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more on what was an embarrassing by England against the Netherlands in


the Twenty20 at Bangladesh. Welcome to our look at tomorrow's


papers. My guests are the publicist and former Conservative


vice`chairman Tim Collins, and the Deputy Editor of the Guardian, Paul


Johnson. Let's have a look at some of the


front pages. The Independent is looking at the sale of Royal mail


and says that the government and taxpayers appear to have been


fleeced by sophisticated city investors who made a quick buck on


the flotation. The FT says that regulators are investigating foreign


exchange manipulation by some banks. The mattresses that the advice to


eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day should be doubled


to ten. That is the same story on the front of the Daily Telegraph. It


says that ten portions could significantly reduce the chance of


early death. The Daily Express say that their readers only need seven


portions per day. The Guardian says that doctors are concerned that a


major disease outbreak could kill thousands of people because


hospitals cannot test life`saving drugs quickly enough. The Daily Mail


says the police Federation paid a PR company on advice about using


guerrilla tactics against government ministers. The Times reports that


David Cameron will investigate the Muslim Brotherhood, amid fears that


it is planning extremist activities here in Britain. Let's start with


the Daily Mail. Apparently a PR firm was paid for advice on using


guerrilla tactics against government ministers. This was the week before


the pleb gate scandal. This story makes me deeply uncomfortable. I


think Andrew Mitchell was treated appallingly and I think that there


are a number of police officers who behaved wrong. I am surprised that


the police are not allies. Margaret Thatcher was clear that they are the


thin blue line, not just another public interest organisation. They


protect us and sometimes they lose their lives protecting us against


violent corridors. It is extraordinary to me that we should


have a position where the relationship between the police and


Conservatives should be as bad as it is. Both sides need to research the


relationship. This comes in the same day as the first annual assessment


of policing. That made very sobering reading, following the suggestion


that there were irregularities during the whole affair. The


investigation into Stephen Lawrence 's murder. This story traces back


the campaign over pay and conditions were they wanted to enter a military


style blitzkrieg to halt this move, turning to a PR agency. Its CEO is


someone with a chequered past. He was a talk`show host who in a chat


over smoking with a listener on the other end of the line described him


as an ignorant peak and health Nazi, for which he censured. Some of


the late that giving advice on a cogent strategy to the police


Federation seems rather peculiar. Your firm, the PR company that you


work for, you have worked with the police in the past? Leatherback my


colleagues did some years ago. We try to put together opportunities


for them to build better relationships with the government.


They need a PR firm. It looks like, rightly or wrongly, they decided


that they can get a better relationship with government and so


they decided to go to war with them, which is not a clever tactic


whatever group you are in. The government of the day of the ones


who are elected by the people to take decisions. It is regrettable.


The government have not had a litter smoothly as they could have done


because they have given the strong impression that they think the


police are just another campaigning group for people trying to protect


privileges. The police Federation has gone over the line at times. It


is not acceptable for any campaigning group to take the view


that there should go to war against the government. This is the sort of


land which had 30 or 40 years ago in different context. I hope everybody


comes out and if this leads to anything at all, should be a belief


that sitting down having a quiet conversation with each other is


better than this kind of guerrilla war tactics. Let's go onto the


times. A story concerning terrorism. David Cameron has ordered


an urgent investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood, amid fears that


the Islamic organisation is planning extremist activities in Britain.


That is a fairly inflammatory introduction there. It is an


interesting story. There is to be an enquiry and it will be undertaken by


John Jenkins, Britain's Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. The last paragraph


reads slightly differently. It reads that a senior foreign and, of office


figures have resisted the prescription because I doing that if


they attack a largely moderate body, it will only bolster extremists. The


story partly says is world that the only places that the Muslim


Brotherhood are outlawed at the moment is Egypt, Syria, Saudi


Arabia, and Russia, I think. Has this been over eight? The story does


not say that they were allegedly planning extremist activities in


Britain, but from Britain. One of the visit is important about the way


that the story is panning out is that London, like it or not, has


become something of a bolthole for people who are in difficulties with


their governments from all over the East. The West collectively, not


just the UK, has not got it right about Egypt because a democratically


elected president, maybe somebody would not agree with, but he was


democratically elected, he was overthrown by the military and we


have not done much at all in the West to condemn that. We are


supposedly people who believe in democracy and it seems that we


should have taken a stronger stance against that overthrew will stop


when that the Egyptians would love other countries to treat the Muslim


Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation. As it is the story,


one week they sentenced 529 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death.


