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country's airspace. Coming up later, the technology that


is undressing Egyptian mummies. Hello, and welcome to our look ahead


at what the papers will bring us tomorrow. With me, the Royal


correspondent for the Sunday Times and David Schneider. Let's take a


look at the front pages. We will start with the Telegraph and the


former head of the Army tells the Telegraph that the UK should recruit


3000 troops to be based in Germany in order to make a military


statement to Russia. The express has the headline, lifestyle is key to


beating dementia, and says a good diet and exercise are more important


than genetics when it comes to preventing disease.


The Metro has details of a study claiming stress can double able


and's chance of becoming infertile. Ed Miliband has been warned he needs


to clearly set out Labour's strategic plans and not just hope to


win the next election by criticising the Conservatives, according to the


Guardian's exclusive front`page story.


The Times says Barack Obama will call on Europe to impose more


sanctions on Russia and meet growing concerns that Vladimir Putin is


poised to invade eastern Ukraine. Let's begin with our papers this


hour. We will start with the Daily


Telegraph. The pension story has rattled on since Wednesday's Budget.


I am sure David Cameron would have been delighted with some of the


positive headlines after the Budget, the silver savers' budget, aimed at


pensioners and those key Tory voters who may just be wavering. He is


going to be continuing with this in another speech, talking about how


beneficial it will be. We have got Boris Johnson wading in. It is quite


interesting. He is saying that this is going to throw a grenade into


Labour's position. Boris Johnson saying it will do story labour. I


really think Boris Johnson is moving into the four and interestingly, he


is coming back into the fold of Westminster. David Cameron referred


to Boris Johnson last week as a star striker, and it seems to be a love


in between them. That is interesting to watch. The worry is that Cameron


will be substituted. The pension thing is interesting. You know, by a


Lamborghini and by beer with what is left. It creates a sort of feel`good


factor, apart from the arthritis. The problem is, it feels very


short`term. It is like a help to blow your pension in one go scheme.


