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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. Presented by Clive Myrie.

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date. And when showbiz meets sport. One Direction's member makes his


debut for Doncaster. Hello. Welcome to our look ahead to


what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me is barrister


Sophia Cannon and Martin Bentham of the London Evening Standard. Let's


look at tomorrow morning's front pages. The Independent is leading on


the crisis in Ukraine, saying Russia is now on a war footing. The


Financial Times has the same top story, focusing on the stern


response from the White House, warning Russia to respect Ukrainian


territory. The Telegraph says couples will soon be able to draft


their own route delivered a divorce settlement without going to court.


The picture is of Lee Rigby's Sun and widow. Front page of the


Guardian is dominated by pictures of thousands of people waiting for food


and a Syrian refugee camp. The main stories on the scale domestic


violence faced women and children in Britain. The Metro has the soldier


Lee Rigby's picture, beside the headline for a life.


The Express says that some of us may expect snow soon. It's on the way,


folks. We are going to start with the Telegraph. The picture there of


Lee Rigby, the soldiers brutally killed by two men in Woolwich. That


is his wife and that is his son, there. The judge, handing down


sentences today, Sofia. What is interesting, in his comments while


sentencing, he referred to them as radical extremist spew espouse the


cause and views which are a betrayal of Islam and of the peaceful Muslim


communities that give so much to our country. That freaked them out. They


completely lost it in the dock. They see themselves as the true


inheritors of Islam? Indeed. I think Mr Justice Sweeney's comments were


for the wider unity of this country. It is so easy, is it not, for this


case to be appropriated by the far right, by those with a particular


political purpose, to incite racial or religious hatred. Like the


English Defence League? Indeed. It was repositioning Islam as a


religion of peace, the fact that these two converts have put forward


a perversion of Islam in such a dramatic way. It has to be quashed,


here and now. It was exactly what the relatives and the front page of


the Telegraph, having the wife and his son, it is what the family


wanted? Absolutely. They could possibly have got a whole life term


for both, but apart from that, the sentences are as low as possible,


pretty much. I don't think either of them will ever emerge again. There


has been a process, they have both faced justice. That is one fortunate


thing, it sounds terrible word to use in this circumstance, but these


two men wanted to die as martyrs. They are not going to die as


martyrs, they have not been granted that privilege, they might see it,


that glory, and so on. They are going to have to languish in prison


for the rest of their lives, which is a very good thing. Indeed. OK, we


are going to stay with the Telegraph as well. You could be out of a job,


soon? DIY divorce is to cut lawyers' bills. Apparently there


will be an online calculator, potentially, where couples can work


out who owes what and how they should divide up their property, so


on and so forth, to cut the bills of having to employ a lawyer to do


that. Indeed. Commissioned report actually brings clarity and


predictability we hope, to divorce, so that couples have an idea before


they sit down, before they walk down the aisle, of course, to know is


that a much they are going to pay if they do divorce. Notwithstanding the


fact that we have now got several equal marriage. We now have gay


marriage is coming in, equal marriage is coming into the frame


here. We have more people wanting to get married and, indeed, more


assets. And potentially more divorces. One wonders why this


hasn't been done before. Because, unfortunately, it is not quite as


simple as it might appear. They have spent two years, the Law


Commission, looking at this. This formula they are talking about is


something called in Canada the cookie cutter formula, where you


can't delete it on the length of time you have been together,


earnings, so on. Their role is also of occasions in the report. It says


you get an idea beforehand what you might get out but it is a rough


guide rather than a precise one that can be adjusted. You can have been


actual agreements, but that can be overridden by the needs of children


and different parties. There are still a lot of complexity, it is


just a way of trying to make the broader framework of it clearer and


simpler. There is always going to be, we call them the Call The


Midwife wife, they have been married since the 50s, they are going to be


seen differently by the legal process than the younger wife that


has been married for a couple of years and there is no children. This


is a good way of looking forward to how we can bring predict ability


into the process of getting divorced. Is there a wider issue?


I'm interested on your comments on this, being in the legal profession,


is there a wider sense that the legal profession in this country has


sat untouched for a long time? We have seen reform of the public


services, the union is taking part off Not a Paul! We have seen banks


taken to task. Is the legal profession finally being brought in


from the cold? We are seeing changes to legal aid and that being cut, now


this Law Commission, finally, this last Bastian is being modern eyes?


We have always been modern. The sheer fact that I am here, on


merit, means that the legal profession is one where you can be


certain of getting the best. It does not matter if your barrister is


young or old, whether that barrister is black or white, you have the best


of the best, being presented in criminal or civil cases. But this


actually goes back to the previous batch of legal aid cuts, which


removed legal aid for divorce cases. Most people are going to have to


sort it out at their own experience deliberate Spence. Most people don't


want to pay legal bills and will find ways of avoiding that. It is


potentially going to make prenuptial agreements legally binding, which


again cuts you folk out? The But who is going to draft them? I am a


former law student myself, I think you are as well? No? Not at all.


