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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


bringing us tomorrow. With me are Kate Devlin, correspondent at the


Herald and broadcaster David Akinsanya.


Tomorrow's front pages. The Observer concentrates on a report from the UN


that urges countries to dramatically increase the use of renewable energy


to avert what it calls a climate disaster. The Mail on Sunday claims


to have details of what it describes as salacious messages sent by a Tory


official to a gay dating site. A present for Prince George on the


latest leg of the New Zealand tour dominates the Sunday Times alongside


an article concerning the alleged Islamic takeover of some schools.


The Sunday Telegraph says that GPS could be open in the evenings and


weekends under radical new plans for surgery opening hours. The Sunday


Mirror devotes its front`page to story on how Bill Roache helped the


Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans through his recent trial. The Independent on


Sunday also talks about the proposed changes for surgeries, calling it,


Cameron's GP revolution. The Sunday Express frontpage is dominated by


more claims regarding the missing Malaysian airliner and also just


what has the Duke of Cambridge let slip Down Under?


So let's begin. The Observer has an in`depth look at the urges from the


United Nations on all governments including the UK government to do


more to tackle climate change. This has fallen off the agenda. It keeps


coming on and falling off but I think it will be important when the


election comes next year. I think David Cameron is distancing himself.


Do you think people still care about that as much as other issues such as


benefits and immigration? I do. I care about climate change. I'm not


asking about you. I feel like people do care. It was a harsh reminder. It


had fallen off the agenda. The floods hit and finally we had


politicians talking about it. When we look ahead to the general


election it will be interesting, because labour argues about the


economic recovery and that it is all that we have to play for and won't


be obsessed with things such as the cost of living. David Cameron has


backed off green issues. As much as blocking any more proposals for


offshore wind farms, which has been driven by the government. Is this


report and asked for a rethink? They are talking about spending billions


on ensuring this renewable power. I think David Cameron is scared of


what UKIP, because they are dead against it, not in my backyard, and


when you see these wind farms and they have a lot of them in


Cornwall, they are huge. So our power stations! So our electricity


cables we see across the landscape, we have to get used to that. I have


not got kids but I think if you do you must be worried. The Sunday


Telegraph has the alternative, nuclear power. That will worry


people. Especially after what happened in Japan. It is all the


stuff afterwards, where do you bury it and what do you do with the


waste? The report also goes into how we as individuals can take


responsibility and do something. Legions will be happy because they


want us to cut down on meat consumption. With countries like


China that are getting richer and richer and consuming an awful lot


more meat and so on,


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