I am not at all sure that we should be contemplating being on the side


of the Egyptian military in this dispute. The Muslim Brotherhood are


not a perfect organisation, their beliefs are disagreeable. I


understand that one of their stances is that only a Muslim man should be


allowed to be President of Egypt. That is not be the most people in


Britain would agree with but they could win an election and should not


just take the view that they have set some things we do not like so we


should back the military and overthrow the. What is the Guardian


's response in reporting the situation in Egypt? Bearing in mind


that he was elected democratically: Mohammed Morsi, and he was


overturned. It was a coup. What is your papers stands on this? Yes. We


have a permanent Cairo `based correspondent, whose reporting is


very difficult ever have two go very much for on the line reporting on


the ground. He has done things like investigations of massacres and so


on. You have to be very evenhanded, you can be driven ideologically


reporting these things. He has been roughed up several times and had


equipment confiscated. It is a very difficult place to report from


because you are identified with either one side or the other. For


many people in the Middle East, they regard the West is hypocritical


because we say we believe in democracy and if they elect somebody


that we do not like in the military thread about we did not say anything


about it. The express reports... No, I apologise, let's go to the


Telegraph. Double your five a day, Paul, to live longer. It is now


supposed to be ten portions per day. We all confused about what you are


meant to do. There is some inflation creeping in here. Some of the papers


say seven, others say no it is ten. The Telegraph goes for ten. They are


saying it is not just fruit and vegetables, vegetables are better


than fruit. There thinking that taxes on sugary foods could be


brought in to subsidise this and there is a terrific quote from the a


professor from the Department of Public health at the University of


Liverpool who said that the advice should be ten portions per day.


Humans are designed to be omnivores and a handful of nuts, seeds, fruit,


and the occasional antelope, were not meant to be `` we are not meant


to be eating drugged food. That includes fruit and vegetables in a


canned, that is not part of it. We are also designed to be dead and 30,


submitted a judge things about what Neanderthals were doing. It turns


out that a lot of the things that we were told contribute towards the


five a day, actually do not count at all. Fruit used is not count, canned


fruit does not count, vegetables that are frozen do not count either.


A lot of people and businesses out there will have to think very


carefully about how they can advertise their products. The


express says seven per day rather than ten. It has decided that this


is the line. Seven per day were ten per day, should you be having fruit


and vegetables out of ten is not, it is very confusing. The public are


wondering, went away time, what to do? It is also confusing. It is


expensive to eat a vegetarian diet of that sort. Some people would say


that. Education counts as well. Some of these groups will be


self`selecting and this is not a simple process but it does grab


headlines and it does raise awareness. Should not be easier when


you are going the supermarket checkout and the petrol station to


pick things up, should it be easier to get fruit and vegetables that?


David Cameron was laughed at when he told off WHSmith were having the


chocolate orange right at the point where you got to the checkout. It


should have been a real orange. Why not? It should be cheaper but also


more convenient. It is harder to get the essential stuff and easier to


get chocolates and crisps. Let's move on to it is time to let pandas


die out. It is meeting season for the couple in Edinburgh zoo but a


noted naturalist suggests that it is time that without them die out. He's


trying to be provocative here. I understand the point because if you


apply logic to human beings' actions towards a national world, it is not


get you far. The reason that people get up in arms about badges and


Foxes is because they appear cuddly. You do not see a lot of people


campaigning to set the right or other unappealing creatures in the


panda is cute and cuddly. The truth is that this is why they are so


loved, particularly by children. There would be a lot of people who


would be heartbroken if we said that it is very difficult and so we let


them die off. I can understand why he is making the point, but they are


a symbol. If he did not have this kind of campaign to protect them,


the money would not be redirected elsewhere, it just would not be


spent on protecting animals at all. Chris Buck told the radio Times


exactly the same thing in 2009. Page nine of The Sun. The Queen drilled


for gas in the back garden. It is this and April Full's? It is a


wonderful story it is obviously nonsense. The clue that it is a


April Fool is that the people who are quoted is a campaigner with the


surname fuel. The funny thing is... There is another one in the Times.


They are a bit spoiled for choice because we have one story saying


interactions with your computer can provoke a mixture of emotions. What


about a computer that would read your mind from the expressions on


your face and respond appropriately. Below that, Apple is


talking about doing away with bumping into lampposts or being run


over. And then possibly this one, this is a German duke who is related


to the Stuarts who has a long lineage. The Windsors of course. The


clue is where they cite an academic who support this with the name that


sounds a bit suspicious. We Are Apps or that is Gaelic for April Fool.


The Dukes of Saxony died out in the 1300. It has been great having you.


Many, many thanks. Stay with us on BBC News because much more is coming


up at top of the hour. Now it is time for Sportsday.


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