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appeal a 14 month transfer ban after FIFA found they had broken rules on


transfer of players under the age of 18. That is all coming up in around


15 minutes. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


the political commentator, Daisy McAndrew, and Simon Watkins, City


editor at The Mail on Sunday. Let's have a look at some of the front


pages. We will start with the Daily Telegraph. It is leading with the


potential health risks of the current smoky conditions. The


Guardian claims ministers want to make GCSEs tougher by pegging marts


from students in England with theirs from pupils in China. The Metro is


covering a case of a businessman who bled to death after being stabbed by


carjackers. The Daily Mirror was people to keep children indoors. The


Daily Mail is leading with Nigella Lawson, who has apparently been


banned from the US after admitting in court she took cocaine. The Daily


Express headlines the booming property prices, saying the price of


the average home has soared by ?16,000 in 12 months. Onto the


times, it claims the Prime Minister is being pressurised from barring


Scots from voting in the next election if they vote for


independence. We will start with the Daily Mirror. All the smoke out


that, central parts of England, the East and the south`east affected by


this. Keep children out of killer smog, according to the Daily Mirror.


As you said, across great swathes of the country, we are seeing Saharan


dust and the pollution mixing. You can see there is a real PC per.


There are different opinions coming out from government audience. There


is a story about keeping children out of killer smog. It looks like a


cyclist with a mask on. That does not look like an emergency bike,


more like something he wears every day. There has been advised that if


you are asthmatic, keep out of the smog. Older people, the vulnerable


and children. Because children run around, they breathe in deeper when


they are outside than us grown`ups. Therefore, they will be breathing in


more. Public health for England, which is a government body and the


Department for the environment are giving completely different advice


on the matter. The Department for health is saying, it is fine, there


is very little chance of you getting a bad health effect. That is a mixed


message. Not many of us are in a position to discuss the voracity of


this. There are other reports which said we came close to this a few


weeks ago. It is hard to know how much the news agenda has promoted


the severity of this and how much it is real. The Met Office took over


Defra 's pollution warnings. In some ways, they wanted to flag up the


fact they are now using the Met Office and they will be much more


efficient and precise in their predictions. It is a publicity coup


for them in some ways. You can see this stuff. Because you can see it,


is it likely you would want to run through it? Possibly not. That is


probably why it is getting a lot more publicity. It is much more


visible. You can run your finger across your car. We know it is to do


with pictures and words. There may be something which would not have


been on the front page if we did not have Saharan dust. Some of the


pictures from lunch and we have seen, there is a smoggy shot of


London on the front of the Daily Mirror. That is kind of reminiscent


of Beijing, which has a no tourist problem. Let's go to the Guardian.


Tougher GCSE marks paid to China schools. Clear, there is a feeling


from Michael Gove and of course have been told they must toughen up and


sort this out when it comes to comparing British students to those


in other countries, particularly China. There is a slight concern


which the Guardian story raises, to what degree we can compare like with


like. Two different education systems. One does not know from what


Paul the students are being drawn. I have some caution about that, which


the Guardian races as well as to whether we are comparing like with


like and whether it is measurement for its own sake and is not


addressing a real problem. We all know there is no love lost between


the education establishment and Michael Gove. They called him the


blog. What happens when these statistics come out, this is based


international student assessment international student assessment


placed us quite badly compared to placed us quite badly compared to


the likes of Shanghai and lots of other countries, career and so on.


Politicians do not like that. All these statistics are used as a


political football. Michael Gove is rubbish, the education system is


rubbish. When he says, I want to make GCSEs harder so that our kids


will do better in these assessments, that again will be used


as a critical football. Let's stay with the Guardian and the big debate


tonight, the rumble in Central London. Nick Clegg tactics fail as


Nigel Farage romped home in the EU debate. He did not go too well last


week for Nigel `` Nick Clegg and apparently tonight was a failure as


well. Apparently it is worse. Opinion polls show a landslide in


favour... Was that 69%? 69% thought Nigel Farage had one, 31% that Nick


Clegg had one. By the end of the debate, it was quite clear that is


what happened. I felt Nigel Fries had adopted a much more measured


tone. He seemed, and although there was passion in what he was saying,


it came across as more convincing, I think. A whitewash, I am afraid, for


him. YouGov has got pretty much the same result. It is not a fluke poll.


It is definitely the case that the viewer felt that Nigel Farage did


much better. There is something to be said for he had an easier


argument. Whenever you are antiestablishment, anti`anything, on


the anti`side of the fence, it is much easier to say, a plague on all


your houses. He was anti`intervention, anti`rich,


anti`immigration. He used a phrase several times. He talked about our


career political class. He talked about rich people benefiting from


immigration. He is playing to a sense of this enchant tenant against


the public. `` disenchantment. If we look at political leaders, they do


feel different. The debate itself seems to be changing. He is not


really competing on the facts and figures in terms of the economic


benefits that some people suggest come to the UK as far as immigration


is concerned. He is talking about the atmospherics of it all. How do


you, if you're batting for the EU, combat that? That's the difficulty.


The facts won't cut it and he knew that. The Lib Dems were spinning


before hand that he was going to be more passion. Being passionately the


status quo is almost impossible. He is also now the Deputy Prime


Minister, he is the establishment. When he was doing the debates before


the last general election he was the outsider going to say ya boo sucks


to the party leader. He can't do that any more. Very worrying times


for Cameron and Miliband, because when you hear Nigel Farage talking


about the working class being a white underclass, he is, as


unattractive as the language is, appealing to all hard`working


people, as the other politicians would call it. He knew he was


saying, you know, Afro car beens as well. Don't tell me that was by


accident. The suggestion is that perhaps Mr


Clegg was feeling he had to go for it, as it were, the nature of the


debate and the feeling of the debate changed from last week. It did. I


think Daisy is right. It is hard to be aggressively on the front foot


when you are defending the status quo, to come out fighting for


moderate change, which is Clegg's position. The only time he really


seemed to manage that was when Nigel Farage said he wanted the country to


be stuck in the past and not pro`diversity or gay marriage ` when


he said that Nigel Farage didn't want that. It is the brilliance of


diversity, if that's what you feel. It is being able to get Polish and


French and German food. You've got to get down to their level don't


you? I think Nick had a go at that. He talked about how he thought it


was marvellous, Britain and its diversity, but it is a hard thing to


sell. He started talking about we could as active members of the EU


reduce our roaming rates on our mobile phones. It got a good


audience reaction but it's not exactly hearts and minds. It is not


exactly grand He came out with so many lame


joefrjts scripted in advance. You had to look at the Lib Dem Twitter


feed to say they were on`cuff rather than off the cuff. And one of the


reasons why Nick Clegg went for the Putin issue, it is one area he could


be aggressive and he had something to go for. One final word, lots of


polls are saying how Farage won, and Lib Dem supporters or voters, many


of those also thought that Nick Clegg lost. It is easy for people


like us to say that Clegg is going to lose a lot of votes. They were


specifically not asked about their voting intention. They were purely


asked who won. People will go, I agree with Nick Clegg but I think he


lost. Exactly. It is not necessarily two plus two equals five in that


case. You are going to be back in an hour to look at other stories in the


headlines. Thank you. At the top of the hour we'll have much more


reaction to that debate. The second clash over Europe between the UKIP


and the Deputy Prime Minister. Coming up now it is time for


Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm


John Watson. Here's what's on the way. Chelsea beaten in Paris as


Mourinho has a mountain to climb in the Champions League.


Gareth Bale scores for Real as they dominate Dortmund in Spain.


Andy Murray says he will decide his new coach after this weekend's Davis


Cup tie in


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