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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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the Premier League have the required number of spaces for disabled


patrons. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


Kate Devlin, correspondent at The Herald, and broadcaster David


Akinsanya. Tomorrow's front pages, starting with: The Observer


concentrates on a report from the UN that urges countries to dramatically


increase the use of renewable energy to avert what it calls a climate


disaster. The Mail on Sunday claims to have


details of what it describes as 'salacious messages' sent by a Tory


official to a gay dating site. A present for Prince George on the


latest leg of the New Zealand tour dominates the Sunday Times alongside


an article concerning the alleged Islamic takeover of some schools.


The Sunday Telegraph says that GPs could be open in the evenings and


weekends under radical new plans for surgery opening hours. The Sunday


Mirror devotes its frontpage to story involved how the Bill Roache


trial helped the Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans through his recent


trial. The Independent on Sunday also talks about the proposed


changes for surgeries, calling it "Cameron's GP revolution" So let's


begin. Quite a mix of stories. We will start with the Observer. The UN


report urging an increase in green energy to avert a climate disaster.


Climate change, we are all experiencing. We don't have to tell


people who were flooded. It has fallen off the political agenda. I


distinctly remember David Cameron saying that this would be the


greenest government ever and that hasn't happened. There are people


who don't agree with climate change and from what I have read, you know,


UKIP are a threat because they are the people who are saying that


climate change is not important and we should not be putting up wind


farms. It is still on people's minds but we have to be thinking about


this. David Cameron has turned away from green energy. The UN has said


there must be more pressure on the UK to deliver on those promises.


This will not be music to Downing Street's years to hear that they


have to increase renewables. Especially just before the European


elections. UKIP are very anti`windfarms. They have to make


sure they are not outflanked by UKIP. But it could look as if they


are anti`green and not doing enough about climate change. This will not


be what they want to hear. We now benefits and immigration will be


central issues to the election next year. Is climate change going to be


as Mac the UN wanted to be. It is not just politicians. The report


says that we as individuals need to eat less meat. It is a weird


situation. It keeps going up and down on the agenda. It is as if we


talk about it because it diverts people from other issues. There will


be a lot of people around the country descending on London and


eating a lot of pastor ready for the London Marathon tomorrow. `` pasta.


He is up against some fast people. This is a new discipline for him. He


says it is different to running on a track. The crowd could help them.


But you have all these guys who have done altitude training which has


given them an extra edge. You used to run. I will be watching and


wishing I was out there. I have never done a marathon. Only towards


half marathons. I think everyone will wish him well. If he can win it


and get the British record, he will hold the British record for every


distance between 1500 metres and 26 miles. If you are running tomorrow,


best of luck. Someone told me it is normal to be nervous. It is a great


atmosphere. Wet move to The Independent. This features in a few


papers. It is calling it David Cameron's GP revolution. They are


cocking about an announcement yet to come from the Prime Minister


involving ?50 million of investment in 1000 surgeries to improve


services. Not just that but hopefully relieve demand as well. It


makes sense to me. It is difficult to get a doctor's appointment. These


plans will make sure there are open from 8am to 8pm. It could involve


more monitoring at home. This is good stuff. My own personal


receptionist at my GP, I dislike, because I can never get an


appointment when I want one. One weekend, I felt ill and couldn't get


an appointment on Friday. When I turned up on Monday, he called an


ambulance because I had septicaemia. Consultations via Skype is also one


of the proposals. And pre`emptive care for the elderly. Is it enough


to end the postcode lottery? I'm not sure. ?50 million works out at about


?1000 each. You are right. The main problem is that it is difficult to


get an appointment. There is supposed to be a 48 hour system but


people find that works against them because they don't want to miss the


target of not getting you in. They don't pick up your call or put you


in anywhere. The Sunday Telegraph also leads with this story. The


whole men on the consultations by e`mail and video call to ease


pressure on A That is because people can't get an appointment with


a doctor. If you take my case, I was so ill on Monday, I just walked to


the doctors. Actually, video calls is a good way, and e`mail. NHS line


that they had before where you could talk through your symptoms but


apparently that was being abused by hypochondriacs. The problem with


that was they were sending two thirds of people to their GP or


hospital anyway. So it was just duplication. Let's move on to the


Duchess of Cambridge they are on the Sunday Telegraph. She is an hurt of


New Zealand. The headline as has William let slip at the secret? `` a


big secret? The bottom line is that we know he will have to produce an


heiress. He was courted about saying `` quoted recently saying let's not


think that a second one yet. What this headline does not tell us is


whether this photograph was taken before or after she found out what


her husband said. He was chatting to someone who had made some clothes


for the Prince and he said you might have to make another one soon. He is


always making hints. There is a lot of pressure on any couple to have a


second baby but if you are the area to the throne and then there is more


pressure. We have yet to hear from Buckingham Palace. The Sunday Times,


Michael Gove has been on the front pages of the Sunday papers for the


last few weeks. This is about a war on an Islamic takeover of schools,


or allegations of this. I have a friend who is a school governor in


West London and a consortium of Muslim parents came forward. It is


not a church school. They said they didn't want their children to do


music and dance. The school, quite rightly, said that that is what


happens in the school and all the children get a chance to explore the


creative side. But it is not just Birmingham, they're talking about


Bradford and other areas where this has been a problem. I think it is


wrong to separate children on any grounds but religious grounds I


think is wrong. Just because the parents are religious. They put that


on their children and I have never agreed with separate schools. I


think it is wrong. What they're looking at is not necessarily taking


over governments `` governance. Where do you draw the line on


respecting beliefs in multi`faith schools? And when we have seen


Michael Gove all over the front pages it has always been about


backing parents of teachers and this time it looks as if she is going to


back teachers. I think this will do him a little bit of service with


teachers. Let's move on to the Sunday Mirror. This is an exclusive


about Conservative MP Nigel Evans revealing that Bill Roache who had a


similar experience to him saved him from suicide. It is interesting.


When Nigel Evans first came out it was another Coronation Street


actress who encouraged him to come forward. I don't think we thought


they were friends before but they may have bonded over this. It is


almost like the might be a support group set up for people who have


been through this. Even if they don't have the same solicitor, I


would imagine there are solicitors are speaking to each other. This man


has lost ?100,000. Luckily Parliament are welcoming him back.


This could ruin him. I am the first one to say that people who abuse


children are wrong but I think after Jimmy Savile, the have been a lot of


cases where it is starting to look uncomfortable for a lot of


celebrities. Do you think people who are accused of sexual crimes should


not be named publicly until they are tried? Your Mac now. I think that is


difficult. If you start to suggest they should not be named but people


accused of murder or child murder should still be named, it opens up


ramifications for other crimes as well. It is a debate that is


destined to go on for a long time. Stay with us here. Coming up at 11


we will have the latest on the situation in Ukraine as fresh


violence erupts in eastern parts of the country and the US accuses


Moscow of destabilising the situation. Next, it is this week's


Reporters. Welcome to a special edition of


Reporters. I am Shilpa Kannan, reporting from the Indian capital of


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