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Immigration Centre dies. Coming up, Captain America, takes on the winter


soldier and the other top films with Mark Kermode.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are barrister Sophia Cannon and Tim Montgomerie


from The Times. Tomorrow's front pages.


The lead story in the Telegraph, news that parents who starve their


children of love and affection face prosecution under a so called


Cinderella Law likely to be proposed in the Queen's Speech.


According to the Times, senior executives at the Big Six energy


firms have admitted that their customer service has been poor and


bills have been too confusing. The Guardian says UN experts are


warning that climate change has already cut into the global food


supply. The Independent has research which


claims that the North of England and the Midlands would be hit hardest by


the UK quitting the European Union. According to the FT, less tax than


forecast is flowing into government coffers.


Births to mums over 50 soaring, is the Mail's headline. The main


picture is of the Dynasty actress Kate O'Mara who's died aged 74.


And the Mirror has a special investigation into conditions for


construction workers preparing Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. With those


on the front pages, let's begin at our first is about the energy giants


of the times. Tim, you are from the Times, talk us through this. Up


until now we have thought that tankers and politicians were public


enemy number one, we have this big survey by the polling organisation


we are splashing in the paper tomorrow which says that energy


companies are less popular even than bankers `` bankers. The interesting


thing is that energy companies themselves


admit their customer service has been poor, bills have been confusing


and complaints have been badly handled and the story I our deputy


political editor says that over half of people admit they have been


turning their thermostats down because they have been worried about


affording their energy bills. A huge public issue. It has been a bad week


for them, hasn't it? You have to look at how British Gas came into


being. It was a worry that there was a problem with the monopoly of the


three big companies and we are back to that position now, with six major


giants who are holding us tightly by the short and curly is and when we


complain to them they have said to us, hold on, we will turn the lights


off ``curlies. It is a bit more contemplative than that. If you look


at the components of the bills we pay, green measures and so on, we


are paying for higher bills and so reduce pensioners and so on. It is


to stop climate change supposedly, but China and India do not engage in


those kind of bills. Emissions across the world are not going down


so it is a futile cost. What I have read, there has been no


infrastructure. It happened under the labour government, huge


neglect, to be put right by the coalition a little slowly. This is


happening under a Conservative led government. This infrastructure is a


result of planning under the labour government. The fear of the lights


going out remains. On this issue of customers as well. That is a genuine


point. Customers are being let down. In the high arc of the professions


it was estate agents and bankers and now it is energy companies. And


barristers. There has been no scandal surrounding lawyers, we


promote integrity, and Justice. I'm not sure the legal profession is


free of getting anything wrong. ``justice. We have


the option to appeal to a higher authority. Let's move to the


Telegraph. As somebody in the law profession, this seems


extraordinary, the Cinderella Law to stop emotional child abuse. The


Daily Telegraph is claiming that parents who start their children


with love `` staff their children with love and affection face


prosecution. If you were alive now, the wicked stepmother would have got


away scot`free and emotional abuse has always been a gateway for social


services to intervene in the family in civil proceedings. For that child


for that to be removed into doubt as well. The issue is whether there


should be a criminal don't mention to that and the CPS can step in and


prosecute to a criminal standard, but how hard will that be to prove?


The problem is you will have a child witness. Either a child in an


immature sense or a child as an adult coming back and talking about


historic abuse and you have seen where that leads to an sexual abuse


cases when you have to talk about the past and the physical evidence


just is not a. Could you see this coming into fruition or do you think


it is just part of thinking? It is obviously a huge bubble and we know


about increasing stories of child abuse and we know it is not just


physical abuse that hurts. Mental cruelty is real. It is


as serious as any other cruelty. I'm worried about the evidence of


cruelty here. This seems to be a hard thing to prove. Politicians are


interested in child welfare, for good reasons. We have had the big


focus on child and internet porn. The protection of children is a


political battlefield. Parents will be wondering... Making a child a


scapegoat or forcing degrading punishments are some of the issues.


