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concentrate on Team Sky, and we will bring you the results from rugby


league, including the top two in the rugby league. That is in 15 minutes


time after the papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are the writer


Dreda Say Mitchell, and Jeremy Cliffe of The Economist. Tomorrow's


front pages, starting with The Financial Times saying the


government will make it easier to prosecute people who evade taxes by


hiding money off`shore. The Independent says Parliament's


expenses watchdog will look into claims the taxpayer indirectly


funded a suite for what the paper calls a 'sex party' during a


Conservative party conference. The Telegraph says families with


stay`at`home parents pay more tax than most of their equivalents


across the developed world. The Mirror leads on the Oscar Pistorius


trial. The Mail reports on allegations that the Liberal Party,


police and MI5 covered up child abuse committed by the former MP,


Cyril Smith. The Express says there's confidence that the black


box from the missing Malaysian airliner will soon be found. A


senior Liberal Democrat MP has told the Times that his party is


'pointless'. And the Guardian says the Attorney General wants an


explanation from the Crown Prosecution Service about the failed


prosecutions of public figures for alleged sex offences. So let's


begin. Plenty to get stuck into this evening. This, at the Guardian,


let's start here. A story I have not seen in any of the others, at least


not in the front pages, that supermarket staff could win millions


in equal pay action. This highlighting, Dreda, that it is a


case brought by some 400 workers who are mainly women seeking equal pay.


I think so. It is an offshoot from women winning a landmark case with


Birmingham city workers Council. Women once again. It is about this


whole thing where in supermarkets, our `` our jobs equivalent? Women


work in the stalls, and it is male dominated distribution centres. ``


stores. It seems that the males are being paid more, it is interesting,


it always seems to be women missing out. It goes back to our earlier


story. Women coming out to work, or should they be staying at home with


their children? This is to do with local authorities also, isn't it? It


comes off the back of a series of lawsuits and local authorities. How


do you measure the differences between jobs? It is an imprecise


science. The stores say that the men who are the stalkers in question, it


``the stores. It suggests there is something wrong with how women are


paid. It is an important test case. It will affect virtually all of the


major supermarkets. And supermarket giants? It can trigger a wave of


six. Including those who own their own distribution warehouses. There


are men there who are doing the equivalent of retail jobs. We are


supportive, only one person is going to end up paying for this and this


is the customer? Every time we hear repeated stories about women not


being paid as much as men. It sounds so old`fashioned and last century,


just because a job is more manual, another job where it isn't as


manual, you get paid less. We are not doing manual work. Do we get


paid less because they are doing manual work? We are not really. It


is an interesting one. I think somebody definitely has to resolve


this. Onto the next one, we have the Daily Telegraph. Here, it's a


story, primary school children as young as ten should be taught about


illegal drugs. I think what is interesting with this story is that


it is not currently part of the national curriculum. And what we


know about the national curriculum is that education is not only about


subjects, English, maths, and science. We must look at the hidden


curriculum. We have to look at issues to do with health. If we are


not talking to children about health from an early age, how will they be


aware of the dangers? Let's be clear, when I think of schools that


I have taught in and the areas, some really hard`core areas, of course


children know about drugs. It is better that we educate them to look


after their bodies. For me, this is a health issue. Jeremy, you are


agreeing. I had to agree with you there, there is a mad objection to


teaching children about drugs and sex in schools. If a teacher sets


out the facts to a group of children, they will go out and find


the nearest drug dealer, that is completely mad. What about the odd


midweek are taking away their childhood? We are enhancing it by


getting them to think about their bodies. I was trying to put across


the other side, but I can tell that I have been completely quashed!


Jeremy, you are to explain this. This is a study by the OECD,


representing a group of developed economies, that shows all the taxes


have been falling when it comes to the UK generally, and a load of


other countries, the only exception is among families where one parent


goes out to work and the other stays at home. The article states there is


a failing on the part of the government. I look at this the other


way around, taxes have generally fallen in Britain over the last few


years, is it necessarily so bad the government has focused the benefit


of tax cuts of those in work? Maybe not. They talk about hard`working


families and people, I do not know if it is as completely negative as


the article suggests. Dreda, we were talking about some of your friends


suffering from the high cost of childcare? It is astronomical, when


I think of the people who I know, people are pulling, one person will


look after a number of people 's children. ``pooling. It goes back to


the notion of extended families. I find it interesting, often we revert


back to things that we know and it has worked well. I am pleased to see


that happening again, actually. It is typical on the continent, in the


Mediterranean, it is perfectly normal for families and neighbours


to share tasks like childcare and Britain after elderly relatives.


