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team move forward after a disastrous winter of Rickett. `` cricket.


Welcome to our lookahead at what the papers be bringing us tomorrow.


Miranda Green and James Miller join me. Let's have a look at the front


pages. That start with the Daily Mirror. It is leading with a warning


that cuts to the NHS could lead to wait of up to four weeks to see a


doctor. There is a different warning in a Guardian about windfarms. David


Cameron is considering reducing funding for onshore projects. The


Daily Mail claims for migrants died while trying to board lorries bound


for Britain. The Daily Express says figures from migration estimate that


half a million people will come to the UK from the EU over the next


five years. The independent is living with the growing records


between Unite and the Labour Party. Frankie Knuckles is also pictured,


he has died at the age of 51. The Met Office has developed a new


weather modelling system that could make more accurate forecast. There


Wallis`Bennett, the girl who died Wallis`Bennett, the girl who died


after a wall collapsed at her school. That is the meeting the


front page. There is a pun in The Sun.


Interesting, that one. We are going to start with that. A girl dies


after a wall collapsed. Health and safety programmes tragedy. This


school has had Robinson in the past. We Mac this is just a horrible


story. Somebody has tweeted about it, no school should go to school


and not return home. It is every parent 's nightmare. And then to


discover there were ready worries over the place that the council have


been fined for health and safety breaches it was a girl fell down a


lift shaft. It is claimed that people had already warned them that


this wall was wobbly. This is a human tragedy first and foremost but


there has to be repercussions for the authorities. Possibly the


Scottish government needs to be involved. Interesting because Alex


Salmond has mentored on this today. He probably felt that he had to


comment because of what happened. Absolutely. It is a horrible,


personal tragedy for the family but it does look like a serious failing


at this point because of the safety record of this school. I just find


it really upsetting. How often do we have these photographs of someone


who has just died or whose body has just been discovered. It is always a


young girl with their whole life in front of them and it is just a


horrible front page. It is upsetting. All right. Let's move on


to the Mirror. A four`week wait to see your GP. Doctors face 1.5


billion shortage. It sounds a bit dramatic. They are actually


reporting on what sounds like a bona fides report from a consultancy firm


who are directed attention to a dip in funding for general practice of


17% by 2017. What they are saying is that dip in funding will coincide


with a big impact on primary care of the ageing population. So more


appointments will be needed as the population ages at the same time the


funding is declining. They are saying there will be no way that


surgeries can do what they have been trying to do. The danger with that


is, diseases which need to be spotted early might be missed. That


is why they are able to say, sleeping killer is report. It is not


great for the government at the moment the cause it was not a tough


winter. There was not bad and AT crisis. Primary care and emergency


go together. Not an easy thing to deal with. It is the fact that it is


the first port of call. People have trouble getting an appointment and


therefore, a story like this hit home. The government would say that


it is making efforts to try and get more GPs into the system and more


nurses to deal with the problems. As you say, Miranda, it was a very mild


winter. It wasn't the crisis that a lot of people foresaw. So they got


away with it. The other way of looking at it is that Labour critics


said there would be an `` A crisis. Union boss threatened


to launch rival party to labour. James, you are actually at this


Westminster briefing that Len McCluskey, Labour 's biggest backer


of the union was at and he said some alarming things. He did. He said he


was going to try not to provide too much ammunition for the Tories. Well


that worked! And then he proceeded to hand massive arsenal to the


Tories. I have to try and pick which online to use. The Independent have


gone with the one about launching a rival party. I would suggest that is


wishing it. He did not threaten that he did say, TRANSLATION: Unite would


have no trouble backing a rival party is Labour lose. It is not


entirely up to Len McCluskey. Various hoops have to be jumped


through in the mechanism before they can stop backing labour. But it is


more than a shot across the bounds for Ed Miliband. But they are


angry, they? They feel that Ed Miliband, he is just not being


radical enough in his policies and not aiming enough at working people.


There is a debate he called it grumble time, Douglas Alexander is


in charge of the election when Len McCluskey was asked if he backed


Douglas Alexander, he had a convenient coughing fit and did not


seem to be able to answer which gives you some idea of the battle


that is going on inside. He says they need to be bold. Labour needs


to offer... They have to be very left wing in the offer. Miranda,


this debate is going on, is the party going to be torn apart? I


would say it is a siren voices on the left. These elections are won


and lost on the centre ground. The union movement may not be what suits


the voters. There is a row going on as well because Ed Miliband


commissioned a policy review which everyone in the Labour Party assumes


will be quite radical. Now they are desperately trying to get out of


their commitment to policies in the policy review because they might be


seen as too extreme and not moderate enough so there is a huge battle


going on at the moment about which direction Ed Miliband should take.


