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Coming up, the hackers helping to create new forms of music as well as


the latest technology news. Hello, welcome to our look at what


the papers will bring us tomorrow. Let's have a look at the front


pages, we will start with the Financial Times, framing that


Barclays is poised to announce it will pull out of parts of its


commodity does this. It says an announcement is due later in the


week. The Daily Telegraph features the new portrait of the Queen taken


by David Daly, released to celebrate her birthday tomorrow. It leads on a


letter which 55 public figures have signed, accusing David Cameron of


fostering alienation by his insistence that Britain is still a


Christian country. A striking picture of the Pope graces the cover


of the Guardian, greeting crowds after his Easter Mass. It reports on


how the shoot out at a Ukrainian checkpoint is threatening the Geneva


peace deal. The Independent highlights a report which it says


shows teachers are facing an increasing amount of online abuse by


peoples. The Times says the Chancellor may soon find some room


for tax cuts, according to latest research on consumer spending. The


Daily Mail reports on the rise in skin cancer cases since the 1970s


being blamed on more holidays being taken abroad.


We will start with the Daily Telegraph, an interesting story that


we have just mentioned in the headlines, a system of David Cameron


for mentioning his faith. The Labour Party said that the Prime Minister


does not do religion, but David Cameron does. Yes. Some people seem


to take pleasure at being offended, they enjoy it. These people who are


complaining seemed to fall into this category. Last week, in holy week,


David Cameron stated his faith at a reception for Christian people. He


followed it up with a couple of interviews. He did not take a


position that made secular people or people from other faiths unwelcome


in Britain, he just said, I am a Christian, this is where I stand.


Auditions are often criticised for not saying what they believe, he


says he does, and he is criticised. He is accused of alienating other


people. When you have a Prime Minister who is nailing his tongue


to the church door, it begs the feel a bit nervous. Why? The idea that


politics should be free of religion. There is a right place for


that, and it is not the House of Commons. Really? We both think so.


Most people who have a belief, that affect them political beliefs. I


love of the most important movements in history, the civil rights


movement in America, this has come from people's faith, you cannot


separate food you are from your politics. The letter says, we


respect the Prime Minister's right to his religious beliefs, but we


object to his mischaracterisation of our country as a Christian country,


and the negative consequences from our politics and society that this


view engenders. It is strong stuff. Yes, and I think they have a point.


We are supported by Christian values, but it is a secular


country, we have religious leaders who sit in the House of Lords, but


they sit there, not in the House of Commons. They just comment upon the


law. You are not uncomfortable with what has been said? I would be


unhappy if we had a theocracy, where people of certain views could not


have their perspective heralded inside the House of Commons or in


the media. We do not have that country. We have Moslem schools,


Jewish schools, secular schools, people of all different traditions


in the House of Commons and House of Lords. Britain is one of the most


tolerant countries in the world. It seems to me that you can have almost


any belief you want except Christian. People take a Christian


view, you shot down, they would not have shot down a Muslim leader


saying this. Or a secular person saying this. It is Christianity that


is being forced out of the public square, and I am grateful for the


Prime Minister saying, I will not allow that to happen. From number


ten, a spokesman said, as the PM set out in his speech, the UK is a


Christian country and should not be afraid to say so. He added it was


not to say that to have another faith or no faith was somehow wrong.


