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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. Presented by Clive Myrie.

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known. Coming up in macro ``Sportsday. How Hull have failed to


get their names changed. That is all coming up after the papers today.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


bringing us tomorrow. With me are Emma Barnett, woman's editor at The


Daily Telegraph, and Kevin Schofield chief political correspondent at The


Sun. Tomorrow's front pages, starting with the resignation of the


former culture secretary Maria Miller is the Guardian's lead story.


It also says the Co`op group is in disarray after Lord Myners quit the


board. Lord Myners' shock resignation also makes the front of


the Telegraph's business section. But the paper's top story is the


housing boom, which it says is spreading outside the usual hotspots


of the south east. It also shows a photo of a crawling Prince George at


a playgroup in New Zealand. The Express claims British car number


plates could be outlawed in a European Union vote next week. The


Mirror has an exclusive interview with the mother of Reeva Steencamp,


the dead girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius. ``Steenkamp. The paper


also warns that we are all vulnerable to personal data hacking


after the heartbleed computer bug. The Metro says the family of


murdered policeman Keith Blakelock is distraught, after another suspect


was cleared of his killing. The Mail, which also carries a photo of


Prince George, warns that house prices will keep soaring until 2020,


pricing many middle earners out of the market. And finally, Maria


Miller's resignation also makes the front page of the Times, the paper


claims Chancellor George Osborne led the revolt to force her out. We will


start with that one, Kevin, this is an interesting twist? It is


interesting. Unlike Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and


George Osborne, they are quite close. It is an interesting line,


that apparently George Osborne put pressure on David Cameron and said


this cannot go on any longer. It will split the party, the elections


are coming up for Europe, you have two staunch the bleeding,


essentially. It is interesting, coming as close to the top as it


has. There has been enough sense over the past few days, David


Cameron called it wrong at the start. When he stood by her. His


supporters are saying that he is not going to throw his college overboard


at the first sign of trouble `` colleague. There is no appetite for


people being seen on the fence with MPs on their expenses. It was time


for her to go really. It is interesting as well. There is a fine


line between being resolute and a strong leader. And being tough, and


being inflexible. And not hearing the good advice that you're getting


from people around you. Crosby and Osborne, they will be instrumental


in working out a strategy for the upcoming election. They could see


the way that the wind was blowing, how come David Cameron couldn't? It


seems odd, the whole row, that there was not that much money, that she


apologised, there had been this investigation, maybe he thought


enough had been done and he could keep going. It does not seem from


the reports that I have read and the people I spoke to that she had a


number of friends or allies in the Cabinet or in the wider Tory party.


Certainly, when you read something like this, maybe if she had more


support and her policies one more concrete, maybe, there could have


been more support for her in the party. The public seem to care


mostly about the expenses. ``won. What has she done as Minister? I am


sorry to say, I have little to say. There have been attempts by me and


other people who follow that particular beta powers to understand


exactly what she has achieved what she has done. I think she has


attended some of the right events. The support was not there for her,


at the end of the day, but for a long time, she had the support of


the guy who matters, David Cameron? Yesterday afternoon, she still did,


but it started to go horribly wrong for her. More and more Conservative


MPs were willing to break cover and speak publicly. And say this cannot


go on for much longer. Prime ministers questions was coming up


today, he was going to have a hard time over it. We are led to believe


that it is someone from his inner circle who went to Maria Miller on


Tuesday evening and said you are going to have to resign. So, she


did. He will be now hoping that that has staunch the bleeding and they


can move onto things. We mentioned UKIP want to exploit this fall all


it is worth. `` for all it is worth. Ben Harris has commissioned a poll


for his organisation, and found that 61% Conservative voters felt that


Maria Miller was representative of a political class that needs to leave


British politics. 61%. It is a lot. Labour cannot take comfort from


that. We are going to go to the Guardian. This group, the Co`op,


this organisation have been around 465 years. Lord Myners was supposed


to be writing a report on still will be, looking into the place. ``165


years. It is not a great sign. If you do not know a lot about the


Co`op, all you see is doom and gloom. They have results coming out


of that are anything but positive. You will suspect that they are


trying to take any help that they can get. Lord Myners is well


respected. You would imagine someone could come in and change something,


it could be him. He has talked of bullying on the board, bad culture.


