with directing the cost of living crisis


for months, he has made the other parties dance to his tune a bit,


hasn't he? I do not think he has gone anyway near far enough on the


whole austerity debate. I mean, we are still talking very much about a


framework of necessary cuts, and they are avoidable, they are purely


ideological, and the fact that the Labour Party is toying with the


conservative line on migration, I find that extremely disappointing.


So yeah, I was hoping there would be a different story to this headline,


but there wasn't! Leaving the politics, national politics to one


side for a moment... Rather than just addressing the article! I was


addressing the headline! This, in many ways, is a technical, dry


debate, but it is sort of finishing something that John Smith, the


previous but one, but two Labour leader, 20 years ago began, one


member, one vote. A lot of people probably think, don't they have that


already? They have this convoluted electoral college system with a


third of the boats going to trade unions. When they are trying to


elect a leader. They are going to get rid of that and bring in one


member, one vote. However, critics have said that this, are from


watering down the influence that the trade unions have on electing party


leaders, will actually strengthen it, because there are far more trade


union members of the party than ordinary non-trade union members. In


some instances, they could have something like 90% of the vote,


which might not please the chap at the top, Mr Blair! Yes, let's move


on to Tony Blair, we don't seem on the front pages as often as we used


to, and here he is talking to one of our opponents, Egypt's general start


rounding up dissenting journalists, says the headline, guess who has


just announced his support for the military regime. Tony Blair


appearing in this interview to support the army and the army


generals who have sort of wrested control of Egypt. I mean, he is


saying in this article, Kevin, that it is what the Egyptian people


wanted. It is not quite what most of us are taken from the situation.


Well, no, or someone who was a three times elected leader here to be an


opponent of giving ordinary Egyptians their say, they did elect


their government, they may not have agreed with the government, but they


did elect one, it was properly recognise. The military obviously


opposed that and have thrown that properly elected government and have


set up running the country themselves. And Tony Blair, who has


almost become a parody of himself in lots of ways, is now backing a coup,


essentially, by the Egyptian army. And this is a man... The Middle East


Quartet envoy is supposed to remain impartial on matters to do with the


Middle East. Yeah, I'm sure Palestinians wake up every morning


and whether whether it be still, unfortunately, the envoy. This man


has an amazing capacity to get the wrong end of the state when it comes


to the Middle East. And the fact that he is supporting a military


coup, and a melody of regime that is authoritarian -- a military regime


that is authoritarian, that has branded the Muslim brother had at


the democratically elected president as traitors, killed a thousand of


them on the streets, and then had a crackdown on journalists and anyone


who dares to protest them, and Tony Blair says this is the voice of hope


and democracy? I mean, parody does not even cover it! Moving on to the


Telegraph, and the main picture story of the Marines in Somerset.


And we are expecting more rain as well. The idea of having the army on


stand-by at this point, when some villages have been cut off for a


month, seems a little bit too late for some people wanted yes, you look


at this picture, it really sums it up. You have these two Royal Marines


wondering what exactly they are supposed to do. The fact that the


villagers have had to wait a month of dealing with floods, of having to


cope not only with the damage of the floods, but now the aftermath of


trying to get to school and work, seemingly forgotten, and you have to


wonder if it was in the Home Counties, if the story would be


different. I am sure people in Somerset are tinkering that, what


took so long? It is as if they have only just remembered that the Armed


Forces have amphibious vehicles. And there is also this thing about


sending the Army and it looks like they are doing something. But


clearly, I think even these two Royal Marines are thinking, heavens


above, what are we supposed to do?! We were not trained for this! Well,


the Fire Service apparently are helping as well. This is the


cartoon, a police officer, in a boat, going up to a couple in a car.


Completely swamped by the water. He always manages to hit it on the


head. The smoking in cars thing is quite an incredible move by


petitions, really, I think. Anyone who smokes with a kid in the back,


you are crazy. But surely people can make up their own minds about things


like that. Let's look at the last story, middle-class mothers decide


to stay at home. Mothers, if they can afford it, have decided they are


going to stay at home. But the Government has been trying to push


as many people back to work as possible. This is an interesting


choice by women, if they can afford it. That is the crucial line,


according to this article, it is the families which are able to live on


one income, where these women are choosing to leave employment. That


is a major qualifier. I do not know how many families can afford to do


that. They want to spend time with their kids, that is a good thing,


surely. It is perfectly understandable, fathers want to


spend as much time with their kids as well. But it is a big if. Maybe


20 or 30 years ago, it was easier for a family to have only one


income. But not so much now. It is not so much that mothers and fathers


want to go out to work, it is necessity. The cost of living crisis


that we are in is obviously contributing, but obviously, if it


was easier, if there were more child benefits, if there was more in place


to allow for that, I am sure mothers and fathers would be able to stay at


home and look after their children. That is it from the papers for this


hour. We will be back within the next hour to have another look.


Coming up at 11 o'clock, we will have more on that reinstatement of


the guilty verdicts against Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox. Coming up


next, Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday - I'm


John Watson. On the way tonight... Michael Schumacher is to be brought


out of his medically-induced coma as treatment continues


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