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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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The Guard, Calvary, a dark comedy about threats to murder a priest in


Ireland, plus the other top releases in The Film Review at quarter to


midnight on BBC News. So much going on. Hello and welcome to our look


ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


the broadcaster, Penny Smith and the political journalist, Sean Dilley.


Tomorrow's front pages. The Independent leads on the volatile


situation in Ukraine, saying the country's future is hanging in the


balance. situation in Ukraine, saying the


country's The Financial Times carries a photo of Wilson Kipsang


crossing the finishing line at the London Marathon, but its main story


says that almost a billion people are at risk of slipping out of the


ranks of the middle classes in the developing world. Mo Farrah makes an


appearance on the front page of the Telegraph, but the paper leads on a


report by MPs calling for a revolution in public administration.


The Guardian shows Liverpool players celebrating their victory over Man


City, but leads on Ukraine, saying Russia is warning the country could


face a civil war. Ukraine also on the front page of the Times, here


the focus is on the country's deployment of troops to drive out


suspected Russian soldiers. And there's a picture of the Duchess of


Cambridge enjoying a glass of wine ` some say to dispel rumours she's


pregnant. Kate and William also pictured on the Daily Mail. But the


main article says alleged victims of the deceased former MP for Rochdale


Cyril Smith may sue the Liberal Democrats if it can be shown that


they knew about the alleged abuse and failed to try to stop him. The


Express says researchers have found proof that statins can reduce the


risk of dementia by a quarter. The photo is of the Prime Minister and


his wife on holiday in Lanzarote. And a grizzly note to end on: The


Mirror pictures a two`foot`long rat, and says the creatures are


threatening to overrun Britain's cities. Nice. I know. Yes. I once


stayed in a room in Hong Kong when I was working there, and to make


enormous rats used to sit in the bath drinking from the tap in the


middle of the night. You had to make a lot of noise when you went in so


they let out the window. a lot of noise when you went in so


they let At least you don't see them. You have to be careful,


because some rats go up through the toilet. Do they? Thank you. I


managed to survive intact. Shall we talk about the papers? The


Independent. We will start with that. A photo of pro`Russian forces


seizing a building in eastern Ukraine. You can see that they are


in uniform without insignia. They have AK`47 rifles. According to our


correspondence, they are very well trained `` correspondents. Russia


denies involvement. It's in a Russian area, and you wonder if


those demonstrators marks ago, `` months ago demonstrating to be


allied with the West, whether here they are. They didn't want to have


their government joining Europe. Huge parts are becoming even more


pro`Russian. We were talking about this in the newsroom. I was pointing


out that it should be remembered, and believe me, I am not a friend of


Vladimir Putin, but in terms of people who voted in the referendum,


although we don't recognise internationally, there are strong


feelings towards Russia there. The fact people protest doesn't mean it


is not a vocal minority. I'm not suggesting that. We don't even know


if these militants are even representing the views of local


people in that town. Most of whom are hiding in their homes. Fears


rise of a second Crimea, according to the Guardian. Again, Russia,


tonight on state television said they had nothing to do with it. They


called for a UN emergency meeting. You think this is a clever game if


they are behind this? It is difficult to know what is going on.


Particularly, if you ask somebody and they are saying it wasn't me,


where do you go forward from that? It is difficult to see what will


happen, particularly with the West saying essentially that if you don't


pull back from the brink, we will do more. There will be consequences. As


we heard from your correspondent, the iron curtain is slowly coming


back up again. Or Mac it is a slow chill down to a Cold War `` it is a


slow chill down to a Cold War. Some of the rhetoric about consequences,


that's fine. It sounds like a smaller person shouting at a great


big person that they will smack him. As I said earlier, Russia is one of


these silly countries that digs they need a large standing army. ``


thinks they need a large standing army. So whether something can be


done remains to be seen. On the bottom of the front page of the


Guardian, politics closer to home. The organisers of the Glasgow


Commonwealth Games were planning to dynamite five locks of flats as part


of the Opening Ceremony. They have decided against it `` five block. As


you do. They had nothing to regenerate. What can we blow up?


Nothing. Not Westfield, whatever you do. It has been withdrawn, not


because it is a sensible decision, but more because of health and


safety. Excellent quoting of the health and safety. It is so quoted,


health and safety is a very sensible thing. Not because of its over


interpretation, you hear it and you imagine a bloke in a boiler suit


being slightly pedantic about whether the pool is to nip the two


swim in. `` nippy. On to the Financial Times. The story has been


here all year. More news by George Osborne to give the taxpayer more


powers `` Taxman more powers to collect money. Part of the


controversial proposals is that you can dig into people bank accounts if


you feel money is owed. It may cross the line in terms of civil


liberties. The other concern is the idea of sending people to prison if


they invest money abroad. Whether they know it or not. It flies in the


face of guilty knowledge and guilty intent, or mens rea. Is it just me,


or when you hear about dipping in, you imagine a local fair, where you


put money in and get a cuddly toy. The Duchess of Cambridge. Bathed in


sunlight with a large glass of red. Doesn't that look nice at this


time. It is speculated it was to settle rumours she is pregnant. She


needs to have a word with her husband about idle chat. He does it


on purpose. He does. Wouldn't you? I need to buy her a bigger jersey. Is


she pregnant? No, she's just putting on the pounds. I've been out of the


country, our of Wi`Fi contact. I had to have a crash course on what has


been happening. He told me that there were about 17,000 baby


pictures. And more to come, I am sure. Let's move on to rats. Big old


rats. A plague of giant rats. These are horrible. We heard about them


earlier on. Two weeks ago in Birmingham. Here they are popping up


again in Liverpool. The problem is they are immune to poison. And look


at their horrible tales. These were found in Liverpool `` tails. They


eat too much and get fat. The way we have to kill them is apparently


through cholesterol. It is horrifying, isn't it? There are


always more rats. In London, you are never more than two feet away from a


rat. Especially in the House of Commons. Although seriously, there


is a vermin problem there. Holidaymaker gets ?2600 bill for


downloading a Neil diamond song on her iPhone. I've just come back from


Brazil, and I was saying before I went on air saying that I had


reached my limit. As you easily can sending e`mails from abroad. That's


great, because you realise you have dumped two hole e`mails. `` whole


e`mails. A holidaymaker decided to download an album for a friend, and


got a huge bill from Orange. The irony is that despite the fact they


used the same network in the UK, everyone operates on a system where


if you go over your allowance, it you have two purchase a certain


amount of data. She got a bit of a bargain. She got the album for 400


quid. She thought she was doing it for eight pounds. And she said she


doesn't really like Neil diamond. There's something wrong with that, I


love Neil diamond. The album she thought was 8.99 pounds. This is the


front page of the Daily Telegraph, Mo Farrah has appeared in quite a


few front pages. Huge disappointment for him and his supporters. When it


comes to the World Cup, don't get behind the England team, or they


will not win. If we didn't support them, there might win. Two hours


eight minutes, he was eighth in the marathon. Show the man some


respect. He did brilliantly. To all of you who did the marathon on. All


of those broken people I saw on the Tube today. Was that a marathon


thing, or was that something else? And all that money for charity. Many


thanks. Thank you for watching. As midnight, as pro` Russian militants


seized buildings in Ukraine, we will have the latest on the crisis.


Coming up next is the Film Review. .


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