There is a sense that you guys have had it too easy for too long? The


whole idea of fat cat barristers is a myth. Many, many barristers, up


and down the country, are working for ?30 a day, even. You need to be


aware of that, that if you are arrested, late at night, God, you


hope, you hope that the barrister that attends you next morning is


someone who has the idea of how to protect you without fear or favour.


Not working in their wallet first. I have been well and truly slapped


down. If I am arrested in the middle of the night, I am calling you. That


go on to the Independent, Ukraine, Vladimir Putin puts Russia on a war


footing. Sabre rattling from Moscow, but are they likely to cross the


border? One would think not, but who knows? It's impossible to read. It


would seem to be, as you have said, sabre rattling, Russia wanted to


assert its authority and not be shut out of this whole debate, protect


the Russian minority in the country and the areas in which, Crimea being


one, where there is a Russian majority. There are a lot of Russian


citizens living in Ukraine in general. Clearly, Vladimir Putin is


wanting to assert himself, wanting to have the Russian viewpoint taken


into consideration to protect its citizens. Whether it leads to


anything more, I would doubt. But then, you can read what he... That's


it, he went to war in 2008, he marched into Georgia. There is


formed Indeed. We have to ask ourselves, are we looking at the


second premiere in war? The iron curtain has moved east, from Warsaw


to hear. The aspirations of its people have moved west. I don't


think we'll be involved, this time! The Crimean War without us, we


sincerely hope. The Guardian, 10,000 at risk of domestic violence? This


is where legal aid comes in and you're going to need a barrister to


represent you on either side of the domestic violence. If you falsely


accused, or if you are suffering from domestic violence. The problem


is that legal aid is available to women men who have suffered domestic


violence. But it is a hard test to prove. Many solicitors are finding


it extremely difficult to obtain legal aid funding for their


clients. And their clients are having to attend, on their own, in


court, before a judge, when they are alleging domestic violence. This


story, it is talking about the sheer scale of it. 10,000 living in risk?


It is based on police assessments, one of the points it makes in the


story, perhaps understandable, though not as I report, is that


there is a great variation in the way that different forces assess


things. Perhaps that is inevitable, it shouldn't be the case in a


theoretical world, but perhaps it is inevitable, as with lots of crime


statistics. Sussex, 211 women at high risk of homicide or serious


harm, in Surrey 17, in the Metropolitan Police area, a very big


one, 87, apparently. So, you can see the different ways of calculating,


in itself, are very varied. That raises a question as well. If men


were dying at the rate that women were dying, one`and`a`half a week...


As a result of domestic violence? There would have been a Royal


Commission by now. It is not just that these are random women. They


are identifiable women. It is predictable. They have raised the


red flags already and they have come to the notice of their police


forces, or social service departments, and they are still


dying. I'm not sure what a Royal Commission would achieve myself.


There are a lot of people in this position. On the other hand, how you


pick out ` there are cases here ` there is one here that a jury has


found in the case in Sussex that the police and CPS failed to take steps


that would have prevented a woman's death and so on. There are cases and


there are some very bad cases of that sort. I don't think it is (a)


the authorities are not trying to do the right thing ` and sometimes with


hindsight these things can look very easy. I'm not sure what a talking


shop would achieve. It is not a talking shop. It is to look at the


magnitude of how many women are dying in these circumstances that


are predictable. That is the thing we will need to note, they are


predictable, identifiable, what are we doing about it? The implications


for society for having children who die at the ` women and children who


die at the hands of their fathers is an ongoing issue. It is going to


damage society. Right. OK. We will very briefly ` we will skip the


Telegraph, or The Financial Times. We will go to the Telegraph Business


Section. Ryanair is pledging New York flights for ten euros. How can


they afford to do that? They have to buy the long`haul aircraft that they


need! So this is years down the road, right? That's the immediate


catch! Damn! I was looking forward to Thanksgiving in New York! They


are going to have certain business and first`class seats in there which


will be an unusual thing. Yes. That would subsidise... The other thing


is how many seats would be sold at this price? It might be one on each


flight. Yes. Is he going to charge you every step you walk up the steps


so that by the time you get on the plane, your ticket is... It is a new


fun Ryanair now(!) Their profits are down so they are changing all that.


I'm not convinced yet. Alright. You wait to be convinced. You will be


back in an hour's time to look at more of the stories behind the


headlines. Stay with us on BBC News because at the top of the hour, we


will hear the latest from Northern Ireland and the First Minister


there, Peter Robinson, who is warning prosecutions could still be


made against those who have received letters of assurance from the


Government that they won't be prosecuted. Stay with us for that.


Coming up now, Sportsday. Good evening. I'm Ore Oduba and


welcome to Sportsday. Coming up on the programme: Chelsea score an


important away goal in a 1`1 draw against Galatasaray in the Champions


League last 16. Set for his cricket comeback `


Jonathan Trott looks likely to make his return from a


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