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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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And coming up after the papers, the Film Review takes a look at Piers


Brosnan and Emma Thompson's new film, The Love Punch.


Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are the barrister Sophia Cannon, and Tim


Montgomerie from The Times. The Financial Times claims that


Barclays is poised to announce it is to pull out of parts of its


commodity business. The paper says an announcement is due later in the


week. The Daily Telegraph features the new portrait of the Queen taken


by David Bailey and released to celebrate her 88th birthday


tomorrow. The paper leads on a letter which 55 public figures have


signed which accuses David Cameron of fostering alienation by his


insistence that Britain is still a Christian country. A striking


picture of the Pope graces the cover of the Guardian, greeting crowds


after his Easter mass. The paper also reports on how the shootout at


a Ukrainian checkpoint is threatening the Geneva peace deal.


The Independent highlights a report which it says shows teachers are


facing an increasing amount of online abuse by pupils. The Times


says the Chancellor may soon find some room for tax cuts, according to


some latest research on consumer spending. The Mail reports on the


rise in skin cancer cases since the 1970's being blamed on more holidays


taken abroad. The Express highlights the improving survival rates for


people with skin cancer. And the Sun reports on how the graves of some


World War One heroes have become neglected because they are not being


officially maintained. Let's begin with the Daily


Telegraph. That headline, which is not in any of the other papers,


David Cameron divides Britain over faith. This letter, signed by 55


prominent people, was saying that he is at risk of alienating people. I


think this is nonsense. If David Cameron or the PM was a Muslim, and


it talked about his Islamic faith, then people would not have dared


criticise him for saying that. If he was an atheist and talked about


that, people would say it was great that he had the courage to do this.


All he is doing, is he is a man who has been deeply comforted by his


religious faith over the last few years, particularly after the death


of his son. He is talking about his fate, and they think it is


regrettable that people are trying to shut him down for saying this. He


is not in any way trying to stop other people from different faith


traditions having their say, playing their full part in British public


life, and they think what we have here is some people who quite enjoy


taking offence doing exactly that. You think it is Christian bashing? I


think he is trying to alienate Ukip. He has alienate some people by not


allowing `` by allowing gay marriage, and that has pushed some


people to Ukip. We always knew that David Cameron, and Tony Blair, who


couldn't wait to convert to Catholicism, have been prime


ministers of faith. Coming out at this time, at this stage, saying it,


it is a political move. I see him as someone who spends far to much time


following politics, and he has given a number of Easter messages. That is


including before the gay marriage issue. Perhaps people are paying


more attention to what he says now, because it is before the general


election, but he is not saying anything very new from things he


said last time. I want my PM legislating, not proselytising. The


article says, we respect the fate of the PM, but we wish to object to the


repeated characterisation of our country as a Christian country, and


the negative consequences for our politics and society that this view


engenders. I think they are wrong, this is a Christian country. Through


a quirk of our political system, we have an established church and state


and they are linked together. In this we are going to have them


disestablished, this is a Christian country and we have to support that


in any way, shape or form. We have this idea that our church and state


are knitted together. And think what is great about our country, is that


you can send your child to a Christian, was long, Jewish school,


a school with no religious background. Anyone of any religion


can serve in the House of Representatives. We are one of the


most tolerant societies, and what these people try to do is that ``


they tried to say that you can have any faith except Christianity. We


will move on, it is thought the French President has information


that points to the fact that Bashar al`Assad has continued to use


chemical weapons. I think 2014 will go down as the year of the


dictator, and also the year of people in the West doing nothing.


But we have proof? What is that? If we believe that Bashar al`Assad is


using chemical weapons and killing his people, we should have stepped


in in March. It wouldn't stand up in a court of law, to think that. Sigh


and there is more than a whiff, isn't that? We know that chemical


weapons were used in the civil war. Bashar al`Assad's troops possessed


those weapons, even if he didn't use them himself he was responsible for


their safety. At that time, remember Barack Obama saying that it is a red


line and if it is crossed we will take action, President Putin the


main sponsor, he looked into Obama's eyes and said, these people


don't mean what they say and I will take advantage of that. You are


agreeing wholeheartedly with that? Wholeheartedly. It is a slippery


slope on where we go. Staying with Syria and Ukraine, look at the


Financial Times. The picture on the back of the pope informal downs the


Vatican, with Easter Sunday being a major highlight of the Christian


calendar. The Pope leading prayers for peace in Syria and Ukraine. The


Pope is doing more than the EU and the West by saying, pull your finger


out and get this done. In Ukraine, it is an orthodox question country,


and it should hopefully listen to this pontiff. I know they have their


own pontiff, but there is the idea that this Pope is saying more about


world peace than the UN and the EU at the moment. I think one of the


things is, other Christian leaders notice as well, this is an age of


extraordinary Christian persecution. The wars and conflicts that we are


seeing in the Middle East mean that the Christian populations of that


region, who once lived quite peacefully in coexistence with


Muslims and other people, are being driven out of the region. Syria was


a place were particularly Christian worship was free. Now, Christians


are very embattled as they are in Iraq and Egypt and other places, and


a pink one of the reasons why the Pope is so clear and anxious about


this decision, is that he is here from the frontline about her serious


the situation is. A charming picture on the Guardian. This shows why this


Pope is so popular. He must be up there with Justin Bieber, the Queen,


Kim Kardashian... He is well`known, he is well and well liked. Not very


often you say that about a Pope. The main stories about Ukraine and the


shootout we have been reporting on that Sloviansk. The Ukrainian crisis


is showing all the signs of hitting the wrong way. We had a little bit


of hope last week when we have those breakthrough talks between America,


Europe and Ukraine, but the trouble is now that you have so much


intermingling of these little green men, basically Russian troops that a


well`equipped but don't have the insignia of the official Russian


army, with Ukrainian paramilitaries, Ukrainian army, and there is no one


really in control any more. Of course there is! Vladimir Putin is


in control! He has been in control from the start. And the West has sat


on air like an old man trying to satisfy his wife, sitting at the


front door with a half cocked gun while Vladimir Putin is sneaking up


the drainpipe. It is that clear. We can't do anything unless we want to


do something, and we are not, we are impotent. Back to the UK, we are


going to look at the Daily Mail. A huge rise in skin cancer cases since


the 1970s, claimed on Sunshine getaways. Everybody remembers the


carry on film where they are all going off to Costa Del Sol. Appears


that it is the, the Costa Del Kill. There has been an increase... If you


look onto the Daily Express, a very different story. They must wonder


who has got the story right, because that is the success in war on skin


cancer. Because eight in ten people survive, and it is the most common


cancer in the UK, it is survivable if it is recognisable. You have to


check your skin, and you have to make sure when you go on holiday


that you don't burn, and that you do cover`up. As brown as IM, I myself


got burnt, and I have children who are mixed race, and you have to be


so careful. One person who appears to have very good scheme would be


Her Majesty, and distorted for her 80th birthday tomorrow, taken by


David Bailey. It is a beautiful picture, one of the most attractive


features of anybody's face is always there smile, and here is a beautiful


smile from the Queen. It has taken Her Majesty for the front page, and


not Kate! It shows our monarch in her prime, she looks beautiful for


her age, and 88! Charles must be thinking, 20 more years! She looks


fantastic. He would be taking the throne any time soon. No, not from


that picture. Thank you for your time. Stay with us on BBC News,


because at midnight we will have the latest on the ferry disaster in


South Korea, as transcripts are released of the moment he ferry


started to sink. Up next, The Film Review.


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