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applications of the future but living and working in squats. That


is in Click at 10:45pm on BBC News. Welcome to our look ahead at what


the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me to do that the


broadcaster my colleague Henny Smith, and the political journalist


Sean. `` Penny Smith. This is the Independent. It leaves on the


volatiles situation in Ukraine, saying its future is hanging in the


balance. The Financial Times carries a photo of Wilson Kipsang at the


London Marathon. Its main story is that almost 1 billion people are at


risk of slipping out of the ranks of the middle classes in the developing


world. As you can imagine, Mo Farah makes a few appearances tomorrow,


this one on the front page of the Telegraph. The paper leads a report


by MPs calling for a revolution in public Administration. This is the


Metro. It reports that graduate salaries fell in real terms by 11%


between 2007`2012. The Guardian shows Liverpool players celebrating


their victory over Man City, but of course leads on Ukraine, as many


papers do, saying Russia is warning the country could face a civil war.


Ukraine also on the front page of the Times, here the focus is on the


country's deployment of troops to drive out suspected Russian


militants. There is a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge enjoying a


glass of wine. Some say to dispel rumours that she is pregnant. Kate


and William are pictured on the Daily Mail's FrontPage, but the main


article says alleged victims of the deceased former MP for Rochdale,


Cyril Smith, may the Liberal Democrats if it can be shown that


they knew about the alleged abuse and fails to try to stop him. A mix


of stories. It is difficult coming Ukraine, isn't it, because it is


developing so quickly. There is so much going on for newspaper editors


to keep it updated is difficult. The Independent have been very clever by


presenting a very special report from their reporter, in Slavonia


asked, which lost its police station yesterday and a photograph of the


suspected pro`Russian militants because Russia denies they have


anything to do with this, with AK`47s. That sums it up all, really,


doesn't it? I tell you what is Ukraine `` I tell you what is awful


about Ukraine, they came away from the Iron Curtain and only to have it


snatched away. There is this awful feeling that it is being snatched


away, piece by piece, first Premier goes and there was the feeling at


the time, well, it is wrong and it is not right, but that is it, that


is where it stops, just Crimea. Now, it is elsewhere. You start thinking


of this horrible, creeping feeling that it is going to be taken back,


piece by piece. The problem is that is the normal people in all this, it


is so awful. There they are, trying to live their lives and wondering


whether they are going to be taken over. A lot of them want to continue


the relationship with Russia, but as Penny said, they fear they will be


taken over by Russia. One thing to bear in mind with the reporting,


wherever we happen to live in the world, the feeling is very much


split but certainly the picture is carried on the Independent, there is


much reporting, not so much in the Independent but the copy, that they


must be Russian because they are carrying Russian weapons. You and I


were chatting with the fact they are AK`47s which are used universally


around the world but... It is the number`1 choice. One of the other


headlines in Independent is the future of country in the post will


call `` the post`walled `` the post`Cold War consensus is hanging


in the balance. This is something that is not on the radar or we are


all reporting on. The day by day the east and west is decoupling.


Business deals put on hold, a search for new Sochi is decoupling.


Business deals put on hold, a search for new sort use of energy as an


alternative to Russia. The Swedes have cancelled military


cooperation. The Chinese have cancelled a meeting on oil and


Russia is telling its citizens not to go to countries which are


friendly with America, quite a lot of the world. We are going back in


time. The curtain is coming across a game. It is the Iron Curtain. That


is what it feels like, like a chill wind. Is Washington helping? More


sanctions on Russia, Russia is one of these countries, stupid I know,


that thinks having a large military is important and we are much more


enlightened here in the United Kingdom, which is why we have no


chance whatsoever when it came to feet on the ground. It is one of


those things, the tension is ratcheting up on both sides and you


are thinking, yes, it is easy to point the finger at Russia but could


there be more we can do in terms of some of the rhetoric. Let's look at


how the Guardian is reporting, fears rise of second Crimea. The US


accuses Russia of orchestrating the latest violence, what you have been


talking about. Do you think that Ukraine is a pawn between East and


West? Within reason. Of course, the Russians have been talking for some


time about being closely allied. I think to a degree that Russia's view


is that Europe is divisive in the region and poses a threat. We are


seeing, we were saying early, there is a power struggle between the


great powers of Europe and Russia. It was all people power that got


Ukraine its independence in the first place. Glasgow. Also on the


front page of the Guardian. Glasgow, I know there is a referendum but do


not allow yourself with Putin, please! `` do not allow yourself


with Putin, please! 17,000 people signing the petition not to carry


out the demolition. When I heard about it I thought, really, are they


really going to do that? What is wrong with fireworks? ! You don't


have to raise buildings to the ground. You could be forgiven for


wondering what if it went wrong. What a strange thing to broadcast to


millions of people worldwide, some buildings coming down. We are


scrapping Glasgow because it needs regeneration! I agree with them


saying the reason the 17,000 people signed, it is insensitive, there


were people who lived there, who loved that, who grew up there,


children, etc. Glasgow is brilliant place and digests, it is fantastic,


the best eating places. It is not a question of safety. Dynamite and


explosives, that direction is very safe if you have experts. It is the


message it sends, you know? They are asylum seekers living on the top


floor that... Up of a different building. Is a fair point. The key


thing to bear in mind, when 17,000 people feel so strongly that may be


blowing up one of the buildings as a celebration is a bad idea, maybe it


is time to listen. The organisers say it was about health and safety.


