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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


bringing us tomorrow. With me are James Rampton of the Independent,


and the broadcaster and journalist, Lynn Faulds Wood. Tomorrow's front


pages... The Telegraph highlights an NHS report which says at least a


thousand patients are dying needlessly each month from acute


kidney injury, a treatable condition which can be avoided if people are


kept hydrated. The Guardian says Gordon Brown will intervene in the


Scottish referendum debate for the better together campaign with a


claim that Scottish pensioners will be better off if Scotland stayed


within the UK. The headline in the Metro, farewell, Peaches. The


funeral of Peaches Geldof took place today. The Daily Mail warns off the


mortgage inquisition, saying prospective home`buyers will be full


to answer very detailed questions about every aspect of their finances


and spending. In the Son, there are also pictures of the funeral of


Peaches Geldof. Also speculation that David Moyes is on the verge of


being fired. The financial Times close legislation is due to be


introduced which will allow energy companies greater freedom to fracked


shale gas. Let's begin with the papers. Let's go to the Daily


Telegraph. I must say, we have a change from seeing the Duke and


Duchess of Cambridge on the front page. It is this Mr Morley 's. We're


all a bit Republican. `` it is this David Moyes. There is a picture. He


does look awful. The game is up, they say. Well, he is still


Scottish! He could not have made worse fist it. His biggest crime,


Jim Wright who wrote the biography of the club, I think, put things on


it. His biggest crime is not turning down the job. How do you follow


somebody like Sir Alex Ferguson? He must have had his head turned.


Strong leaders always get a vacuum afterwards. He should have waited


until somebody else did it terribly badly and then taken the job. You


could have written the script, couldn't you? Jim is an excellent


sport reporter. The writing was on the wall for him a few weeks ago.


There was a banger having `` a banner hanging in Old Trafford


calling him, the chosen one. There was a private plane with a banner


behind it saying, the wrong one. When the fans turn against you in


such spectacular way, I think you are taste. He has aged ten years in


the last nine months. It is written on his face. It is a picture of


failure. I hear desperately sorry for him. Manchester United have made


terrible mistakes. He had a six`year contract. They are out of the


champions league. This is ?30 million worth. This is huge business


which has gone down the Swanee. It is a massive business. What is the


essence of the problem? It is all well and good to say, there is Sir


Alex Ferguson sitting in the crowd but something has gone wrong with


the way Manchester United play football. Fire Ahe has lost the


dressing room. Robin van Persie has criticised the style of manager.


Nemanja Vidic is leading, that is telling itself of the have been


rumblings going on that dressing room has not really swung behind


him. If you do not have the dressing room, football is, at that level, a


great deal is played in the head. These players won the championship


easily last year and they are now in seventh position. They are still


good players but they are not responding to this style of


leadership. They were all scared of Alex Ferguson and they were scared


to play badly. I am not scared to play badly for him and they


gradually lost more and more respect. The flying teacups


concentrated the mind. He was very angry and he gave them the hairdryer


treatment. Teacups would fly but, goodness me, he got results. Let's


go on to the same stories on almost every front page, in the Daily Mail


and the money he might get, ?10 million. It does seem quite


extraordinary. He is not resigning. He will wait until he is sacked and


then given the money. You cannot buy back your reputation. I have a


feeling this is such a horrible fall from grace he will never recover


from it in his own head. Just very quickly, who might succeed? There


was talk last summer that they want Jose Mourinho before he went to


Chelsea. The best manager in Europe with Pep Guardiola. He is locked


into a huge contract. The real problem is that you need a


replacement who is to most to be going to be better. There are not


that many good managers staying with good clubs. They do not come on the


market that offer. The Twitter money seems to be on a German manager.


Let's go back to the Daily Telegraph story. Poor care kills 1000 hospital


patients a month. I have a horrible feeling it killed my dad. When you


go in for an operation and they are talking here about heart operations


and so on, you have to be kept hydrated. The kidneys get starved of


blood. That is apparently not happening with people with diabetes.


This is a proper study by the NHS improving quality organisation,


whatever that is. It is saying this could be up to eight times worse


than MRSA. It could be killing, I think it was 1000 people a month.


I'd back roads that is the figure here. English hospitals are five


times worse at this. It is more prevalent in English hospitals than


all the other countries they have compared it with. It is a terrible


story. Any clue as to why it happens? With kidneys, it is about


drinking water, taking water. The potential scandal is it is eminently


avoidable, this problem. Doctors and nurses are extremely busy and rushed


off their feet. If you keep an eye on hydration levels, they are


suggesting 40,000 people a year may be dying of this condition. That is


eight times more than are being killed by superbugs. It is costing


the NHS ?1 million a year. This is fixable. Do something about it and


you could save all these lies. The fingers pointed in this Daily


Telegraph article, nurses are not keeping an eye on water. They are


not checking water levels and electrolytes and so on and also


doctors are not adequately checking methods. Having had a friend in


hospital whose partner mercifully checked these each time, there were


quite often wrong. I have two sisters who are nurses and they are


great nurses. A lot of the nursing I have seen has been terrible. I spent


a lot of time in hospitals and the care is very patchy. I had to go


into a nursing meeting and tell them all who I was. I used to present a


watchdog and I am appalled by the way you are caring for my friend.


