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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. Presented by Martine Croxall.

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the 32 man squad for the upcoming friendly with Denmark. It includes a


first international call-up for 18-year-old Southampton defender


Luke Shaw. That is in 15 minutes, after the papers.


It's good to be back. Am I saying that too soon? We will find out in a


moment. Welcome to our look ahead at what the papers are bringing us


tomorrow. Withers are James Lyons from The Mirror and Eleanor Mills


from the Sunday Times. We will begin with the Express. We can show it to


you this time! We are a step closer to an anti-ageing drug. The Mirror


leads on claims that GCHQ snooped on webcam chats. The Daily Telegraph


says that the UK will be a leader in dementia treatment. Yahoo have


condemned what they call a completely unacceptable violation of


privacy, says the Guardian. The Daily Mail focuses on migration to


Britain and split in Cabinet. The Mirror says that dozens of children


have been taken into care for being obese. The Times says that dangerous


legal highs could be sold on the High Street under plans considered


by ministers. Let's start with the Daily Mail, a couple of stories.


Migration soars, good says Vince Cable. He mocks the PM's failure to


control that EU influx. Another division in the Cabinet? The This


could be quite serious. There has been a rocket from up to 212,000, up


to 60,000 of the people coming to live and work in the UK. The


majority is from the EU. It's interesting, in the light of Angela


Merkel coming here today, he said very firmly there was going to be no


change on freedom of movement in the UK. It is bad for Cameron because


one of his key election pledges was that he was going to get net


migration down. And this is really not happening at all. This is pretty


bad news in the coalition. Of course, he has Vince Cable, very


pro-immigration, hence it's a signee economy is doing really well,


crowing about it. So, this is pensions, one might say. And a sign


that people want to come and live here, it's a nice place today?


Absolutely, the economy is doing well, people are coming here. This


was a dividing line during the last election. Vince Cable clearly wants


to make it a dividing line that the next election. A lot of people


around David told him it was silly to make this pledge and it looks


like that now. Buried in this bad news for David Cameron, even more


bad news. These figures... You even sound like you are rubbing your


hands together! Luff, I'm not, at all! These are 12 month figures to


September last year. As we know, the controls on Bulgarian and Romanian


immigrants were not lifted until January. In six months time I think


we are going to see these figures looking worse. Won't he say, well,


this is net migration, it has gone up because lots of people are


staying here and don't want to go anywhere else? But that was the


promise he made, we had some extraordinary exchanges, where they


kept saying to him, is the Prime Minister confident that this


election pledge will be met? He kept saying to us, we have got the right


policies in place and that is our target. And we would say, but is it


going to be met? Hang on, lots of governments of all different


complexions have targets and they don't meet them, do they? Well, they


should not make them. The measures they are putting in place, they keep


talking about what they are trying to do around immigration. They can't


do anything! Everything is around non-EU migration. The Which is not


the driver. These are terrible headlines for Cameron in terms of


the threat from UKIP. It lays into the hands of Nigel Farage. He has a


conference tomorrow, I am sure he will put this rampage on the podium.


He says the whole point of having to get out of the EU is because we


can't control immigration. Nothing that was said, Angela Merkel,


however they were trying to spin it in that she might give concessions,


it is true, because they can't do anything about freedom of movement.


She agrees about curbing benefit migrants. Whatever the government


pretends, there are people coming here to work and get jobs. Vince


Cable says that, they are coming to fill jobs in the expanding labour


market. We still have nearly 1 million young people that can't get


jobs. It's not good politics for David Cameron. Can anyone out there


differentiate between EU and non-EU migration, or do they just see that


migration is going up? It doesn't matter where they are coming from,


if you don't like migration do you care? There are really stupid things


going on in the name of trying to get down non-EU migration. A lot of


people that want to come here from China, as tourists sought to study,


are being told they can't. There has been a public relations disaster in


India. A lot of students were coming to the UK and because of the


tightening up on visas to study they are not coming, which will cost us a


fortune. The whole policy does not work. One of the big entertainment


firms, don't know if I am allowed to mention it? They were complaining


that they run the attractions in London and they say the Visa system


for Chinese people are stopping people coming here and costing loads


of money and jobs. We seem to have ended up with the worst of all


worlds. Still loads of people coming from Europe that we can't do


anything about, at the same time, we are stopping the lucrative tourist


market. You managed not to sound fully for them. Well, it's bad for


everyone. Patricia Hewitt, I was wrong over PIE. This is the former


Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt, general secretary of the National


Council For Civil Liberties in the 1970s, which had links with this


Paedophile Information Exchange, which claimed it was not a


campaigning group to encourage legalising sex with children.


