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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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playing Cassandra Morelle in Dynasty.


Welcome to look ahead at what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.


Thank you for joining us. We will look at tomorrow's front pages. We


start with the Telegraph, the lead story is news that parents who start


star their children of love and affection `` starve their children


of love and affection face prosecution. The Guardian says


experts are warning that climate change has already cut into the


global food supply. The independent says the Midlands and the North of


England would be hardest hit by quitting the European Union. The


Daily Mail headline is about mothers over 50 having births. The daily


express says a right`wing think tank suggests patients paid ?10 per month


to use the NHS. We start with the Telegraph. This is quite


extraordinary. Explain more. Neglect and emotional abuse has always been


a gateway for social services to intervene in the family, and remove


that child into care, along with sexual abuse and physical abuse. But


here they are going to add a criminal by mentioning. The issue is


how you prove it. It has always been, with physical abuse you might


have evidence. Sexual abuse, to an extent, the same. But how do you


prove to the court that a child has been starved of cuddles? People will


be hearing this and thinking it is crazy, you will have children saying


they were ignored, this and that. Yes, I was treated differently,


excluded. In the civil court, this happens, we have many cases where


emotional abuse or the likelihood of emotional abuse in the family is a


wafer social services to remove children. `` is a way that. We know


that it can affect people. The inaccurate nursery rhyme about


mental abuse, it hurts a lot. We know that it matters, whether the


court can really judge on it, really find enough proof, it seems a lot


more work for the legal establishment. In all seriousness,


in this report there is a lot of food, might, may. `` could. How much


of a chance does this have? We have recently seen David Cameron cracking


down on pornography that children have access to. It is a political


issue. All the politicians want to look to be on the side of protecting


children. This seems to fit into that pattern. It is easy to say you


want to do something about things like this, quite hard to actually


crashed legislation that works. `` craft legislation. The political


side must be how far the state can intervene. Looking at this closely,


you do wonder, surely this is being covered by elements of cruelty, how


far are we going to go? Many mothers suffer from postnatal depression.


Where does the boundary stop? It will be very difficult if it comes


in. Staying with the Telegraph, this story about Britain walking tall


again, says George Osborne. One senses in this story a little bit of


the thumping of the election from. Such a cynic. You're quite right.


The Chancellor had a good couple of weeks. His budget was well received.


Since that budget we've seen the opinion polls tightening, Labour's


lead has gone down quite a bit. George Osborne seems to be wanting


to punch home, making this big speech on the economy tomorrow.


Within the story, we learn that Nick Clegg is going to try and rain on


his parade a little bit and claim that actually the tax cuts the


Tories claimed to have delivered are actually, certainly the raising of


income tax, was actually a Liberal Democrat manifesto idea. Nick Clegg


says, not so fast, George Osborne. What coalition? The knives are out.


It is like Game of Thrones. We are not sure who is doing what.


Everybody wants the glory. I disagree. I many people would really


have predicted this coalition, the first coalition would have lasted


until now? `` how many people. It is a fixed term parliament, there was


nothing they could have done. Onto the Financial Times. We were talking


about tax. Here is another story. It suggests according to the latest


figures, the calculation is showed that less tax than forecast is going


into the coffers. People are not paying as much. Are we in recovery?


Tax has come up short. Everybody is rushing to pay their tax. It is the


end of the tax year next week. The figures don't add up. This is the


issue. Have we got enough to do what the government wants to do the year


before the election? Talking of the coalition, the big thing that they


said they were coming together to achieve was to eliminate the deficit


in the court of this parliament `` the course of this Parliament. The


deficit is still very big. Tax has gone up by ?23 billion over the


course of this Parliament, as the FT says, politicians like to talk about


tax cuts but if you think about things like VAT, national


insurance, overall we are paying more tax. It is still not enough.


The figures, it is a small percentage that, it equates to a lot


of money. They were working on 38.8% of income. It has been revised down


to 37% now the Independent. We have the debate on the BBC on Wednesday.


But this says actually, a report is out suggesting that quitting it


would hit the north and the Midlands hardest. Too`mac this is another of


those big scare stories `` this is another of those big scare stories.


The idea is, not only would they would be hit hardest, but the figure


is 3 million jobs that Britain would lose, it is now being spoken of as 4


million. The fact is, we have a big trade deficit with Europe, we buy so


many of their Mercedes, cars, the idea that Europe is going to stop


trading with us if we were to leave the European Union is nonsense,


Norway, Switzerland, other countries outside the European Union have good


trade relations, and if we ever left, we would keep those relations.


I do agree, it is a scare story, and what makes me smile is the North,


the Midlands, O far north are we talking? Is this another blow at


Scotland? I think that is what it is. It is showing the political


might through the economic industrial heartlands, if they still


exist, in the north and the Midlands. It will be interesting to


see how quickly this survey shows up in the debate. One assumes in the


first two minutes. We should have a wager. Moving onto the Guardian. Bat


look that climate change and this report coming out about global


warming which makes some pretty damning reading. It is quite


frightening. Wheat is the first big staple crop to be affected by


climate change because it is sensitive to heat. It is grown in


Pakistan, Russia, Canada. The projection suggests it could drop 2%


per decade. It is absolutely frightening. The changes in


temperature could lead to food prices rising between three and 84%


by 2050. We have already seen food riots during the last crisis. This


is unsustainable. We cannot feed our people know. `` at the moment. If


the yield of crops is falling because of climate change and the


population rising, we are in difficulty. This is a very Guardian


story, is it not? In a way, yes. It is also on the front of the Metro.


Fair will be lots of people in Tory Somerset who will read this with


interest, worry about their future. I would link this story with the one


we just with that, the scare story on Europe. I see this as a scare


story as well. The climate panel in the UN as a record of exaggerating


some of the risks. Come on, we have fish catches that could fault by


between 40`60%. Throughout history we have had people warning of


overpopulation. If you look at the world today, disease rates, poverty


rates are falling at unprecedented levels, there has never been a


better time to be alive. The great story of humankind as we find


solutions to problems that we face. I am confident we will find


solutions. I want to catch my fish, not grow them. That is a different


issue. Onto the Express. Bat has the story, it is being said by this


think tank that patients will have to pay ?10 per month to use the NHS


under plans revealed today. Is this another scare story? No. The issue


with the NHS, I have to link it to legal aid. This is the lawyer's


interest coming through. It is one of the backbones of our society,


what makes us different from any other country in the world, and


paying to go and see your doctor, it sounds like the BBC licence fee,


doesn't it? It undermines universe allergy `` universality. We all


remember Margaret Thatcher, look at David Cameron, you still the Child


benefit from the mother on the school run. The deficit Labour left


behind might have had something to do with that. Bringing in small


charges here and there, it is going to be the downward spiral. I cannot


see the link to legal aid. You just have to get it in. In the


introduction you spoke about the right`wing think tank but my


understanding is this is a former Labour health Minister who is part


of this report. None of us want charges for the national health


service, for anything, but a little while ago, we spoke about Britain,


?100 billion deficit, the fact that taxes are not plugging the gap. We


have a massive crisis in public finances. The NHS budget is


protected. I'm not sure this is the right solution, but I'm afraid


solutions will need to be taken. It will bring in a system where people


who can pay it and cannot are in a different way. Thank you. We will be


back later. That is it for the papers. Thank you to our guests.


Stay with us, because we will have the latest on discussions between


the United States and Russia aimed at resolving the crisis in Ukraine.


Still waiting for that best conference to start. Coming up next,


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