Perhaps there is a positive side to this? Moving on from the Telegraph,


let's go onto this. Calls for David Cameron to face Farage a live TV


debate. Nigel Farage has done battle with Nick Clegg. Calls now that


David Cameron should go head to head. Jeremy, do you think... The


argument is that he ought to be seen to be doing battle with Nigel


Farage. Others would say you are giving Nigel Farage a platform? It


is easy to say that David Cameron is dammed if he does, dammed if he


doesn't, if he says no to the TV debate, people would say he is


running scared of Nigel Farage, but if he says yes,


running scared of Nigel Farage, but that is the case. In national


issues, I think Nigel Farage would struggle, but in debating Europe,


his favourite topic he didn't. He turned around, but with a big


national subject, he would say we do not have a good policy on this. I .


Dreda, did you watch the debate? I did not. Would you watch it? I did


not. I deliberately didn't. No interest? I felt like, as a member


of the public, I have been set up to think I should watch it, when I have


watched Nigel Farage, people say he is a good speaker, but he has not


come across as a great speaker to me. Everytime I seem to see him,


Mike on the news this week, it sounded confrontational, it sounded


loud. `` like. I wanted to switch off. In this story, I think David


Cameron's grassroots are saying they want this to happen, and he should


listen. You have to ask yourself how many people pay attention to this


sort of thing? I did not notice the pub is packed with people clamouring


to see Nick Clegg versus Nigel Farage. People have better things to


do in most cases. It matters, I think it matters to how these things


are reported in the press, it filters through, and they get the


impression that Nigel Farage is a solid baiter and knows his own mind.


It has an effect. `` solid debater. An inside story on the sun, there is


a story doing the rounds, staff at schools who go and take, it would


appear, time off work to get cheap holidays or get time off. If it was


a school pupil taking time off, they would get a fine. On page seven,


there is this headline. Dreda. This is not a normal story in a school.


It is a particular story, we do not know the full details, I am


conscious I do not know the full details, but an acting head teacher,


who has taken off time in term time, to get married, for four


weeks. There has been so much work done with schools and parents and


families to ensure that children stay in school during term time, to


the extent that I think parents can be fined. It seems odd that a


governing body would appear to give head teachers time out of school


during term time. What I am picking up from this is that she is an


acting head teacher, she has an acting deputy head teacher, and I


would suspect that is what is worrying parents. If you have them


both in the positions as acting, this school is in a transition


period, they need managers to make it sustainable and balanced. If the


head teacher is not there, how can they do that? You do not think that


anger is, because if I have done it you have got fined, but you can do


this? I am picking up what I am reading here, the governing body is


saying that the reason they gave her time off was that she was working


extremely hard, and it sounds to me that this school is maybe at a point


where it needs stability. I want to get in the circumstances, I think


parents have reasons for this. The reason why the issue has been papers


recently is that local authorities are fining parents for taking


children of school term to go on holiday. For parents struggling to


make ends meet and they want to take their children away, we know around


the period of school holidays prices of flights and hotels go up


stratospheric. It is not unreasonable for parents to think,


let's take them out in the last week of term instead. That crackdown


makes this sort of behaviour less palatable. In a statement, the


school government said normally staff take leave during holidays,


but the request was granted because the woman in question worked


extremely hard. The statement said teaching would not be disrupted,


adding the majority of parents wish her well. It is interesting, I would


say, reading into this, if she is an acting head teacher, this is not a


good time to believe in this. You would have to guide me through the


Times, page three, in its completeness. It is Sherlock Holmes,


but also game of thrones, that means nothing to me! I adore this show.


Actually, it came on, two o'clock, season four, they transmitted it at


the same time as the US aid. There are a series of academics studying


it as a serious subject `` USA. One is doing a cultural critic and the


other is looking into the climate. In Game of Thrones, there is a


kingdom where it is perpetual winter. We can never predict what it


is like, and the economy. I don't particularly like fantasy, but if


you pretend it is set in mediaeval times, are all these parallels


between game of thrones and mediaeval Europe `` Game of Thrones.


It is exciting, thrilling, and I think people should eat studying it.


Jeremy Lin completely nonplussed. I am completely new to this. When you


say perpetual winter, Blade Runner was like that as well. Only nine


episodes of Sherlock have been made so far, but they provided enough for


a day`long symposium. I think this is birds being nerds, isn't it? That


said, I think these things are not completely useless, because if this


programme is getting so much interest and attention from people,


not just fans but the national press, it must be part of the


zeitgeist. It must say something about where we are as a society.


Absolutely. I kind of understand more than I did. And you just will


not stop watching it. And there will be a lot of people thinking, we


don't want something else added into it. Thank you both for coming out


here. That's it for The Papers this evening. Thank you to my guests


Dreda Say Mitchell and Jeremy Cliffe. Stay with us here on BBC


News. At midnight we'll have more on the court appearance of Seamus Daly


over the Omagh bombing. But coming up next it's time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday, I'm Hugh Ferris. Bubba breaks


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