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the Ashes and failed to reach the semifinals of the World Twenty20 in


Bangladesh. That is all coming up in Sportsday in around 15 minutes after


the Papers. Hello, and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are the


political commentator Miranda Green and James Millar of the Sunday Post.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with the Mirror, and a warning that


cuts to the NHS could lead to waits of up to four weeks to see your GP.


A different warning in the Guardian, this time over wind farms. The paper


says David Cameron is considering reducing financial support for


onshore projects. Immigration leads on the Mail, which claims four


migrants died in Calais trying to board lorries bound for Britain. The


Metro has a court case featuring a woman who allegedly claimed benefits


for agoraphobia while working as a travel writer.


More migration on the Express, figures from migration watch


estimates that half a million people will come to the UK from the EU over


the next five years. The Times has news that the Met


Office has developed a new weather modelling system that could lead to


more accurate predictions and long`range forecasting. That would


be nice! Not that they get it wrong much, they do a great job. OK, we


will start with the Gudgin, Tories planned new attack on wind farms,


Cameron considering commitment to curb onshore turbines. He is getting


hassle from some of his own MPs on this. Absolutely right, and we have


come very long way from the David Cameron who used to say vote blue,


go green. You sound like Ed Miliband! Do I?! How do I take that


today?! This is interesting, not just because of the substance of the


policy. People who do not like wind farms really don't like wind farms,


they think turbines are a blot on the landscape, and the story says


there are people who want Cameron to go as far as promising they will


dismantle existing wind farms, not just put a block on building


anymore. This is one of those stories where, within the


coalition, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems take totally different


points of view, and both of them appeal to their own supporters. I


call these the Jack Spratt coalition rows, because if you take these


anti`turbine boaters, we will take the green policy voters, and


everybody is happy until the election. Sure. James, branded made


it clear, as Ed Miliband has made it clear, go green, vote blue, he has


attacked David Cameron, the taxes that were part of the green levy and


made great play of the suggestion that these were responsible for a


company like SSE, one of the big six energy firms, actually freezing its


prices. Are we seeing a major shift here in policy? Especially one day


after the climate change report from the EU. No, this is not a major


shift, this is not a major story. Nonsense? Well, what I suspect as


happened here, the way it was reported, the Lib Dems got all the


benefit, if you like... The Tories felt like, hang on, we're supposed


to get some of the benefit, we want our supporters to understand we do


not like wind farms, and so something may have been confected to


keep the story running for another day, and suddenly the Tories are


getting the benefit. As I understand it, most wind farms are built


offshore, most plans for offshore now anyway. So you can say, I will


crack down on onshore wind farms, but it will not make a huge amount


of difference. There is a potentially serious consequence,


though, of all of this grandstanding on energy is used, which is


investment. Because nobody on any side of the political spectrum once


the lights to go out, and for energy security you do actually need


investment to continue during these years when we are having a sort of


pause, where people stayed out political territory on these energy


policies. And this is a problem, and there are warnings in this story


that there is yet more uncertainty about where the subsidies will go,


whether support will be withdrawn for one sort of renewable or


another. That will inhibit people from making the investments we need.


On top of that, the investigation that will be taking place into the


big six energy firms. Yeah, we need energy. It is all very well saying,


we will dismantle wind farms, but you need to say what you will


replace it with. Look, at the moment, both parties, all parties


are knocking the energy companies. They are not really presenting a


vision as to how the energy market and how the light will be kept on in


the future. Sure, all right, staying with the Guardian, fears mount over


fraud in Afghan vote, foreign troops will be pulling out, but there is a


fear by some that it will be a flawed election. Yeah! I would


suggest the years of quite a lot of fraud. One of the interesting fact


of the story is that only a quarter of Afghans expect the vote to be


clean. I'm amazed a quarter expected to be clean, because it is just not


going to be. But you know, the ultimate question is, is a dodgy


election better than no election? Given what these people have put up


with for decades now, it is a lot better than the alternative. Sure.


And the fear is that, whatever the results of the election, the Taliban


will come back anyway. Well, that is right. The main story that has been


running so far in the run`up to the election this coming weekend is


actually the massive upturn in Taliban attacks. There have been


some really nasty murders in the last two weeks. But I think,


actually, hiding within this story, which is presented as, you know,


fears mount, as the Guardian says about the quality of the election


results ` there is some positive stuff hiding in the story. For


example, four in five Afghans say they are planning to vote. If that


comes to pass, that would be a massive, massive vote of confidence


in the idea of a future that could be peaceful and democratic. So you


know, obviously there are massive problems with mounting a


presidential election at the moment, with the levels of violence, with


the uncertainties of what will follow when NATO troops pull`out.