He has said on many occasions he is proud that Britain is home to many


faith communities who do so much to make the UK a strong country. Let's


move on to stop `` let's move on. Still with the Daily Telegraph,


these claims that the Bashar al`Assad regime has carried out a


series of chemical weapons attacks using chlorine. The French president


has said they have information but not true. There is an ongoing


concern, that Bashar al`Assad is using chemical weapons, and despite


what Vladimir Putin has said, he asked them to sign the agreement to


destroy the chemical weapons stockpile, do not believe this has


happened. That is the issue. Will we ever find out? This is another


terrible chapter. In a period when we are marking the centenary of the


First World War, chemical weapons have an ugly part in our


continent's history, but if you are a Syrian person being persecuted by


the regime, you do not care whether it is chemical weapons or barrel


bombs, very nasty bombs cropped from the air from Russian supplied


fighter aircraft, or conventional warfare, Asharq Alawsat is one of


the most murderous dictators we have had in our recent history `` Bashar


al`Assad. It seems like he is still being able to continue his reign of


terror. From the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a spokesman


says, nothing would surprise us, given the regime's history. But the


regime signed up to the agreement last year. It was a get out of jail


free card. It allowed them `` it allowed the Americans to not be


involved and for the Russians to say they have done their diplomatic bit.


The Financial Times, the Easter prayers from the Pope, so many


millions around the world pay great attention to it, but this links up


to Syria and Ukraine. The Pope is the people's Pope,


Orthodox country. It came across at the same time as the Archbishop of


Canterbury. Have a look at the Guardian, it is a lovely photo,


whether or not you are religious. He is a drive`by Pope! He has embraced


the era of the self a. He is humble, he is accessible,


approachable, everything that a modern leadership the. Such a


contrast, one of my images of last year was the man in St Peter's


Square with the disease that made him look like the elephant man. He


had the chimneys. The Pope hugged him, he kissed him and he kept


hugging him. That embrace of people that the world rejects, so much of


that, we are attracted to this Pope, and that smile of his is wonderful.


The main story is about the Ukrainian shoot out, threatening to


bury the Geneva peace deal. It is just getting even more worrying.


Every day, there is a new twist to the tale. My concern is how


intransigence has just meant that Vladimir Putin is invincible. We can


shoot him in the head tomorrow, he can bleed from the lake, he will


leave with a plaster around his finger. He is growing in strength


each and every week. Because the West is not going enough? The West


is not doing anything, and what is NATO for? I have never seen so much


military sitting on the sidelines. It goes back to what we were


discussing a minute ago, Vladimir Putin looked at the West and he


realised that the West was not going to fight. Barack Obama said any use


of chemical weapons is a red line. That would be something that would


provoke a reaction. The reaction was zero. The West could ever think it


could to get out of intervening. It did not want to fight, and Vladimir


Putin saw that, it realised the West was weak, and he said, I will take


Crimea. Now, his eyes are on eastern Ukraine. The domestic story in the


Independent, pupils targeting us, or from a quarter of teachers have been


victims of abuse on social media. We have always had a culture of


ridiculing teachers, we always remember the teacher that reduced to


laugh at. Aristotle was a student of Plato, he laughed at his teacher.


But this is taking a more insidious turn. The way that teachers are


being targeted, it is on the Internet, and that is not easily


raised. It is an ongoing, persistent intimidation of the profession.


There needs to be an idea or a contract with an income when you


send your child to school, this figure is not acceptable. It is


difficult to monitor. I am not condoning it, but it is typical to


monitor. Children are often more able to navigate technology and some


of these media and teachers or parents. The controls you put in


place to stop them writing this or that, they will perhaps move on, if


you ban them from Facebook, they will move on. Some of the comments


are pretty awful. I want to allow time for the times and there may


photo portrait, taken by David Bailey to commemorate the Queen's


birthday, which is on Easter Monday. It's a lovely photo. We are talking


about the cult of personality, she is our personality, it is fantastic.


She is a bit different from Vladimir Putin! We have had the stamps from


Finland, those images, people talking about what we put on our


stamps, what about this? Why not have this? Definitely. We had a


lovely letter last week, they said there was no picture of Kate in the


paper today, I hope she is OK! There have been so many pictures of her!


Here we have the Queen upstaging William, Kate and George with her


beautiful smiling picture, it is great to say. On that note of


agreement, we will leave it. Thank you to our guests. Stay here and BBC


News, because at 11, we will have the latest on the ferry disaster in


South Korea, as transcripts are released of the final transcripts.


Coming up now, it is Click.


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