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it up in an hour and a half, as great and leave the USA in a Davis


cup tie, after he wins the first singles rubber in San Diego. Hello


and welcome to our look at the papers tomorrow. Tomorrow's front


pages. The Mail's front page is dominated by Amanda Knox's TV


interview after her conviction for the murder of Meredith Kercher.The


Mirror leads with the same story, with Knox insisting she'll fight to


the end. "Cameron's EU strategy is dealt a double blow", according to


the FT. That's after the Prime Minister's


talks with President Hollande and a Lords defeat.


The Independent has news that the chair of Ofsted is to leave her post


at the end of the month. The Telegraph claims English is no


longer the first language for the majority of pupils in more than one


in nine schools. Education also features in the


Times, with news that the government wants children to take school tests


at the age of four. The i reports an attack by Prince


Charles on climate change sceptics. He describes them as the "headless


chicken brigade". Finally, the Guardian says a third


of the mansions on London's billionaires row are standing empty.


Let's begin with that reinstatement of those guilty verdict is in


Florence last night. 24 hours ago we were talking about this, Amanda Knox


and Raffaele Sollecito having those convictions for the murder of


Meredith Kercher upheld. Amanda Knox appeared on American TV following


her reinstated guilty verdict for Meredith's death. It makes several


of the front pages. I don't suppose we should be surprised because they


have always been fascinated by Amanda Knox. The Daily Mirror calls


her the ice maiden and the Daily Mirror -- the Daily Mail describes


it as a brazen charm offensive. The Independent also has a picture of


Amanda Knox alongside the caption, loneliness of the long-distance


fugitive. There is no doubt in their minds about whether she was rightly


or not -- wrongly convicted. I know. The way they talk about her is that


she is guilty. Which an Italian court has said she is. It has been


such a long process. You can be left confused about what the situation


is. They talk about her appearing on television in full make-up. The


minute you walk into a TV station, they slap make up onto you. That is


what happens. I just get a really bad feeling from it. Obviously, the


people I am really concerned about are the family of the victim. And


yet so often we do not see the pic of the woman who was killed,


Meredith Kercher. It is Amanda Knox who is constantly on the front page.


It is almost like she has become a character in the whole scheme of


things. It is that whole thing of calling her Foxy Knoxy and all of


that sort of stuff, I think it is very strange. Seven-year is since


Meredith Kercher died, and her family, it seems, still cannot be


sure this is the verdict that is going to stand. Absolutely. Seven


years down the line, three court cases now. And the Daily Mail is


right, this is a TV charm offensive designed to try to prevent


extradition. Meredith Kercher's family are left, still, not really


knowing what happened to their sister and daughter on that night,


and probably without any end in sight, at least for a very long


time. Because of the Italian court system, they can go back with an


appeal. Even an extradition, if it were to go ahead, would be a year


away, so there is uncertainty for everyone. The Americans have already


been poking at the Italian system, saying it is not a system they


trust. When it comes to the extradition, Americans are going to


be American and say, why are we going to send her back there. You


look at it through the prism of your own judicial system. If you have a


system of double jeopardy, as in the United States, they cannot


understand why in Italy you can be tried, in effect, for a second time


for the same crime. We will see a lot more high-profile TV interviews.


She was on good morning America, which has millions of viewers. It is


a real appeal to public opinion to get public outrage behind her to put


pressure on politicians. As we know, extraditions are a legal issue but


they are political as much as anything else. She wants American


politicians to be batting for her. A test of extradition treaties,


particularly when we know that the United States always wants


extradition treaties to be honoured when people are going the other way.