Maybe, he just feels he cannot stick around. He will do his review from


the sidelines and the others will have to see what happens. The


suggestion is that it could be because of the losses be any way to


staunch it is for the taxpayers to bail the group out. There is that


broken lift with the general public, they are sick of picking up the tab


for banks that cannot get their house in order. They had to pick


them up by the scruff of the neck to make it work. He has Labour


credentials. He would be sympathetic to the Co`op? It shows, there are


some quite archaic structures. It is 165 years old. He wants to refresh


that organisation, and there has been resistance. The early way to


deal with it is to get out when the going is bad. He is stepping down


from the board and will continue to review into the governance of the


group. Let's go to the mirror. A world exclusive, why I sit in that


court every day. This is from Reeva Steenkamp's mother. She has had to


listen to some harrowing testimony. She has had to sit there and look at


a photograph of her dead daughter. I do not understand how she does it. I


understand why she wants to do it. She wants justice for what needs to


be done. We do not have court cases like this in Britain. Watching this


on fold, on camera, and seeing it like this, it is not something we


see. `` unfold. The facial expressions of everyone in there,


and especially the mother of Reeva Steenkamp. It is just awful. The


picture says it all. The chief prosecutor, his cross`examination of


Oscar Pistorius today was pretty brutal. It was like sonic from a


John Grisham novel. His nickname is" the pit bull" . You can see why


`` something. They wanted to present a nice image of him, but it looks


like the prosecution are going for his character as much as anything.


There is footage of him on a shooting range shooting at a


watermelon. We cannot see him but we can hear his evidence. It is so


harrowing. He is obviously beside himself with remorse at what has


gone on. The dramatic part today was the picture being shown to the whole


court, that would not happen here. There is no way that would happen


here. You can only imagine what that is like for a parent, to see your


child in such a state. It is interesting that you say, he


obviously showed signs of remorse. That is his side of the story that


he has presented. There are some people who say that is not


necessarily what happened. I think we have to carry on with it. It is a


bizarre case, that is how I would describe it. A bazaar in that we are


not used to seeing anything televise like this. `` it is bizarre. His


hands were on the gun and he killed her. He admits that. What is being


debated is not the normal thing that is debated. I now want to read this


story. It is interesting how this is being reported here. We know of him,


but he is not a superstar here. You can imagine what it is like in South


Africa. He has that global appeal. Let's stay with the Daily Mirror.


Change all of your passwords. Millions are hit by this Heartbleed


bug. These technology bugs have interesting names. It is a flaw in


software that is used to secure Web connections. Normally, you think you


could only have to change a few passwords on devices. But this is


Google, Facebook, Twitter, they rely on these to transmit data. It should


be heavily encrypted and secure. This has been going on for nearly


two years but has only just come out, on Monday, how bad this is. It


is not something that you can glaze over. You should change your


password. I will change my. It is on my to do list. `` I will change


mine. Fake pages can come up that looks like you are logging into your


account, and that is how it gets your details. It is quite


sophisticated. If you change your password, went another fake page


potentially come up? The point is that most people don't. They use one


or two versions of the same password again and again. People are lazy


with what they pick. There are two issues. People are lazy, and most


people will not bother. You say that, but if you change your


password and keep up good practice, use numbers and different cases, it


will be more secure. People should do that. Thank you. I am trying to


drill it home at! Yes, macro `` drill it home!


But I wonder what you can do if you can never remember your password. I


am asking for a friend! You need passwords for everything. There are


services that you can use that our password generator that can send you


clues. But, you just need to get some decent and complicated


passwords that are right. Emma Barnett, our technology


correspondent! Let me find the front page of the Daily Mail. It looks


like house prices are rising through the roof and they will stay high


until 2020. Depending on your standpoint, if you have a house and


you are in the position of not having a mortgage, this is brilliant


news, I suppose. You are sitting on a fortune. If you are moving to the


same area, you'll have the same problem again. If you're not on the


property loan at the moment and are paying skyhigh rent, the prospect of


ever owning your own property must seem like a complete nightmare. I


dream that you will never, ever have. And the thought that it could


keep going until 2020, I think after our experience of five or six years


ago when the crash happened, and also next year, interest rates will


go up. That is bound to have some impact on at least slowing down


house price rises. At the moment it is completely unsustainable. Very


unsustainable. We will quickly go onto the Daily Telegraph. And


dungarees fit for a king. Kate Middleton has this effect on


fashion, and now service Prince George. ?75 for dungarees is a


little bit steep. That is a bit much. Like house prices, we have to


expect this of children's clothes. They have now sold out. And isn't


GQ? I think he is so adorable. They are saying in my ear, isn't he


gorgeous? The Mail has a complete special on this. I am just saying


it. There seem to be in fine fettle at the moment, that section of the


Royal family. Mould I think the girl who cried today, who looked at them


and burst out crying, she is going to regret that. It is going to live


with her. We will have more on the second political scalp as a result


of the Maria Miller row. Much more than that coming up. Just after


Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm Hugh Ferris.


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