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leave it there. Thank you. Now, it is time for The Papers.


Hello there, welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will bring


us tomorrow. With me are Emma Barnett, the woman's editor at the


Daily Telegraph and Kevin Schofield, the chief political correspondent at


The Sun. Let us look at the front pages now. The resignation of the


former Culture Secretary, Maria Miller, is the Guardian's lead


story. It says the Co`op Group is in disarray, as we have been hearing,


after almost Lord Myners quit the board. Lord Myners shock resignation


makes the business papers. The house price boom spreads outside of London


and a crawling Prince George at a play group in New Zealand. The


Express claims British numberplates could be out laud. The Mirror has an


exclusive interview with the mother of Reeva Steenkamp, the dead


girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius. The paper warns we are vulnerable to


personal hacking. The Metro say the family of the murder policeman,


Keith Blakelock are distraught after another man is cleared of his


killing. And house priceses to sore by 2 o o 020 pricing many people out


of the market. The Guardian, Maria Miller. Every reviewer this week


said I hope this story finishes. I hope it's over. She resigned. Now,


the focus seems to have shifted to the Prime Minister? There has been


surprise that he didn't fire her. That it was left for her to fall on


her sword, there is supposedly one of his aides went out and gave


letter that strong nod to do so at 7.00am this morning. Yes, it does


seem to have shifted. It has been Prime Minister's Questions today. Ed


Miliband took every opportunity to ask why there was no leadership on


that front. Lots of people have been asking the same questions, sat at


home ` if we did anything with our expenses, yes, she was cleared of


the majority of the allegations, there was still thousands of pounds


she had to pay back and that short apology delivered. If we did that at


work we would be out on our ear, our bosses would have fired us. Why


isn't it the same in the Cabinet The Prime Minister said today, that it


was important to give people a chance. Maria Miller had apologised.


It was right stick by her. Is there going to be any public sympathy for


that feeling? I don't think so not when expenses are concerned. I think


there is a danger, they won't think it now right enough, there is a


danger, maybe the Prime Minister fell victim to this, that the public


anger that there was at the time of the expenses scandal in 2009 had


gone away almost. That there wasn't that same level of disquiet out


there. It brought it back to the surface. The Prime Minister I think


made the wrong call by standing by her. There was the suggestion he


didn't even read the report before he came out straightaway last week


and say that he was standing by her and she didn't need to go. He


wouldn't be sacking her. Once he said that obviously he couldn't go


back himself. It became a question of whether the pressure would become


so great that she would have to resign. As Emma says, I think with


Prime Minister's Questions today he was meeting the 1922 Committee of


Tory backbenchers tonight. If she hadn't gone by Prime Minister's


Questions, it could have been particularly nasty for him. It was


still an uncomfortable day for David Cameron, but I think he made sure


she was lent on and given no option other than to go. It would be remiss


of me, as the woman's editor not to point out, she is the Women's


Minister in this. He has a real issue with women and meeting a quota


he set himself. There has been the suspicion he was softer he needs


women in the Cabinet. He said he would have a third of his Cabinet


female by around this point much he has failed. He will fail by 201 a 5,


one of the targets he set. As many women in the Cabinet as there are


men called Dave. Great. Shall I go home now? There you go. You are on


The Papers! The other story on the front page of the Guardian. The


breaking news this evening. New chaos at the Co`op as Lord Myners


quits the board? It seems to suggest the organisation is pretty much


unleadable. The chief executive, Euan Sutherland, went over his pay


pact. Lord Myners came in and been set the task of trying to reform the


organisation, he met with resistance to that, as we have been hearing. He


decided that it's not worth the hassle, basically. They are about to


post massive losses about ?2 billion, later this week. It is an


organisation in complete chaos. You wonder whether it can be saved at


all. Well this is it. The suggestion now is that it could be well be you,


you, me the taxpayer bailing this thing out again? I thought you meant


offering strategic advice there. If that was it, I don't think I would


be welcome in that situation. No, potentially now. To regular people


it seems like a massive mess. Nobody has a full grasp why if the guy who


can help the situation, and he can't help the situation, why we should


care. The man who is a perfect fit for this job. Former Labour


Minister, friend of the City? Lower down in the story they say ` he is


thought to be staying on to complete hi controversial review. He will do


it as a non`board member? He had a good time on that board. He loved


it, clearly! The Telegraph and the story about


migrants. Labour were saying if it was in Government they would make


clear rules for employers and employees not to under price certain


British workers. But we are saying, has this not already have them? It


is already there. If the Labour Party are going to stop it, a lot of


people will be asking that. It says Yvette Cooper will admit the last


Labour Government got things wrong on immigration. Perhaps too little,


too late is a phrase that springs to mind. It was a point that Nigel


Farage made during his debate with Nick Clegg. He said immigrating,


migrant workers, it is fantastic for people who need nannies and cleaners


and the rich upper`class. Loo`mac James Brokenshire said the same


thing. He was criticised for saying it. You mentioned Nigel Farage, but


it shows the worrying disquiet amongst the established parties


about how UKIP will do in next month's European elections. They are


almost trying to move on to the UKIP turf. They are all very worried


about how the elections will go and this is an attempt by Labour to say


to people, we understand your concerns, most people think if their


wages are being driven down by immigration. But I am not sure if it


will work at the moment. Nothing seems to be working to try and stop


the march of UKIP. Nigel Farage happened to be in


Basingstoke. It was eight coincidence. Do you think the Miller


family had him around? That Taylor will go on and on. We go to the mail


and it is also on the front of the Telegraph as well. House prices to


soar until 2020. Middle income earners will be priced out. The


Royal institution of chartered surveyors have come out saying that


house prices across the whole of the country will keep soaring until


2020. We always looked at London when it comes to boom figures, but


this is a boom figure. By 2020 the average London home will cost 570


thousand pounds. Over half a million. This will stop people from


moving themselves. Some people are finding it easier to get on with the


new build and they help to buy scheme, but this is a big thing. You


cannot imagine it being like this and being sustainable. Bubbles may


burst. Absolutely and our take on it now is different to what it was five


years ago. At the time we almost bought into the return of boom and


bust which we were told by the Chancellor at the time, I cannot


remember his name. It was seen as a good thing that prices were going


up, but now everyone's approach is, Jesus, these prices are going up and


this is definitely a bubble. The Government insists it is a bubble.


It bounces around like a bubble. I feel for people who are not on the


property ladder, and I feel for them. That breaking news of Lord


Myners has curtailed the paper is a bit. We will get on to Prince George


next time. You will be back in an hour's time, so stay with us. At 11


o'clock a second political scalp is gone over the Maria Miller expenses


row. Michael fabric and has been sacked by Tory vice`chairman. We


will have more on that. Hello and welcome to Sportsday, I am


Hugh Ferris. Manchester United are beaten in Munich and they are out of


the Champions League, Arjen Robben rounding off a 3`1 win on the night


for the holders, 4`2 on aggregate. So Bayern


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