But you know, it could be the start of a new era, and they need support


from us to try to make it so. All right, OK, to the front of the


Mirror, a four`week wait to see your GP, exclusive cuts Shane! Is this


over the top from a left`leaning paper or not? Surely not! What are


you suggesting?! Conder and `` condemn with no N on the end. That


is their phrase for the coalition. There are two big problems with the


NHS at the moment, the A crisis we have heard a lot about in the last


six months, that has been on the front pages a lot. Also, a problem


with primary care, with GPs surgeries, and this is a new study


which is suggesting that they quite serious funding cut which will come


to surgeries will result in patients not been seen very quickly by their


GP, in fact four`week delays. There are warnings from GPs about this,


they are worried about disease is not being spotted in time, which


would have serious consequences for individual patients. But you know,


we know the background to this is that there are not enough people who


want to be GPs going through training, what structural problems.


The Government says it is doing what it can to get more people into the


profession. Yeah, this hits a nerve, because everybody, most people, have


a problem phoning up the GP and not being able to get an appointment, or


having to stay on the phone for an hour to get an appointment that day.


So whatever the pros and cons, the weight of the story, it strikes a


nerve with readers, and I think you can possibly judge how strong a


story it is on the opening paragraph, which is patients will be


harmed if they have to wait up to a month. That is pretty obvious, if


you have to wait a month to see a doctor. But it is a big issue, it is


certainly worth putting some light on it, I think. Indeed. Onto the


Daily Mail, interesting story, this, James, four desperate migrants


killed in Calais as they target lorries bound for the UK, dying to


get into Britain. Yeah, this is on the front of the Express as well,


both leading on migration, a report by migration watch, clearly they


have an axe to grind. That does not mean their statistics are bad, but


they have a point they want to get across. I think most journalists


today got an e`mail from the Royal statistical Society suggesting that


they enter their stories for use of stats awards. I do not think either


of these will be in that category! The figures about hundreds of


thousands of people arriving over five years, if you divide that up,


it is not as bad as it suggests. We were bitten by that, with all the


suggestions that the Romanians and Bulgarians were going to come over


here. The Mail, this is about Miranda, people, I've covered this


story several times, from northern France and I've seen these migrants


wait for a lorry to slow down at the light and run out and try to get


into the back. I've seen some of them hanging on to the doors as the


lorries drive away. This is the story that the Mail is highlighting,


including the figures. These are desperate people in some of those


refugee camps. Sangatte was the very famous one, which became a standoff


between the British and French governments because they were


concerned that the French were effectively just letting too many


people escape and risk their own lives quite seriously trying to get


foo Britain through the Eurotunnel. I think MigrationWatch have released


this report. They've got the dramatic photographs that you


referred to, of the guys desperately trying to get into the lorry. The


reason they're on the front pages tomorrow morning, because tomorrow


night is the second debate between Nick Clegg and Nigel Fer rather and


the debate is `` Nigel Farage and the debate is about immigration and


it's a huge issue and it's more and more unpopular. This is going to be


ammunition for Nigel Farage tomorrow night. Yeah. He picks it up with the


welfare system and it's kind of a separate issue to the immigration


issue. I don't care how generous it is, would you be willing to jump on


the back of a moving lorry? Maybe. It depends what you're leaving. I


have covered this story a number of times and the migrants I were


talking to, they wanted to get over here because there were networks


here. That's why they wanted to get here. No point staying in France.


OK. The front of the express express too. `` The Express too it talks of


the 12`year`old girl who was crushed to death when a wall collapsed at


her school. Internal wall at Liberton High School. We'll go on to


that about a story about The Sahara dust that's on the front page. We


have got the inside page of one of the papers here that's covering this


story. A lot of people woke up to their cars covered in dust. We have


got it from The Telegraph site now. I have got building work next door


to me and I thought it was the builders who were pretty sloppy in


their clearing up and they were potentially going to come to see and


say it's the desert. It turns out they were not spinning you a line.


No, they got it right. They did. That's right. Those of us who get


hayfever have noticed it's a lot worse and that's to do with


pollution too. They're saying it's quite serious for the vulnerable and


people with lung conditions, the very elderly and young and they're


gloomy, saying we shouldn't be taking exercise outside tomorrow.


It's a shame because obviously the summer weather we're getting early


is fantastic and we would like to be out enjoying it. The answer is to


move to Scotland. You don't have to worry about dust there. Will we need


a passport soon to get in? That is a separate issue. How long have you


got for that one? Thank you both. You'll be back in an hour's time and


the industry has been holding its Oscars, the Press Awards. It's been


announced the front page of the year has gone to... Sunday People for


their piece on Charles Saatchi and Nigel Lawson from June last year,


which became one of the year's biggest stories. That was an


arresting front page. Probably worthy winner. So many


congratulations to them. Stay with us for the top of the hour because


we'll have much more on the Government insisting that the


privatisation of Royal Mail has been success, after the sell`off was


accused `` after the Government was accused of selling it off far too


cheaply. Now time for Sportsday. Welcome to Sportsday. Here's what's


on the way ` Manchester United hold the European champions to a draw to


keep their Champions League quarter final tie alive. Tiger Woods will


miss the first Major of


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