It had nothing to do with the outburst from people. There is


something quite exciting about seeing a building coming down


because in the right context there is something quite thrilling, isn't


there? We do plan this because from people power to tax man's power, the


front page of the Financial Times. George Osborne moves to extend tax


man's powers face scrutiny. George Osborne is on the warpath with


people evading and avoiding and hiding their tax liabilities. This


is a planned that many are saying perhaps goes a step too far. Again,


we need to look at the history to this one. George Osborne and the


Conservatives accused rather a lot of looking after the rich, who maybe


have some offshore accounts and things. He is looking to prove his


credentials as the man who is toughing on getting that tax. The


two controversies here that the Treasury Select Committee led by


Andrew Tyree want to look at is the notion the taxman if they feel


taxman is due and the taxman is always right, dipping into bank


accounts and taking it. The other controversy is the idea if you


invest money abroad by way of any kind of tax arrangement, even if you


didn't think it was wrong and it proves to be, you can get chucked in


prison, serious prison sentences whether you knew it was an offence


of `` or not, flying in the face of English law. It is not going to


happen, it can't, it's too difficult. The idea of being able to


dip into people's bank accounts. I like the idea of dipping, like


dipping into a water trough. I'll just dip out, that looks about


right, I'll take that, it looks about right. Isn't George Osborne in


a scenario of dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn't. Labour have


criticised he does not do enough to get tax evaders. It is fine to be


tough, but stopped doing ridiculous things. It is like a caravan tax,


what are you doing sitting in office, the pasty tax, where they


were... Wasn't it ridiculous? Whether it was hot food or cold


food. David Cameron said I enjoyed grabbing the Cornish pasty shop and


it closed down some years before. Everyone is clambering to be seen as


people of the people. I will give you a tip, not too many people


sitting at home, thinking I'd really like you to be another dip into my


account. Rant over. How did the pasty thing come into it? Just


because of taxes, on the face of it you can imagine, they eat too many


biscuits in these meetings. They get too hot, perhaps. Fantastic. Time to


move on. We don't always have the Metro in the newspaper review, but


they have a fascinating story on their front page. Degrees pay more,


earn less. Graduates leaving a university with a degree, amount of


debt and an horrifically low salary. Yes, where you were University


graduate? Open University, I need another three modules to get my


projected first. A couple of nongraduates here. To break into


media and all that. Graduates, their salaries have gone down and down.


This is the class, if they get a job, they will be worse off than


their parents, these generations. The point is, this is even what you


would consider to be stable jobs like doctors and lawyers, for


example. They have got 15% and 17% of their wages have gone down and


the only ones that have gone up and we had a slight moment when we


went, what? , is... Materials technology and librarianship and


information management. We went, librarians, really? Surely they


don't need a degree to put the Harry Potter book back on the shelf. So


many libraries have been closed down. We think it is technology


librarianship, the stuff that ends up as icons on your computer. It


doesn't take account of the fact legal aid budgets have been slashed,


much to the annoyance of people like the former deputy Commons Speaker


Nigel Evans, who is losing out on a huge bunch of money and that might


be white lawyers are paid lest. There is data protection, stopping


hackers. That is a big job. I hope that is what it means. Let's move on


to the Daily Telegraph. Before we get to Mo Farah, who features on the


front page, we will talk about public servants. Hostile public


servants force millions to suffer in silence. This is almost joined up


with the story that emerged last week that a lot of elderly people


are terrified to complain in NHS hospitals. We will cover the two


elements here. Penny will talk about this and the solution discussed


here, I was in an NHS hospital with my fiance this week. The stuff on


the whole were fantastic. One particular nurse speaking to me like


I am a criminal, grabbing hold of our wrists, dragging is about,


speaking as if we are some kind of sub humans, but apparently with


elderly people as well to a degree and this does not apply to 95% of


stuff, but a huge minority think you can speak to patients in any way


that you like and you do the NHS and your colleagues a disservice. The


solution is apparently... A cultural revolution. That is what the Public


Administration select committee says there should be. We should stop


doing things and people should stop talking about reviewing, appealing


and feedback. Essentially, it is complaints. That will sort it. I


want to show the picture of Mo Farah, trailing behind by just four


minutes. Just four minutes. Take your hat off to those guys who do


the London Marathon in two hours. You too will be back at 11:30pm.


Thank you for joining us for the papers. Thank you, do stay with us


at 11pm we will have more on the deepening crisis in the UN as the UN


called an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. Coming up


next, Click.


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