In the now very short run`up to the election. And they might consider


freeing `` freezing rail prices as might the review is talking about


much larger, grander issues to do with refashioning society. Which has


really frightened horses and they are trying to back off from them.


James was saying that this gives ammunition to the Tories. Partly


because of the fact that Len McCluskey and the union bosses seem


to enjoy it beating up Ed Miliband so much. They are demonstrating


their power. They put him in. That is bubbly part of the resentment


that they feel. They are going to hammer him even harder because he


was their man. It is because of the unions that it is not the other


Miliband running the party. It doesn't huge damage to the person,


he is after all, the leader of their political segments. They might be


better advised to give him a bit of support. Is it possible to reach to


the centre and keep those on the left happy? Can you do both? If you


win the election. This is the trouble. We will find out in May


next year what was or is the right course of action and whether Ed


Miliband can pull off the balancing act. Let go or in to the Daily Mail.


I am dying to get into this. Desperate migrant had been killed


trying to catch lorries into the UK. This brings us back to the French


for migrants that became a focal point for this issue of migrants


getting into Britain through the Eurotunnel and few use a go. It was


supposed to be closed down and out with. It would appear it is still an


issue as there are still people risking their lives to get into


Britain. It is based on a report. All of this on the eve of the second


debate between Nigel Farage and Nick debate between Nigel Farage and Nick


Clegg. Concerning whether or not we should be in the EU. This is all


part of that debate. Absolutely. That is why Migration Watch would


have released this report now. The polling date `` data shows that even


those who have decided to support UKIP, their concern is not actually


the EU, they are very worried about immigration which has become


increasingly unpopular in this country. It is the interaction


between EU freedom of movement rules and a certain segment of the


electorate is unhappiness with immigration. These front pages are


very useful to him in the debate but as we have found with Romania and


Bulgaria joining the EU and having the right to go wherever they wanted


on January one. The scare stories just evaporated. It just didn't


happen. It is possible that the public are getting Inuit to this


kind of ominous report. As we say, the debate is taking place tomorrow.


Between Mr Raj and Mr Clegg. `` Nigel Farage. He won last time. Who


will do it tonight? I would describe that poll differently. I would say


the poll showed that more people agreed with Nigel Farage's point of


view. When one person is arguing for something intrinsically very


unpopular and the other is riding a wave of public unhappiness, it is


different. I think it is more difficult the second time for Nick


Clegg. Much more difficult because the first time, he was able to


recapture a little bit of the trust that people used to have in him


before the days of the Coalition. And trying to repeat the performance


this week is a really tough call. Nigel Farage started from a very low


base last time. If you had asked me who had won, I would have said Nigel


Farage. We know Nick Clegg is a good debater so Nigel Farage really


surprised me. He won because he passed my expectations. The second


time around, I know what to expect. My expectations will be higher. I


suspect that Nick Clegg might have an easier time of it. Onto the Sun.


Rip`off Britain shirt. ?90. More scandals raised by readers. It's


always the way, when one of the Premier league teams brings out a


new shirt. It always seems to be incredibly expensive compared to the


previous kit. `` Premier League. As you say, those shirts seemed to


become more expensive but this is the mother of all rip`off shirts, I


would suggest. ?90! It's a lot of money. You could go and support


somebody in the fourth test Bell division if you want a cheaper


shirt! You can't choose who you are going to support. `` in the fourth


division. It is slightly different. There is this national aspect to it.


90 quid is a lot of money in the current climate. Especially compared


to the cost of these things. I don't know where they are made but


probably not some highly paid factory. A very healthy markup, I


would imagine. But, yes, absolutely. Many thanks. Much


appreciated. Tonight, the newspaper industry is holding its Oscars, the


press awards. The front page of the year has gone to the... Sunday


People for their piece on Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson. That


became one of the year's Egypt stories. The Mail on Sunday one


scoop of the year for its investigation into the former Co`op


bank chief and took the award for news team of the year. It has been


announced that the Guardian has one newspaper of the year. That's it for


the Time for a look at the papers.. At the top of the hour, more on the


government's insistence the privatisation of Royal Mail has been


rejected. `` that's it for The


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