We have issues with them ourselves, don't we? Some people are extradited


to America. Not necessarily seen the other way. Let's move on and talk


about one of a number of education stories on the front pages. This is


the Independent, beneath the picture of Amanda Knox, Michael Gove Sax


Ofsted chief. This is Baroness Morgan, who was a very close aide to


Tony Blair, but also appointed by the coalition three-year is ago to


be the chair of the schools Inspectorate, Ofsted. We understand,


Kate, you will probably know more about this, the tensions there have


been within the various bodies looking after education. There has


been an extraordinary spat about Ofsted, the future of Ofsted and


what Michael Gove was going to do with it. He had to make a statement


only a few days ago saying he would sack anybody who would be briefing


against Ofsted, and now we discover that Baroness Morgan is going to not


get a second term. She is not being kept on. It is a strange situation


because her tenure should come to an end at the end of this month, which


is today, but she is likely to be kept on until they can find a


successor, until the autumn. It is a peculiar mixed message. Her tenure


has come to an end but she is staying on until they can find


someone to take over. That is politics. I think there is a lot of


politics going on. Despite the fact that she was closely linked to Tony


Blair, she also supported the free schools policy. That is why she


might have been useful to Michael Gove until now. There has been a


statement from Michael Gove regarding the dismissal of Baroness


Morgan. He says he would like to thank her for a tremendous


contribution to the work of Ofsted, bringing great knowledge and


insight. You would think she was stepping down of her own volition,


the way this is worded, but it is never that straightforward. What is


going on behind this is that Michael Gove is very much trying to appeal


not to the education establishment, who he has shown he is not afraid of


antagonising, but the judgement he is making is that something needs to


be done to help standards in schools and that that will appeal to parents


who will vote. But it will not be easy to find an appointment that


satisfies everybody, particularly so close to an election, and I think


there has been a complaint to the Cabinet Secretary to stop Tory


ministers making party political appointments that are not


necessarily approved of by the Lib Dems. The thing that I remember most


is about when Tim Lawton was sacked as the children's minister. That man


was loved by people in the field, and there was total shock when he


was sacked by people working in that field. Again, we will have to wait


and see what comes out. They know who they are going to a point, but


it is a case of waiting to see what happens. We will come back to


education in a moment. Here is the financial Times main story -


Cameron's EU strategy dealt a double blow. This is after he met the


French president at Brize Norton today and resident Holland said now


is not the time to think about treaty changes. -- resident Holland.


It is a problem for David Cameron. Just to see them on stage together,


it shows the international diplomacy. Body language was


interesting. I heard they were in a pub as well. Maybe he did not like


the beer. There was also a problem today for the Prime Minister in that


the Lords have done in the bill that would have underpinned this


referendum on our continued relationship with the EU. You wonder


where the Prime Minister goes with this. He is still talking about the


referendum in 2017. Yes, he is, but the noises from number ten are very


much a blame game, saying, look at the Labour Party and the Liberal


Democrats. It is their fault the bill is not happening. They are


trying to put Bush on the parties without putting too much pressure,


because they want to go into the next election saying, only the


Conservatives will give you this referendum. I must ask you what you


made of Christopher Hope from the Telegraph was Mac temerity, in


asking the president if he has made France a laughing stock with his


private life, if he is still in a relationship with Julie Gayet, and


if he is sorry that she is not here. French journalists do not understand


the fixation with that question. Absolutely, the French media and


French MPs are considering that British journalists have insulted


the French president, and it is because they have a tradition of


being deferential to their political leaders. And in Britain we have a


tradition of asking very tough questions to people in power, and I


think that is what we get from a free press, and we should be proud


of it. You would feel you are not doing your job properly if you had


not asked it. Let's move on to the Telegraph, another education story


with England a second language at one in nine schools. What is the


point of the story? It's in the Telegraph, so that might be a


pointer. It's not news. It's something that I hear all the time.


I am not sure what their motivation is. There have not been any figures


or anything else like that released. They say it has gone up 10% since


2009. It says the majority of children in 755 primary and


secondary schools spoke another language at home following a sharp


increase in the pupils with foreign-born parents. They saying it


is a good or a bad thing? -- are they saying? One thing they are


saying is that these schools were all mainly rated good or outstanding


by Ofsted. So it's not a disadvantage to speak more than one


language. They do talk about the things that the schools are doing as


well to help pupils and to help the society within the school. They are


pointing out that we are expecting a kind of explosion in the number of


kids going to school in the coming years, because we are seeing a


rising birth rate. It's nothing we haven't seen before. We saw this in


the early 1980s, so it is about whether we allocate resources and


how do we deal with it? More teachers having to cope with


children who do not speak English as fluently as they might want. I


always think having a second language is a real skill. It's


something lacking in my life. I wish I had spoken to languages. Prince


Charles attacking the climate headless chickens. He often gets


criticised the commenting on anything. But he might be criticised


if he did not make a comment at all. I often agree with a lot of things


he says. I remember when he talked about buildings being carbuncles,


and a lot of people think he should not say things like this. Should he


be? As the heir to the throne? I am torn. One of the interesting things


about him saying this is it shows the rise and influence of


anti-climate change groups. That is it for this hour, but David and Kate


will be with us at 11:30pm. Stay with us on BBC News because at 11


o'clock we have more on the heavy weather which is starting to batter


the UK. Coming up next, Sports day. -- Sportsday.


15 minutes left of the transfer window now and the deadline day


drama could come from Anfield. Andy Flower calls for a clean slate after


he steps down as England team director


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