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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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World Championships. That is all in 15 minutes.


Welcome to look ahead at what the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. With us at John Stapleton and Henry Bonsu. Tomorrow's front


pages of looking like this. The Crimea invasion is the


Independent's headline. People waiting three weeks to see


their GP. Allies of David Cameron are urging


Boris Johnson to try to return to the Commons.


A picture of Joanna Dennehy, who was jailed for life today.


The suggestion that house prices are rising at their fastest rate of four


years. You might expect that to make many


of the papers have chosen to focus on the worsening situation in


Ukraine, particularly in the Crimean region. The Independent has dramatic


photographs of the activity. The Guardian has Cossacks rallying


at the Crimean parliament. Suggestions of a full`scale assault


from Moscow. This particular front pages were


printed and we have had a statement from Barack Obama talking about the


view from Washington of what is going on. The developments look like


some kind of military intervention already. They do. The Independent


calls it an invasion,. It is naked aggression. We have got the literary


`` militarily people, people blocking the harbour at Sebastopol,


government buildings being invaded. It looks like an invasion. It looks


at Kiev has lost control of this. We must remember that it has a majority


of the population supporting Russia. It is a very worrying situation. Not


just for that part of the world, but the whole of Europe. Hopefully not a


shot being fired. This suggested that will premiere wanting greater


autonomy does not see itself as part of Ukraine, but leaning towards


Russia. Ethnic mix, proximity, history, and President Putin wants


to show that the United States is not the only remaining superpower.


The rest of the world has to listen and give Russia respect. That is one


of the things that the old guard really regretted, the loss of


respect and influence. I think Putin is just playing around. He is


keeping everybody guessing. He knows that whatever Obama says, whatever


it David Cameron, whatever the other leaders say, they cannot do


anything. Russia is rich and saying that we are in control. This is our


backyard. We can do whatever we want. When William Hague goes to


talk on Sunday, he will remind Russia that only in 1994 they signed


an agreement saying he would not reach Ukraine's integrity. `` they


would not breach. Crimea is still part of Ukraine. A US official has


been quoted following in that statement from Barack Obama saying


that a US response to any Russian intervention could include avoiding


deeper trade and commercial ties that Moscow is seeking. That sounds


a bit weak. This is a country that financially is on its knees, the


Ukraine. Irrespective of what happens. This is talking about


greater ties between America and Russia. What else can they do at the


moment? Do the Russians really need the Americans? They have got the


rest of the world. Countries like Nigeria. Russia is getting into


Africa and China. It can go anywhere they want. Emerging markets where it


is at. The United States have Russia critical in various elements of


foreign policy. Absolutely. This is like manner from heaven for them.


Some people see President Obama as we con foreign policy. President


Putin knows he can get away with this. `` week on. Not much the


Security Council can do. There is not much they can do but to say,


please back off. President Putin is playing this very intelligently.


This is naked aggression, but not a shop has been fired. He has made the


point. `` shot. That is as far as you go. Do not get cute. As far as


president Obama is concerned, he has a war weary public. He is doing what


the American people want, not getting involved.


Let us move on to the Scotsman. They have also got a picture on their


front page of the crisis escalating. The main story tonight, airline


bosses boost for yes campaign. These are the bosses saying that


independence would be positive for the industry. That is at odds with


some other businesses. They have said... It depends who you believe.


It is all to do with the Caroline duty. `` airline. They say that they


will reduce the duty. That is music to the ears of these men. How many


flights are we talking about? I do not know. But it is obviously worth


their while. They would have more routes. I am finding this


interesting. Is this going to come down to which companies are for and


against? I am sure it is not. I am sure others will come out in the


next few days and weeks saying where they stand. Probably not. I suspect


this is helping crystallise the issues for a lot of people. A lot of


people have wanted independence. You are coming off as a bit Scottish.


For a lot of people, they will have to wait. They will have the chance


to see the arguments crystallise. Is it about maintaining the pound,


going into bit coin? Is it about employment. If businesses are going


south, that is going to threaten people in their pocket. Do not toys


bit coin. `` choose. Very interesting. We have only got a few


months ago. It is really going to galvanise. I put independence was on


the way, then after the news about the pound, maybe not. The arguments


need to flesh out. This will give it a bit more meat. The Daily Mirror. A


picture of Joanna Dennehy, who has been sentenced to life in prison.


She has been told that she will die in jail. That is apparently what she


said to police as she was arrested. A horrible story. People did no that


she was suffering from serious mental health problems. This is the


problem. If you have a mental health condition, that can only be treated


with hospital. If it is at a nature and degree that warrants adequate


intervention, you can be detained. But if it is not clearly defined and


is not treatable and you have not committed a crime, you cannot be,


that is unlawful. In the case of this woman, she is young but has a


history of mental health problems. Psychologists have given her


commission a name. She gets the sexual excitement from healing paint


to other people. `` are dealing. Can we judge her in the way that we


judge somebody in command or control of their faculties? Appalling,


horrific and terrible what she did was, is it evil? She has had a


history and medical intervention has not helped. Having said that,


knowing what she done... A lot of people will be thinking it is a good


thing, to be honest. Absolutely. We will see a lot of these. After


Michael Adebolajo. Absolutely. Moving on to the Times. Politics.


David Cameron's allies telling Boris Johnson to run for Parliament. If


you run for Parliament as an MP, he would then be entitled to challenge


for the leadership. At the moment he cannot. I have no reason to doubt


the credibility of this whatsoever. It is interesting timing. There is a


suggestion that if David Cameron did not have an overall majority at the


next election he might go through what Michael Howard did. That would


have enabled David Cameron to move them. Whether Boris would be the


choice of everyone in the Conservative party is a different


question. I do not believe the old guard would be as keen as younger


people. He is a great character. Absolutely. Not a man of detail. You


have two master the brief and know the detail. Boris Johnson has shown


he does not. I am not sure he would be able to b`day party in


opposition. `` to lead a. It be interesting to see how plays outside


of London. I am not certain he would be a big hit.


Daily Mail. Probably our last one. Millions of patients being denied a


prompt appointment with their GP. A variable experience of trying to get


a doctors appointment the day. Only one in three getting a seven`day


appointment. I happen to be interested in the issue on dementia


and the difficulties and the wait for diagnosis. That is a bit


different, but the wait is between six ` 26 weeks. How can this be? How


can it be such a dramatic variation? Another thing that emerged was the


doctors in France are better at spotting dementia. Why? One of the


problems with the GP surgeries are that there are more of us around.


Not unusual for some GPs to see 40`50 patients. You wonder how they


can possibly give people the time they need. Many GPs are failing to


spot of these conditions. People going on to suffer a serious


illnesses. That is going to happen at some point. Always the same.


Always coming back to ours. That is it for the papers. Lovely to see


you. Thank you very much. Stay with us, more on the developing situation


in Premier. Coming up next, Sportsday. `` Crimea.


Hello. I'm Ore Oduba and welcome to Sportsday. Coming up on


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