In civil family proceeding cases I have seen all three of these in an


issue, for example, some families now becoming stepfamilies and


stepchildren are marked out as in Cinderella, which is what it is


about. People are blending families and traditional families are not


what you think they are. The abuse is mostly concentrated on broken


families and we know it can take place anywhere. It is


democratic, it does not matter where you come from. The


issue is we have had this idea that emotional harm can happen and does


cause harm. In the criminal courts, it will be very difficult to prove


that there has been emotional damage from this. The independent talks


about the EU and a claim that according to a new report the North


and Midlands would be hit hardest by Britain quitting the EU. I will be


watching Manchester United play Bayern Munich. That is on Tuesday


night. Then we have another barrage between Nick Clegg and Nigel


barrage. `` Nigel Farage. This will be a big debate on the BBC. It is


vital for both leaders of Ukip and the Lib Dems to prove their


convictions. It will be a munition for Nick Clegg. We have heard of 3


million jobs at risk if Britain leads the EU, but now the scare is


that it will be 4 million jobs. Is this a scare? I think it is a scare.


Europe will not stop trading with Britain. It says the North and the


Midlands hit hardest, it should actually say Scotland, the North and


the Midlands. Here it in the Sun on page two it says Nigel Farage has


called Vladimir Putin the world leader he most admires because he


was brilliant on Syria. This is extraordinary. Will we praised


Mussolini for making the trains run on time? I think this is a big gaffe


form I shall barrage to praise Vladimir Putin. `` from Nigel


Farage. The annexation of Crimea was illegal and nations in Crimea have


posted against it. `` nations in Europe. He has a point. We have all


been playing Scrabble here in the press, sending rude letters to the


Times. Putin has played the best game of chess in his life and he


outsmarted us. Nigel Farage has to accept that. To be fair, he says it


is his operating skills rather than his police that he admires. I think


it is crass to admire him in this way. It is something spin doctors


would advise another politician not to say. The interview the newspapers


are picking up on was given before he made his remarks in a debate last


week. A thing it will come back to haunt him. The Daily Mirror have


gone with an investigative story, saying that Qatar, in their buildup


for the World Cup, is accused of working 1200 people to death in the


building bonanza. I couldn't believe it. It was shocking, the level of


economic slavery and the fact that people are being forced to drink


saltwater, they are paid 57p an hour, and campaigners fear the death


toll could be as high as 4000. That is before the finals kick off. When


economic controls are lifted on capitalism, this is what you get,


slavery. Who is checking? There is no want to check on them. We have


been worried about the decision of giving the World Cup to Qatar and


worried about footballers playing in extreme conditions. This story is


about forgetting the footballers coping in 90 minutes of harsh


conditions, these workers day in day out for long hours are allegedly


being exploited by Qatar and I think it is another reason why the World


Cup should not have been given to this desert `based nation. One of


the goals of the World Cup is to uplift everyone and ensure everyone


works to the same standard. There should be part of the bidding


process that people must sign up to a basic level... Low but the Fed


were not interested. `` But, FIFA. FIFA, one of the great institutions


of the world has given one of the greatest football institutions to


this country. This is just another reason why the World Cup should not


be heading their. `` there. The story I haven't seen elsewhere, the


Daily Mail with the headline, births to mums over 50 soaring. I don't


know whether we should be happy about that or what the point it is


trying to make. Menopausal motherhood. That's easy for you to


say. It will be the new NHS story. It is a new revolution. Three women


each week over 50 and it is the idea that we could see grandmothers who


have gone naturally through the menopause, carrying their own


infertile daughter's children. This is how life will be lived, I


believe, in the next decade. Menopause will not be an issue any


more and we will have women carrying their children in their 50s and 60s.


It is a double standard, really. They do well enough. Older mothers


usually have the, usually have the resources and the ability. I agree


with what she says about the capacities that parents often have.


We worry about the age gap, but older people understand the school


system, the health service, they are able to get the best services for


their children. What they lack in being able to play football in the


park, they bring out intellectual skills. Getting a pension and


getting your child benefit at the same time. I did not think of that


one. Joking aside, if mother and child are both healthy, that is


fine. Women are living longer. The whole idea of middle`aged has moved


up a notch. Thank you very much indeed. We appreciate your input


this evening. That is it for the newspapers for today. Stay with us,


at midnight we will have the latest on talks between the United States


and Russia discussing the crisis in Ukraine. Coming up, it is time for


the Film Review. Hello, and welcome to the Film


Review. To take us through


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