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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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gun laws and a T Rex skeleton that's hit the road. That's all coming up


in Reporters. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


Yasmin Alibhai`Brown, columnist from the Independent and Matthew Green,


journalist and author. Tomorrow's front pages, starting with: The


Observer claims that thousands in a district of Damascus are running out


of food ` leading to relief agencies declaring it a crisis that is


"unprecedented in living memory". The Independent on Sunday has a


special report on mounting concern at global food security, claiming


the World is on the brink of a Wheat Crisis. An exclusive from The Mail


On Sunday on a businessman, appointed by David Cameron, to head


a quango step downs after it was disclosed that he was bankrupt. The


Sunday Telegraph leads is how Ofsted are looking at putting at least six


Birmingham schools into special measures. And the Sunday Times


claims that senior Labour figures are concerned that basing an


election strategy around the "cost of living crisis" may lead to the


party looking like a "one trick pony". So, let's begin. Matthew, we


are looking at the Observer first of all. Syria back on the front pages.


We have shone a light on a terrible story were 18,000 people in a


refugee camp are about to run out of food. That is because the Syrian


government is not allowing the UN to get in there and deliver the food


that is needed. These are Palestinian refugees. This was one


of the most exemplary refugee camps for Palestinians who had nowhere to


go. How they have now become the enemy I cannot understand. Assad was


immensely proud of the way he treated Palestinians and now these


children are about to starve to death. Do you think that while the


situation is seen to be desperate, people are getting weary and that is


why it has dropped off of the front pages? We cannot get like that. The


various things that are going on, we cannot even call ourselves human


beings if we let this not be a complete blot on the human


conscience. I cannot understand how we have let this go though well done


the Observer for pointing it out. Up until fairly recently there were


hopes that the US government and the Russian president would cooperate to


some extent. Also Putin has been supporting Assad four as far as we


know. I live in an area where there is a street where you have got


pro`Assad Syrians including the in`laws and all those who are losing


people everyday. It is unreadable to walk on that street now. Do you


think the lack of progress on sanctions in Syria and Ukraine, is


this a parallel to draw? That is a really good question. I think the


West feels quite helpless in terms of what else can they do? Russia has


played a very clever game in both situations. We have seen the US


outmanoeuvred and outclassed by Russian direct force for action.


Also public opinion in our country and the US will not stand for


intervention. Staying with the Observer, there are other story


about the Labour Party looking at raising national insurance. It is


not a small rise? This is an interesting idea. I do think it is


time for Labour to come out with am very tangible policy ideas which are


good in themselves and help voters decide which way to vote. The


suggestion is, I think it is the really good idea, increased national


insurance should be paid into a pot which is sealed off for the National


Health Service and our key challenges especially as people get


older. It is for now other purpose than that. `` care. People still see


it as the tax and a big increase in tax? Yes, but the NHS has such a


place in the British heart that people will be willing to do that. I


think they will and everybody is very worried that back door


privatisation is coming in so we have a choice. Either we will have


to pay for services every time they use them, we will see what happens


when that is the system as we see in America. Or we do put into a pot for


this thing which is for all of ours. I think it is an interesting idea.


The Sunday Telegraph talks about the Trojan horse project. The suggestion


is that at least six Birmingham schools are at the centre of the


alleged Islamic takeover plot, they are set to be placed in special


measures. Six, and there were many more being looked at, one senses


this is the start of this. It sounds like these six may be the ones with


the most obvious problems. It does seem very much like the start of the


more orchestrated move. I think this is very interesting. Ofsted did


inspect all of these schools not that long ago. The political story


has changed now and I personally think there is something going on in


Birmingham and baby if other schools around the country and we do need to


look at it. I have two problems with this. `` previous. `` various other


schools. There is an expert on terrorism and extremism which is not


what you need, you need a very sober person who understands education to


look into this. That is his job title. We do not know. But behind


all of this is the role Saudi Arabia is playing in all of these things,


the education that is being promoted in state schools and private Islamic


schools. Even in student societies in universities. There is a big


Saudi project in our government. Death is a symptom of something much


bigger. Do you agree? `` this is a symptom. I was working in Pakistan


until recently and I know diplomats and security officials there were


very concerned that money being raised in Britain is being used to


finance militant organisations carrying attacks out in Pakistan.


Clearly it needs to be taken very seriously and looked at carefully


but also sensitively. The extremism, terrorism, it is the


education. Education in Pakistan has become more and more die hard and


hardline as the result of the Saudi politics. We can discuss that more


in the second round. I want to get back to the Sunday Times. Human


trafficking. The most senior person at the Vatican. It says grandmother


but she is a professor. Pope Francis has been taken on the social agenda


crime to make an impact on these kinds of problems. The church in


Britain has been playing an active role in trying to help with this


problem. Nuns have been helping the police dealing with rape victims and


going on operations to rescue some of these poor women who get traffic.


I think it is the continuation of that policy that Pope Francis is


adopting. I am pleased and I agree there was no reason to call her


granny, she is the Fester and has obviously been selected because she


has the lot of expertise. `` she is professor. I think it is great she


is 71, age is often missed off because of ageism. And what about


this story, the hero on the ferry. She seems to have waded through


chest deep water to get other passengers out. I guess a small


tragedy in itself but given the vast scale of this disaster. We are


saying today it could take up to two months. There is also another story


where 117`year`old passenger died after giving his life vest to a


drowning friend. There are stories of selflessness. `` the 17`year`old.


The ferry and the tragedy is taking a much lower priority for the


newspapers this Sunday. We have also had that big story about the missing


plane for so long. Looking at it from a cynical editorial


perspective, how much appetite is there for disaster after disaster?


Some of the inside ages talking about the significance of Easter


Sunday. I know you will both be back at half past 11. That's it for The


Papers this hour. Thank you Matthew Green and Yasmin Alibhai`Brown,


you'll both be back at half eleven for another look at the stories


making the news tomorrow. Coming up next, Reporters.


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