Patricia Hewitt has now come out and said very emphatically denies that


she was wrong not to have done something about that. Slightly


unfair, she has finally apologised, it says, she has been out of the


country for the last 12 days which is why she has not responded to the


stuff that was going on. She didn't leave any room for doubts over his


regrets? No, she has definitely given a masterclass in how to deal


with this sort of thing. Harriet Harman problems, that she has had


this week, have by and large been caused by the way she responded to


this and the failure to fully explain the situation, as she saw it


at the time. To admit that clearly mistakes had been made. They might


not have been mistakes she made, that mistakes were clearly made. I


think it was the failure to clearly say that in the interview at the


start of this week. I think it is very interesting that she has said


it so unequivocally, so did Sammy Chakravarty, from Liberty, there


were questions over why she found it so difficult to say this was not a


good thing that happened in the 70s, it was another era, it was


misguided, they were wrong. The other two have said it, I don't know


why she finds it so difficult. Isn't there a difference to be drawn here?


Patricia Hewitt says, I had a close link because of my role... They had


different jobs. If we are being realistic about this, Patricia


Hewitt is no longer a front line politician. Therefore, it is easier


for her to say sorry, easier for her to draw a line under it. If Harriet


Harman had spoken out in such aliphatic way, she knew that her


enemies were waiting to pounce. She could have drawn a line under this a


week ago by saying, you know, it was a different era, we were totally


wrong, it was bizarre, it now looks really awful and the other two have


done the right thing. I think she played it incredibly badly. Let's


look at the Telegraph. A really interesting photograph of when Dave


met Angela. It interesting to hear her speak English today. You don't


hear it very often. They look like they are about to kiss. It's a bit


Four Weddings And A Funeral. They described the relationship as him


being at the naughty nephew, which is really weird. The strangest


description I have heard between world leaders. Somebody at Number 10


really got that wrong. It seems almost sinister. This is a very old


picture. They do look quite chummy. The other pictures I saw, they


looked extremely on edge, staring daggers at each other if they were


looking at each other at all. There was an odd picture of him in the


kitchen at Number 10, or I should say one of the Cameron's kitchens.


They have two kitchens! His and hers. They had to put in a nicer


kitchen when they came in. Gordon Brown's kitchen was a bit grotty.


Samantha Cameron likes a nice kitchen. I don't think the Telegraph


is talking about the kitchens, they are talking about the relationship


in two nations and what don't think the Telegraph is talking about the


kitchens, they are talking about the relationship in two nations and


what's given on Twitter is the kitchen and the box set! There was a


whole James Bond set... Shall we move on and say it didn't go well? A


?60 yellow toaster! Right, the first three-parent babies


next year. This is also in the Telegraph. Well,


this is the move of the genetic equivalent of changing a faulty


battery in a car. I think she thought that would sound reassuring


but it doesn't. It is unfortunate. You would have to


be the Chief Medical Fer. This is about couples having IVF


treatment for severe disabilities, so that they are offered a downer


bit of genetic code from another woman's egg to stop the likely hooud


of passing on that genetic condition. So there is science


behind this. But people have an issue with it? It


has gone through the HE Fay. I think it is a good idea. If you are a


family with those kinds of degenerative diseases, and you can


Boro a tiny bit. It is literally the sack that the rest of the genetic


stuff sits in, coming from the other egg and if you can do that it means


you don't get a child that suffers from this terrible disease, why not?


Should we be even thinking of stopping it happen, if you can stop


these awful diseases? This has clear fantastic potential. I don't think


that anyone would want to stand in their way? Well, there is a bit of a


yuck factor about it. The Metro: The spy who loved me,


naked on webcam. You, do you love this? But there is a serious side to


it. It is a bit Carry On Spying. The way it sounds? People caught naked


on a webcam, but the fact that GCHQ have been looking at the pictures


and storing them? And apparently that one in nine has undesirable


nudity. This is not my definition. I cannot really help you with the


definition, but this is what the spy chiefs think is undesirable.


This is Operation Optic Nerve. Yes and there are apparently 1. 8


million images. I think that is about 160,000 images of undesirable


nudity. Good maths! For those who may be


worried about this, apparently the operation ran from 2008 until 2010


and possibly a little after that. Lots of people thinking did they


have a webcam then. And the serious part, GCHQ were


trying to try out facial recognition software to help them track down


terrorists, so they stored millions of images from webcams trying to do


that but of course they got a lot of things that were not faces! And of


course the worry is that WikiLeaks could get hold of it.


Do you think that they have bottom recognition? Maybe not. I don't have


a webcam, so I can rest easy! That is the papers for this hour, but we


are back later for another look at the front pages. Stay with us on the


BBC News. Peter Robinson welcomes a judge-led inquiry to letters sent to


Republican suspects, telling them they would not be prosecuted. Coming


up next is Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday with


me Tim Hague. Here's what's to come tonight: Spurs stage an amazing


comeback to keep their European adventure


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