That is terrible in British hospitals. It is especially the


elderly, it says in here. Diabetes, it tends to be people who are older


and these heart operations. They tend to be older. The good news is


the deaths are avoidable. If they make an issue, it is on the front


page of the Daily Telegraph. In the Guardian, Gordon Brown does not have


a lot to say these days. Here he is popping up. Tomorrow he will make a


speech. You are a resident Scott, off you go. I met Gordon. When you


meet him, he is charming and charismatic. What you should


understand if he has terrible character flaws. Whatever he tells


people to do, they will probably want to do the opposite. In the


Scandinavian countries, if you tell them something is good for their


health, they are homogenous, they will all do it. Utah the British


what to do, we are individualistic and will say, I will do what I damn


well like. In Scotland, Cameron has been telling the Scots they are


better together and do not vote for independence. So, they are saying, I


think I will actually. He is saying that if you stay within the UK, the


pensions prospects for Scottish people be much more favourable. The


pot they can draw from in London will be much more substantial and


they will be Karen Teed for a much longer period. He has the documents


which seem to back that up. I agree with Lynn. The difference between


the two campaigns now has shrunk to three points. It was 20 points three


months ago. David Cameron went and held a cabinet in Aberdeen. I have a


Scottish friend who said to me, that is the moment I decided to vote


yes. The English By Minister is coming here and holding the Cabinet


in our country and telling us what to do. The independent strain is


saying, I do not want them to do that, I will do the opposite. There


have been arguments there is not a really big beast like Alex Salmond


on the yes campaign. That is what the other side have lacked. Alistair


Darling has been doing a good, solid job. The reason that Gordon Brown


has not cropped up before is because the two of them did not get on but


now, finally, Gordon Brown is burying the hatchet. He is more


popular in Scotland than down south. However, I do think you have to


understand the British psyche and work with us as individualistic


people. Do not tell us what to do, give us choices. I would say nothing


at all until September and hope the SNP shoots itself in the foot. The


more people who are perceived as from Westminster a comment, the more


that will either the Scottish and the more likely they are to vote


yes. Alex Salmond is very clever. He is a very clever politician. Never


underestimate him. Is sad day with the Peaches Geldof funeral. The


Metro has the Coffin. It is decorated with pictures of


children, pets and so on. A sad old business altogether. I was doing


Watchdog. There were only four channel so I was pretty famous then.


You still are. I decided to keep back away as much as possible from


my son because it is really difficult for the children are


people who, I am minorly famous but it is very difficult. I think this


poor girl has probably had a tragic life. She did yo`yo dieting, she was


fat and then she was very slim. I do not think the family has helped by


this picture on the Coffin. It is rather mocking. Bob should keep


everything as low`key as possible. We will not know for weeks how she


died. We may never know. It is completely tragic and for those


children as well. I just think that this is again the cult of celebrity


and wanting and wanting to be noticed. The more we can let our


children, if we have some fame, grow up without that overshadowing them,


the better. I agree, fame is the mask that eats


the face. It becomes your personality, the way that the world


knows you. We don't know what happened in this case. In general,


people who desire celebrity at all costs, you know, it can have very


tragic effects. Quickly back to the Daily Mail and their main story, the


mortgage inquisition. This is fascinating. We were talking off


camera about the bubble that's taking place in the housing market


in London at the moment. It's going off the scale. This is quite an


interesting new move as a reaction to the crash in 2008. Mortgage


lenders are going to be more strict now about who they lend to. They're


going to ask about how much you spend on food, what you spend on


childcare, even how much you spend at the gym in order to be absolutely


certain people are getting mortgages and are responsible with their


money. I don't think that's a bad thing, if it helps to cool down the


housing market it might have a positive effect. Interest rates can


only go one way in the future, going up and a lot of people will get


trapped. They're looking like they're going up. It looks like


they're going to stop interest`only mortgages. I don't know much about


it, it feels like a good thing. You only pay interest for ages and the


capital at the end. Yes and they've teeser ones, low at the beginning


and you pay more later on and so on. The very word teaser in relation to


buying a house, which is the biggest thing you ever do. Indeed. We have


to leave it there for the moment. Thank you very much indeed for the


moment. Stay with us here on BBC News. At 11.00pm, President


Presidential elections will be taking place in Syria, in spite of


Jopp going fighting in the country `` in spite of ongoing fighting in


the country. The UN condemns the decision. Up next it's Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm James Pearce. Our headlines tonight:


Is Moyes being moved on? Manchester United refuse to comment on


speculation that their manager is about to be sacked.


Manchester City beat


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