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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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southwest Chinese city of Kunming. Police are calling it a premeditated


terrorist attack. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


broadcaster David Akinsanya and author and journalist Shyama Peraya.


Let's have a look at what the papers are saying. Tomorrow's front pages


now. Vladimir Putin's approval of troop deployment in Ukraine is The


Observer's main story. The same story takes up the Independent's


front page, which captures a picture of Ukrainians singing their national


anthem and asks: Where will it stop? Its main picture looks ahead to the


Oscars tomorrow with a picture of the nominated actress, Cate


Blanchett. But it's a different lead story for the Sunday Express, which


turns to health. The paper says that health chiefs have slammed statins.


It reports terrible side-effects. And The Mail on Sunday reports on


internal strife in the Conservative party. The paper still finding time


for other stories besides the Ukraine. Focusing on Ukraine for


now. That picture on the front page of the Independent on Sunday and the


headline that is on everyone's minds, where will it stop? I like


this photograph. It reminds me of Russell Crowe in gladiator. It is a


powerful picture. These three men are very powerful. No doubt they are


probably fascists or something horrendous, but it is a very moving


picture. It is one of those that will stick in the mind long after


this dispute is settled. It is hard to know whether they are soldiers or


not. They all seem to be wearing similar clothing. One of them is


carrying a steel pole. One does wonder. Lots of the protesters armed


themselves and wore military style uniforms. It is hard to tell. Behind


them you can see several in normal clothes, all singing. And earlier


tonight, you could hear it, you could hear people train. It is


worrying times. The problem is, how far will Russia go? Is it going to


be interesting because it is looking like America and Russia rather than


just some internal thing with Ukraine. It is worrying times.


Ukraine is a huge country with lots of people even though they do not


hear much about it here. And lots of Russian speakers in the eastern


Ukraine, they do not want to see blood shed in the Crimea, the health


family there. It does not follow that there will be bloodshed. I find


it interesting, the fears of the cold war, which suggests America has


some sort of leveraged and I'm not sure what the American leveraged is.


That is what the American -- what the Observer goes with. It seems to


me that Russia is the gatekeeper now for Iran and Syria. It is about to


become the gatekeeper for the Ukraine. Where is the Western clout


that matches the Russian clout? In the Cold War there was parity in the


power that each held. I do not understand where our power is in


this game that is being played out, not just across what used to be the


Soviet Union but the Middle East. What is interesting about this, it


is not the cold war, we have all gone cold, because there was no hot


to go with the cold. Do you believe in diplomacy? As long as Russia has


a veto in the UN and can keep wishing things through, -- pushing


things through, diplomacy does not count for much, except delays. It


worked to a degree with Syria, but people argued it was too little, too


late, but it did stop an escalation. It seems at the moment the Russians


are saying, that Obama has been consulted by the way he spoke about


it. That he was not as forthcoming as he could have been, he was been


quite gentle, but they are taking it as an insult. Diplomacy can only go


so far, as it did in Syria. Still an horrific amount of founding and loss


of life. -- fighting. As you were saying, at the UN, Russia will just


veto everything they want to say. Do you think that NATO is the answer?


As you say, the UN are going to be stopped or the time I Russia. We all


have depleted resources. Nobody has the money to spend on this. This is


great in terms of news coverage, great to watch on television and


reading the newspapers, but actually, it does not affect most of


us. The ultimate result will affect us and at that point we can start


thinking about how we respond. People just saw Ukraine as yet


another revolution. There has been some fat league with protests. There


will be interests when you are reading headlines like that in the


Observer. We're going to stay with the Observer. They have got a story


about the Labour Party, about a policy that all teenagers will have


to study maths until the age of 18 and English. Labour wants this, it


would bring us in line with other countries. A quarter of adults in


England have the maths skills of a ten-year-old. I will hold my hand up


and say that I1 of them. I quite good at mental arithmetic but I


could not measure and elliptical curve. But that does not matter


because I can work out what my shopping is going to cost. Some


people will say that they get on perfectly well without maths. But


they do not know what they are not achieving and getting and when they


are being done out of something. I think this is important. I was once


the governor of an further education college, and I think that these are


key skills, particularly any technological world, where


everything is on screen and written. These days, there is not much


opportunity for a verbal exchange where you can explain what it is you


need. You have to be a role to fill in a form on a screen and get what


you need. If you are not basically literate and numerate, your


disadvantage that so many levels, you are just pushed right out of the


workforce, as well as socially and every other way. I don't think I


would be able to force the kids I work with to continue with the


subject like maths that they really find challenging. They would say, I


can search online or use a calculator. My problem with maths


was about the teaching of it. I did not like the maths teacher. He was


someone who did not want to be around too much. As long as you have


got the times tables and the basics, I think it is fine. Do you hear from


kids that they would rather learn about maths that they are going to


use every day? Just that they can solve problems at their fingertips,


with a calculator or whatever. Let's move on. The Sunday Telegraph.


Immigration policy must change. This coming from Liam Fox, hot off the


heels of those immigration figures which have not helped David


Cameron's case. Because of the promises he made. He was going to


cut down on the numbers. Most people know that political parties have not


got a clue what is happening with immigration. You just don't know


what is going on. Just as they were wrong about the amount of Polish


people coming to this country, there were more than came before. There


were more that came before. Then after. I just think that we haven't


got control of it. And I don't think politicians are going to be able to


solve this problem. It is a problem of being a former colonial leader.


People want to come to England. Unless we picked the right people,


we were saying earlier on, we need children to pay for our pensions in


future, but again, if you talk to people who live in areas where they


cannot get an interview with Doctor, go to the local hospital


accident and urgency, lots of people are frustrated and blaming


emigration. With Nigel Farage, who has done lots this week to make his


party more acceptable, people are going to vote with UKIP because they


are being the most honest about it. What Liam Fox is saying, it is time


for David Cameron to show a positive vision. And I... Does he mean tough?


I suppose he does mean tough. The trouble is there is such a confusion


because we can't decide if it is colour we object to, whether it is


numbers we object to, education object to? Women in the workplace


under fire as mothers face rising resentment? It is reclick dus. --


ridiculous. I think younger women have always resented older women.


Actually, the reason that she is a producer is because she has got six


kids and she has got some understanding of what it is to be a


person out there. Two-thirds, who are not parents, said they are


expected to work longer hours than colleagues with children. Colleagues


with children are getting special privileges? If you are somebody who


doesn't have children, you know, and you are in the workplace and you


know that people are getting maternity, paternity and all these


things, you know, even people, other people who just don't have children,


you can see that if you are a person who doesn't have children, you lose


out. It is encouraging people to have a family and still have the


career to work hard for? I think a lot of people are saying you can't


do both. The people who don't have children lose out because they get


holidays? They don't have to keep putting into the pot through


childcare, through education, through the health of those


children, you think that's a joy for people? It is a choice you make. It


is a very positive choice about community and society and far from


pillorying the workers who raise children to be workers rather than


the workless who raise children to be workless and live on benefits,


actually we wou have a better society.


Before we go, I want to give our viewers a glimpse of what is on all


the back pages. This is on The Mail's pack pages. Alan Pardew


making an unconditional apology after the plough with the Irish


mid-fielder. We will have more on that at 1 # 11.30pm. Stay with us.


The international community is calling for calm as Russia approves


the use of troops in Crimea. Coming up next, it is Reporters.


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