The worry is that the consequences, for example looking after people as


they get older, the costs will fall on councils, and will the money be


there? Will people blow their pensions or are we not giving them


enough credit? The argument is that people are able to make their own


decisions. Boris Johnson is going to talk about Lamborghinis for the


people in tomorrow's Telegraph. It is a fun line, blow it on a


Lamborghini. Most pensioners would not afford one anyway. I am sure


people will make sensible decisions. If technology was able to tell us


exactly how long we were going to live, I would know I was going to


live to 127, please God, then I can plan. It depends on the sort of


person you are. Some people say, let's just spend it, and others are


too careful. Even if you are being generous and going, at last I can


get my kids a house, it still means you might be vulnerable when you


needed when you are older. The argument is that if you are one of


those people who blow it, would you have had a pension in the first


place? Your point is a good one, but people change. Of course there are


employment schemes you would go to anyway. I think this is aimed at


people who have saved all of their lives. They certainly probably will


not spend it on a Lamborghini, because they have saved and put


money by. It might be quite patronising to say they will spend


it all at once. I understand that. The issue is that it is a clever


political move. They might have been disaffected. The young people were


very neglected in the Budget and they have been neglected by this


budget. They do not vote so much. 44% of young people voted in the


last election compared to 70% of older people. It makes sense


politically to throw things at the older people. Let's stay with the


Telegraph. David, you kick off with this, this is about the former head


of the army saying that Britain should send 3000 extra soldiers to


be based in Germany to send a message to Russia. This is Lord


Dalai to is saying this. What is happening is that Putin is rewinding


us to the Cold War. People like Lord Dannatt need to rewind and say, we


are in a Cold War situation. You could say that he has seen an


opportunity to reverse these severe budget cuts in the army and say, we


need people back into Germany. I think the problem of the modern army


and the budget cuts and this period of readjustment we are in is that it


is unpredictable, where we are going to need soldiers. Who would have


thought we would be fighting two desert war is? Now, things drift


back to a Cold War situation. What do you make of this? Clearly, things


are wrapping up. Russia is ramping up its approach and we have got the


NATO top commander, who is warning that Russian military action could


build up into a land grab for Moldova. It could go much further


than the Crimea. Obviously, Lord Dannatt, it is in his interests to


say that we need to hire extra troops, because he is very much in


favour of the fact that we should not be getting rid of the Army and


making the cuts are we had. He would say that, wouldn't he? It is an


interesting area, should we need them, and we might need to draw on


them. Same story, different angle in The Times. It says, Obama in crisis


talks as inflation fears grow. There is pressure coming from America,


inside Europe, outside Europe. They say Europe needs to take a tougher


line with its sanctions. The backdrop of this, of course, is that


Barack Obama is facing pressure at home. He needs to look strong. He is


under criticism because he needs to look strong in the face of Putin.


This is him coming over and saying, you need to do a bit more, Europe.


There is this worry that Europe is talking and not doing much action.


This is him crying to clear things up a bit, it looks like. We have


seen the good bits and the bad bits of the EU in this. A good bit is


that you do need to be together. We are stronger as a big block of


people standing up to Putin. The bad bit is that we are all separate and


there is a lack of clarity about the sanctions. Germany get 50% of their


gas from Russia, the French, they have other sanctions. That is where


the weakness of the EU is exposed. Putin seems to be doing whatever he


wants. We'll sanctions were? It is two ways and we lose out as well. It


is a difficult situation. Onto the Guardian, with one of the stories,


an exclusive saying there is an alliance of think tanks urging


Labour to be bold. This following the narrowing of the poll lead that


Labour has over the Conservatives that is almost neck and neck


following the Budget. This is due to the lead having narrowed. Miliband


has sneezed, and then the polls have gone down, Ben Osborne has blown his


nose and they have gone up. `` and then Osborne. There is the sense of


a long haul until 2015. People and the media need to generate stories


based on polls. I look at the boldness story here and I think,


poor old Miliband, he has tried had to be bold. He has exposed the


division in the nation. There was the Oxfam report that the five


richest families have the same might of money as the poorest 20%. `` the


same amount of money. He was bowled on Syria, he was bowled about


energy. `` bold. Some people just don't like the look of him, it boils


down to that. There was a significant poll in the Sunday Times


that says it is significant. It is a uke of poll that shows that you have


got a real bounce for the Tories. `` it is a uke of poll. It shows a


shift. This letter in today's Guardian comes from across the


party, and you think, with friends like this, who needs enemies? What


they are saying is that he needs to my bold. They say the manifesto


should be more than just exploiting conservative unpopularity. I cannot


dismiss the list of the think tanks and the media. There is clearly a


debate going on about how bold they should be. Whether they should say,


look at the mess the coalition have made and look at the inequality, or


whether they need to say clearly that those are their policies. There


is clearly a debate going on. We will go on to the Guardian picture


story, Samantha Cameron, the Prime Minister's wife on a charity run for


Sport Relief which has raised ?53 million so far. She was in a onesie.


And wearing red as well! Onto the Metro, looking at stress and


infertility. It is saying that stress can more than 881 and's


chances of becoming infertile. `` can double a woman's chances. People


are interested to read it, I expect. This is an American server at that


attract 501 cobbles. `` and American survey that followed 501 couples.


But you wonder if there is anything more gritty. It is slightly stating


the obvious. Of course stress will make it harder to conceive. It is


telling people to relax. These stories crop of mind there is


something it. `` these stories crop up and maybe there is something in


it. And the Daily Express story about lifestyle being key to beating


dementia. Again, it has the amazing revelation that healthy living is


better, that it is better to live well man to live badly. Smoking,


apparently, is bad for us and exercise, apparently, is good for


us. It is here in black and white! We are still not doing it, though!


Thank you to our guests. They will both be back at 11:30pm. For ``


coming up at 11 o'clock, more on the missing Malaysian flight MH370.


Coming up next, Click. This is going to be so good. First day on the job


as a supply teacher. I've got my lesson plans sorted. I'm going to


let the kids


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